Game of Thrones 8x05 The Bells Ring, Cersei Surrenders, Daenerys Destroys Kings Landing



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    Daenerys becomes the Mad Queen, Jon realizes he should be King.
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    1. Mateo12485

      It’s crazy that people are STILL complaining about this season. This whole episode was INCREDIBLE. We’ve been predicting the Mad Queen for years, just didn’t know how exactly it would happen. It wasn’t rushed, stop hopping on the bandwagon. Dany has been on her breaking point since the beginning of Season 7 when stuff stopped going her way. Between Rhaegal’s death, Missandei’s death, and the situation with Jon, she just snapped. GRRM already said the ending is going to be the same as the books. This WILL happen in the books and was foreshadowed EARLY on. Remember the House of the Undying? When she was in the throne room, that wasn’t snow. It was ashes. The writing is fine. Once you stop going into each episode with expectations that won’t be met, you’ll actually enjoy the show again.

      1. Zeruel3

        People have issue with the writing but AFAIK everyone has praised the effects and the acting

      2. Andre Montoya

        You're annoyingly ignorant

      3. maum_1800

        I guess someone else said it already in these 500 comments but I'll say it too: The problem is not the what, Daenerys' impulsiveness is kind of shown before, but it's impossible to defend the development that led to this point. As I pointed in another comment (that was not my idea BTW), remove the bells ringing, Cersei didn't surrender and Daenerys is pissed. It's still illogical but a little better. Now, do the impulsiveness of hers in she flying to the red keep and destroying it in order to destroy her true enemy, Cersei, without realizing that innocent people were still there. You see, it gets better with little tweaks. A show that can be fixed by someone without storywritting studies is just not a good show. Facts.

      4. Fenris Hound

        Ruin Johnson jacked himself to sleep this night at the thought of this jihad against film.

      5. FrozenNexus


    2. Eleiseth

      Alduin burns Helgen - HD edition

    3. casik casiks

      А серый червь молодец единственный кто был ей предан а остальные свора предателей!

    4. Fresh Princess of Bel-Air

      It wasn't that Dany was wanting to become the queen of the ashes, she didn't mean that. I read an article that George RR Martin said that Dany was starving, tired, and way too scarred from when she lost Drogo, Missandei, Jorah, and her two dragon children. Even if it's the game of thrones, you can't just put behind the people you have cared so much for like if it was that easy.

    5. Ian Meadows

      All of this could’ve been avoided if Cersei gave her a Pepsi Or a cup of coffee

    6. bouba benkhla chelfi

      خيبت امل 😓😓

    7. Chris

      I think they did a beautiful job with Dany. Her breakdown was one of the most fanominal things I've seen in years. What I hated was what they did with Arya. Since when does anyone get plot armor? Yes she's a favorite of mine, but jesus. She miraculously survives getting trampled by a crowd, a building/wall collapsing on top of her, and dragon fire that turned bodies 10 feet away into Pompeii statues. And then she finds a random white horse that calmly gets her get on it's bare back and rides away. I can take a step back and see the stylistic choice. Of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, death rides the white horse. If they had her become the embodiment of death, or fall back into her training as a faceless man to become No One to cope with the mindless death and violence around her, I could have gladly excepted that. I personally would have loved that ending to her story, but no. She gets a 'happily ever after'. Everyone that survives until the final episode gets a happily ever after. THAT, I don't like.

    8. Ana Paula Paulinha

      Amei eu estou assistindo agora é muito bom 😊😇😇😇☺

    9. Ar Armstrong

      So that woman was the Hitler in the Game of Thrones Universe.

    10. Chris Terry

      It's amazing that John Snow did not order his men to fall back and as he started falling back to rescue civilians as well as any guardsman that did not attack them on sight the guardsman who saw them evacuating women and including family members of some of the guards would be distinguished by removing their capes if the dothraki or can't remember their names but the slave soldiers that she freed..... Any that tried to stop them would be killed

    11. Ashley M

      Why are y’all mad? This episode was fucking badass

    12. Ashley M

      the mad queen... god I love her. Say what you want about the Targaryens but they’re conquers and badasses

    13. The Mad King

      Burn Them All!

