Game of Thrones 8x05 The Bells Ring, Cersei Surrenders, Daenerys Destroys Kings Landing



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    Daenerys becomes the Mad Queen, Jon realizes he should be King.
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    1. Mateo12485

      It’s crazy that people are STILL complaining about this season. This whole episode was INCREDIBLE. We’ve been predicting the Mad Queen for years, just didn’t know how exactly it would happen. It wasn’t rushed, stop hopping on the bandwagon. Dany has been on her breaking point since the beginning of Season 7 when stuff stopped going her way. Between Rhaegal’s death, Missandei’s death, and the situation with Jon, she just snapped. GRRM already said the ending is going to be the same as the books. This WILL happen in the books and was foreshadowed EARLY on. Remember the House of the Undying? When she was in the throne room, that wasn’t snow. It was ashes. The writing is fine. Once you stop going into each episode with expectations that won’t be met, you’ll actually enjoy the show again.

      1. Fenris Hound

        Ruin Johnson jacked himself to sleep this night at the thought of this jihad against film.

      2. FrozenNexus


      3. carolina hernandez

        @Ely Gallego it wasn't her killing bad characters that made her bad it was HOW she killed them.

      4. Moeshaak Shakur

        Worst story telling ever

      5. Alex Cregan

        @Ano there are no slaves in Westeros, and Daenerts isn't burning the lords and soldiers, she's burning women and children

    2. Alyzza Leija

      None of this would've happened if Cersei hadn't killed Missandei

    3. King K

      When it comes down to it dany knew later on she would have to make this decision once she sailed to Westeros to take the throne she knew eventually she would have to make this decision and she made it she promised them fire and blood

    4. Derik Mathers

      They are upset because it does not fit their pc world. Personally, I agree with her decision to demolish the town. No it is not pretty. but it sends a message. Even a bad message in war makes a big difference.

    5. Chief Keef

      They deserved it

    6. Maht777 No masXD

      pueblo de mierda esa gente se lo merecia era mala tanbien cuando cortaron la cabeza de Ned stark como gozaron a hora gozen esto dracaris

    7. Dead Vader

      I fucking hated this scene but emilia clarke acting is on point👌🏻

    8. Brooklyn Knight

      Daenerys was by far the worst character of season 8, and that’s a fact. I wish Jon would’ve slit her throat instead, would’ve been a more suitable death for a mass murderer

    9. thecultofjonnybighed

      This episode was incredible.

    10. Gane VaLima

      Payback time

    11. Ruth S

      The only "reasonable" argument I find for Daenerys to do this is because she thought Cersei was underestimating her and thinking her good heart would stop her from burning KL, and some scenes in s7 and s8 may support this argument. What I don't get is the northeners going full rage of destruction when Jon commanded not to do it, and Grey Worm was so out of character as well, as well as the Unsullied (kind of, but they follow a master). From Dothraki we kind of expected it.

    12. carlos Hernandez

      “Burn them all”

      1. carlos Hernandez

        Love Me I’m only quoting the the king which is her father

      2. Love Me

        Wtf is wrong with you , there are inoccient children there who were burnt

    13. Pretty Tia

      I don’t like Jon snow


      I thought this episode was Beautiful

    15. heart attack on a plate

      Kings landing was no match for one dragon

    16. Tanya Sellick

      Outstanding scene and acting....ignore the negative comments and remember how great this show was

    17. Jonathan Cooper

      And by the time Cersei had a sliver of decency to compromise it was far too little, far too late.

    18. Jason Barsamian

      had to downvote this so i don't get GOT shit in my feed

    19. Igor Rafael

      There's no biggest satisfaction then look into the eyes of boringnerys fans and say (with one eyebrow pulled up): "I... told... you..." ;D

    20. Moesy Pittounikos

      Stupid script writers made the innocent people run away after the peace bells rang. More dramatic if the cheering innocent people stood there and then get burnt alive. Far more realistic! You can tell at this stage the producers lost the will to write a masterpiece!

