Fortnite - Season X - Story Trailer



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    The Zero Point is exploding. Get ready for #SeasonX dropping 8.1.2019
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
    Learn More:

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    1. ☠️GeniusInHell☠️

      Poner arena duos plis ya lo necesito

    2. Gun Shot

      O robo é bem roubado n jogo mais esse jogo

    3. Cambster TV

      Selling my account if the brutes don't get removed within a week

    4. Flamy

      Top 10 videos taken before disaster

    5. NE Junge Dobrodei

      The dislikers are minecraft players

    6. ANDREA Przybylski


    7. nathan monka

      Epic can you please just remove the mechs they are really annoying how about you stop thinking about the money and think about the games and stop putting in thing that will make the game much easier for starter player cause they have to learn them self's please stop this madness please that's why Minecraft has more player then you

    8. Jayden Fraser

      Epic games a hacker took everything in my save the world I don't know what to do to get it back

    9. Andrea Rosas

      Add the dirt burger in season11

      1. Andrea Rosas

        In the battle pass

    10. Chance Sexton

      Epic plz remove the megs

    11. Kohta_19/ Minecraft ps4

      Fuckings B.R.U.T.O.S

    12. Shanuk Hewavithana

      Suprised the brute didn't yeet rockets at jonesy in the trailer

    13. The Rock King

      You should make a fortnite movie

    14. Raiden Birch

      Bring back double pump

    15. Jb Squad

      Take out the mechs

    16. Jb Squad

      Take out the mechs

    17. Jb Squad

      Take out the mechs

    18. Jb Squad

      Take out the mechs

    19. Jb Squad

      Take out the mechs

    20. I’m a furrie Second

      This season is starting to be the worst

    21. Gerardo Trujillo

      Por favor regresen guerra de comida

    22. Rémy Vidal

      Keep the robots it's fun ! People just need to learn how to deal with them because they are really easy to take down if you know how to play against them.

    23. Lantistic Loud

      If you look at Jonesy's face, you can see one part is more pale so that means that Bunker Jonesy shaved his hair

    24. Lyzrd

      Remove the BRUTES

    25. Lyzrd

      Remove the BRUTES

    26. Lyzrd

      Remove the BRUTES

    27. Lyzrd

      Remove the BRUTES

    28. Lyzrd

      Remove the BRUTES

    29. Rocstarxd

      Remove the brutes

    30. Lori Benton

      1 like = 1 Hope for STW to come out on S11

    31. Adrian David

      Estúpido fornaiii

    32. Jeremy Bulatao Bulatao

      Vault mechs

    33. CoatedDrake 156

      Fortnight on my Xbox plz give me vbux

    34. Jeremy Bulatao Bulatao

      Vault mechs

    35. angela crisantos

      I know he did have a life event can Kevin Kim come back please King Kevin the cube come back PBS can you introduced a new tilted called OG tilted

    36. le t-rex du 70

      Nul fortnite

    37. Quanplayz games

      Vault mechs!!! Epic what are you doing with your game

    38. Invinity Invinity

      Delete neck please

    39. TEAM G

      Hay fortnite can u make a season called back in time so when your in the bus there’s another bus with fake people in it and it’s like you have teleported back in time

      1. TEAM G

        It’s bad ik

    40. Zeone Brincat

      Please onvoult the brute

    41. Valdemar Colin

      the only good think about season 10 is the battle pass

    42. Joshua Gomora

      And they still think double pumps op

    43. This is a Good channel name

      Bringing back dusty was a good idea but you are killing the game with the brutes

    44. Ahmed Alnouri

      You guys are mean:(

    45. Ahmed Alnouri

      why did you guys deleted my temperate island 1 put it back

    46. ido

      Visitor returning

    47. NaYzEN YT

      No Bot PLEASE!!!

    48. Braylon Naglitch

      Cool trailer

    49. Johannes Bølset

      Its ruing the game

    50. Johannes Bølset

      Nobody likes it

    51. Johannes Bølset

      Delete mech

    52. Johannes Bølset

      Delete mech

    53. K4T KARSEN

      Vault the mechs

    54. K4T KARSEN

      Vault the mechs

    55. K4T KARSEN

      Vault the mechs

    56. coco coco

      Remove the mechs

    57. Asian Boi

      Epic nerf the mech

    58. humberto garcia

      epico banana

    59. Ramsey The king


    60. Henry Fang

      Nerf Mechs

    61. ikonikdjfans98 tenorio

      Put the ikonik skin for free for all the android and Nintendo and ps4 and xbox

    62. huz dhuz

      I think epic is not even going to nerf the mechs as they think that we think that almost everything new thing they add in fortnite is considered OP by the community. As is the way with planes and the sword, they were not OP after the nerfs, as they were already hard to control. They are frustrated by us the same as we are frustrated by the mechs. And they are in a dilemma, as they cannot agree on what the comm will not consider OP. Epic is being a stubborn child so what we should do is to shut our mouths for some time and hopefully epic would finally vault them.

      1. Sauron

        nope. if anything got epic games to vault stuff, its backlash. the coomuntiy needs to shout at them more to leave the transformers out of a battle royale game.

    63. Gustav Lin

      Remove mech/robot

    64. lacika mathesz

      Apex legends the best battle rolyale games

    65. Old Speedy

      It is not possible how OP the Mech is Epic pls nerf😭

    66. Leo LP

      Fortnite Community:We will the double pump!! Epic:Here is the Robot! All gamers from Fortnite: Ok bye I play minecraft Why epic why!!!!!!! We hate the Robot we hate!!!!!!!!!!

    67. Louis von Werder

      Temove the broots i hate it and i now the other people hate it😭😭😭

      1. Louis von Werder

        I meen remove

    68. zak anderson

      Apex legends is ten times better

    69. Darth Vader

      Minecraft=like Fortnite=comment

    70. Vladimir's Games

      I hate the robot