    14. Jean Ortizzz

      Everybody say that it was a bad season or chapter but they don't realize what revenge is, she lost 2 children, her best friend, her protector even her love, she did not become mad, that is how the pain and suffering looks like.... So fuck up all the think daenerys caracter was ruined and it was a disappoint season just fuck up all of you, period.

    15. Chung Ha

      Phim nhu cái đâu bòi tao nay

    16. Chung Ha

      Phac kiu

    17. Video Watcher

      The message behind this I think is not about war, but peace. No matter how noble a cause, or how impetuous a leader, man is still man. They are hardwired to kill, and this base instinct cannot be avoided at times, whether through mercy, the rules of war or moral conscience. This army came to liberate the world from tyranny, yet when the fires blazed and the sword cut flesh, the real man was ignited, and his instincts get the better of him. He may have been marching to King's Landing with a tune in his heart, thinking of what a noble quest he's embarking upon, thinking of the Southern women that will keep him warm and the Wine that will fill his belly. But when he was at their gates, something changed in him, all those years of suffering under a foreign government, all the people killed at the hand of Cersei... it was too much for him to be a hero, he wanted his vengeance... an this was his opportunity. A great example in our world, is the second world war. The allies marched East from Normandy, and liberated town after city. French, Dutch, Belgian and American flags were waved, soldiers were kissed and smothered by the people, they were on a noble quest to stop fascism. But when they reached closer to Germany, they killed more innocents, looted, even raped in some instances. It can't be helped, a man knows nothing better than what is embedded in him, his very core. How about the Russians? They pushed the fascist invaders from Stalingrad, to Ukraine, Poland and finally Germany, they claimed they were liberating these places like the Americans and British, but in reality they raped and pillaged a continent. They may not have signed the Geneva Convention, but they claimed to be a noble and honourable cause, however, in reality they too bared that same desire of vengeance and turmoil - and wanted nothing more than to shove it down their enemies throats. They blew Berlin to pieces, and then moved in, sweeping the streets and destroying an old city. And for years after, they continued their tyranny over the oppressed Germans, just so they could feel somewhat satisfied. You can kid yourself, and say peace is for the world, everyone wants peace. Yet since the dawn of time we have been at war. It cannot be contained, only handled, but it is an inevitability that comes full force and kills millions. As Mark Twain said: *"Man is the only animal that deals in that of atrocity of atrocities, War. He is the only one that gathers his brethren about him and goes forth in cold blood and calm pulse to exterminate his kind."*

    18. Rami Haddad رامي حداد

      U still try to convince yourself that this was logical until u remember that tywin knew a secret path to the red keep, they could go, kill cersei and then burn JUST the soldiers without destroying anything, but instead tyrion wanted her to do the same thing facing her enemies from a FUCKING DRAGON that could be killed by those scorpions.

    19. rasheda bionka

      Soundtrack to this scene is incredible. Ramin is a genius!

    20. ferze001

      i still blame sansa for all of this. stupid useless cunt of the north.

    21. 소옴

      Denu, you are my own queen forever.

    22. Emmanuel Tolentino

      One of the best thing that ever happened-burning down Kings Landing to ashes and breaking the wheel. Queen Dany being a Dragon.

    23. Emma Peel

      Cersei’s “I need to speak to the manager” face😂😂😂

    24. TASFIA MIM

      Daenerys had an emotional outbrust

    25. Greg Nance

      I think General Patton said it best. Compared to war, all other endeavors of mankind shrink to insignificance. History makes this fight look like child’s play.

    26. Justin Peterson

      This is fucking retarded. Looks great though!