    21. Jorge Sousa

      "You see, I'm no ordinary woman.... My dreams come true sir and I will take what it's mine, with Fire & Blood I will take it!"

    22. Alberto Marchina

      Vengeance Is Justice🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄

    23. Lolli Douka

      Danny :Dragarys John Snow:Bye Danny you deserve to die !!

    24. Reginald Pippin

      Daenerys’ Heel turn at 2:29.

    25. kha brigitta

      Hail Mad Queen



    27. Yut Colieng

      Ppl are afraid of Dany bc of her dragons. Without them she'd be nothing.

    28. Carol Downing

      I don't care what anyone else says. Burning King's Landing seems to long have been a part of Dany's plans & not Jon, Tyrion or anybody else was gonna talk her out of it. Regardless of who was Queen the commonfolk were screwed.

    29. Bibooschka

      Loved it! People of KL always cheered for war in other places and when it comes to their doorsteps they want pity... nope nope nope good job Dany!

    30. Justin Time

      Well,that escalated quickly. ;-)

    31. Flaming Falcons

      Let’s all be real, even if everything ended at the bells ringing, Daenerys would’ve still had everyone in Westeros against her and she would’ve been backstabbed regardless because that’s what Westeros people are good at and have always been doing. The lesson from this ending is to do what you want because you’ll always be blamed no matter what.

    32. Sophia Kiedrowski

      The bell rings DAENARYS: I accept your surrender SIKE! Destroys King Landing and kills everyone

    33. Tara Gragg

      Post Target. I found the cup.

    34. Erika DLSP

      "Esa perra está loca" 😳😳😳

    35. anonymous nation

      1:44 and the game of thrones being pointless starts now till the end.....bullshit

    36. Jesus Ruiz

      Lord Karstark would've been proud... "LANNISTER FILTH!!!!"

    37. sailtheplains

      Yeah, if they hadn't spent 7 seasons saying exactly this wasn't going to happen and then trying to do it as a "shocker" for the end? And then it just devolves into Everyone Is a Douchbag, Lets Kill Some Civilians. Disappointed. I'm mostly just disappointed. But it hardly matter. Just from this--the book ending will be different. I guarantee that.

      1. Daniël

        The book ending will probably be the same, but with a different buildup.

    38. Saar Van Der Vurst

      Once a Targaryen, always a Targaryen...

    39. audrey anna

      When my baby went mad😖 Its not your fault, just bad writing. FOEVER MY QUEEN

    40. Iam_the_ObiWan_GinMex

      Cersei : I blew up the Sept of Baelor and killed hundreds. Dany: Hold my drink

    41. Fazoland Ebk

      In my personal opinion I don’t like how the writes did this i don’t like how Dany juts snaps over the span of two episodes I mean yes she was bound to go mad she had her fathers blood coursing through her veins she has a rage like no other she lost the two people who she loved and trusted the most she lost her children (the dragons) she was betrayed by Jon in a way and all around this season just hasn’t been good to her in my opinion I would have loved to see Dany gone mad be the mad queen but this just wasn’t the way to go it ruined a great character to fast with very little development and you can say they foreshadowed blah blah no they rushed what could have been a great last season and a great scene which it was but it would have been better with development

    42. Søren Elliott

      I love how Dany descended into madness. After all the shit that happened to Missandei and Rhagael, it's too late for surrender girl. Apology not taken! I'd be like that as well if that happens to me, tit for tat.

      1. Duncan Arnett

        Oh....and don’t forget about what happened to poor Viserion. Right?

    43. Don The King

      Okay so everyone can point out danys madness, but what about how grey worm and northerners also killed men women and kids. They were quick to jump on board. They’re all mad

    44. max williams

      sylvanas windrunner and daenerys probably went to the same school together

    45. MyloRen

      @Mateo12485 Lol, good joke kid. This season was SHIT. Can't get on the bandwagon of its true.

