Fortnite - High Stakes Returns



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    Suit up... High Stakes has returned to Fortnite! Play the Getaway LTM, complete new challenges and unlock new rewards including the Jewel Llama Backblings. Plus, the Wild Card Outfit is back in the shop with the new Wild Card Wrap Bundle.
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    1. shane Bypass

      Fortnite can we have more pickaxes i will bye a stick with tooletpaper on it for 1,000 v bucks

    2. AOD JeZTeR

      Remove the damn rpg

    3. Toxic llama

      Can someone a epic add me the google form wont work @Toxicllama662

    4. FNAF boy


    5. Santiago Gudino

      What do u 🤔

    6. Santiago Gudino

      When is the session 8 all about is I think that seson 8is bettter then seson 7

    7. solbjartur gold

      Can u add a sandbox mode and also a fortnite skin for all fortnite players and streamers and also can u make the volcano erupt causing a castle to be formed inside and the lava rebuildd kevin and he goes thrue a rift causing other rifts to spear for 5 secondd revealing where new areas will be the rest is up to u

    8. Dat boi Sta boi

      Epic games please take away turbo building it has killed the game

    9. Jaydon Bock

      So when is the south african servers coming because were suffering !!!!!!!!??????........(pls answer)

    10. Head Astronout


    11. Best Trends

      Every since this update I'm not gonna play fortnite anymore (I'm going to play Apex Legends) because since u mixed the lobbies I can't get wins anymore all I get is second place.

    12. جهاد skom

      Fornate is not a mobile phone, it is not supported by HUAWEI Y7 Prime 2018

    13. Caius Jones

      Do a collaboration with postman Malone to make new menu music or something Or bring back the oh music

    14. Jepi Jess

      (25)(15)(21) (12)(9)(6)

    15. Skeleton GoldGuy676

      Same trailer that was from Season 5 but Ok.

    16. XD_GHERO

      Can you plz bring back skull ranger tomorrow plz

    17. Z0om maj PENTA

      Like to bring them back heavy shot gun

    18. ante2008

      Please add gifting from locker that you can gift from your things not to spend vbucks

    19. Elite_Droid 18

      When will fortnite be released on Vivo v7?

    20. TheValkire666 !

      Could you add customisable vending machines to creative for the ltm creator contest plz.

    21. DarkGooxyHD TV


    22. True Sparcsi

      Fortnite can you add desert island for creative mode

    23. Ibrahim Fahmy

      Please I want thanks mod

    24. Ru Ken

      Epic you need to stop bullying me Bring back high explosive

    25. Da bob'a fat

      Bro please WW2 theme in season 9

    26. Draw Boi

      Please add fortnite to Samsung Galaxy A8 Please

    27. PA Stoynov

      Make the last challenge in week 4 not hard please and is not working

    28. Rijal Fiqri

      Diveas redmi 5 plus ok

    29. This Here

      Please bring back Thanos LTM or at least Sword Fight!

    30. Jedi Jake 387

      Please bring back double pump

    31. Owen Heberlein

      You didn’t give me the battle pass and I did the overtime challenges but I only got the stopwatch banner i didn’t get the battle pass

    32. FrozenFire554

      Can Someone plz tell me if overtime is going to comeback

    33. Dano mehner behind the scenes

      Can you make a assassin skin please

    34. Real King Lee

      Epic games in season 6 when I was doing challenges it would not level up my battle pass and i was on tier 78 for the rest of the season pls give me dire my name is KingLennon999

    35. GAME RATS

      Can you put fortnite in oppo devices

    36. SharkonSwitch

      I counted 6 different vaulted things

    37. HEY IT'S ME GTX

      Fortnite can you put fishstick in the item shop i will buy it with no creator code

    38. New Zeriah Gaming and Vlogs

      Hi I'm new zeriah Gaming I need star power not the emote the music on my ps4 my name on the ps4 is NoDozzz- so if you fo that I will be happy

    39. Luis Martinez Florez

      Put the fine steps in the shop please fortnite . Please epic games

    40. Daniel Escutia

      Actualización otra vez? 😡

    41. Eduardo Ballesteros-Tapia

      Epic Games, I accidentally purchase a item I didn't want, please give me my vbucks back, I was saving up for a skin

      1. Eduardo Ballesteros-Tapia

        If you would please add a refund system or that before you purchase an item in the item shop it would say "are you sure purchasing this item. "

      2. Eduardo Ballesteros-Tapia

        The item costs 800 vbucks, and now I have zero vbucks because I accidentally purchase it

    42. Andrew Vargas


    43. boi

      Epic make running man travesal


      Tentem fazer para moto g4plus

    45. TheMobile Ninja

      Can you please put The Infinity Gauntlet in creative mode?

