*FIRST EVER* RARE MYTHIC FISH FOUND!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #717

BCC Trolling

BCC Trolling

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    What's up guys, back with Episode 717 of our Fortnite Awesome & Funny Moments! In today's Video, we have put together some of the funniest Fortnite moments! Can we smash 40,000 likes for Episode 718 Tomorrow!? Subscribe & join the road to 11Mil subs - goo.gl/9g7jnm
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    Here's Episode 716 of Fortnite Funny Moments if you haven't seen it!
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    1. Squidward

      0:37 is what you came for! Use code BCC in the item shop! 💓

      1. fireboiii 315

        @Juanation what 6.530

      2. IzChris 09

        Just stop

      3. Clive Gordon

        no copyright sounds yeah right

      4. fonzybear2003

        Dislike gang

    2. Jelly_Ad

      Seriously the stories you out in Snapchat are just the same over and over music and it's getting annoying....only if you would change the music I would watch it and the music doesn't even go with the rhythm of the game🤦


      Bring back the prank calls

    4. Samuele Sostenio

      Iscrivetevi alla light polo gang con sfondo rap music

    5. Anas Afwaan

      Go follow @_.extrexx._ on instagram hes giving away minty pickaxe

    6. Meler

      7:42 wow

    7. sven_toxic

      Sub to me pleas

    8. AC_Ivan

      Of course a console player has to be the first one to find it 😡

    9. Añorà MinMin

      8:06 that was the luckiest trap ever

    10. Andrea Hauser

      HORT_Scrood check him out

    11. Roaring Phantom

      Make a song about xbox and ps4 coming together now since there cross platform now.

    12. Jai Patkar

      I have noticed in every video that why every player have an xbox only

    13. Omar Ortiz

      lol i found that yesterday lol no flex

    14. Kornèl Walisch

      Walisch Ottó

    15. Majed Althekair

      You’re such a bad youtuber you always put Fortnite clips

    16. Miso soup

      I think storm breaker is stronger


      Keine Shwäche zeigen means Show no weakness

    18. Ádám Szrenka

      4:55 The worst John Wick I ever seen

    19. musti_.67

      Ich hab den golden fisch öfters bei lazy gefunden ihr könnts ausprobieren für coole viedeos könnt ihr vorbeischauen

    20. Dasf

      1% of the comment Wow a mythic fish 99% speak german

    21. bcloth

      Please sub to me and I am gifting skins to the first 10 people and the battle pass to the first 30 people so hurry and sub to me!!!!

    22. The Boy Dilly

      Nah I actually have a 5 minute clip of the gameplay on my channel!

    23. _ᄂΛGZ

      I come back to see that this channel is full of trash now

    24. Laurie Trybend


    25. LiveResonance

      What's this song

    26. Samharth

      Only people Who remember Anarchy Acres can like this 👇 (im gifting subs)

    27. SpiffyGaming

      Not first

    28. H.m Aln3mi

      الدقيقه ٧٥٠اااااااا كيف

    29. Marky Garza

      Lazarbeam found it first

    30. Gabriel Prado

      NA BOTS

    31. Yina Chalarca

      Bcc I really like your chano and the clips

    32. LHZG -

      7:45 ااااااااا

    33. ninja john70

      like και sub οι νεει μαζι με καμπανακι και share στο instagram ή στο facebook που ειναι νεκρο βοηθαει καντε και donate οποιος θελει και μπορει

    34. J. L

      I found the goldfish before the first week of chapter two, I don’t catch up with fortnite that much online but I just threw it into a river thinking it would give me like a legendary weapon or two but it didn’t so I just left it in the river, that was a mistake

    35. Noah James

      #TeamTrees Help Plant 20M Trees By 2020 ($1 = 1 Tree)

    36. Sceptical 1

      Can I have subs plz lol I’ve never said this in the comments I already know how much hate they will be against me

    37. Diego Rios

      nope lazarbeam got it first

    38. DeclanHugo !!!

      The thumbnail is literally the air horn emote but the mythic goldfish is photoshoped into it

    39. Abonnieren


    40. Ender Kristal

      The golden fish ist not the first

    41. Biene Prinz

      7:48 ahhhhhhh 😂

    42. Avi-A

      U should get a trophy for that

    43. Balázs Lukács

      In creative not found legendary fish

    44. Sanchu

      Show no weakness

    45. V0LT4GE_ENT1TY

      Hold up. Lannan got there first

    46. Kusum Talwar

      I did the nutmeg twice in a game and... Lost😑😓😔😞😫

    47. Apfel_HD

      When U dont find the gold fish first *Keine schwäche zeigen!*

    48. Edith Lopez


    49. Edith Lopez


    50. Edith Lopez

      😭😭😭😭😭😭stop loading

    51. Edith Lopez

      Why is it loading so much

    52. daylightgaming13

      Your wrong lazar beam found it

    53. LegendaryGodzzz

      A other dude got one day before the fish.

    54. LegendaryGodzzz

      Btw isn't the first guy..

    55. Raga Michael


    56. Sas_ Squatch77

      Lazerbeam and ninja did it first

      1. Sanchu

        You know a video doesn't make it first, It was the first thing I found that was not ammo/a gun/materials

    57. xXdiebuttermitkäseXx


    58. Xxfox kingxX

      عرب موجودين

    59. ice blazing

      Not the first

    60. s k


    61. maurice

      Can u pls cut out this little kid screams

    62. filip nie podam

      Kto z Polski like

    63. Fortnite Combat Pro

      Does anyone eles think the clips here where kinda just trash

    64. Iziah Chung

      LazarBeam found it first tho

    65. Chanel Winston

      Who want a account with a soccer skin and candy axe

    66. jas _272006

      wenn ihr kein bock mehr auf die deutschen kommentare habt keine schwäche zeigen

    67. Aydan Grill

      Lazerbeam was the first to find it

    68. Dreilan

      Thats safe not the first lol

    69. DeepDynamite

      5:54 it’s lagging, did. he play with Microsoft XP? XD