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    The Zero Point is exploding. Get ready for #SeasonX dropping 8.1.2019
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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    1. Tromet Masa

      I think the reason why the background is purple is because of the season 6 event, where the Cube drained it's energy into the hole in the ground (which is the same place where the vault was along with the Zero Point)

    2. Tromet Masa

      0:43 To the right of jonesy is the potion from the Love Storm event in stw (the one Fallen Love Ranger is holding in the introduction of love storm)

    3. 『la zona - lightbulb』

      *a brute* 0:40 *and a angry banana man* 0:44

    4. EX3LIO

      I miss regular fortnite

    5. Thomas Gehl

      This season was hell for the people who actually wanted to play normally, it was fun but wasn’t when you wanted to be serious

    6. Pawer

      Y La Musica de la radio del deriva sigue Sonando

    7. Ravi and Sorana: A Strong Duo

      I thought The End would end like this: After getting sucked in, players realize they are flying inside of the location in this trailer as a recap of various events play. (Blast Off, Crack Closure, Butterfly Event, Ice Storm, Showtime, The Unvaulting, and the Final Showdown.) After that, players are pulled out and into the Battle Bus! As we arrive at the new map and drop at 13 new locations.

      1. Tromet Masa

        Did you just come up with the season 4 and 5 names.

    8. Kaleb si930

      This is better than chapter 2 seson 1 seson 123456789

    9. nalyD sreteP

      Top 10 videos taken before disaster

    10. mickael tourette

      Fortnite saison11 c’est nul ça bug ça bug ça bug

    11. LoloChase2Dツ

      **could season 9 map stay even in commenting on chapter 2 season 1** Also we need tilted back

    12. Sparkz

      The beginning of The End. The End Of The End. The Beginning of the Beginning

    13. Shark puppet Fan

      How did that orb explode

    14. Alex123!!!alex Pr3b

      0:48 Im falling.

    15. Child of the Chosen

      These comments suck

    16. Yeet Grenade

      Everyone be talking about how the game is dying while chapter 2 revived it

    17. kid993

      Realize this is the end of season 10 right? Where the zero point explodes, sending everything into the black hole where jonesy grabs for the gold tac smg because its overpowered he is lierally in the black hole going back in time

    18. Ravi and Sorana: A Strong Duo

      The Rocket made the new one from Dusty Depot, the Cube came back in a true fashion, and Peely was inside of the trailer because of the P-1000 skin that released on Week 9.

    19. The_Console_Gamer9

      Tbh I miss dusty divot Easy mats More loot And Not many players

    20. Otaku zero

      Even this season is better than chapter 2

      1. Kaleb si930

        Holler it was at the beginning

      2. HOLLERBOYS9702

        No it's literally not better than chapter 2 bud...

    21. mazi baso

      Why this have so many dislikes? It is a pretty cool trailer

      1. HOLLERBOYS9702

        Cause of the Mechs/Brute

    22. Cyanik Raul

      Chapter 2 season 1 ?

    23. iFlameGaming

      Did no one realize that the ballers were gonna come back

    24. Funny_Gaming

      0:45 was when peely did not trust jonsey

    25. JJAC Gamon

      Wait, is it called “Out of time” because you were out of time on this island? And basically out of time to escape the Zero Point orb’s demise?

    26. Alberto Caballero

      love this trailer

    27. Ravi and Sorana: A Strong Duo

      Whatever that is looped is inside of the trailer

    28. Ravi and Sorana: A Strong Duo

      The Battle Bus and the Chests are Looped

    29. Ravi and Sorana: A Strong Duo

      The End was supposed to have all of us fly around in that time orb listening to the music and seeing the stuff from past seasons and then going to new map

    30. Sharon Sarvent

      Every season event reactions by emojis Season 4 😯 Rocket Launch Season 5 🤔 Cube Goes into loot lake Season 6 😀😭 Butterfly event Kevin death Season 7 😡 ice strom Season 7 😁 Marshmellow concert Season 8 😁😭😂 unvaulting volcano eruption Season 9 😲 monster vs robot Season x 😭😭😭😭😭 The End Rocket Launch Meteor hits Zero point Black Hole

    31. Sharon Sarvent

      We prepared to brace for impact we watched worlds collide and darkness rise you better watch out warning us that pirates were coming x marks the spot where the the treasure lies the future is Indeed yours but were out of time

      1. Tromet Masa

        I think it meant X marks the spot as in Season X, since that was the last season of the chapter.

