Flatbush ZOMBiES - "Monica" (ft. Tech N9ne) Prod. The Architect

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    Flatbush ZOMBiES - "Monica" (ft. Tech N9ne) Prod. The Architect
    STREAM: t.co/WgCCUD1r9I
    Directed by Noah Porter
    Executive Producers: Satien Mehta, Ariyan Mehta
    Cinematography by: Scott Uyeda
    Production Manager: Carina Gutierrez
    1st AD: John Evangelista
    2nd AD: Kevin Burnette
    1st AC: Ivan Acero
    Film Loader: Caitlin Brown
    Gaffer: Jonathan Na
    Key Grip: Rich Robles
    Jib Op: Imad Rhayem
    Swing: Roberto Litvinchuk
    Swing: Nick Riportella
    Stylist: Katelyn Ahn
    Hair/Makeup: Sophie Bawany
    PA: Li Liu
    BTS/PA: Jacen Carpenter
    PA/AD: James Sheldon
    PA/AD: Amy Sterl
    Animal Wrangler Ted Shred
    Film Processing: Fotokem Burbank

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    1. FlatbushZombies TV


      1. Peturkey

        Let's get it 2020 zombi3 vizi0n

      2. caressyourbody

        Can’t wait!

      3. MARTIN May

        Errrthang check out n.y

      4. LedoubleY

        ERIC t'es trop fort hahaha

      5. Ben Elijah

        Please come to San Antonio!! I’ll be there !!! Much love and support for your creativity and talent thank you Flatbush im a living zombie my nigga! Love that song would love to see more plz

    2. Sharks40895


    3. Austin Angles


    4. Rappi1990

      it is difficult as a white guy to rap the song

    5. 7baddHAbbiTz777

      Here for !!!!!!! TECH N9NE !!!!!!!

    6. maria sam

      The one person who dislike this is a young thug fan Well guys now haters are using Authentic views c o m

    7. King Volde

      Monica moving super slowly... In my dream

    8. martseb

      Already a classical

    9. Cooper Chambers


    10. Kana Beats

      i had to do a double take on what they were saying lol

    11. Mr Sameh

      My nigga

    12. Brooklyn Twiggy Marie

      That beat reminds me of Terror Reid ;-;

    13. Killer Mike

      js I think a lot of people were making beats at 17

    14. Jackk Burtonn

      Big busta rhymes vibes in this video🔥🔥🔥🔥

    15. supermfvillain

      Denzel from Training Day endorses this

    16. Isabel Victoriano


    17. Benjamin Sanchez

      Can y'all give tech J.I.D.s number thanks....

    18. Ashley Marie

      Tech n9ne on a chorus!!! ❤💯 fbz my nukka! Wavy as fuck

    19. MezzamindRecords

      Is this not the Dopest song that came out in the last couple months?!

    20. Chloe Christina C9

      love the beat...plus++++everybodys part is heat

    21. Malice

      They at Nickelodeon studio? Flame ass song tho 🔥

    22. Noah Toe-ah

      I cannot explain how much more I would enjoy this song without Tech N9ne's hooks. Still heat

    23. Icy OG

      Yall would be so much better without Juice

      1. Granics


    24. Boi Boi

      Meeh look like beetle juice lookin ahh

    25. Spartan265

      Who's here from 2011/2012?

    26. blackcube el

      where u athen bitch

    27. blackcube el

      makin raps since 17 rhymein nigga with nigga though clown

    28. Ty Steyn

      lol! theres no eating and sleeping when youre trading! at least on the climb

      1. Ty Steyn

        fk. so high i just commented on the ad

    29. Jxel

      Been here since 3001: A Laced Odyssey!

    30. B Lijerent

      Is that Osama?

    31. SENCE


    32. SENCE

      Real hip hop love these guys

    33. Jamie Anderson

      Disappointed in this song how many times do you need so the n word like really?

    34. Gary Tonks

      Let's rhyme my nigga with my nigga 20x legit lost all respect for them in this video.

