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    Welcome to Glamstone.
    #GameofThrones returns for its final season on April 14.

    VIDEO: Mark Leibowitz Pictures

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    1. Janan Shamszai


    2. GreenEyedGirlTx

      I miss "Game of Thrones"....I think I want to watch it all over again. So many intense moments, and heartbreaking ones, and satisfying deaths (Lord Baelish). I shall start tonight 🙂

    3. Rhaella Blew

      Why youtube need to recommend this stuff gosh I miss them

    4. l૯૯ Բ૨૯૯ʍαท


    5. Amanda Baxter

      Tywin daddy 😩😈🥵

    6. Karolina

      Looks like Top Model opening 😂😂😂

    7. hollywoodshopaholic

      This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. Gwendoline Christie stealing the show as usual❤️

    8. Tord Joseph

      Everyone looked so hot!

    9. Lil Ugly Dude

      We don’t deserve this T^T

    10. Queen in the North

      I just realised that the background song is Power is power🤦

    11. Mom Steve

      Brienne of Tarth 😍😍😍😍😍

    12. Ibtida Rahman

      Even that Joffrey is in the video But not Ned Stark or Robb Stark

    13. Loren 123

      This season was so good I don’t know what you all talking about 🐺

      1. stormbreaker 125


    14. K S Y U S H A

      Music: "Power Is Power"❤ I like you❤

    15. alvaro romero

      Where is Cersei Lannister the one true Queen of the seven kingdoms?

    16. Rahul Saxena

      I wish Cersie, Robb Stark and Ned Stark were in this.

      1. LIKE A KEVIN TV

        Me too

    17. Monica Lesaca

      Ellaria issa MOOD YA HEAR MEH!?

    18. marul adam

      00.40 who?

    19. Danica Calip


    20. Mariyam Shaikh

      I remember how excited I was when I watched it first Like season 8 was around the corner and these amazing people are going to be in it I watched it like 20 times But now i realised they did it for the WORST SEASON EVER!!

    21. Fatima Faris


    22. Rishav Sinha

      45seconds better than the entire season 8 of GOT

    23. Elvis Van

      _🌌12AM Jun 14 2019~_

    24. Alexis Viray

      Dis is late but it would be nice that the 3 sand snakes are with Ellaria

    25. kamikazi martha

      This video😍 thank you for entertaining us❤️

    26. Maerwynn

      Charles dance is so cute

    27. Xav Brylle

      0:25 there i want my like.

    28. Mohammed Al-Anzi


    29. Michael chu

      The only word i can hear in this vid is hodor

    30. Adarsh Karkaulia

      I love this fucking video, far better than whole s8

    31. Trisha Sagar Dey

      Hm. Is it wrong to want more of this video with like all the characters

    32. Nicky Toaso

      Yes, that was king Joffrey 0:06

    33. A Emi

      Oh my big Rory Mccann ❤️

    34. kevin loyd

      Missanday is the prettiest of them all!♥♥♥

    35. Mega Paladin

      Where is Shaun Bean?

    36. Oliver Lennox

      Tywin looks like a hockey commentator

    37. Елена Третьякова

      А где Серсея??????

    38. Joana Pscl

      I don’t know how many times I’be been watching this ❤️

    39. Nathan T G

      Is it just me or the beginning sounded like Mockingbird lol

    40. حسنين حيدر

      اعتقد راح يسوون مسلسل بي جزء من نجوم گوت

    41. Patriot Infinity

      If you guys like this song and want a clean, extended version of this instrumental cut from Power Is Power, then here;

    42. Морское Агентство Volan Sea

      Обожаю. Шикарные!!!

    43. Ung Zhee Nedd

      Some stars not present, and some don't get enough screen time, what is this... I had to pause to make sure was it Gendry or not, or was it Podrick? I can't tell

    44. Meder Satarov

      Бла бла бла итоге Кароль сам Мартин

    45. Brick Brick

      Gwen looks absolutely dashing! ✨

    46. Scarlett Avocado

      *You show nothing, HBO*

    47. I. karadeniz

      I could watch this for hours

    48. Makeup Talk with Alessandra

      Where’s the Night King? All that havoc for 8 seasons and he wasn’t in this clip?

    49. Alperars

      Aidan makes everything better.

    50. Brony Fazbear

      Where is Sean Bean?

    51. The Caring Adolf Hitler

      *aside from the very obvious and insulting shitty writing, this is the BEST SHOW EVAAH*


      Where rob stark ned stark robert barentuen?

    53. Dustin Farley

      Music origin please???

    54. cobnn

      Trust me this is not the first time you are seeing this

    55. Amr Fleifle

      What's the name of the music ?

    56. Joro Krustev

      Where is Ned Stark ????

    57. Christian Dam

      Isaac Hempstead Wright 👊

    58. 전대현입니다

      Why isnt Richard Madden with them ?

    59. Lea F

      Tywin Lannister is alive?!?!?!

    60. سجاد SAJAD

      They shows all the character,even the dead but they could NOT bring my fav!!!! RICHARD MADDEN

    61. Lu Lu

      All this needed was a signature perfume at the end

    62. Tess d'Urberville

      The Young and the Restless.

    63. Ajith  msd

      0.25 music blends with Maisie's cute reaction 😍

    64. Neerupan Ganeshaan

      Anyone recognise the song. 😍😍

    65. TheScent29

      Gwen is a goddes. Tywin dude scared the shit out off me 😂

    66. Lil Sagna

      i dont get? what is this? 😂

    67. irrational gall

      Gendry and greyworm!

    68. KingSalaman

      Pedro Pascal?

    69. Car-Men


    70. Setar God

      Yeah all this hype were for nothing!!. Character development was for nothing!! Escalations were for nothing!! Damn! Jon Snow is a Targaryan for nothing! We wanted Cersei dead and she died for nothing!! All that 7 season binge watch ar for NOTHING!!