    46. Runir1

      King's Landing fend off Daenerys hordes

    47. Pijus Magnificus

      Thanks D&D, that was really unexpected.... like the fact you just ruined one of the best character development of all time (and not the only one) , but yes, it was soooooooo unexpected !!!

    48. Danish Shaikh

      Cersie was waiting for drogon to run out of breath🤣

    49. Meirion Foxwell

      Suck suck suck suck... Predictable as fuck totally ruined GoT for me

    50. Nikhil Yenumula

      Cersei started to shit in her pants 4:28

    51. 19lance20

      watching this a second time after seeing the end really makes your glad Daneries was put down. A rabbid dog has only one use after all. Someone who never works with anyone she can't force with fear ultimately for her dream to come true her reign must end.... This is the kind of thing the Queens hands have given their lives trying to get her to understand people how to get people to so things without burning them basically. Over time she lost close friends, didn't bother investing in anyone after she "became queen" and continued until it killed her. Ultimately someone who can't stop mistrusting people like a mad king are well and mad king or queen indeed especially when in control of dragons. It did not take much to make the city surrender. The dragons were the power card, and through them controlled by a girl without the time to grow up before she is needed to help save the world... Had she had time to really learn from battling etc with dragons and not always just getting her way.... not enough time, the dead do not rest and neither does Cersei she is relentless till the end underestimating the young Dragon Queens inexperience with personal loss and sacrifice compared even to Cersei loosing her children. She saw too much of herself in the Dragon queen sometimes putting on a show is not the right thing to do. Dragon queen is unfamiliar with being unpopular f*** she couldn't even communicate with the northerners.

    52. avathequeen14

      "Cersei surrenders" isn't accurate. Tyrion had Jaime ring the bells to make it look like Cersei surrendered.

    53. Auadis Assyrian

      I guess Drogon is not a big fan of Kings landing

    54. Michael Neill

      Her acting is incredible, you can literally see her snapping for good.

    55. Emmanuel Tolentino

      I stand with Dany! Kingslanding deserves to burned down into ashes.

    56. Kyle L

      Damn!! She had it. Just wish she'd stayed cool.

    57. Drew Akers

      The Southerners raped the North at the Red Wedding. So the Northerners re-payed the South in blood. TYWIN, YOU FUCKED UP!

    58. Carmen Cjs

      She didn't even say Dracarys...

    59. BlackGoat

      Best season finale ever!

    60. Marco Job

      I remember the execution of ned stark. I remember how the south butchered the north. I remember the red wedding that was ordered by tywin lannister. I remember how greywind was killed. I remember how robbs army was killed. I remember how the north men , unsullied dothraki fought against dead and the lannister not. The north remembers! And this was pure class to watch the slaughter and the revenge!

    61. Kitty Hawk

      How Jon Snow ends up defending this I'll never know. What a waste.

    62. Avid Madness

      This scene was glorious. The same people who cheered for Cersei, Joffrey, and Euron weren’t cheering for long when they were burning alive. Honestly I don’t give a fuck about Daenerys, she was always arrogant and annoying but it was satisfying to see her destroy them all.

    63. valen torres

      What does it mean the bells ringing?

    64. A Professor of Ice and Fire

      As much as people are skewering Daenerys, I'm even more pissed at Grey Worm for throwing a spear at Lannister soldiers WHO THREW DOWN THEIR SWORDS IN SURRENDER! So pissed that I didn't give one damn where he was coming from when he wanted his queen's killer executed. Just take your army and go to Naath. Don't let the gates of King's Landing hit you on the way out.

    65. 1.1m views

      North Remembers

    66. Sppa X


    67. Giorgio Antonio Ninni Riva

      "from the fire she was reborn to remake the world"

    68. terry waller

      Armies sometimes go crazy after seeing their friends killed. At Normandy a lot of Germans were shot after they surrendered. It wasn't just the unsullied killing everyone they could, the northern army joined in the slaughter.

