Freddie Officially Moves Into Her New Apartment • Moving Series: Part 4 • Ladylike



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    "I'm freaking out a little bit."
    Melanie Kirk - Krik Renovations - (Services discounted)
    T.J. Maxx - (Products gifted)
    All Modern - Instagram: @allmodern - (Products gifted)
    Society6 - (Products gifted)
    Walls Need Love - (Products gifted)
    Article - - (May need to get link to product from them. Will update this thread) - (Products gifted)
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    Articture - (Products gifted)
    Noir Dining Chair
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    1. Miku


    2. Piggy Giggy

      Some of yall are really hating on her apartment, just remember you don't live there and some of yall are probably just jealous😂😂

    3. Chary Davis

      The whole apartment gives me saved by the bell vibes and it matches her personality so well

    4. Jenna Grace

      Everyone’s talking about fred just using buzzfeed for a free renovation and how they are disappointed that they didn’t show us how to do things but like.. 1. If you could go to work, make money, and get an apartment renovation at the same time wouldn’t you? 2. They aren’t a diy channel 3. They are entertainment so whatever is the most entertaining to watch they do and most people can’t do this stuff everyday so that’s why they do it

    5. Gothic Spaghetti

      I used to really love ladylike, and I still love their old videos with all of them together, but it seems like something is really off about this video.. Like we hardly saw anyone else from ladylike, the whole thing felt like an ad. The apartment was cute, of course, but I guess it just didn't feel authentic. In their old videos, they were trying new things together, and traveling, and yada yada. This was just #staged

    6. MsTeacake1982

      This decor is so confused and such a mish mash of uber trends cobbled confusingly together in one space. It looks like the discount homeware section of Urban Outfitters. Wall hanging. Palm trees. Wicker. Random velvet. A pineapple!

    7. Isabel Shearer

      Imagine getting to get everting new and you didn’t barely paid $1

    8. Beth ASMR

      So, "stress free"really means "pay other people to do as much as possible for you" hahaha it's so true....

    9. Sie E

      I find her sassy laugh absolutely hilarious

    10. Honey Buns

      I don't like it but I love the show

    11. Lauren Russell

      I completely forgot about her cat during this move, where was Reburta?

    12. Doodle Doddle

      Honestly I didn’t like the Chartreuse all around but it’s uh... grown on me now I like really love it...

    13. bananalace

      Idk but this felt very unrealistic and out of touch from an audience point of view :/ I’m not hating! I love ladylike! Wish u the best Freddy! This just didn’t feel like ladylike

    14. Kavia Hulett

      To all the people saying freddie got it good for getting all this free stuff come back and see how many videos she's doing for ladylike this past month/month and 1/2

    15. Alisha Effenberg

      The kitchen is in a minty blue color?!?! The color is really nice but blue can not be mint. What's going in here? Is that a standard english expression. I'm confused...

    16. Kerri Beaton

      And I'm still unpacking/organizing/decorating... Four years later. 🤔

    17. Shelby Skinner

      it only looks good when its clean

    18. ?


    19. Unapologeticall Nori

      Her bedroom and that fridge 😍😍😍😍😍

    20. Morgan Mexicott

      Ok I was looking through the comments and there has been so much hate stop being jealous that people helped her make her dream home come true she's so humble and sweet she deserves it

    21. Dorothy Kansal

      I don't know how I feel about those 'full leather' camel chairs.

    22. Madyson Reed

      This is so fun

    23. Lily Conklin

      Not relatable at all

    24. Xana Olsdal

      How about cat trees and scratchers and litterboxes? I would be a lot more interested in seeing a real apartment where a cat guardian and a cat will be living, and understand how Design and decor can be combined with cat needs, rather than watching a boutique-like showroom. Looks very preety though.

    25. Lisa13245

      how to finesse: a 4 part series by freddie

    26. _xx.teacup.xx_

      How is she so stressed when she doesn't really do any of the moving and half of the decorations are free for her?

    27. Kavineha Perumal

      I know 5 things about you 1. You have a phone or iPad,computer ,laptop 2. You are 2 to 99 yrs old 4. You didn’t know I skipped no 3 5. You just checked Give a like to activate good luck !

    28. Kavineha Perumal

      The floor is lava 1 2 3 4 5 Leave a like if you didn’t get off your sofa or bed

    29. Just Zozo

      CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited! Yash. Moving is something that is stressful and difficult and you handled it well.

    30. singxxmexxanything

      This series just felt like watching Freddie her dream apartment makeover for like free. Oh wait, that’s what it was.

    31. Katherine Andrews

      Petition for Ladylike to start an HGTV series.

