Game Of Thrones 8x02 Tormund Giantsbane With Brienne And Jaime Season 8 Episode 2 [HBO]

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

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    Tormund Tells Brienne And Jaime Story About How He Got His Name "Giantsbane" Season 8 Episode 2 [HBO]

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    1. ironovas xx

      The group of tag team we deserved. The synced dynamic and chemistry of this group is freaking hilarious. I'd pay to see them talk together once again. One of the few moments I genuinely loved in s8

    2. Sandali Dev Sinha

      3:45 THAT look is legit..

    3. Acido Barbiturico

      Things I really love of this scene: This is the first time Brienne talks to Tormund Brienne behavior with Pod is so scolding-protecting mommy Did you noticed when Jaime offers Brienne take sit he put the chair closest his one? Tyrion little smile to Pod when he fulls his cup is so adorable

    4. badgyrl310

      Everybody awkwardly stares as he loudly slurps down his giant's breast milk (?) dripping down his beard. 😂 His table manners could use some improvement. 😂😂😂

    5. Finding Hare

      I must say even though they fucked season 8’s writing, they aced the Tyrion and Jaime scenes together

    6. CATZEistKRIEG

      god...just....nothing is happening

    7. Stranger's Opinion

      He said it proudly hahhahahaha I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂 Ending sentence killed me. 🍷

    8. giobecerril

      right before all going to hell

    9. m sz

      jaime is the absolute FUNNIEST fucker... his facial expressions killed me

    10. Tyler King

      We honestly needed more Jaime/Tormund rivalry

    11. Ds

      the best 2 episodes of this season not written by benioff and weiss

    12. Feni Skoura

      this is the funniest scene in got ever!!! and i love jamie and brienne like i love pizza which is a lot

    13. Alba GB

      Tormund going after Brienne is making me extremely uncomfortable

    14. Ragnar Lothbrok

      *THEY CALL ME GIANTSBANE* throws a glimpse at brienne checking her reaction. *WANT TO KNOW WHY??*

    15. Jo Kah

      Jaime expression all the time: "What the fuck, is this guy for real?"

    16. ot juli

      Jaime be shooting off dat chair like a space rocket as soon as Brienne enters And the fact that both him and Tormund throw glances at Brienne as they talk to each other is hilarious. As if they choose their words with her in mind

    17. Lord Sidious

      Finally he got to talk to her

    18. NumberC

      > says giant's milk while making eye contact with Brienne Real subtle there, Tormund.

    19. Zero Zero

      Tormund: I kill the giant when I was 10 Liana: Hold my bear.

      1. Bruce Flynn

        Tormund: "But I survived it."

    20. Ms.Scorpio Erica

      Best storytime ever lol

    21. Lucky Underwood

      Giants Milk ROFL!

    22. ChuckO

      2:44 Jaimie’s look...

    23. Caroline // FineCaroline

      Tormund, you charming man, loool so funny ❤

    24. Natalie Black

      Jaime's like "weird flex but ok".

    25. the lady Morgana

      I wish all the people in this room survive. They are all the characters I care about gathered together. Sansa is the only one missing. I love Tormund and Davos in this scene 😂😂😂

    26. Caryl Mae

      The way Tyrion looked at Podrick when he gave him a full cup of wine.....

    27. Norhifzan Ishak

      When tyrion lost his words in front of tormund!

    28. hazeldb

      lmao @ "they call you king killer" "i'm sure someone does"


      Tyrion picking up on Jaime standing up for brienne but dismissing it, cute

    30. gta4801

      torumund is a game of thrones version of Trevor Phillips

    31. 2 8

      I love that crazy mother fucker!!!!!:)....

    32. Ainsley Taylor

      MY LADY! :

    33. Brendan Keane

      Jaime and Tyrion's look to each other as he's drinking is priceless!

    34. Emma Cooper

      Absolutely love Tormund he always steals the scene with his funny stories love the way he drinks the milk and the way everyone just stares at him 😂🤣 hope he doesn’t die

    35. L Gibson96

      Tyrions smile to podrick when overflowing his cup 🤣

    36. 614bmoat

      If you want know that’s how you pick up chicks horn of your favorite beverage and drink and let it spill all over you..

    37. Lewis Peter Eastland

      I just realise this is the first time: Tormund has meet Jamie and Tyrion. Davos meets Jamie Jamie meets Davos and Tormund Tyrion meets Tormund

      1. Mariana Nunes

        Only Brienne knew all of them.

    38. CAESAR 2020


    39. Rocco Gallucci

      Imagine podric dies

    40. If Ha

      Tormud’s story is the funniest 😂 thing in GOT

    41. Evie Panchys

      When tormund said this could be the last night for us in this world ( and Brienne said yes well I’m glad you’re here} his hold face lights up

      1. daphne z

        for that second he thought "fuck yeah I'm making those giant babies tonight"

    42. Alicia Flores

      3:45-3:47 is me and my friend getting approached someone we don't like.