      1. FanRose FabRose Spencer

        the words BEFORE it rhyme. My nigga is word play on Monica fam, how easy it for you to miss that?

    35. alex porter

      The 2 that disliked this stand in the mirror with skinny jeans on and painted nails with Target sandals on Well guys now haters are using Authentic views c o m

    36. Samuel Catson

      2:26 your welcome 😊✌


      Hey look it’s sixnine

    38. CZent

      top !!!

    39. Mikey Boom Box From The Bronx

      R.I.P. Capital Steez. Thank you for helping all of Beast Coast Pro Era make it

    40. Marc H.

      How come this masterpiece does not have 3 billion views yet, haven't heard anything that comes close in a while.

    41. connor ronnoc

      yo some freestlye on my channel uk artist would appreciate some feedback big time much love, genuine so not all perfect

    42. Tommyvihh

      This shii to hard!!!!!

    43. wilson will

      great album refreshing that their back Well guys now haters are using Authentic views c o m

    44. lil wayne

      Man im so proud of these niggaz. 914 stand da fuck up!!! Well guys now haters are using Authentic views c o m

    45. Somuch4 fun

      Wait how is this the FIRST time I've heard flatbush zombies this schlap

      1. Keaton Call

        This literally doesnt touch their original mixtapes

    46. SMITH MILO

      Tech N9ne needa see a dentist

    47. STJH BISH

      i don't want to live in a world where mumble rappers are more popular than FBZ

    48. SRGoldfish

      Is this a real song or is it a spoof? This has to be a joke right? I’m literally stupefied! What has rap turned into?! If anyone wants to listen to real rap go listen to NF. Smh. In my opinion...... This is straight TRASH!

      1. SRGoldfish

        Will do. Thanks

      2. FanRose FabRose Spencer

        You gotta hear more of their stuff, fam. Listen to My Team Supreme 2.0 and A Spike Lee Joint

      3. Vesstig

        either or m8, rap is a big genre but NF is pristine af

    49. Lord Vader


    50. Jeremy Owens

      WHAT?! No! I said MONICA!

    51. Green Lilaady_Introvert_🌍🤑🌱💚

      Yall aint kno nuun bout that 222 number .... yeaaaa it's on💯💯👑👑

    52. Wilson Mathias

      Earl sweatshirt started producing at 15

    53. Cherokee Stevend


    54. zapbryann

      Erick the best producer in the game pls

    55. Doc Day

      Beat goes brazy on shrooms

    56. Ronald Brantley

      niggas don't get the respect they deserve!!!!

    57. The Shaolin Six

      oh i get it, MO NICA = MY NIGGA

    58. Gull Lill

      BARS over mumble rap!!! Thank u Lox!!! NY HEATING up for the WINTER 🔥🔥🔥❄⛄ Well guys now haters are using Authentic views c o m

    59. mona amiri

      Yall know this song but who knows palm trees?? Only the OGs

    60. Lucas Souza

      2020 ✌️🇧🇷🙏

    61. Lucas Souza


    62. Steve Ortega

      This too dope!! 🍻🤘🧟‍♂️

    63. AJ Matthews

      Me and all the white people at the shows better juss stfu🤭🤭🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤣🤣

    64. David Hammer


    65. Andrea Rideout

      The only group that will never ever fucking separate or breakup because their bond is stronger than any of y’all’s weak ass opinions about who the “weak one” is.

    66. maria sam

      BARS over mumble rap!!! Thank u Lox!!! NY HEATING up for the WINTER 🔥🔥🔥❄⛄ Well guys now haters are using Authentic views c o m


      You like my new laugh?? 🧟‍♂️

    68. Kagiso Nthoke

      When y'all coming back to South Africa

      1. Azraa Waja

        Wait. They were here before? When? How did i miss this? I BEEN dying to see them live

    69. 1 Time

      Meech took it home😤

    70. TRLB

      cant get tired of this shit,, love 4 my boys