    27. Sergio Blanco

      All deanerys wanted was some fucking DICK

    28. shy Jackson

      All I know is Emilia doesn’t get her Emmy on Sunday we riot 😤

    29. shanny Jackson

      cersei looked so relieved at 1:14 when the bell rang thinking that danny would spare her and the city... if only she didnt kill messandei...

    30. ankur deswal

      And Cersei finally knew what madness is

    31. Adamatronic

      F**king Grey Worm ruined everything..

    32. Lala pop

      Yess Daenerys, Kill those filthy peasants

    33. Evil Queen


    34. James Dooling

      The night this aired I was sitting near a man, a fan, a fanatic... When this massacre began, he was near tears and muttering to himself, "War crimes... war crimes..." It was almost more disturbing than what I was watching.

    35. Sapphiresenthiss

      And people think of Ramsay Bolton as the biggest villain in GoT.

    36. Badge Man

      It was Cersei who destroyed Kingslanding by killing Missandei in front of Daenerys.

    37. damo240188

      That was sweet revenge for the way cersi was a total bitch for the last 3 seasons! Lets face it, we have hated the lannisters from the start, and it ended with every single one of them being slaughtered in cold blood! Couldnt have wished for more.....apart from cersi being caught, tortured, drawn and quatered! Lol

    38. Squiddyhands

      Season 8 was horrible 1 they killed the knight king with nothing even the book wrote he can ONLY BE KILLED with DM blood on the sword so Daenerys would have to die but they wasted it. 2 she would never kill millions of people in that city whom ever thinks that’s true is a dumb idiot. 3 the dragon would of been killed so easily but the writing was so messed up they’ve forget the dragon isn’t in mortal, 4 it was a complete fuck up

    39. strykdamon1

      Thats why got never overpassed breaking bad. Man even in the ending bb got a more logical and amazing ending.

    40. Marc V

      That was a big OOF

    41. Osama alfaqih

      dany the worest queen kills children and olders fuck you dany

    42. Otha Bojangles

      Trash fire of a conclusion

    43. Sasha Chander

      This scene was powerful and disappointing at the same time

    44. Quinn Williams


    45. Srikara G

      Wow this is the best TV show ever. I watched this episode for a hundred times. Danny feels disgusted when the bells 🔔 rings. She gets very angry 😡. When she looks at the red keep that her ancestors built. Imagine someone poking your eye and saying sorry afterwards. The people did not revolt against cercei. So the equation of sacrifice that Danny did in the north did not work. The people must be grateful but they are not. Basically reciprocation problem. People in South did not reciprocate - Danny snapped when bells rang. ( you rang the bell 🔔 when I am a monster not when I am a mother to you then let me be a monster only). I think she felt people saw cercei in her. That's when she felt disgusted and she snapped. I am a huge fan of Danny.

    46. 0786RICARDO

      I love how the "pink little men" got what they deserved

    47. Danish Shaikh

      I wish there was a dialogue for a daenerys "Burn them all"

    48. chris miller

      5:36 bonnie dresden live ther after please do not laugh it cost america a war

    49. arun luman

      No matter what anyone says Daenerys is the mad queen.

    50. Thea M.

      Dae probably couldn’t stop thinking about miss death that’s why she couldn’t think

    51. juan pablo nicolas giancola

      Que carajos quisieron hacer acá? ??

    52. juan pablo nicolas giancola

      La aspirante a Hitler quema a todos.los habitantes de desembArcó del.rey???

    53. OtterGod

      Also the last 2 minutes of this sequence, especially the last minute is my favorite. It shows Jon Snow, and some northerners, along with Davos, who have historically been great enemies of the lannisters, helping the lannister soldiers trying to evacuate. It shows that at the end of the day, when faced with utter annihilation, between them living and actually dying, where there's no monarch to keep them in order to keep fighting....they'll work together. It shows how this 'last war' was never the common soldiers war. It was the war of the powerful few. And I for one, loved it.

