Fortnite X Batman Announce Trailer



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    Explore the new Gotham City Rift Zone, grab the new Catwoman Comic Book Outfit in the Item Shop or pick up the Caped Crusader Pack available in the in-game store. Plus, complete a variety of challenges and earn free rewards! #FortniteXBatman
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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    1. Fortnite

      We're investigating an issue where players who had their CZ-news and Epic accounts linked and tuned in live to the Batman Reveal Trailer have not yet received their YoutTube drops. We'll provide more details when we have them.

      1. Freirito

        I cant wake up at 7am

      2. osama games191

        Fortnite ok

      3. qz_

        @Brick Studios tomouro

      4. Ábel Bende

        Pls joker skin

      5. Alex Boumans

        What is it gonna be tell me

    2. walid aissani

      Apex is better

    3. Leshu xD


    4. Angelo Herrera

      Batman doesn’t use guns

    5. NoName

      W h y

    6. osama games191


    7. jose torres

      Is nothing sacred anymore

    8. Numbchugga

      We need voice lines

    9. Zachary Gray


    10. Cian Shaw

      Why please cancel this

    11. Microtjuh


    12. Mr Krob

      Oh yeah

    13. Borna Plays


    14. KillerSKULL Games

      Can you get the rewards if you watch it as a video

    15. M7MD

      wow this is vary nicely

    16. Goldenlegend78

      Isn't it a coincidence that the youtuber Hollow started to play batman Arkham knight and now fortnite is putting batman in there game, plus a new batman film has not come out yet ( like in 2 years time) so what's there excuse or reason for this update

    17. Dato Margishvili


    18. leokid 6

      Who would win 99 players One batty boy

    19. SUS THOR

      Im kinda mad first of all where's the Fortnite x IT and if they were gonna change Titled Town then why not put Dairy instead y the fck did they do Batman but i mean i don't hate Batman i think it's cool to have him in the game but why not put IT and don't say it's a kids game it says on the fcking advertising Rate teen and up

    20. Decide M

      Never liked this game.... But apparently might start looking into it now

    21. KaGi FILMS

      🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ why...why , first stranger things , now batman , my favorite things goes in the worst game of all time?

    22. AZOZ KUW


    23. Not Zion

      Wait a minute batman doesn't use guns

    24. Alyan Playz


    25. Emerged Storm

      I didn't get my rewards either

    26. DERMEISTER 2019

      I haven't seen the live stream

    27. GalacticBoi


    28. Juan Ramirez

      Ok those batman skins look amazing!

    29. DEAL151

      April 2018 and 2019: Fortnite x Marvel September 2019: Fortnite x DC Now that’s off limits

    30. Husen The Great

      It’s basically a Gotham museum in a video game. Advantages of being a comic book company with fictional cities, you can get the whole city in the game.

    31. Rui Dias

      You should give the glider or a skin because of the problem. Not just the banner. That is not a very godd decision to a Good corporation

    32. imyour baeby


    33. Sauban Iqbal


    34. Justin Warren

      Guess it's goin to be the first time seeing Batman and Catwoman carrying guns now smh

    35. WzQUR


    36. Mr. Red Dead

      What is the Fortnite prize for watching the livestream of the trailer? Can somehody tell me?

    37. Zarby


    38. Jourdan Brothern

      Fortnite tries to do more crossovers so that they can become more popular than Minecraft again

    39. Zufed

      Epic Games has a tendency to bring things together, Xbox and Play Station, Other games like borderlands and now Marvel and DC

    40. •Peachii•

      nine year olds, fortnite is dead

    41. Jonathan .L YT

      Rip I can't get batman, I play on switch and bought 2000 v bucks yesterday for the item shop, and the skin is in the store.

    42. Chillaxedt

      Someone tell me this is false

      1. otaku gamer

        this is false

    43. Chillaxedt

      What the fu

    44. SoledBy_Mega 1v4

      E o it acabou q decepção

    45. 2much 123z


    46. mateo xd

      omg fornite bery good

    47. Brad Lee


    48. Senthillers Legend

      I’m so hyped.

    49. Megatdfunny 2

      I need the new glider that’s in the shop cause I’m getting the skin today

    50. Spinel Btw

      i couldnt wake up early to watch a 30msecond live stream, *EPIC GAMES*

    51. PBJ_Jams

      Fortnite: *Adds Batman* Marvel: Am I A Joke To You?

    52. Nathan Reinwolf

      Wow Batman used to be my favorite Hero until now, thanks guys!

    53. Dragon King

      Batman: You can't get that dub. Random sweat: Why not? Batman: Because *I'm BATMAN*

    54. GROTTI

      amzing a=mzing

    55. SH4RK-xd

      Si gatubela tiene un buen culo me la compro

    56. باسم عسيري

      سارعي للمجد والعلياء مجدي لخالق السماء وارفع الخفاق الاخضر رددي الله اكبر يا موطني موطني عشت فخر المسلمين عاش الملك العلم والوطن🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

    57. Mirco il grande

      Like chi é italiano

    58. Ainah's field plower


    59. Luciano Yousef

      Collab with Minecraft PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE I want a diamond pickaxe in fortnite so badly

    60. timothy grey

      DC makes another stupid discussion

    61. liandro Gaming


    62. Ultra Raid

      Lynx Is my Cat Woman

    63. ꧁༺João ༺꧂

      Verry god

    64. Cucumber InAss

      Fortnite still active?

    65. Quân Hồ

      My wish has come true

    66. Spryzen Gaming

      thats it I'm getting it

    67. Ecstasy Numb

      Sooo no heath ledger joker...

    68. chron0games

      You can't ruin batman for meeeee plz

    69. Diamond Fang

      I wonder why the rift zones exist, could it be, advertising?

    70. Khaled Jafari