Game of Thrones Season 7: Official Trailer (HBO)



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    Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres 7.16.17 on HBO. #GoTS7

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    1. Kapil Singh

      The entire premise of season 7 was more exciting and satisfactory than season 8.

    2. Mohammad Rasool

      It was so much better than S8

    3. Hammadi Kochi


    4. Sandali Dev Sinha

      God the background score of this show is out of the world....

    5. Shu BBhu

      Why are not you making a season in Hindi?

    6. Eric Lannister

      Hear Me Roar 👑💛🦁🔥 #TeamJaime

    7. Bird Lover Vinit

      Hindi Dubbed please please please 🙏😩

    8. Caleb Petrie

      Uh randomly in my recommended

    9. Maksat Alimzhanov

      Don't show me this is shit

    10. Em Es

      Oh nice, the trailer for the final GoT season. :)

    11. 13thApostle

      Please watch my Renly and Loras video 🏳️‍🌈💕

    12. dante sparda

      This show will be part of my being till I draw my last breath!!

    13. Lily Adams

      This was the last good season

    14. Ashish Gupta

      Why is this in my feed now?

    15. Brandon van Niekerk

      GODS! It was great back then...

    16. Aman Adhikari

      Is the big women still around?

    17. viserys

      Season 9 please

    18. Hamada Gamer

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    19. Anis Ben Lassoued

      Am i the only one watching the trailer before watching Season 8 ?

    20. Rigo Hernandez

      I miss this. Even though people hated season 7, this trailer and the ending of s6 hyped up soooooo much. But that all proved to be useless in season 8.

    21. Bruh


    22. Akshat Yadav

      this season is better than season 8

    23. Daenerys Targaryen

      They really ruined Daenerys :(

    24. Bird Lover Vinit

      Hindi Dubbed please please yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 🙏🏻

    25. Andrew

      OMG RETURN ME TO 2017

    26. Chamathka Kothalawala

      Does anybody else feel super powerful after listening to the background music?? 🔥

    27. Zubia Jawaid

      When Season 7 trailer is better than whole of season 8

    28. Akash Kumar

      why did this show up in my recommendation 🤔🤔 anyone here in 2020?

      1. Philly Prince

        How the fuck you from the future bruh?

    29. Krzysztof Czajka

      Why did yt recommend me that lol

    30. Jude Taylor

      Ahh before it went to shit

    31. Nick with a K

      this trailer is so fantastic, unfortunately season 7 wasn't that good and season 8 totally fucked up

    32. Axel

      The red priestesses will bring her back 🔥

      1. Andrew

        Why are you so sure? I hope that Danny will be resurrected, but...

    33. Vlada Mik

      почему на 7 сезоне всё не закончилось?

    34. Jun Paolo Ferreras

      The Great War is here... Not until 1 more season.

    35. The Dead Night King

      CZ-news recommendations After 6th season: Nope CZ-news recommendations after 1 month that Game of thrones ended: Yep it’s time now

    36. MicardoRilos

      well. That escalated quickly

    37. Naief K A

      I miss it already 😭😭

    38. Bashar Barsik

      If the series ended at the seventh part was better ✋

    39. Zetsu ocich

      why are you doing this youtube algorithm 😭😭

    40. madhura bambarawana

      play & enjoy with game of thrones

    41. Slow knife

      F U C K H B O F O R R U N N I N G G O T

      1. Dhruv Punetha

        I would say that for those writers everything else was fantastic

    42. Saurav Khanal

      Why is this on my recommendation 🙄🙄

    43. ana gamez

      So much promise, such shit show season 8 turned out to be...

    44. Abbas Alhusseiny

      Best game of thrones trailer ever

    45. Nacho Canfranc

      where is the first trailer of season 7?

    46. Asia S

      And i liked this season, it was rushed but i really enjoy to watching it. Unfortunately I cant said that about s8

    47. Hamada Gamer


    48. noitherful

      This show WAS good

    49. Samuel Doummar

      From far, the best trailer!!!!

    50. Waqavelli S

      When the trailer for S7 is better than S8 as a whole lmaooo 🤦‍♂️😭😭😭😂😂

    51. neyse ne

      00:44 lol

    52. balasubramanya d

      All of Jon Snow's dialogue in season 7 and 8 Jon Snow in Season 7 - I will not bend the knee Jon Snow in Season 8- She's My Queen

    53. Music is Beautiful

      Season 8 is not the End. Check my Channel for GoT Afterlife

    54. Mi Mi

      7, BEST SEASON EVER better than 8

    55. Mi Mi

      i loved so much this season ! It’s for my the best !


      По сравнению с 8 сезоном 7 кажется шедевром

    57. Sohail baber

      The entire trailer is better than season 8

    58. Coca Koala

      Don't know what everyone else is taking about, but season 7 was great compared to season 8

    59. RaZmataZ

      Back when the show was good :(

    60. Musa SB

      even season 7 was much better than the worst season 8 💔 she was born to rule the 7 kingdoms and D&D kinda forgot that too.


      The most wasted season in television history!

    62. Joseph Mumgabi

      Not a good season, but a bad ass trailer.

    63. Tdiaz5

      Yes, remember when we still had alllll this potential..

    64. Magido89

      Everyday I realize again how bad season 8 was

    65. furious vids

      why is this in my recommended.. thank you for making me cry again hbo, seems you're not giving up :')

    66. ArcticZurite

      This trailer looks a million times interesting than the whole of season 8

    67. szkarlatyna

      Poor dany

    68. gears117

      this trailer was better than season 7 & 8

    69. Alexis Gunther

      Well this is just rubbing s8’s trashness in my face. Thanks recommended!

    70. loki griffin

      i was born to rule the seven kingdoms .....yeah about that