    69. Lem Adane

      I could appreciate more if there is one more of those scorpions and Jon took one shot of it to stop the madness of Deny. But he is useless, he really don't know nothing.

    70. burningsickle

      It Absolutely was rushed. No question about that. Some characters consistently acted of characters, others were limited to a few lines for the purpose of plot. Not a single character was their original well-rounded and complex self. The conclusion is riddled with plot holes, incomplete character arcs, and decisions that are generally just unsatisfying to loyal viewers. The final episode was filled with moments so ridiculous it turned the entire series into a joke (namely the first small council meeting, and Tyrion/Jon's ridiculous trial, and Drogon burning the throne. Foreshadowing is NOT the same as character growth! IT makes perfect sense for Dany to lose it and get angry and want to spill more blood than is necessary. It makes NO sense for the character to just completely lose all sense of empathy and sympathy - to completely throw away her original purpose in claiming the throne just to be the Mad Queen. Then we get her irritating death scene in wherein by the magic of poor writing she somehow becomes a secondary character. The general tone of her death leads us to believe that it's sad because Jon has to kill someone he loves - this is NOT why it's supposed to be an emotional scene. The scene should've reflected that after 8 years of seeking the power to better the world, Dany has fundamentally failed at her goal. There should be a sense of self-awareness to the point she is almost grateful Jon kills her. The PLOT itself can make sense in the context of the universe. The BUILDUP, STORY, and CHARACTER ARCS were completely destroyed by this season. This episode is a perfect example of this: the scenes are great, the story is logical enough, character decisions that direct the plot make enough sense in this narrow context, but if you look at more detailed specifics: like why the Dothraki army magically grew back, or why Arya spends the whole season griping about family only to ditch first chance she gets to go fight only to NOT fight because the Hound recommends she not throw her life away only to THROW HER LIFE AWAY by SAILING TO A PLACE FAMOUS FOR HAVING PEOPLE NEVER RETURN. Sure, 'sHe IsN't A pRiNCesS', but she is also ARYA STARK, who has fought tooth and nail on behalf of her FAMILY only to literally completely abandon them in the aftermath in what will likely be a hugely messy and difficult cleanup process.

    71. Ted Sullivan

      She had those Hiliary Clinton eyes for a moment.

    72. The Bus001

      But we knew this would happen. Bran had his vision few seasons ago that showed kings landing burning.

    73. Peter Smeallie

      Cinematography- A+ Acting: A+ Music: A+ Editing: A+ Writing: D- I'm not so much angry as I am disappointed in the writing. If the writing for this episode had been as good as the writing for the Red Wedding, the Purple Wedding, or Hard Home, it would've been a perfect episode (even though, emotionally speaking, it's pretty disturbing).

      1. Seif Tarek

        Peter Smeallie writing = “U” meaning unsatisfactory or unacceptable

    74. Gabriel Avalos

      Even though the writing is crappy you have to respect every single person on the production team. Whether that be the action, visual and practical effects, music, cinematography, set pieces, and stunt people

    75. If you do it, you will get hurt again.

      On no she didn’t hear the bell because she had AirPods on.

    76. GhilleVeteran00

      While the writing of this season was not the best, this episode was incredible. The true reality of war. Lannister soldiers burned and raped Northern lands, killed men women and children alike. Now it is their people, and their blood.

    77. Vivian henlo

      She burned evveryyyooneeee

    78. Beard Cheese

      Yea! Stop jumping on the bandwagon of expecting quality. Enjoy the shitty writing like me. Also, the world is flat! Stop believing the lies you sheep!

    79. willie EkaIndLand

      See there Cersei, just like Margaret of Anjou, her historical descent. Hopeless, childless after the defeat of her troop by Edward 's force, just the same thing was written in Cersei' s face.

