Game Of Thrones Cast Funny Commercials.



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    Game Of Thrones Cast Funny Commercials.

    The Hound's (sandor clegane) Badass Funniest Lines and Savage Insults .
    Bronn Badass Funniest lines Game of Thrones .
    Nikolaj Coster (Jaime Lannister) Can't read .

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    1. moody owl production's

      Shame shame shameeeeeeee shame on you shame shame shameeeeeeeee shame on

    2. moody owl production's

      The montain it or eles

    3. Shine Bright Like A doitsu

      Only ads I would not skip😂😂😂

    4. Alakazam Yogi

      She is really fatty...

    5. Backhand Oksanen

      That's very nice that The Mountain let's mere mortals live on his island.

    6. Omar Sabir

      Fuck plastic bottles has plastic straw

    7. Malus

      10:40 Watching GoT on mobile is a sin. It deserves a real screen.

    8. ymer cena

      Mother earth has given us so many beautiful creations, birds, bees, the ocean...matthew mcconaughey

      1. Backhand Oksanen

        And peanuts

    9. Captain29TheGamer


    10. Rustam Wijaya Djaja

      Is her mother a lesbian???

    11. Dantick09

      I want a soda stream

    12. Dare Olumide


    13. Mercedes Benzos

      11:15 Amy Farrah Fowler!

    14. Mercedes Benzos

      Extra funny now that there was accidentally a plastic bottle and Starbucks cup on set

    15. Kevlar Burrito

      Found the plastic protest ones ironic considering how much wasteful shit they did on their sets

    16. JJRox Santelices

      That Filipino commercial.. Damn it! I'm Filipino and I missed that.

    17. אריאל גולני

      fuuny ,man

    18. Rusty Shackleford

      the mountain's workout shirt says "Training to fight the Mountain" LOL.

    19. hopscotch30

      Wish I was young enough to go and look for the blond HBO GO girl.

    20. hopscotch30

      Sodastream carbonated water tastes like shit.

    21. Vorspiegelung007


    22. Jovohn Hawkins

      Shame. Shame. Shame. 🔔🔔

    23. Emanuel Mouratidis

      america is full of anti-conservatism, the zionist owned media is doing a great job promoting lgbt. come at me haters!

      1. Eos

        Emanuel Mouratidis not even going to fucking begin with this one

    24. FLEX STEEL


    25. Durge75

      This makes me want to go get some plastic bottles more now. I mean I drink from plenty of plastic bottles but still.

    26. Mary Cuenca


      1. Ryan Jones

        I'm one too 😂😂😂 and I freaked out

    27. - MikeBricksPL -

      "Why are you stupid?" That's a question I can't answer.

    28. Br K

      You added laughing tracks to it? Come on... That's just pathetic.

    29. Rita Váradi

      I love the families, especially the Hodor dad.

    30. badgert1

      I thought the chicken was because he was acting like a chicken when it was time to come Fight the Night King

    31. Reptile Pauls

      "it'd be cool if you were a lesbian!" 😂😂😂

    32. Cassandra's Eyes

      not funny, SAD

    33. Anka

      propagande !!! endoctrinement !!!! Esclavagisme !!! illuuminati

    34. Mary Allgier

      I feel like I need to buy a sodastream now idk why

    35. Mootthemad

      that second HBO GO ad missed out on a huge opporunity for "you know nothing"

    36. ps82xela

      The Mountain seems like a pretty chill long as you don't diss his vodka


      Filipino commercial hahaha

    38. Ninja Sushi


    39. PaZe Father

      8:34 Damn I would’ve liked to see the parents reaction to the following scenes

    40. Rick The Explorer™

      These were all great, and Maisey crossing her eyes at the end of hers was what put me into a rolling laugh.

    41. Alexandre Charest

      I laugh soo hard

    42. Aidan D.

      7:08 "oh my God its still the commercial"

    43. Talos DOGGOD

      And I never knew Paul rudd played robb stark lmao

    44. Talos DOGGOD

      Mountain grabbed that shrimpy dude they same way he grabbed the hound and pressed in his eyes.....foreshadowing and we never knew it

    45. lesterBonz

      I love the Wadka.

    46. Drachona The Wolf

      As funny as some of these are, I can't get over the disconnect with the ones about plastic bottles. Every problem is easy when you can afford to just throw money at it.

    47. Christopher Bloom

      3:53 whos fake blood is that!

    48. KittySnicker

      I don’t get the Maisie one!! What’s it gotta do with phones??? And why does The Mountain get so many ads??

