First to Find Preston Wins $1000! - EXTREME Hide & Seek vs Little Brother and Sister



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    First to Find Preston Wins $1000! - EXTREME Hide & Seek vs Little Brother and Sister with Preston 👊
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    1. Preston

      Subscribe if you think I'll never be found ;)

      1. William Smith

        U r so cool bro

      2. Adam Scott


      3. Iasiaus Oneal

        Is jelly your twin brother

      4. Caleb Messina

        My name is Caleb

      5. Monkey family Kelly

        Preston I love you Preston

    2. Mahmoud Sharaf

      I love your vidios and i suscribd

    3. Anita Parsisot

      Whenever I'm the seeker and I pretty much give up I just go around pretending to look while saying "FOUND YOU!" the whole time, works like a charm ;)

    4. Hasan wolf

      You are the best

    5. April Murphy


    6. Melinda Rowell

      Who’s the other person

    7. robloxmazeing

      pretty cringey thumbnail

    8. robloxmazeing

      if each dollar of the 1000 dollars x every subscriber that's how much love his fans give him

    9. Rebecca Denyer

      Unspeakable is pro

    10. Alexandra Wilson


    11. Prickly Roses

      Y e e t o u t s i d e .

    12. Drift Jake Murray


    13. Ali Mory

      I looooooooooooooooooooooove you preston

    14. Mehdi Boudaoua

      caleb this money is for the sister dont be mad.or youre are a little mad kid

    15. javhaa Javhlan


    16. abumar christian laturnas

      No your not $_$

    17. martine layt

      Zoe s

    18. Kevin Cervantes

      You’re like morgz

    19. William Smith

      Sup preston I love ure vids

    20. vince tasso

      I way 70 pounds Like if you way more than me

    21. Sean Sneddon

      Win the money bro Presting

    22. hunting Pro

      I love your slime that you made

    23. Elliot French

      Wait frost merch but it’s fire and frost is cold

    24. jason hamilton

      I love u so much And hare so funny

    25. Mila Crnjanski

      Preston:So you guys have to yeet outside me:YEET!!!

    26. Mason Marshall


    27. James Vosejpka

      You should do this again and they get 30 minutes to find you and you hide on the roof and they get a million dollars after a fight

    28. Mariana McCoy

      Plz let me in a blog but my mom said noooo😭



    30. Unicorn Aubrey Taylor

      I think you should do more hide and seek videos with $1,000,000

    31. Michele Twardos Twardos

      In the ad it up were breeze books are in this tiny little area just you have already been there if you look in the kitchen and look up as for joshes help you will help you

    32. First Name Last Name

      Keely: I shall use the imortal power of preston's merch.

    33. Rey Salinas

      I love you video Preston but I never I never unlike them I always like them and I think I'm going to do that right now so bye

    34. Neela Parker


    35. Wolf Girl

      Nice hiding place Preston you really stumped them love your video's your the best 😍😍😍😍

    36. Elisa Eichie

      Shoutout pls

    37. Nickeem Osbourne


    38. Lake Phillips

      Prestons vids are fake

    39. Diane Bradshaw

      Preston you have the veryyy best video's 😁😁!!

    40. Hayden Birch

      I wish I could call you

    41. Mark The pirate


    42. Stephanie Moser

      Dude that is a great spot

    43. Carly Singler

      If you want to see Preston in real life leave a like

    44. Lillyanna Farias

      Love this

    45. Sarah Olsakovsky

      those dudes that were looking for Preston are so weak Caleb didn't jump up to see up where Preston was hiding if he did he would so have seen him.

    46. Chelseashaine Reyes

      Guys did you guys relise preston and keely has same clothes and caleb and josh has same clothes 😂😂😂😂

    47. PelaexGams

      Yo your video is amazing!!

    48. Elijah Maycon

      ur a great hider!wonder if no one was a

    49. Drake Umali

      In 5:20 how did preston get up there?

    50. Me-And-My-Friends 21

      She found him before the timer went off idiots -_-

      1. Hshsh Hdhdh

        Look At 15:28 she got surprised and mad because she did not win

      2. Hshsh Hdhdh

        Me-And-My-Friends 21 no idiot she did not know

    51. James VanHaaren

      Your so amazing

    52. Funky LEGO

      Josh I like your hair down you look cute👌🏻😜🤯

    53. Gacha Queen


    54. boi nik


    55. debmunro

      I hate Josh's hair

    56. Summer Spencer

      1 like = 1 pillow for preston

    57. Amanda Andrews


    58. Amanda Andrews

      Josh was smart about not wasting

    59. Curtis Bupp

      preston your vids allwase make me happy no mater what {;

    60. Ash -Greninja


    61. Cricket Car

      Nick said”I’ll trade my friends for money but not that much money”😂😂😂

    62. James Charles

      what did josh do to his hair

    63. Naomi Smy

      Nick you should of said Preston is in the house

    64. Luis Carrillo

      He is inside something

      1. Ash -Greninja

        They can't see it while recording because it isn't even a Live stream

    65. Feras Alhindi

      Preston l love your videos❤

    66. Charles Abbott

      I think i farted most of the ahahaha i was texting liisa my friends mom. Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    67. Kreme Games

      I want a shoutout I Am a big fan

    68. Oscar Horsham

      Who came here to see Preston Taped to a door Like if you did :)

    69. Myles Dela Cruz

      Nick is solding Preston

    70. Sarah Hansen

      Keeley is pretty so is Brianna