    80. Indigo Rodent

      Seeing people stabbed/cut through armour makes me cringe.

      1. Zeus

        Why? Their weapons were designed to pierce plate.

    81. Furkan Oruc

      Crazy King Daenerys

    82. Jefferson Mason

      Breaker of Chains to mass murdering psychopath over the course of one episode. Fuck you Dumb & Dumber

    83. Tango Turkish

      That shot of the scared little girl on 5:21 and 5:37 standing behind that concrete wall was perfectly executed, she played it really well. Well done that little girl, i know it's only a small part but very good acting for someone that age 👍 I reckon she would be a really good actress in future. Bless you little princess 🙏🙏

    84. bob bobson

      Everything about season 8 was amazing, Except the writing.

      1. Anakhmaho

        also too many action scenes and mostly looking the same was boring af.

    85. Ant M

      This is not my danaerys. I agree with the destruction though.

    86. captainadventures

      Stupid uploader even put "Cersei surrenders" in the title. She didn't surrender, moron. Her army surrendered on their own and rang the bells. At no point do you see her directing anyone to surrender. It's even highlighted that she's in complete denial and still thinks they'll somehow resist the siege almost to the very end

    87. captainadventures

      Funny how their heavy armor might as well not even exist the way everything pierces it like it's cloth

    88. Tyrion Lannister

      "A Targaryen alone in the world is a terrible thing" - Maestor Aemon. Extreme paranoia and madness.

    89. Thomas Coursey

      They should of ended it right when. Danny wins the throne smh none of this made sense

    90. Alex Saunders

      The poster of this video claims, confidently, "this will happen in the books" and "remember the house of the undying". And there speaks someone who can't have read the books. How so? Because if you'd read the books you'd know TV house of the undying and book house of the undying bore little similarities, least of all that throne scene. Look, @matio12485 you're the butthurt one here. This was not objectively good, and you're annoyed that so many people don't share your opinion. I hate what they did to Dany. Do I hate the fact that she becomes the Mad Queen? In principle, of course not. Because if it happens in the books, it will not be a switch flicked between episodes 4 and 5 of the final series there will be, y'know this thing called character development. The fact we've been predicting the Mad Queen arc for years now, is because a bunch of Dany haters would exclusively attribute ruthlessness to Dany as madness which they would not for Tywin/Stannis et al. People like the poster here were willing it to happen. And maybe it will, also maybe it won't. Dany might take a darker route in the book, we don't know she'll be mad or simply ever more ruthless. Finally to say this wasn't rushed. I mean, you are joking right? Storm of Swords got 2 seasons, Dance with Dragons, Feast for Crows and the beginning of Winds of Winter shared a season.

    91. lofi hip hop radio

      so.. the dothrakis where like the soviets in the allied side.. fucking savages

    92. Rachel Upchurch

      Why didn't she just burn the red keep though?

    93. Domenico Morisco

      D&D shame on you!!!

    94. MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռ

      Jesus christ Danny! My mind thought you will burn Cersei but no. You burned the whole damn city.


      People who live too long in comfort fear pain, terror and death. Poor slaves do not. Burn them all and cleanse the world of the unworthy.


      Slaves have only one love in life. To resentfully and revengfully kill masters. The hate burns through the blood and body like the red thread of justice.

    97. Marcelo Augusto

      Nossa essa perte ela não teve pena das pessoas mds

    98. Midnight Clappers

      At this point if you think Danny became the Mad Queen or not. Let’s not all forget they all did try to make “peace” and ask Cersie to give in. But in response to their offer she Beheaded Dany’s friend Missendai...and she already lost honestly if I was her. What Kings Landing and the Lannister’s have caused for every house...From what they did to the starks...and everyone else you can’t say you didn’t want that whole city and their whole family tree to Burn to the ground or at least meet their fate.

    99. Gazanfer Akinci

      Worst final in the show world. In fact, worst season...

    100. Natavan Amirasln