Game of Thrones Season 7: Official Trailer (HBO)



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    Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres 7.16.17 on HBO. #GoTS7

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    1. Givenchy Homme

      This season was the beginning of the end. All logic thrown out the window with characters masking disastrous decisions. The season to follow was the nail in the coffin of an amazing series.

    2. Sarwan Sangi

      GoT officially ended here

    3. Rocky P

      What a bitter disappointment in the end

    4. bae

      0:35 : Give me chill " Khal-ee-si " in a whispered tone.

    5. Christian De Santa

      Cersi had nothing but the throne. Daenerys had everything but the throne. Jon had the rights but got dethroned. And out of nowhere, Brand was put on the throne. End of Game of Thrones.

    6. Erick Dixon

      Last good season of the show, not the best but you know it was ...

    7. Rohin Bedi

      Season 8 episode 3 is crap

    8. Hùng Nguyễn

      it's too much for a TV series....

    9. min may Ngo

      when you thought 7 was bad enough...

    10. Tommy

      Man I’m extremely depressed this show is over

    11. the flash

      What if they drop trailer of season 9 showing dragon managed to savaar danny by ressurecrion and jon Snow and party getting attacked by nights king(book version) Or what ever related to white Walker

    12. The Dragon

      My favorite season alongside season 6.

    13. Cinema Playground

      Season was terribly awful, but Season 7 was also bad in its own right

    14. lina maria monroy

      Sean son eight 👑 nine

    15. lina maria monroy


    16. nick driessen

      Worst ending ever.

    17. Dorathy Malificent

      My favourite trailer.. whose here september ???🖤🖤🖤

    18. Serena Hyun

      This is the best GOT trailer

    19. Dumebi Ezenagu

      Does cersie wear heels?

    20. Ibrahim Azhar

      Omg the khaleesi whispers, give me chills, Whenever I refer back to those good old days, I just get so upset of season 8, and just freaking want a remake 🥺🥺💀😡

    21. Hello People

      One of the best trailers) Because of this trailer I started to watch the show

    22. The Count

      The good old days when got was great.

    23. منوعات عالمية

      Very good

    24. Juber Singhania

      Please season 6 and season 7 upload in Hindi dubbed..

    25. :v


    26. :v

      Exijo temporada 9 con Daenerys viva >:v sentada en el trono de hierro >:v

    27. Lucie Nováková

      Not my favorite season (still great tho) but definitely my favorite trailer.

    28. Jul Asmer Sappari

      So cute😍

    29. El ático de las maravillas


    30. Tommy

      Extremely depressed game of thrones is over. It could have gone and was supose to go 10 seasons at least

    31. Skarlet Fulara

      World best web series🤩🤩🤩...waiting for next prequel

    32. Walter White

      This trailer was better than s8

    33. Sean Gorton

      I wish this was the last season

    34. Mustafa Mohammed Ofi

      I’m here again guys ❤️

    35. MrJedabak

      Ah, what this show could have been.

    36. lil worried

      Disappointed at season 8 💔

    37. Satendra Negi

      Y today youtube

    38. L U

      What a terrible season 😔 this was

    39. Elliot Perkins


    40. Sohail Khan


    41. Daren

      Game of Thrones died with Petyr Baelish. Don't change my mind, you can't.

    42. Gunal Sivakumar

      Many of the Indian people doesn't know what is Game of Thrones even me also

      1. Gunal Sivakumar

        @Rkd 007 but I want in English with English subtitles

      2. Gunal Sivakumar

        @Rkd 007 ok

      3. Rkd 007

        @Gunal Sivakumar you can easily downloaded from "katmoviehd" website

      4. Gunal Sivakumar

        @Rkd 007 ok bro

      5. Rkd 007

        So watch now from season 1 it is available in English and Hindi

    43. Craig Tilley

      I remember watching this trailer in a loop when it first came out. 2 years later, following a disappointing season 8, I watch this and think "What might've been?". This show had the potential to end on the biggest climax in TV history, only to end up being a massive let down.

    44. Eduardo Silva


    45. Babeko Adam

      It's the best trailer but the worst season

    46. Sumitra F

      Hard to find 2017 comment's

    47. Piyush Pokhrel

      Who could have predicted this would be so painful..

    48. Yo Momma

      Too bad literally none of this mattered. Oof.

    49. Gorgeous world

      but why, youtube? why are you recommending this to me, now that everything is bad? reminding me of this time where got was the best show in the world?

    50. Vexus Juggler

      All the fucking hype for the Night King and the Great War was completely obliterated by the season 8's so fucking good script and phasing. ARGHHHH I NEED THE REAL GAME OF THRONES, THE ONE THAT KEPT ME UP ALL NIGHT THINKING OF THE THINGS THAT MIGHT HAPPEN IN THE NEXT EPISODE. #STILLNOTOVERIT

    51. Lalith Yagnavalkya

      i love GOT till s7 and the rest is shit

    52. آبــن آلعمــآره fd̈l̈

      مونتاج عالمي وفريد من نوعه

    53. sylessyl

      good old days

    54. Dylan Stump

      Even though season 7 was nowhere near seasons 1-4 it was 100x better then season 8.

    55. Harsh Sahay

      *even this Trailer is better then season 8*

    56. A

      Disappointing final season

    57. Roo ney

      my watch is ended

    58. Kapil Singh

      The entire premise of season 7 was more exciting and satisfactory than season 8.

    59. Mohammad Rasool

      It was so much better than S8

    60. Hammadi Kochi


    61. Sandali Dev Sinha

      God the background score of this show is out of the world....

    62. Shu BBhu

      Why are not you making a season in Hindi?

    63. Eric Lannister

      Hear Me Roar 👑💛🦁🔥 #TeamJaime

    64. Bird Lover Vinit

      Hindi Dubbed please please please 🙏😩

    65. Caleb Petrie

      Uh randomly in my recommended

    66. Maksat Alimzhanov

      Don't show me this is shit

    67. Em Es

      Oh nice, the trailer for the final GoT season. :)

    68. 13thApostle

      Please watch my Renly and Loras video 🏳️‍🌈💕

    69. dante sparda

      This show will be part of my being till I draw my last breath!!