First Drive in an All Electric Mercedes - Whats Under The Hood?!

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    Mercedes is rolling their First ALL ELECTRIC SUV off the assembly lines. Dan and I got to test them out on the roads of Norway. The Mercedes EQC is the first of many electric vehicles coming from Mercedes, and for good reason. Most vehicle manufactures have plans to make electric versions of their vehicles. Electric is just *that* much better than gas. More efficient, more powerful, and just fun to drive. Come with Dan and I as we see what makes the Mercedes EQC so quiet, and what differences we can spot between Mercedes and Tesla.
    Check out Dan's favorite things about the EQC:
    And see what happened to my drone :-( here:
    I cant wait till mercedes makes an Electric G-Class!:
    Here is the first Inside look at the new All Electric Mercedes. Everything you need to know.
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    1. geras zmogus

      nothing more satisfying than feed back from engine when you accelerate electric car might be the future but petrol cars are here to stay very long time

    2. Smash Phone

      It costs 75,000€ in Austria 🇦🇹 which is 84,000 $.

    3. Anthony's Daily life

      those graphics on the infortainment screen is very cool when it shows the flow of power on the 4 wheel drive system

    4. talos86

      Will it pass your bend test? Or it will land on the shelf of shame? :D

    5. mihovecz jozsef

      I've been thinking about that fourty minute charging time, it's not that much, but far from a gas one. But you know what, I take it, these rest maybe gives back us the piece, a patience of old times. Less rush. If you really think it's not good for you drive 500 miles in a row 250-200? That's better, 40 minute rest then go. Maybe there will be less accidents.

    6. mihovecz jozsef

      Where is the razor?

    7. mr iOSchecks

      4:37 oh my god I though that guy was chef Ramsay

    8. Dylen Mauree


    9. Abun Jiew

      Well,he's not going to tear that car right?😂😂

    10. Potato

      I like Electric vehicles but in the future you’re gonna have to find a replacement for lithium because lithium is very rare and we seem is only found in a few places

    11. Daniel Müller

      good video but annoying gangzta Music.

    12. Daniel Jessin

      Thanks for the subtitles. Surprised to see it wasn't the auto-generated one. Jery you are awesome.

    13. Winter Charm

      Electric is the future. Anyone who disagrees is living in the past, and should give up their smartphone and go back to using a rotary cord phone.

      1. Rinki Gamer834

        Winter Charm Oh? Come to Hawaii and manage their high electric cost. Then choose again.

    14. Drew

      do the electric motors scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7?????????????

    15. Cesar Martinez

      Teardown Plz

    16. Rajath RV26

      I'm waiting for burn & bent test

    17. Raul 25

      Fully transparent Mercedes

    18. m de

      Does it have Android auto and 1000 Miles Range and does it have solar Roof how about if we get EMP this car will be obsolete and 40 minutes to charge that's long time

    19. Alex Horne

      My point will always be the same; it’s electric. No noise. No good for people who like cars.

    20. anita dangi

      Dont rig this one jerry😁😂

    21. El Eze

      0:34 how ironic driving an electric car next to all that chopped wood.

    22. Stefano S

      bend test!

    23. Abe Bell

      This is very encouraging, another car company onboard. Looking back at other inventions and technologies like, the transistor, digital camera, airplane, once discovered or invented they take off and before long are very advanced.

    24. Christopher Pavelescu

      oh yeah yeah

    25. Benjamin Potgieter

      What an uneventful video.

    26. Ewang Hb

      very nice

    27. मुले सुवर के अवलाद

      Good electric vehicles kick out diesel petrol vehicles

    28. Jem Vin

      Talk about the scenery I love Norway

    29. Barshan Paul

      omgg what the road

    30. aiM Khalifa

      Fossilgang where u at?

    31. Hamza Jasarevic

      At 5:30 talking about the shift from horse to car. Karl Benz, the founder of Mercedes invented the car

    32. Idiwzr

      So when I we going to rig it😅

    33. James Bhattacharya

      I would love to see Zack do Tesla videos, not Merc videos.

    34. Royal Freak

      May be we will get power banks for electric vehicles, which will save us from the hassle of frequent recharging in a long trip. So much optimization can be done with electric circuits and a lot of control can be achieved. Electric Vehicles really are the future.

    35. Sabeel Shaikh

      The pop up camera

    36. Fabianfeat23

      Waht you think about Germany ?

    37. Tasin Mahir

      I thought u would Break the Mercedes Too😂🤣

    38. Orangejuice 1881

      Is no one gonna talk about how he called that truck a "loud fossil" 😂

    39. Y A


    40. Sankosh Saha

      it scratches the road at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7

    41. Diceman Duke

      toys fo rich people..nice

    42. aserta

      We had electric cars 100+ years ago, and city wide charging stations too. This isn't about any cultural change, it's about profit. Car manufacturers have found their new bone to chew, now that, hand in hand with oilCorpo they've pretty much ruined our planet with their destructive practices. Also, electric cars have been a constant thing for many years now, the electric community is a very solid one. This whitewashing has to stop, say things as they are.

    43. Miguel Versoza

      jerry you better not take that beauty apart 😂😂

    44. Willy Will

      Hardly needs maintenance!!! That means soon Mercedes Benz is gonna be broke like Central America street dogs, poor dogs running on bones they look like guitars instead of dogs, good bye Mercedes it was a pleasure not meeting you

    45. Reparación Madrid

      Benz > tesla

    46. John Pierson

      The B250e is actually Mercedes Benz first electric vehicle. It’s just not marketed as much

    47. Anand Pimple

      are you going to get one pls can you I will give you the money to do it pls I luv you pls

    48. Kirk Nason

      Tow hitch is cool, but what is the capacity? Tongue weight & Gross Trailer weigth

    49. Uditha Ekanayake

      Lord Varys with another video..

