Game Of Thrones 8x06 Daenerys Victory Speech Tyrion Arrested Season 8 Episode 6 FINALE

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

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    Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Daenerys Targaryen Victory Speech After Burning Down King's Landing, Tyrion Lannister Placed Under Arrest

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    1. Brian Dittman

      "I Freed my brother, and you slaughtered a city" Damn I thought Daenerys couldn't get burned

    2. Roberto Sanchez

      It feels like a season 9 and 10 would have worked better. This was way too brief. Plus makes no sense how she became this way other then... seeing her dragon die way too easily an episode before. Or the lady that was by her side died made her lose it abit.. well as I think about it I think she started to go abit coo coo after her first dragon died.

    3. Keyanna Harllee

      Sis couldve burnt down Winterfell and I wouldve been here for it. Im here for the mad Queen. She shouldve burned tyrion when she had the chance smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

    4. Keyanna Harllee

      Man Emilia was so convincing I almost put my boots on and grabbed me a knife and my pepper spray so I can go fight in her war. My good sis deserves an emmy and an Oscar.

    5. TerryOfTheFields

      Minus all of the Nancy's whining & such, it is too bad the episode couldn't have ended with this speech & a simple quick shot of the Three-eyed Raven contemplating... Being then with the "open to interpretation" endings of proper fantasy & fiction... Besides that preference, this was indeed the true utterance of a final awesome & deserved scene for both Emilia & the series as Dragon Queen at the height of her journey - becoming that much more of a wonderful scene no matter how many more times I watch it!!!

    6. Law Sirius

      Great lesson : One who betrayed once before will betray again, justifying his/her betrayal as justice 😆

    7. Oroborus

      Stop with excusing the actors. They sat at those readings. They knew it was garbage. What did they do? Nothing. They could have demanded rewrites. But they didn't. So the blame is on them too. They'll have to live with this the rest of their careers.

    8. Spacebaby21

      soooo depressing to see this character ruined

    9. معرض المتميز2

      جون سنو ياشرموط ياولد الخاينه هذااخرتها

    10. Acido Barbiturico

      In bells sound scene, dany had dirty face, so she went for make up before her speach?

    11. Amy Hawthorne

      What was this victory worth?

    12. Ice Queen

      I love her speec

    13. Hussein Haider

      Fuck you, you sluty bitch

    14. Hugo Oviedo

      It is a disappointing ending because 2 of the main characters in which the story revolves and who fought for their ideals are left with little and nothing at all

    15. V Ray


    16. Robin Bucur

      2:08 - 5:08

    17. Cinthya Diaz Rosas

      Forever my Queen!! Fire and blood!! 🐉

    18. Walid Djidane

      So bad this season 08

    19. D3

      I guess these two loyal armies didn't feel like avenging their queen. What a shit season

    20. Big.Pe. Pe


    21. Sergeant Hound

      Excited for the next Star Wars movie in 2022

    22. John Pratt

      Sounds a lot like Hitler to me

      1. Andrew G

        You must be really old if u witnessed hitlers speech

    23. Rex Red

      Writing 0.0 very bad...

    24. I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

      "I will take what is mine! With fire and blood I will take it!" Funny, nobody hated the writing in season 2 when she was being set up as the character we see here.

    25. Halo Howlett

      Jon became such a buffoon in this final season, to the point of sheer frustration. I have to blame the writing, he was just such a fucking moron! 😭

    26. Marcelino Vasquez

      How did no one kill Jon lmao Tyrion throws his pin and the unsullied looked like they were about to murder the little man

    27. rajarshi syam

      Who came here after emilia's emmy nomination in the lead actress category was announced? Give the award to her plz

    28. Yume Universe

      This scene was mind-blowing, emilia is amazing

    29. TheGunit272

      Where did all the Dothraki come from? I guess they faked their own death by running into the woods and turning off their fiery swords thus laying low. What a smart move. Who says they were just a bunch of dumb jocks!

    30. Sole

      You have to admire the Unsullied total dedication and discipline until the end. They survived the army of the dead and took on the seven kingdoms.

    31. Elisa Scarlate

      Divina, digníssima.❤️❤️❤️

    32. Cinthia Aino

      Torgo Nudho, hin Rangam ez Hozno ynoma dekurūptā. Nēdyro mentyro hēdrȳ pāsābarje karajē iksā. Avy tolvio azantyro ñurho jentosy brōzan. Dārio Vīlībāzmaro Āeksȳso. Dovaogēdys! Jeme hen muñoti ñōghoti nādīntāks se hae buzdarȳti ūbrēdāks. Sīr dāeremirossa iksāt! Dāro Vilinio gierion hen qrīniō hilmiot dāerēdāt! Yn vīlībāzma tetos daor. Īlvra egralbrī qubemiluty daor yn vapār tolvio vȳho gierȳndi dāerēdoty! Hen Sōdrurliot va Dornot, hen Lāniso Viliniot va Qarthot, hen Jaedria va Zēo Embrot, ābrar, valar, riñār tolī grevo gō bottis. Grevi ynoma pryjēlāt?

