Game of thrones Couples 2018



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    1. toptenfamous

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      1. Lois Fralick


      2. Amy Minus

        Why are all these photos panning from knees on up? SHOW THEIR FUCKING FACES!! And the music is so insipid!

      3. Ginger Carco

        Very Good, but I still want Dany and Jon married and ruling the throne and living together with their babies and a happy life for them all... 🥰

      4. gideon saputra

        @Dj Olaya Nirvino - Flares (NCS)

      5. Dj Olaya

        Title of background song please?

    2. maryjo teodosio

      It was a real life fairytale for jon snow and ygritte 😍😍😍❤❤❤💕💕💕

    3. Sophie von der Ohe

      Did anyone else notice Richard Madden in the background in 2:07 ?

    4. Aeden Sheila

      That nathalie dormer.

    5. You're the man now Dog

      That first picture of Guy Pearce and "someone" is most def not Carice, check your sight.

    6. Ruru PTG

      I can still see that Arya is 12 yo.

    7. Mustafa Aliraqi

      *هففففف غير تمنيت الاخوات الصغيره والاكبر منها هففففف يجنن رغم ممثلات وكله فلاتر بس اشتهيتهن هووواي*

    8. Marcelo fire


    9. Digital Guide

      you know nothing John Snow

    10. Diego Calachua

      Quiero el link de esa música xf mándenmela!

    11. Ian Duke

      Aiden has been seperated for four years!

    12. I AM LOGAN

      "Jon knows nothing Snow"

    13. biswal amit

      Sansa stack is a waste in GOT.

    14. sai surya kalinga

      Maisie Williams Aren't married🤩🤩🤩

    15. Boig Gamer

      8:27 on left a perverse

    16. Marwa Issam

      So arya stark does know how to wear a dress😂😂😂

    17. Mr John

      after the series was completed,the director said to the crew and cast that they can took something they like from the studio .So Jon Snow brought an actress home🤔🤗💑

    18. french dose_2

      Theres some women n here looking like men and i didn't know the kahl had my wife as his girl that was my bitch growing up as a kid

    19. Евгений К

      Пиздец, пишите по-русски!!!!

    20. Mohit Sampang Rai

      Name of the music

    21. the slayer

      Emilia clarke is really in couple with charlie mcdowell ???

    22. kalpesh Pawar

      Ohh....Emilia is single now...and She is mine!!!!💕😍

    23. TM《ᗶᗫᗽᗼ》 GYN⓿⓺⓶

      Brasil 😍

    24. saidi dennis

      Damn it missandei of narth 😍😍

    25. same0s0ngs

      The first pic of melisandre is not her

    26. Roni Santos

      Q massa!! O jon casou com a mulher que tirou sua virgindade , dizem que a primeira a gente nunca esquece né!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    27. نجم العراقي

      جون سنو وايرغريت😍

    28. نجم العراقي

      لا جيمي لا😂

    29. J. Salvatore

      Allie Teilz es belleza pura.

    30. Yuki Avakin

      Jaime lannister wife s pretty old isn t she?and momoa s wife is ugly

    31. Edgemaster Maestro

      usually a shock and dissappointment seeing the actors outside their famous roles lel

    32. Mella Ćosić

      Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke is still the best couple ever😕😂

    33. John Corinthians

      Who make this channel ? Kindly explain why you choose this music ?

    34. Matthieu Puiseux

      A great video which is interesting

    35. Marcos

      Que recuerdos y que nostalgia

    36. hajar hajar

      Joe jonas

    37. Lightning McQueen

      I love all seasons but ss8

    38. Satyabrata Swain

      Night is dark and full of terrors ........

    39. Ur Mum

      how did Margery's husband pull off landing her I was expecting some tall ass good looking athlete to be with her damn I have hope now

    40. Ur Mum

      who piping emilia doe? dats all i wanna kno

    41. Thanh Tùng Nguyễn

      Melisandre in film looks better in real life

    42. viva a vida a vida

      Oque a tais araujo ta fazendo ali,8:20

    43. Norsk Torsk

      I don’t want it

    44. Michael Abando

      I knew it! Jorah Mormont is 007

    45. Gozde Yilmazer

      Video gereksiz yavaş

    46. Ishu Gautam

      Ygritte Jon...thanks to got💘

    47. Mothudi Mothudi

      Wat about Bran Stark🤨

    48. Diététiste De Perte De Poids


    49. HitmanM24

      petyr baelish irl divorced his wife in 2014

    50. Mihai LiPup


    51. Raimundo Reymond

      Nossa, depois que a gente termina a série é só isso mesmo kkkk ficar relembrando e despertando mais a saudade

    52. Arturo García Díaz

      6:02 Wft ! She is very beautiful for that horrible guy. 😦

    53. Ba A

      To be honest the only GOT couple is Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie aka Jon Snow and Ygritte.

    54. Bavu77

      When You see jamie's girl: *Spongebob SQUAREFACE*

    55. Hellen Jafeth Cardenas Mena

      Que linda brien 😍

    56. Minnie M

      Brandon Starkkkk??!!


      Pegou Robb stark de óculos perto do theon

    58. حسين hussain

      احلة ثنين جون سنو و ايغراي

    59. Vanlalruatpuia Varte

      Congrats to Reek..Got his precious back in 2019

    60. Fiza Riaz

      I firstly watched sucker mv. Some months ago game of Thrones. After this video i know sophie(sansa) is joes girl ans the girl in sucker mv xD.

    61. Fouzan Fouzu

      Jon snow and ygritte

    62. Paul C F Wu

      I guess the high sparrow didn't need make up for his shoots

    63. Elija

      Emilia has broken with charlie

    64. Elsabete Queita

      Adorei o video com tudo (música efeitos etc) lindo❤👍

    65. Mike Scott

      ...thx, but always this f***ing music...

    66. عمار الصياد

      اها جون سنو زوجته الهمجية

    67. عمار الصياد

      اهم شي سانسا

    68. Black Cat

      اخخخ آريا طلعت متزوجه☹️💔😂

    69. Bharat Ahir

      Arya stark best

    70. Edwin The Professional

      💥💥💥Hey! Can someone tell me the name of this song???🎶🎶🎶💥💥💥