    54. OtterGod

      Anyone else gonna admit that Ed Sheeran was among those annihilated at this battle

    55. mosesmosestv

      I don't believe Grey Worm would have let Jon Snow live an hour after he killed his queen

      1. Oh Yeh Yeh

        He would have killed him on the spot no doubt, he was born and raised to serve his king/Queen

    56. Mrs. Arthur Morgan

      Let's be real: It was always only going to go this way. You have dragons, you went through that much, you lost that many people, and your enemy is that merciless, it's only gonna go this way.

    57. An Rodriguez

      👌 Masterpiece

    58. Helen_of_Soy

      The saddest part about this season is that all the great talent, labor, & craftsmanship that went into creating it was completely overshadowed by the absolute shit show that was the writing. It directly contradicted established character arcs & favored subverting expectations over one of the most core/iconic themes of the franchise - actions & consequences, despite intentions. It's almost like this scene is a metaphor for what D&D did to GOT and its fans...

    59. tenthshadowstep

      Aaaaannddd Dany goes mad for no reason

    60. Nazgul Lord

      I don't understand how people can still justify this. Even if we forgo Daenerys's descent into madness (which WAS rushed, half-assedly written, and offensive to the characters, the viewers, and the source material), there is no possible way to justify this episode, let alone the season. The scorpions that shot Rhaegal out of the sky the episode prior and destroyed Dany's fleet, shooting bolts as if they were anti-aircraft guns, conviniently just become useless now? Euron swims miles to shore to conviniently show up where Jaime is, and has a random fight with him? The Hound, who before had trouble dispatching a group of brigands at an inn, now takes out the whole of Cersei's Queensguard all by himself? Jaime and Cersei die by falling debris? Jaime's redemption arc flushed down the toilet? The Dothraki, who D&D said were finished, now appear at this battle again. Try as you may to justify one thing, there is just too much bullshit. I would even argue that turning Daenerys into a mad queen is on itself problematic. The genre is filled with mad and evil queens. There is nothing subversive or original with having her turn into a one dimensional, crazed, evil mass murderer.

    61. Akuro Akum

      That's to say, Give up early. Dont wait until you've played all your cards. No mercy will be given lol

    62. Latino Islander

      Townspeople: Ring the bells! That look on Daenerys' face: Bells don't mean squat!!!

    63. vibrio cholera

      The title of the video is wrong... Cersei never surrendered, Jamie rang the bell without cersei's consent...

    64. Michael Roche

      The scene that put the nail in the coffin. Never has a show totally given up like GoT did in these last 2 seasons. Such a shame. If you dont understand how bad this scene and this last season was, then you dont know why this show was so good earlier on. You have no right. It was a masterpiece, but now just a lame, simplistic spectacle. Shame.

    65. The Proud Sun Bro.

      Robert was always right.

    66. Jafar Vellines

      1:37 one last good looks at the Red Keep before it's turned to ashes

    67. Joe Shmoe

      well shot, beautifully composed, extremely disturbing and brutal. darkest episode of game of thrones.. i do believe the real "last war" we'll see in 2052 in ADOS will be very similar. still doesnt excuse the trash writing. dany wouldnt go OUT OF HER WAY TO SYSTEMATICALLY SLAUGHTER INNOCENTS LIKE SHE'S MOWING THE GRASS ON SATURDAY MORNING. FOR. FUX. SAKE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. george making dany the final big bad is totally in line in the books ("harm no child under 12" in the astapor burning, her torturing children in ADWD, the ending scene in ADWD, a bunch of other lines in ADWD "if they (her dragons) are monsters, then so am i", "i will give them the dragon's mercy"), and to a very lesser extent, the poorly written and extremely rushed show, but the execution is just so off in almost every single way, and needed WAY more build up. just.. fuck. god dammit

    68. Identity Withheld

      I've never been happier.

    69. Ema

      So you get revenge by killing everyone except Cersei, the person responsible for all?

    70. Ahmad Ghaffar

      Yeah she did right. John is a dick to kill her