      1. Cinthia Aino

        SKX FX it’s valiryo hahaha

      2. SKX FX

        Is this spanish? 😍😍😍

    33. Ciko The Husky

      series should have ended after this speech :DDD

    34. The Danish Physicist


    35. agustina lemes

      La amo😍

    36. Ally Silveira

      Dany should have burned Tyrion right then and there in the front of her whole army! She had just burned an entire city with women and children, what's a dwarf in front of all that? The more you think about the writing the more it seems a shitty one! And Jon too. He has shut her down not once but twice. Dany is not naive, she knew he wouldn't change his mind! Her death was even worse than her going tyrant. It doesn't make any sense.

    37. Ramy Romero

      the great the good the beautifull queen is ours DAENERYS

    38. Dung Nguyendinh

      Kết phim như lồn

    39. Federico Alonso

      Daenerys looked like a Sith Lord here

    40. PG - E

      I agree with everyone else here. Emilia (acting): 10/10. Writing: 0/10. 💔 son of all fk.

      1. godzillavkk

        Too bad Martin approved it all, and is calling out the fans for their ungratefulness.

    41. PG - E

      This is seriously one of two fucking scenes her and Arya are in.

    42. Sychar Bless

      *When Jon killed daenerys* Me: I hate you, she was about to free slaves and you killed HER!!!!!!

      1. Ana

        There are no slaves in Westeros and she thinks she freed the people of King's Landing by killing them so I think she's sort of redefined what 'liberate' means :/

    43. Elizabeth Taylor

      She has become a cartoon villain.

    44. Imperializando

      "You have freed the people of King's Landing from the grip of a tyrant" What people???

    45. Bruce Humphrey

      People didn't like season 8 of GoT because Daenerys dies, or because she became mad at the end? I'm just asking in a good way.

    46. Elisa Scarlate

      Não entendo o pesar deste bosta do John Snow. John Snow DIE!!!

    47. Clementine Krishan

      i wanted seasons of danny going evil. instead i got one episode thanks d&d

    48. Stefany Gv

      the writing in this season

    49. HowlingWolf518

      Horrible writing aside, can we all take some time to appreciate the fact that 2:01 looks really fucking awesome?

    50. Alucard BloodyVampire

      She would've made an awesome Sith Lord

    51. Mihai Dope

      Daenerys: ''Vintervel!'' Jon: *chuckles* im in danger

    52. Bellatrix Lestrange

      I feel like I'm one of the only ones who liked how game of thrones ended I mean the characters not the build up because all the characters started out as children and were told what to do, when and how to do it and they ended as adults who stood up for themselves and knew right from wrong and stood up for what they believed. It's just my opinion.

    53. DSkehan2004

      That wasn't a victory speech

    54. m g

      The worst thing about last 2 seasons was that writers didn't last anything more than a moment, i mean from season 1 there was that 'winter is coming' line but all conflict amaong deads and living last for only 1 episode and now danny changed a lot from season 1 to 6 but all changes acceptable because it was accurate not fast but in last two seasons they just rushed with her character and ruined my fav character. And in case of starks, it was weird that instead of living together as family their ending was weird, ending for jon snow was not good also, he come to the point he started in night's watch. 🤷‍♀️

    55. emojeffy angel

      I love this show so much

    56. SHRI Krishna6 COIMBATORE

      I love Emilia clarke, my lust my love 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋🍩💘👦

    57. ahgase 7

      Emilia clark acting 👍

    58. Vincent Lee

      love that Jon and Tyrion could see the same subtitles that we could......Game of Thrones, the only show in history that was a drama for 7 seasons and then turned into a full fledged comedy.................Bran the Broken.....SMH hahahha

    59. destiny lara


    60. destiny lara


    61. destiny lara


    62. destiny lara



      The mad king..ptttthhh. Pleaseeee!! We now have The Mad Queen!😂

    64. Edward Yan

      Her army saved the whole Westeros, Her Dragons saved the whole Westeros Her army got slaughtered in Westeros, Her dragons got murdered in Westeros. And still those people are all ungrateful scum. Dany is the one and ONLY REAL HEIR TO THE IRON THRONE. THATS IT!

      1. Leah Nay

        I think you're missing a chunk of the story there, the episode 5 part.

    65. Blackfalk

      _to ensure our security and continuing stability the __-Republic-__ Kingdoms will be reorganized into the first __-Galactic-__ Targaryen Empire. for a safe and secure society_

    66. moonlight bae

      the show ended here the show ended here the show ended here the show ended here the show ended here the show ended here the show ended here the show ended here the show ended here

    67. juan pablo nicolas giancola

      Pero en que se convirtió daeneryssssss x diossss

    68. bensu aydın

      Daenerys forever my queen ❤🥰

    69. Alex G.M.

      I wanna marry her

    70. Diana Morales

      I want a best friend like GreyWorm!