    50. ken hall97

      Seriously let's just pretend that this car wasn't made and go back to good old gasoline cars.

    51. Mr dUST

      Jerry is jacked

    52. durga prasad

      I am a fan of you Jerry

    53. Baidyanath Nath


    54. Abu al-Sous

      Thx .. Excellent introduction to Benz's version of electric SUV cars

    55. Jacob Audrey

      When he said "Dan and I" I really assumed he had a dog named Dan until 4:40.

    56. professorbuglefarts1

      Mercedes went from the best engineered cars in the world to dead last in reliability. Expect all 50 thousand electrical systems to break in the first year, old chap. A ruddy shame wot. Best wishes chaps.

    57. DJPhysics

      The insurance is twice as expensive so not so mutch for benifits

    58. Anurag

      so they didn't learn anything from tesla; computing is the future. They should had got rid of the all the buttons and should had use the touchscreen of 15 or 17 inch with all the softwares and features. cars are not going to be car now they will be a computer too

    59. CyanWise

      I need a drop test on this car

    60. Mad@Gaming

      No thrunk on such a big car plus a hump in the backseats, mercedes still needs to learn, but looks like a decent first step. Really curious about the consumption, looking at you Audi E-Tron, sooo thirsty.

    61. Eric DiJohn

      Based on that shine, id say your head is more scratch resistant than Apple Sapphire. So thumbs up for that

    62. Sarang Kashalkar

      Your voice is orgasmic.

    63. Lucky Hase

      Hä bist du deutscher

    64. Bekker

      26min to charge to 100% not 18min...

      1. elar

        29% in 26 minutes. 0-100% in 40 mins... sure Paid video?

    65. Sreekar Andavarapu

      Please do teardown video of this car

    66. Johannes Laukart

      The hardest thing to give up on is that V8/V10/V12 sound

    67. Financial Freedom

      So 29% to charge and it take 17 minutes? So doing the math if you want to charge twice that amount, 60% it would be 40 minutes. Or 60 minutes total. Why did Benz say 40min 0-100%?

      1. oka kk

        adaptive charging

    68. Achinta Mugdha Bokal Official

      To recharge the batteries just push the car from a highland and use the brake😀

    69. R Barnhart

      Once electric vehicles hit the 500 to 600 mile range mark I'll be totally sold and switch over to a fully electric car. I'm thinking that will happen in 5-10 years

      1. R Barnhart

        @Joshua Sterling I'm thinking the same. Not sure if I'll be able to afford a new one. Definitely not buying used because of the off warranty repairs scare me.

      2. Joshua Sterling

        I am calling 2022, at least for Tesla, I dont know if anybody else will reach the energy density required to package that type of range.

    70. CalisRemedy

      That’s s a Ford Edge bro

    71. Darren Scourfield

      Would have been interesting for you to compare the initial, running and residual costs vs I.C. powered equivalent.

    72. Rsunep Pongen

      Do some bend test..😁

    73. fan boy

      3:10 he just stole the cap

    74. Douglas R

      electric cars burst into flames. Leave you stranded and have no resale value you lose most of your money.

      1. Phil Terry

        No more dangerous than ICE cars for catching fire. I have never been stranded, and Tesla's are one of the top cars for holding their value. couldn't have been more wrong could you.

    75. Douglas R

      awwwww snowflake does an engine scare you? get some balls.

      1. SpaceOutMisfit


    76. Douglas R

      stick to the phones, electric cars are junk.

    77. Tom L

      Am I the only one who detects a douchey bro factor from these guys?

    78. human

      I think Jerry is a robot

    79. armando urenda drafting

      they pay him to not say tesla lol

    80. Reavo End

      Jeez, I want this so bad. But I have yet to see an apartment complex in America with charging stations. Grocery store parking lots, college and city parking garages yes, but... I need one at my HOME!!

    81. rakesh gen

      Samsung copies Apple Mercedes Benz copies Tesla 😑

      1. Paul Williams

        rakesh gen pretty much

    82. shay P

      40min charge no thx

    83. Louis Leow

      wow norway is beautiful also the car too

    84. bagas nur adi

      try to rig that Jerry...

    85. Anas Chelakkara

      We want teardown video... or atleast scratch test and bend test😑

    86. Justin Norris

      Anytime someone says I was not a believer I think of spongebob and Patrick with the conch shell lol

    87. Dave Werner

      6:06 220 miles only? Yeah...I'll pass.

    88. Eduardo Munhoz

      Rig a tesla! hahaha


      Is that the same gear shifter as Tesla?

    90. Dan G

      Blah blah... just don't ask about the price... once electric vehicles penetrate the marketplace electricity prices will jump. Meh... not so great

    91. Christopher Anthony

      Bend test, OMG😱

    92. Carson Wang

      People just don't get it, yes great car, cool car, but what you can do about it, you can't even charge on the road, just get a Tesla, you can actually drive to somewhere

    93. Albert San Jose

      theres a funny comments here 😂 so. i wait for bend test 😂

    94. Indwell // Samurai

      *you mean what's under the car

    95. Captain Sweat

      Jerry how are you so handsome and buff, what's your workout routine

    96. Mathias Hatlestad

      What abothe Mercedes B-class Electric ;-)

    97. Karthick R Raja

      The Future

    98. tiktok_ user6911

      Hi Mr clean 🙃

    99. Karim Alameddine

      Great! We live in Canada though and it's cold! How is that going to fare? Thanks (-:

    100. Re Ala

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