      1. Io

        Bitches 😛

    43. Stargirl

      "I wish father were here" LMFAO

      1. Tatiana R.

        Stargirl Jaime’s face was priceless 😂

    44. imabadmofosofux2

      Tormund is the real MVP 💯

    45. Casper TheGhost

      I Really hope Tormund will have a scene with Brienne

    46. TheDragiix3

      "I kno you neva suckled a giant's teets. You kno you neva suckled a giant's teets. Right noh, I don't wanna think aboht the giant whose teets you neva suckled."

    47. so Zucxy

      Such a warming episode now most of our favorites will die this season

    48. ka por

      Oh man, I love Tormund so much.

    49. C

      Beautiful scene. Beautiful episode - so human and warm. And Turmond's giant's milk story needs to be engraved on a gold plate and displayed in a museum. 😂

    50. DurVids

      Love this scene... Here's a Suppercut of tormund drinking giant's milk for 15 minutes straight! --

    51. AndWhatIsThisNow

      Tormund: "Giant's milk." Everyone else: "Bro, this is why you're single."

    52. Emily Bilyj

      Omg I loved this scene, couldn’t stop laughing 😂

    53. A girl has no name

      Tormund is the best 😂

    54. The Lukester

      I love how Jaime was like "what the fuck is wrong with you, you're the one who killed him!" and Tyrion quickly explains himself

    55. Carebear G

      Tbh I want Brienne with Tormund because Tormund always liked Brienne as apossed to Jamie. Also, Tormund is hilarious! Another thought, are we going to see the hound with anyone? Also, Theon and Sansa are a ship I never knew I wanted.

      1. Rania Chaoui

        I think Tormund doesn't really love her its seems that he just want to sleep with her cause of her look since what happened with the giant XD even in the episode when he arrives in Winterfell he said where's is the big woman? That's why we can see in his word that he just like her taller than him. I'm not a Brienne/Jaimi ship I even like him more with Cercei ( but she scrolled everything) but I can see that he has falling for her when they spended time together and its very obvious that it's wasn't just for her look (even though if Brienne is beautiful)

      2. Marie Bourgot

        @Dencod Raikkonen And they know eachother on a deep level as opposed to her and Tormund, so they make way more sense. I love Tormund, but I don't think he should be with her, as she isn't even interested. :)

      3. Dencod Raikkonen

        Carebear G i want tormund as well. However, jamie has always like brienne, he just cant admit it because of cersei.

    56. DDDxxxDDDxxxDDD

      „Maybe I will have that drink“ Flashbacks from the Battle of the Bastards, when Tormund offered that drink to Davos before. Love Ser Davos

    57. TheTinaKid

      Tormund is a treasure I'll fight anyone who disagrees.

    58. HydranoidCreations

      Tormund is a legend😂

    59. HollyTree

      Jamie awkwardly side-eying Brienne, as Torumund flirts with her, is my everything.

      1. HollyTree

        Maureen Kitty Yess! And before calling him king-killer, he suspiciously looks between Jaime and Brienne, after noticing Jaime looking at her. Tormund always knows what’s up 🥰

      2. Maureen Almudena

        HollyTree hahah when Tormund calls Jaime kingslayer as something to be proud of haha he doesn’t insult him but start competing with him for Brienne affection hahah

    60. Jen Huitron




    62. badlandskid

      Tyrion.... I was speaking in relative terms.... Jamie... ouch.

    63. hazeldb

      lol i love how jaime isnt threatened at all, just amused and bewildered

      1. t moore

        The looks on his face the whole time Tormund is talking is priceless. Even when he is in the background his facial expressions are hysterical.

      2. Link 64

        Well, Jaime with 2 hands would destroy Tormund in single combat. I don't think he is afraid to die either (which he would if he faced Tormund now).

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    65. TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83


    66. Huong Diem

      No season 10

    67. Chu Chulainn

      "Half a glass" and then Tyrion fills it up! 😂😂😂

      1. joe foe

        How Tyrion and podrick bothed winked at each other 😂😂😂😂😂

      2. sonozaki

        Tyrion said "Don't worry, I gotchu"

    68. paingoret6

      I watched this episode twice before already but watching this scene now was the first time I noticed Tyrion's expression when Jaime stood up and called Brienne milady. I think he's intrigued to see his brother interested in a woman who isn't their evil b*tch sister. Would love to see a scene between Tyrion and Jaime talking about Brienne (though I know it won't happen). Team Jaime all the way

      1. Finding Hare

        Link 64 yes he did

      2. Finding Hare

        Link 64 i bet you get friend zoned a lot

      3. Tyler King

        lmao it happened

      4. Benji Huynh

        Ask and you shall receive

      5. Veronica Rodriguez

        TEAM JAIME!!!<3 <3 <3

    69. Raphael Chantigny

      Weird flex but ok.

    70. TheMrbignich128

      Protect Tormund at all costs!!!!!