    49. David E

      i imagine if thor was in game of thrones

    50. Baller T

      I like the vodka

    51. Adam Fidelio

      Hates plastic bottles but drives a hummer and eats one cow a day? yeah he really likes mother earth

    52. Gaming With A White Guy

      Dude. SodaStream is the funniest commercial ever lol!

    53. TheRegularBeast

      that filipino one thou

    54. TakiGames

      Wtf that Filipino commercial had me dead lmao

    55. Cornell Andrews

      no redbull no wings

    56. Caroline Brooks

      Thor's smiles are so wholesome!

    57. Evil Koala

      Right of the bat, i knew it is fake. KFC would rather make advertisement of that crazy Colonel Sanders. It's so shitty that the craziness infected the Asian KFC advertisements too.

    58. Lill мoon ˎ

      *AsgArd PaLaACe* 01:16!!!

    59. Punk’N Donuts

      Lmfao Fucking fantastic

    60. Max Burrill

      I love how they embrace their own meme culture.

    61. Jesse Owens

      When the commercial is better than the series finale...

    62. Mike Adoga

      Those Cleganes brothers

    63. winkel dinkel

      "makes soda steam in plastic bottles"

    64. Jasonlacida2

      HAHAHAHAHA AM A PROUD FILIPINO -a bit cringe tho-

    65. Shadowheatninja

      the scripts for these adverts are better than the entire s8

    66. Akira Abesamis

      I like the shame part hahahha

    67. Gacha Galaxy

      I dunno why but my favourite was the red bull one

    68. Lee Steven

      Bro, My dad is the GOT fan and im the annoying ass person who asks random ass questions i know that he doesn't care since we like to talk about it but damn thats reversed for me.

    69. Justin Last

      9:00 The Mom looks like Paul Rudd Though...

    70. Justin Last

      The fucked up part is that in Europe, you'd probably have a similar experience buying bottled water.

    71. Mike Puorro

      I was amused until the ad for HBO GO with kids verbally abusing their parents.


      Fuck the chicken, fuck the fries. - the hound

    73. Muscraffe

      Oh i see. All hate for plastic is funded by sodastream. Ofc

    74. FRNW Eclipse

      4:30 "This is not from carrying water, This is... This is Irrelevant" pretty good steroids joke lol

    75. Adam Mithrandir

      I dont know the Game of Thrones sequel would be so funny

    76. Alexbox


    77. AchtungBabypt

      "Fuck plastic bottles", serves sparkling water with a plastic straw. A'aight

    78. Big Gunna886

      The shame hahahahah

    79. The One Kid

      I'm dying

    80. Mr. Starch

      The Mountain is the biggest people person I've seen.

    81. Artravia Skinner


    82. Artravia Skinner

      Duck plastic bottles😂😂

    83. Korewu Ash

      To je vtipný? 😑

    84. Wentao Song

      I just tried one craft Ale with the Hound in apron on the label ...

    85. UnKoolKev Clay

      #bds #boycottsodastream..... just sayin

    86. EvilKris

      omg my mother is literally the same as that family mother.

    87. Reid Wallace

      I wonder, being a fucking massive dude from iceland, I wonder how much fish the mountain eats in one year? I wonder what his favorite company is, and what percent of their nets get cut free and left floating in the ocean? Nothing like shaming people for adding a drop into an over flowing bucket.

    88. mitul patel

      LMAO the last one xD

    89. Calcaware

      This is perfect.

    90. Mr. Grey

      It's good that Masie Williams landed the phone gig. It's hard for goblins to find work nowadays.

    91. wait what?


    92. King Kay

      Kill Fucking Cunts

    93. James alexander Taylor

      Someone should tell matthew mcconaughy that the mountiain wants to f**k him whilst eating peanuts. It would either be a no or an alright alright alright

    94. Priyanshu Pradyot

      1:17 ...why does the background remind me of Asgaurd...

    95. Lyze

      All the Thor commercials are hilarious.

    96. Andreja Zivkovic

      Plastic is recyclable in many ways. It's human fault they waste it. Your phone is also disturbing the mother nature if you throw it in the ocean or forest after you are done using it, but as far as I know it's unlikely to happen, so why would you waste plastic but not other things you use? It's not plastic that's polluting our planet, it's human stupidity.

    97. ucity metalhead

      I never seen that bit where halfpor walks in on the nun before.

    98. Divine Chareka

      Who else think arya stark is beautiful

    99. Justin Lacombe

      The last one is savage as fuck.

    100. Pytorite

      Haha I can relate whenever I say GoT lines in my house my parents r like wtf