    46. SuperFnaf Jimi

      Hey epic will you make save the world free to play

    47. tetiana pyzhianova

      and my friend the battle pass but give it to me on aplire and my friend tomorrow I just love your game

    48. Melissa lamica

      Please add the zapatron and all the vaulted items pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas

      1. Melissa lamica

        In creative

    49. Cursed_Clutch YT

      Epic for a new update you should add 2 things first you should add vending machines available in creative and with the vending machines you should make them customisable EG: if they are free and your able to choose guns in it and able play o choose there rarity. My second thing is that you should make it when someone buys v-bucks they need to earn them and if there worried that something in the item shop is out that they want right now they can put it on there Wishlist or put it on hold and as soon as they earn enough v-bucks to get it there screen says are you sure you want to purchase (name of the item they put on hold)? And they have to o answer yes or no

    50. Jesus Palmarine zamora

      Im starting to hate fortnite there are so MANY TRYHARDAS AND I HATE EVERY SINGLE TRYHARD ON THE WHOLE PLANET!!!!

    51. Panic! At The Disco is e p i c

      New weapon idea duel minigun

    52. MiniMasterYTX

      R.I.p My rare crowbar from season 5 version

    53. Clockwork Does A Youtube

      More dislikes than likes, yeesh, looks like your not trendy anymore Fortnite UwU

    54. samul FF

      Sasung Galaxy g5 primi

    55. Said Metin

      Fortnite i dare you to add gifting back please i want to gift someone

    56. Commander oh yeah yeah

      Fix the tournaments

    57. Commander oh yeah yeah

      Fix everything

    58. Commander oh yeah yeah

      Fix snipers

    59. Commander oh yeah yeah

      Fix misiles

    60. Kingston Warren

      Mobile mics need to be fixed

    61. Commander oh yeah yeah

      Fix shotguns

    62. Killer Cecchini

      Fortnite Ma non potete mettere a fuoco il quello là Cioè mi do fuoco Cioè sarebbe bellissimo questo ballo eviterei di metterlo

    63. ARB COOL

      Except the trailer this time sucks.

    64. RDCxSTICKZ _

      Remove stinks or don't let them go trough walls fucktards

    65. Jahmhad Frisby

      Make PewDiePie skin and sub to PewDiePie


      Can I have some free v bucks

    67. Ethan Wild

      Put fortnite on Android tablet plz

    68. ladyd562able

      Bruh Epic games put the GORILLAZ EVENT and skins for them.

    69. Nagla Mohamed

      Can u add a tracker device that. shows where buried maps are

    70. witold Królikowski

      This game is so idiot!!!

    71. Boy Steve

      Fortnite is less better than Minecraft ;)

    72. #matG _07

      Epic I play fortnite whit mobile (ipad pro) and I have problems whit voice chat i don’t talk whit my friend. You can solve My problem plese?

    73. GGlight 1

      Can you bring back waypoint tommrow again

    74. Kamil Ręczmień

      Was pojechało ze snajperkami wszędzie są

    75. Claudiobr 06

      Lançá para motoG6play

    76. Indigo Legends

      We need another marshmallow concert

    77. Alfredo Izzo

      The week 4 challange is glicht!!

    78. whatta jdks

      Epic can you make piston Only plz

    79. OMEGA LUL

      Hi Epic games i didn't get the save the worldbe vbuckot mariner. They don't do it for me and wi will report hem. And if you did, thank you! Epic Games/Fortnite.

    80. Vinicius Alves


    81. Vinicius Alves

      É uma bosta eu pre firo free fire a inda

    82. XXXGekyume

      Please perm ban Mikaphoenix75. LachiebombYT they were booting me offline and saying they will take my Fortnite account please

    83. Mikee Player

      Fortnite can you bring back food fight i like it lol

    84. moez_405 pro_405

      Fortnite please bring an option in which we can change to the og music please like if you agrre

      1. Ignacio Stegmann

        For something exist the tier 92 le season 6

    85. DJB

      You guys should add a local pvp mode

    86. Nutto Studio

      Like if Fortnite should add confirm button when purchase item

    87. Mor :3

      I still love fortnite since season3 🦶 lol

    88. Mia Robinson. Marshmallow

      You should do about when if someone accidentally purchased it should say are you sure or never mind or something else You choose

    89. Mia Robinson. Marshmallow

      It took me ages to get a lot of V box all that effort I did was for nothing

    90. Mia Robinson. Marshmallow

      Hey fortnight accidentally purchased a skin and I didn’t even want it come on I wanna refund😡😡😡😡😡😡

    91. LegendaryEmpyreus Roblox

      Same trailer but different rewards

    92. Daniel Steven Andres

      Fortnite cmon up your game, add fricking 60FPS to iPhone 7 and 8 it’s been a year man

    93. Andrei F

      Hey evreyone if u agrre with me let’s put orange justice in item shop with 0 v bucks

    94. e namation

      Plz fix the bush

    95. assadullah pitu

      Please enable all vaulted weapon on creative mode on fortnite.those who want like this comment

    96. TRAYDEN aka swuzit


    97. Stacy Valencia

      Fortnite should really give edit styles to - burnout - red line - Rogue agent That would be great

    98. Jaim

      Epic games can you bring back the ice breaker in the next item shop please ill buy it, by the way love you're game☺👍

    99. Ruby Aguilar

      What happens when you don’t get the white crystals and if you have the red and the green

    100. Sandra Lujan Pereyra

      Para cuando un servidor en argentina