First Drive in an All Electric Mercedes - Whats Under The Hood?!

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    Mercedes is rolling their First ALL ELECTRIC SUV off the assembly lines. Dan and I got to test them out on the roads of Norway. The Mercedes EQC is the first of many electric vehicles coming from Mercedes, and for good reason. Most vehicle manufactures have plans to make electric versions of their vehicles. Electric is just *that* much better than gas. More efficient, more powerful, and just fun to drive. Come with Dan and I as we see what makes the Mercedes EQC so quiet, and what differences we can spot between Mercedes and Tesla.
    Check out Dan's favorite things about the EQC:
    And see what happened to my drone :-( here:
    I cant wait till mercedes makes an Electric G-Class!:
    Here is the first Inside look at the new All Electric Mercedes. Everything you need to know.
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    1. ʻUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb Malaysia

      I am planning to build self charging electric vehicle.

    2. Corydon Rose

      Just another so so video, Mercedes gave this guy a free trip to Norway to drive one of their cars, of course he will only give praise; I don't fault him. With how much recognition Tesla gets, I'm assuming this is why he didn't mention Tesla. At first I was excited to not hear the words "Tesla", but in hind sight maybe it was only out of respect for Mercedes Benz. Interestingly enough, with all major auto manufactures researching and engineering electric vehicles and Tesla bleeding money, maybe this will force them to change their anti-diy-consumer policies. On that note, a Mercedes (luxury car) is such a terrible investment and that neat navigation system will be outdated 10 years from now, but hey some have more money than brains.

    3. AJIA33 方炯鎵

      Rig it😋

    4. Pranev Gool

      I have a 2005 bmw 530d with heads up display

    5. Da Dang Doggo

      Nothing under the hood, no need to watch video

    6. Khazar Hayat

      How did you get Ryan Reynolds

    7. A R

      *Well done, 47*

    8. nik maknojia

      Main problem about electric cars is pumps are very rare especially is small cities and towns also 40 minutes to charge a car is too much especially for a long drive. Also the price tag of electric cars are insane.

    9. Sandeep Mathews

      Beautiful location.... Where is this place...

    10. Nemesis Gaming

      its not the first all electric mercedes. the b250 electic drive was a thing a few years ago ^^

    11. T bone Steak

      Best rims I ever seen on a suv..

    12. Gunbar Gunbar

      You Look like a Reptilien humanoid. Electric Cars are the future !

    13. The Knowledge of London

      I was expecting you to scratch the car with your knife to check durability of this car😆😆😆

    14. Fredrik Bøhn

      Tesla owner here: the claim that electric cars needs less maintenance might be true for some cars, but my personal experience with my Tesla P85D 2015 model is a bit different. Becuase of the regenerative breaking, you press the breakpedal less and the breakdisks starts to rust, and then you have to change them. Not cheap... Also, because of the heavy weight combined with quick acceleration, the stress on the backpart of the wheelbase becomes a problem. had to change the rear suspention this summer: 7000 $

    15. Hüseyin Temizkan

      Where is the part you destroying the car? We also want the lighter test pls.

    16. Pippo 809

      "now, it's time to give it a DougScore"

    17. Mehdi nisrullah

      Did he just say Norway?!? i love in Oslo bro

    18. Abhiram Madhu

      Electric vehicles need to be affordable. Why can't a company produce a model with basic stuffs like not having autopilot and all yeah.

    19. The nextinline

      Here's why EVs are NOT the future. There's still a LOT more oil to exploit. There isn't nearly as much raw material for batteries as there is oil. Raw material for batteries is already hard to find and those who have it will increase it's price,making it even more expensive than oil. I love EVs, but don't expect them to become the mainstream. They will not replace cheap daily driver boxes. They will remain exclusive and very very expensive.

    20. tacfoley

      Keeping those crazy wheels clean is going to occupy a major amount of leisure time....

    21. Subhan Naveed

      Empty? Does have an engine so nothing under the hood

    22. Valdas Musteikis

      Did you guys stayed in amerikalinjen hotel ?

    23. Chandra Haas Ganta

      Better than Doug Demuro 😂😂

    24. OutrageousSpirit

      6:35 to hell with the Electric Mercedes! I am rooted to the Loud Fossil! Hell yeah, old school baby😉

    25. funlovingJohn

      Mercedes gave you and your camera man a free trip to Norway, I'm sure not to say anything negative about the car.

    26. Michael Bacon

      Hey Jerry, are electric cars the future?

    27. CPFA Clan

      Hydrogen is the way of the future. Not electric.

    28. Ken Yannacci

      EV fan yes. MERCEDES EQC not impressed.

    29. sunny mittra

      Tesla made all these arrogant companies to kneel and make electric cars but still we can see these companies are far behind from Tesla

    30. sunny mittra

      Why the F you don't admire electric cars ?

    31. Matthew Drake

      Anyone gonna talk about both the heating and ventilation in his seat being on? No, well that left a level 7 scratch in my brain with deeper grooves at a level 8

    32. TG R.

      what kind of camera are you using?

    33. the prince

      70K $ and 40 minutes charging Do you think china can divide these numbers by 3

    34. KiratCan Kerem

      Buying an electric car is not contributing to save the planet. Nobody mentions about the manufacture process, how they are harming the nature...noise pollution is decreasing I agree, for now!

    35. The Pipper

      Wasn't the electric SLS the first fully electric Mercedes ?

