Full Interview: CM Punk answers if he would return to the ring | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX



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    In his first full interview on WWE Backstage, CM Punk answered a wide range of questions, from what brought him back to the wrestling world to whether he could potentially step foot back in a WWE ring. He didn't rule it out, but said that it's not something he's actively pursuing.
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    Full Interview: CM Punk answers if he would return to the ring | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

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    1. WWE on FOX

      Do you think CM Punk should return to the WWE ring?

      1. Kumaravel T K

        500 th Comment NO...

      2. Umer Hussain

        No! Hope he goes to AEW!

      3. levine nevine

        NO! NO! NO!👎👎👎

      4. Anas A4


      5. Ringo Salcedo


    2. Khalil'S Vlogs

      His such a good guy my dream to meet him

    3. Juanito

      What brought you back? CM Punk: Well, my bank account was looking a little thin.

    4. Juzimaster

      Thanks for FOX having these WWE talk shows.

    5. Mr Awan 2020

      Come back in the Ring 💚

    6. boi boi

      Damn, he looks like Razor from NFS most wanted

    7. OhCrap247

      Not used to this kind of nuance from WWE Product.

    8. Thanos Snap

      A hour of this awesome superstar on wwe backstage and they give us 11 minutes?.. wtf wwe? Bring him to raw already or let him go to AEW where he will be appreciated for his talents and not be on bullshit with his career

    9. MrJoeMontano

      Cm punk is what WWE needs

    10. Fernando Perez

      Should have gone to AEW what a waste of a talent wrestler on shit show.

    11. Raiyan 'Azhiman Rasid

      I really wish he'd return next week and challenge Seth Rollins

    12. Christina Prado

      As for him returning to the ring. I doubt that will happen and its easy to say yes when they ask the fans but hes been through that and he knows why he left. We don't see what goes on behind the scenes or what vince tells them to do. He probably didn't want to be someone's puppet anymore. My question would be if he has considered going to AEW.

    13. Christina Prado

      In a way im glad for cm punk because he is working for fox and doesn't have to answer to wwe or vince. On the other hand I feel like he is still putting money in vinces pocket somehow. It is still called wwe backstage so maybe there are more viewers now that cm punk is back. Idk.

    14. ryan25067

      No way he’s not still under vinces direction, nothing happens in wwe without him saying so

    15. DragonNomak

      ok so we gonna see Punk next tuesday man i thought he was gonna you know bail on us again ...... thank god no

    16. Aatish Gauswami

      People who want Triple h vs. C M Punk at wrestlemania in a looser leaves wwe match hit 👊 the like...

    17. EazyE78

      "They don't need to a hashtag" he says, completely forgetting that his wife was the one who came up with the hashtag in the first place

    18. The dark knight returns

      "My integrity is pretty powerful too" lol those lawsuits made the bitch broke lmfao. That's why i call him.. CM PUSSY.

    19. Rezaul Hoq

      if he returns, wwe fan base will get quadrupled ...

    20. Karl T

      Fave of all time legend!!

    21. Terri Ann

      He walked out on his fans, which proves he doesn't give a shit. He could have just quit and just said I can't work in a place like this anymore. To me @AJStyles has always been the" best in the world".

    22. Dark LYF

      Voice of voice less. ~cm punk

    23. kathiravan jeevanantham

      Waiting for best in the world return then after cmpunk vs romen, cmpunk vs seth, cmpunk vs drewmchintire

    24. Frosty lair

      i dont know why I like CM punk so much just everytime I see him I smile. He might be one of the top 5 in the world CM punk kenny omega Finn balor (very bias opinion) Chris Jericho Daniel Bryan ....all of this is opinion btw

      1. NITARA MK11

        @Frosty lair I get what you mean. You may not like Raw and SD. I like some of it. It's your opinion. I have mine. It's OK if you don't like it.

      2. Frosty lair

        @NITARA MK11 can you reccomend me a match to watch that happen in the past 3 weeks of raw or SD? and there survivor series ppv was only decent because of nxt

      3. NITARA MK11

        @Frosty lair I wouldn't go that far. Yes I watch NXT and AEW cuz they're not indies. But saying RAW and SDs wrestling suck is a bit too far. We get plenty of good matches on their weekly shows. And the Raw and SDs ppvs always deliver.

      4. Frosty lair

        @NITARA MK11 you only get good wrestling at the indies lol wwe smackdown and raw is shit Nxt is good tho and AEW is doing good things as a new promotion even tho they have some bad parts. I know a random youtube comment can't change your mind but the 2 promotions to watch are AEW and NXT I wont even be the stereotypical guy and say njpw only because there english content is limited

      5. NITARA MK11

        Even though I don't follow the Indie scene I respect your picks

    25. philip negro

      CM PUNK💪

    26. christian valdez

      Renee's got some great legs.