    32. Alex Joe Smith

      Lol there was 66699 comments until I wrote this one

    33. Ham Cena

      Let me tell u a logic this zero point exploded the whole map didnt explode when in the event everything was gone 🤨🤨

      1. Tromet Masa

        That's because the singularity meteor hit the zero point. Wait a minute, "...paused the singularity" could've been saying that while the zero point was expanding, the scientist "arrived outside the loop at the exact moment of expansion" effectively pausing "the singularity, which can in some cases relate to a black hole. But the meteor was also paused so I'm not sure now. Ok so maybe two singularities colliding creates a black hole that swallows an entire universe. Basically deleting an entire reality out of infinite amounts of them.

    34. Derek Aleman

      R.I.P the old map

    35. Tre Matsuda

      Worst season in Fortnite history.

      1. HOLLERBOYS9702


    36. Who Are These Youtubers?

      The loop sounds like a good thing here but in the event it sounds likes a bad thing

    37. SubToPewds 100

      0:47 the face you make when fortnite got clapped by their own company

    38. Official HC_ItsLeyton009

      Me: Sees minecraft comments on a fortnite video *everybody liked that* Also me: sees fortnite comments on a minecraft video *everybody disliked that*

      1. AndGinger421 -games


    39. 4EverNoobys

      Now it became a bloody galaxy.

    40. Anthony Fisher

      I’m here after the event Am I the only here after the event

    41. Goat Were Productions

      Didn’t the zero point explode in the event? This didn’t destroy the map

    42. frosty sharky

      Please the name of the music

    43. legaljabori

      0:52 hey thats me

    44. NeonTerraLlama10 Gaming and More

      Hasn’t anyone realised that when Jones comes back to our reality he should’ve died because of how high & fast he fell

      1. Spatula

        The rift shot him out. Rifts protect from falls

      2. Official HC_ItsLeyton009

        Jonesy: dies to fall damage Also jonesy: *ThE GaMe Is HaCkInG!!!*

    45. 左利きの陰キャ


    46. Smashy Boy

      Fortnite yyyyyy everything is starting over again :( fatel fields polar peak frosty flights everything except for pleasant retail row and salty springs is gone :(

    47. 10,000 subs without videos challenge


    48. Walted.

      Comments: Nah. Likes vs Dislikes: *yes*

    49. Tristan Creative

      This felt like yesterday lol

    50. TheMasonGamer

      Worst season yet, still great trailer.

      1. MasterLord Universe

        I actually quite liked season X, it was fun abusing mechs.

      2. Aceumien

        @Awsome whatever you're smoking can i have some

      3. Raiid

        @Awsome youre on drugs

      4. Awsome

        TheMasonGamer Chapter 2 is disappointing. The trailer and all that, I stopped playing sadly.

      5. Awsome

        It was good if you where a og that missed the locations

    51. Hi I am Baichigo

      Shittiest season ever

      1. Swanbtw


    52. Live oofz

      0:39 derr

    53. Kimi1522

      i'm not really a Fortnite player, more of a Minecraft player, but now that it's cooled down a bit i can start to appreciate the pretty cool things about Fortnite, like that it constantly updates its map, even if i do with that you could like.. Play on an old map now.

    54. X_pvpmaster_X 10

      The worst season ever

    55. issaralengEZ Channel

      00:10 Everything is in blackhole

    56. Poised Playmaker

      0:49 sparkle sycthe

    57. Clash_Blazr50

      Who knew the title of this season was gonna be literal?

    58. Gergely Vincze

      Isn't this the place we get teleported to after getting sucked into the Zero Point?

    59. Jake

      Wow sad reality WE WERE IN A BLACK HOLE

    60. JxHSxH_Forever

      Leaked footage of my dream

    61. javed alam

      Who is here after Chapter 2?


      If you guys think about it this is where the entire Fortnite map went , or inside the black hole , the season 4 rocket , the battle bus etc... this is what the visitor called the loop

    63. channing bloom

      No it’s just a black hole to play with.

    64. sonicgalaxy27

      R.I.P Fortnite.

    65. Camdyn Redden

      I want chapter 2

    66. Chill3r 2

      B L A C K H O L E

    67. DanDMan 10

      This is basically wat happened when we got sucked into the black whole Everything is the same when the meteor hit with the same purple galaxy color

    68. Alan Jimenez

      Season 11 the locking launcher

    69. Alan Jimenez

      Season 11

    70. Goldleck Studios

      Who is epic? Fortnite=Like Roblox=Do Something Well i have a answer for that The winner is fortnite, Roblox isnt a game and fortnite is a epic game because all the events make a story line it all started by visitants

      1. Astrobot 75

        No wrong two of them win because roblox makes Events! And fortnite makes live events!