    36. Impact Kenya

      Whats the price?

    37. cid TV

      please teardown a car😂😂 cant wait to watch it..

    38. Patrick

      Imagine waiting 45 minutes at a gas station for your car to charge😂

    39. 80spodcastchannel ( : FACEBOOK DUDEJERKY ☆☆☆☆☆

      slight problem... the power grid isn't set up to recharge a few hundred million electric cars everyday. and I can still refuel my dino fueled honda in about 5 minutes... speed charging for a "full tank" isn't nearly as fast.

    40. zacharia S65///AMG

      It's disappointing that it's basically FWD.

    41. J-V V-J

      The nearest charging station is 300 mile from my house. No thanks. I'll keep my deleted diesel

    42. AeroChaos

      I live in a flat, with an outdoor parking lot, I drive 300 miles a day. Nothing where an E car comes up. Downsides ignored in this advertisement: battery power dies when not being used, less capacity in the winter, replacements of the battery is very cost intensive, charging outside your own electrical power supplies is expensive aswell - at least in Germany, there are very little cheap electrical cars out there, sure Mercedes, BMW, Tesla they have nice E cars, but nothing an everyday person will be willed to afford.

      1. TheFourthWinchester

        1. Even petrol in your tank evaporates a bit everytime you park it. ICE vehicles also perform less efficiently in high and low temperatures. Not to mention the loss of mileage every year on your car/bike. 2. You won't need to replace batteries in 5 years at the very least. Battery tech will evolve and prices will come down since so many are putting R&D into it today and energy density will go up. 3. Once electric stations come up as ubiquitously as petroleum pumps, then price parity will come into play. But I don't think we will ever need charging stations if we drive only in the city since battery tech will be so efficient in the next two decades that travelling 1000kms on a full battery that will probably weigh less than the batteries of 300km range cars today will be a reality. 4. I agree. I need a car that costs below 10k and drives atleast 250kms at 120kmph on a full charge.

    43. Deepu DS

      really - you have never seen a HUD??

    44. Bas Royald

      I drove iT today iT was awsome and super silent

      1. Vienta Yuno

        Ftfy - I drove iT Today iT was awesome and super silenT

    45. fartguy_bitch 1

      looks like a Honda CR-V to me

    46. peter ellis

      like to see full size truck or hummer with ev tech

    47. anast dime

      Putting real animal skin in a 2019 electric car that's supposed to be ECO FRIENDLY is the STUPIDEST thing someone can do. Deal breaker for me, either you are eco friendly or you are just a dumb fuck who wants the title of an environmentalist while destroying the environment.

    48. נדב הורוביץ

      I'm buy the car

    49. Malik Pervez


    50. Robert Adamson

      I have an electric lawn mower, eBike and next an electric truck with 400 mile range. Mowing the lawn without gas fumes is the best. Good overview.

    51. Anna Basmanova

      Почему нет ,концелярского ножа в руках??? Нужно было поцарапать,погнуть что нибудь...

    52. Skylar Miles

      Maybe it’s just me but I’d put my money on that hitch breaking the first time anything gets hooked up to it

    53. cyrus fu

      Will you tear down this car?

    54. Kirk Jung

      It's funny how he's talking about the first car, when he's in a car made by the same company that made the first car.

    55. Victor Shane

      With electric car u wont save the planet at all.... The amount of damage made during the build process is more than a new, 6 cyl, 3 liter diesel produces over 150K km... So thats another gadget what idiots purchase only :D

    56. Somejuan _

      Waiting for the Tear Down!! 😎

    57. IAM Felix

      Tear it down!

    58. Konghakon 06

      Is this in norway?

    59. ρσlαкgяzєś

      1939 1939 1039

    60. ρσlαкgяzєś

      Dunchland germany hmmm cool car IM FROM POLAND 😑

    61. Robert Polkamp

      Unplugging EVs at charging stations is always a good time..

    62. Behrooz Hei

      But batteries become weaker as you use them in few years you lose mileage.

    63. my name

      It's nice that everyone feels so eco-friendly when driving in an electric car, but making an electric car is just as damaging as driving around in a normal car for 30 years. 👏

      1. Leeroilego Animations

        True, the making of the batteries is, but hey technology gets better over time. So electric cars are the future indeed.

    64. ali seyfi

      I thought you want to break that Mercedes into pieces 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

    65. KOP COLE

      Lithium is a finite resource. There’s not an endless supply of it, I imagine just one car battery uses quite a substantial amount of lithium. So, if the world goes completely electric how will the demand meet the supply ? When do the batteries need replacing because as we know with phone batteries there’s a limited amount of charging before the batteries deteriorate. I’d like an electric electric car, but the costs are far too high to purchase and I feel the maintenance and repairs to these cars will astronomical too. It won’t be until at least another 10-15 years before the prices become within the reach of ordinary folk who can afford to buy & maintain them.

    66. ldq23

      Yeah but what’s the water fording rating? 😂

    67. Darrion Tunstall

      Great video man!!! I’m 29! I have cerebral palsy I use a walker and wheelchair, I’m learning how to drive, im going to a Special program that teach people with disabilities how to drive, I know I will learn how to drive with lots of hard work! I want a Mercedes eqc or jaguar I pace or Tesla for my first car! I love Electric cars!

    68. Rostislav Rega

      I wonder, how durable the battery is. Like is the car still usable after five years, and how expensive is changing the battery?

    69. Alex

      It's awesome.