Game Of Thrones Cast Funny Commercials.



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    Game Of Thrones Cast Funny Commercials.

    The Hound's (sandor clegane) Badass Funniest Lines and Savage Insults .
    Bronn Badass Funniest lines Game of Thrones .
    Nikolaj Coster (Jaime Lannister) Can't read .

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    1. Shibui

      The SodaStream ads are genius. I'm gonna buy one.

    2. Herc130

      The stories told in the video makes no sense. Seriously, kids ask how they make plastic bottles if they live in the woods/forest?????? And your answer is it makes no sense. Yep, you make no sense.

    3. Kayleigh Kuijer

      10:22 that hurts... I just watched Hodor die today... This is too soon

    4. Christopher Gordon

      I loved some of these so much. The shaming in the supermarket because he bought bottled water was my favorite. I work at a supermarket and the amount of bottled water we sell absolutely disgusts me when I start to think about the rest of the world buying and wasting that much plastic. If you're reading this and you recycle your bottled water, then you don't deserve shaming. I appreciate what you do for the planet. 😄 But for the rest of you.. SHAME.. SHAME.. SHAME.. 😂

    5. Perkyclo

      the Earth has given us so much! Matthew McCaunaghy

    6. Perkyclo


    7. Jarrod Lenoy

      When Maisy is holding her turtle hilarious!!!

    8. Lisa Eh

      So related 1:05 - 1:10

    9. Akihito Kayaba

      Hmm i where is a man...

    10. Emir Muratoglu

      No Red Bull no wings haha

    11. Ben Fielding

      Maisie Williams is so cute

    12. Dragon Crusher

      7:50 Pretty much everyone who watches GOT with family

    13. Tucan

      „I love the smell of napalm in the morning.“ „This is double espresso.“

    14. Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure

      Those soda stream ads tho 😁

    15. Judith N

      No redbull, no wings🤣🤣🤣🤣

    16. Kyla Wolffe

      Lmao the last one

    17. Winston M

      damn....... i am bill maher right......

    18. Winston M

      not interested in fxxxxxxking politics........

    19. Winston M

      i just want to be funny now......

    20. Winston M


    21. niceguy60

      I went to KFC and asked for the "EVERY FUCKING CHICKEN IN THIS ROOM DEAL" and they called the cops I starting to believe this wasn't a actual promotional deal.

    22. thomas jeurissen

      Where did the mountain's tattoo's go

    23. Dr. Wraithwolf 2077

      Filipino GOT fan: "Winter is coming" Dad: (in his head) what? We live in the Phillipines, winter doesn't exist here

    24. Kid Peen

      It's so weird seeing Hodor saying anything other than "Hodor"

    25. Black Sindy

      Lesbian commercial?

    26. emsiie rose

      *fuck the plastic bottles*

    27. Bender sasquatch


    28. Amar Fawwas

      Love the vodka or I'll crush your head like an egg. 😂

    29. Frozen Ass

      Arya Stark is my crush

    30. Joshua DANO

      That HBO GO commercial was so weird and i loved it.

    31. Ikinatsu

      When they got the time to make random stupid ads but not to make a proper final season of the show...

    32. Chris Heckert

      Jamie Lannister doing an ad for

    33. Chris Heckert

      Melissandre's Teddy Horses for those little children who are afraid of the night 'fore it is dark and full of terrors.

    34. Chris Heckert

      A pill for procrastination done by Arya who says "Not Today."

    35. Evaquiel


    36. Daniel Mitchell

      The actor who plays the hound is actually so adorable.

    37. Onsen Fout

      Valar dohaeris killed me .

    38. J Davis

      3:06 acts like its windy in her house everyday, i would be like "tf?"

    39. Emre -

      Is that mountain talking about saving earth?

    40. Queen Wolf.

      Shame is the only GOT phase i use the most

    41. Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

      Damn the Mountain is hawt

    42. Bj Hardigan

      Nice touch using Sheldon's wife Amy from the Big Bang theory. Teaching a class about Homoslapians, and the use of plastic bottles, to Young Sheldon and his classmates. Her fond memories of Hordo make no sense, as the plastic bottles .

    43. Ilya Rudnitskiy

      The *Stark* reality?

    44. Manar Alshwikh

      'No redbull no wings' I'm dying😂😂😂😂

    45. Friendly Herman

      *This mah vodka*

    46. Azreal Alvarado

      No red bull, no wings.

    47. Joseph Edwards Arena

      The mountain is so cute 😂

    48. Dead Man


    49. LentoturmaHub

      6:10 Imaginary audiences be like.

    50. Rebecca Tran

      Why do all of these commercials seem so real?

    51. ScattySafari

      Shouldn't his T-shirt say "Training to Fight The Hound"?

    52. Esteban D

      5:21 I'm uncomfortable

    53. The3Stooges

      Fuck Soda Stream!

    54. Arisah Lei Lisanin

      Maisie Maisie Maisie..🤣

    55. LUISMA

      I love the commercials of the mountain.

    56. Ryuko Tokyo

      wow big bang theory x GOT crossover

    57. FuryOfTheNight !

      Guess I'll die.

    58. Camille yang


    59. Special Agent Washing Tub

      The mountain sells a sparkling water machine while I Hate Everything's theme plays in the background. . . . Is this real life?

    60. Your Mom

      Dissapointed at the HBO Go one, I get that parents can be annoying but we as their kids should respect them for not knowing all the things we do because they tought us the things we know now like how to talk walk eat,etc we shouldnt disrespect them using snarky and sarcastic comments

    61. Justin2534

      Why are you stupid lmao

    62. Abdallah Al Shacker

      'Heres your water" "Why are you stupid?" LOL

    63. Sara K.

      I am laughing so hard Hahahaha. All of them are incredible good. The hound with the chickens and also on 1:10 the eating part where he nods to the waitress Hahahaha. There is also a hodor commercial

    64. Angeline Tolley

      7:01 Whenever that one subject you didn't study for pops up in the exam

    65. tanaya Mondal

      Parents watching GOT is superb

    66. tanaya Mondal

      "Shame" part was the best😂

      1. Christopher Gordon

        Totally agree. I died laughing.

    67. Triton 23

      Why is it that the most hate-able people in the show come across as the nicest and most harmless people in reality?

    68. Bryan Park

      Brilliant. HBO Go family was awesome.

    69. AsphaltSZN YT

      Brianne of Fucking Tarth

    70. Patrick the Lion

      11:15 holy shit is that mayim bialik?