    27. Cameron Sprague

      I know it’s unpopular opinion and too easy of a solution, but...AEW. Unfiltered, raw talent that’s fun and exciting; CM Punk wants to say he’s a master and the voice of the voiceless, put his money where his mouth is

    28. dylan gideon

      She’s a good interviewer


      Any indian fans here

    30. William Kelly

      He is on wwe backstage... Yes there is a chance of his return after other legal obligations are fulfilled he most def can return.


      This is so mind blowing!!! Hell has frozen over!!! xoxo The Clarences

    32. Joe Bey

      Come back punk a J and Naomi please come back and usos

    33. Bambino Beats

      Dude, HOLY SHIT!

    34. U A

      CM Punk a 41 year old, flabby, out of shape loser who botches and wanted to get the Lesnar treatment by going to UFC, except he got destroyed twice and now he's begging Vince to come back because AJ spent all of his money promoting her crappy book.

    35. Its Erik

      What a great guy he should fight in the UFC

    36. Aaron James

      He’d fit better in AEW

    37. Ashanti Maturan

      Yesss Cm Punk is finally back... Now its Aj Lee's turn how many years are we talking here?? 1,2???

    38. Der Vibbel

      The best in the world

    39. levicalcott music

      Bret the Hitman Hart is the best in the world. Shane and the oc and cm punk dont belong in that company

    40. SKULLGUN Gaming

      There is only one best in the world and that is Chris Jericho ♥️

    41. Mohammad Fahad

      If you don't wanna go in WWE Ring, then you've a option there's one another wrestling which recently came up. I just want to see CM Punk wrestle again.✌

    42. Pragyan

      If you want cm punk to return give me a HELL YEAH !!

    43. ryan mcgarry

      Over in aew I hear jon quaking in his boots

    44. Ultimate Supervisior Charlton

      The wife is still Aj Lee ?

    45. The Don

      2020 royal rumble surprise entry let’s just hope or keep on dreaming


      He spoke truth about friends vs work friends/acquaintances. Real friends will always be there. "Work friends" fade away overtime or get replaced.

    47. Katie Wilson

      Still good looking 😂😂x

    48. Angry Pink Monkey

      He will be back at Royal Rumble... start back where he finished.

    49. Baxter

      Honestly under the right management WWE could be insane

      1. gladfan1989

        Which, in the foreseeable future, isn't going to happen.

    50. Ferman Jackson Jr

      I like Cm Punk as a face

    51. The Barbaric Ram

      Woulda been nice if he went to AEW but I guess a ho gonna always go back to its PIMP

      1. The Barbaric Ram

        leo True

      2. leo

        the thing that makes aew so much better than wwe, at least in my opinion, is that they actually give creative freedom to their wrestlers. they create the matches, they have a say in storylines. plus it has a tv14 rating instead of pg. could you imagine if punk actually got to just be punk on aew ? it wouldve been great lol.

    52. Cole Moffatt

      He should come back

    53. The Shield

      Bring CM PUNK BACK

    54. Hope Adams

      Never say never 🖤❤

    55. Kingston

      Just don’t let him back in the octagon

    56. Truth Is

      CM Punk is the truth, it's impossible not to like him

    57. الجيش الباليزي

      What cm punk is 6 time world champion but how he is three times world heavyweight champion and two times wwe champion that means he is 5 times world champion not 6 times

    58. Hamilton Dallas

      I really hope he returns

    59. SATAN

      Gonna name my son cm punk

    60. MichSciFi

      I'll say this. I think he's crap.


      I wish to see him

    62. Xavier Alvarado

      Yes I want CM Punk to wrestle to the WWE

    63. Hank Hill

      "the best in the world" 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡

    64. José Oliveira

      you all are focused on cm punk but im focused on that girls ass god damn when she puts her leg up OMG

      1. KhalidSmile93

        José Oliveira we’ve been doing that for years now fool

    65. Ava Lanche

      Pls comeback

    66. Michael del Castillo

      IF punk were to come back to wrestling. I'd love to see him go after Lesnar. Lesnar vs punk is still the best match Lesnar has had since coming back.

    67. MD Imran

      I love 😍😍❤Cm punk & I miss you

    68. LaZY BaDaSS

      CM PUNK!!!

    69. Abip Gurung

      Please come back punk