    32. Mapple Heart

      There was something off about this video, I can’t tell exactly what it is, it’s just not enjoyable?? Idk it’s weird, I usually love these kinds of videos but this one just made me unhappy? So weird

    33. Susan Lu

      tell me how freddie got all these products free LOOOL

    34. Keojia Brown

      Bru some of yall just jelly

    35. Rebeca S

      I’ve been trying to find the AllModern green couch and I can’t find it? Any help please :)

    36. Isabella Magalhães

      Apart from everything said in the comments already, I feel like she called her 'friends' to help her do the hard work and those same friends who worked so hard were not invited to sip mimosas in the end. I thought it was rude, tbh.

    37. Celtic Lass

      I enjoyed the series, and think the finished product is nice (and I'm happy Freddie seems to be really happy with it), but I think it would have been much better if each episode was the Ladylike ladies (and gents), with some friends, doing everything themselves. Going about town finding cool stuff from vintage stores, random little small businesses, learning how to put up shelves, how to assemble the furniture, taking photos to put in the frames with some other pre-selected ones (and doing a proper gallery wall), them carrying in rugs, stopping for coffee, etc. All the real stuff about moving and setting up a new home. Anyone can select and order, then hire someone to do everything. It could have been so much more personal, and, honestly, realistic.

    38. ben smeddle

      12:08 where’s Devin?

    39. Alicia LeBerre

      The 4 buzzfeed ladies cheering was them in their perfect outfits

    40. Elise Hummel

      Gladly feeling validated in my option due to comments. I LOVE ladylike. But this feels very abusive to her stature. Also not very relatable. Disappointed because I love Fred 😔

    41. AmeliaBell28

      Well now I want to become a video producer/online personality so I can get all my interior decor gifted to me next time I move. Freddie is living the DREAM.

    42. Charlotte Yeramian

      You know, I'd really love to see a final price tag for this- like, how much would all this have cost for a regular person to get done?

    43. Miya Wilson

      We love mountain cows.

    44. Katrina Van Grouw

      The only room I liked was the bedroom, everything else had no personality at all.

    45. Rita C

      can y'all do more cleaning/organizing videos? thanks

    46. LaurensDesigns

      YOUR soo lucky to get sponsored for all this, would cost thousands!

    47. Allison Craig

      Just so u know the chair that is called “noir dining chair” it means black dining chair (black-noir in French)

    48. Jaime-leigh Allen

      She got a whole new house for the price of nothing when she has enough money and some people don't even have somewhere to live

    49. jillian

      Can we have a moment of appreciation for CHANTEL'S BOOTY SHORTS 😁❤️ never thought I'd see that

    50. jillian


    51. Alyssa Humbert

      im gay for mel

    52. Angel Torres

      I've been waiting for this episode for weeks!! Can't wait to see.

    53. Christina Kercher

      They still didn’t show the bookshelf!!!!!!!!

    54. Meagan Snee

      ok so basically hire people to do all the work for you and get all of your furnishings for free ???

    55. powpaow

      dislike for leather xd

    56. Britney Lix

      drop a like if you would also have a dope apartment if it was paid for lol

    57. Jane Doe

      Freddie, I love your apartment and how you show the entire renovation. ♥️👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    58. Kora Mason

      "it is also full leather" yeah killing animals is so fun result looks fancy in whatever room

      1. Liis L

        @Meagan Snee it actually says faux leather in the video

      2. Meagan Snee

        @Liis L i heard "full leather" too

      3. Kora Mason

        Liis L oh ok then

      4. Liis L

        she said faux leather

    59. My Love Milo

      The pink closet still haunts me

    60. pg maxtwo


    61. Caileen Brennan

      This decor is constantly changing themes. I'm getting retirement home and baby nursery vibes with a splash of 80's vomit and a hint of attempted boho. Sorry for the harshness, but this video really bothered me.

      1. MissRandomComment

        Yeah this style is all over the place, it feels like they chose a lot of random things that they thought were trendy and stylish but nothing cohesive

    62. Nishani

      i watched the whole series , very disappointed of the content. fake dramatic stress talk and no team work. paying people to do stuff and acting like a baby is not very ladylike.

    63. Beth Williams

      I wonder how much of the donated stuff she actually got to keep and how much was packed up and sent back once the video was over. Didn’t love this series, felt way too much like an infomercial for all the companies.

    64. Audrey Reid

      omg i love how everything in her apartment she had buzzfeed pay for but like whatever

    65. Desert Rose

      I just wanna know where Freddie got her gold table by her pink sectional??

    66. Eline S

      I liked Freddie but in this she is a spoiled annoying diva. So stressed out, but she hasn't lifted a finger. 'we applied the wallpaper' No you didn't. They applied it for you whole you were somewhere else gushing over your cowhide rug and beige black rug. Seriously girl, who do you think you are.

    67. maureen hallissey

      The bedroom is the best part

    68. AM

      I love Freddie but this is an obnoxious and tone deaf video, giving off princess-in-a-castle vibes.

    69. Mimi NewBean

      When your shower curtain is 35 dollars but you’re on a *budget* ...🥴

    70. Afi Doodle

      Ew this apartment is so gaudy. The prints, colors, the wallpaper too busy and no class