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    Welcome to Glamstone.
    #GameofThrones returns for its final season on April 14.

    VIDEO: Mark Leibowitz Pictures

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    1. R.G 6426


    2. Ian Somerhalder Fangirl

      Where are Richard Madden and Nikolaj Coster Waldau?!🤧❤️ Where are my faves?

    3. Donron B

      Can we all appreciate Maisie....she looks so beautiful 🤩

    4. Kita Pritasari

      Lena was sick but where was Pedro??

    5. George Shukakidze

      Ooooommmmg, I can watch this every time 😂

    6. Narell Ploiter dynasty season 3

    7. dreaming

      KHAL DROGO!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    8. dreaming

      The fact that they used the instrumental of Power Is Power for this video makes it so much more powerful and intense!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥❄️❄️❄️

    9. Zonah Falak

      0:20 is love

    10. Zonah Falak

      I dnt care wat th fookin world says, game of thrones is an era tht i ll nvr forget. These faces i ll nvr frget

    11. Jen Jay

      Where is Sean Bean!???!

    12. makaveli


    13. Louis FCNLUFC

      God Gwen was is so beautiful in that dress !

    14. Charles Arellano

      Oh crap its great

    15. Linkanator 1000

      Hahah what the heck how did they get these clothes

    16. Shweta Deo

      What a theme!!!

    17. Mohammed abbass

      Sean bean

    18. Axel

      Where is Cersei

    19. Sumaita Saffoon

      You guys have my hearttttt

    20. jaiswal akash

      Better than the entire season

    21. Clint Pot

      Was hoping for a Sean bean cameo :-)

    22. Devon’s Dreams

      Sorry but this video still has me shook, what an iconic cast

    23. Mob Media

      Emilia 😍😍😍

    24. uhlexuh18


    25. Sıla Öztürk


    26. Shaon Rahman

      haa so sad no more GOT

    27. MSR GAMING

      Missing game of thrones so much

    28. Sanjay ash

      Bran looks like Harry Potter

    29. DragonSlayer _

      Cersei isn’t present because she is busy staring out the window

    30. Maryam7862010

      My bbys

    31. Sofia Bellucci


    32. Bis- Cotte

      Brienne is so perfect... its Brienne the Beauty..

    33. Haggostad Snow

      0:43 did Kristian Nairn actually say Hodor here

    34. Mustafa Mohammed Ofi

      I’m here again ❤️

    35. Manu 05


    36. User 5

      Maisie is so sweet😍

    37. RonttiRoikale

      0:29 "Inaudible"

    38. Akva X

      LF Jorah and Tywin😍

    39. Pычащая Cабака

      the music is just as disapointing then the end of the whole fracking saga, meaning no offence..

    40. obizzles

      NATALIE 😍😍😍

    41. matorchiana

      Now I understand why Emilia went with that makeup .... from Mad Queen, she wanted to tell us what was coming ....

    42. Sarwan Sangi

      Not inviting Rob and Ramsey is criminal

    43. Facundo Gonza

      Is it weird to have a crush on Massie?

    44. Madhur Bhatt

      Where is the one true King Stannis Baratheon!!

    45. Roccat Master

      I miss got 😭

    46. Yalda Hasan

      I love it

    47. M. K

      Sersei still looking for her elephants 👀

    48. GreenEyedGirlTx

      I miss "Game of Thrones"....I think I want to watch it all over again. So many intense moments, and heartbreaking ones, and satisfying deaths (Lord Baelish). I shall start tonight 🙂

    49. Rhaella Blew

      Why youtube need to recommend this stuff gosh I miss them

    50. l૯૯ Բ૨૯૯ʍαท


    51. Amanda Baxter

      Tywin daddy 😩😈🥵

    52. Karolina

      Looks like Top Model opening 😂😂😂

    53. hollywoodshopaholic

      This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. Gwendoline Christie stealing the show as usual❤️

    54. Tord Joseph

      Everyone looked so hot!

    55. Lil Ugly Dude

      We don’t deserve this T^T

    56. Queen in the North

      I just realised that the background song is Power is power🤦

    57. Antra G

      Brienne of Tarth 😍😍😍😍😍

    58. Ibtida Rahman

      Even that Joffrey is in the video But not Ned Stark or Robb Stark

    59. Loren 123

      This season was so good I don’t know what you all talking about 🐺

      1. fateh 125


    60. K S Y U S H A

      Music: "Power Is Power"❤ I like you❤

    61. Alvaro Romero

      Where is Cersei Lannister the one true Queen of the seven kingdoms?

    62. Rahul Saxena

      I wish Cersie, Robb Stark and Ned Stark were in this.

      1. LIKE A KEVIN TV

        Me too

    63. Monica Lesaca

      Ellaria issa MOOD YA HEAR MEH!?

    64. marul adam

      00.40 who?

    65. Danica Calip


    66. Mariyam Shaikh

      I remember how excited I was when I watched it first Like season 8 was around the corner and these amazing people are going to be in it I watched it like 20 times But now i realised they did it for the WORST SEASON EVER!!

    67. Fatima Faris


    68. Rishav Sinha

      45seconds better than the entire season 8 of GOT

    69. Elvis Van

      _🌌12AM Jun 14 2019~_

    70. Alexis Viray

      Dis is late but it would be nice that the 3 sand snakes are with Ellaria