Filming Inside a Slow Motion Vortex - The Slow Mo Guys

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    Gav and Dan cobble together an interesting (and wobbly) camera rig to film the most British thing they can think of... Inside a cup of tea.
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    Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
    Filming Inside a Slow Motion Vortex - The Slow Mo Guys

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    1. The Slow Mo Guys

      To view with less compression, select 4K even if you don't have a 4K screen. You'll get a higher bit rate. Slow mo pro-tip. - Gav

      1. MonkeyKingJitsu

        can you guys do the science behind a double bounce on a trampoline

      2. INSIGHT FDO

        Not quality broo

      3. Tanya MacKenzie

        Hey GAV AND DAN! I was watching random videos and came across something that may interest you guys but I have no idea how to send a message, anyways it's playing music with a Bunsen burner and it's really interesting by itself so i think slow mo would be incredible. This is the link It's called "Musical fire Table" and uploader is "Veritasium " just in case you get too nervous to click the link, you can just search it lol a lot of people post spam and links to virus's so I get it if anyone's fearful to click a random link lol

      4. Aiden Howe

        Do a video of what it looks like to shoot a rubber band and it hit somone in slow mo I wonder what it looks like please

      5. Jake Nelson

        The Slow Mo Guys i don't know if you read these but do popcorn popping. Quick easy sure...

    2. Hector Orsini

      Shoot a mirror and try to get the reflection of the shot

    3. Ian Canty

      You guys should let SciManDan use the droplet footage at 5:02 as proof to flat earthers that objects in free fall such as liquid droplets & planets form into spheres. Flat earthers say water is always flat. Objects in free fall are weightless & automatically form into a shape with the least surface area due to isostatic adjustment. The molten matter during planetary formation seeks the centre of mass & so forms a ball. It only changes shape slightly under other influences such as spin or atmospheric drag. As long as a body’s own gravity is greater than it’s mechanical strength it forms into a sphere, if it’s gravity’s weaker, as in a small asteroid (or the sugar cube at 10:45) it’s shape will be irregular. If you see this & do get in touch with him please ask him why I’m blocked from his great channel because I’ve absolutely no idea ☹️. I can’t ask him myself because I use no other social media.

    4. TCoR Warrior

      I highkey didnt know they put milk in tea😅

    5. Young Money

      Do magic slight of hand in slo mo👋🏻

    6. Daniel VillarrealReyes

      I like my tae green

    7. Moon

      (IDK if you take audience requests, but his could be cool) Could you guys try to record Lichtenberg figures? I know there's a way to do it but I know you can create both 2D and 3D (Lichtenberg trees) figures.

    8. touching gorilla

      You should video different types of uk biscuits being snapped or being bitten into to think it would look cool

    9. O.N.Y.X

      Can you please film a laser pointer in slow motion

    10. Todd McGough

      You should Slow Mo metal grinding. Sparks coming at you in slow motion sounds pretty cool

    11. Billy Shanley

      It’s like a documentary.

    12. blackmoth81


    13. PyroJasonExplodes

      Woah, was this live? Very cool video.

    14. Stanley and josh adventures

      What’s the weight of light

    15. TheIntroMaker

      I love this slow mo song

    16. Educated Zombie

      Waiting for your video with linus

    17. bruh

      this was so much cooler and prettier than I imagined

    18. Ethan Marks

      Well thanks for making my phone have an brain aneurysm

    19. mujahid aziz

      water jet in slow motion plz water jet in slow motion plz water jet in slow motion plz water jet in slow motion plz

    20. domtheduck

      You have been chosen as youtuber 6/100. This is for a challenge video of seeing how many comments I can get pinned in 24 hours. CZ-newsrs selected: - Sidemen - MrBeast - The King of Random - NileRed - Mark Rober - The Slow Mo Guys

    21. A dog

      4:23 Anyone else really thirsty for some water?

    22. Kyle Barstow

      Can you guys do tattoo removal in high speed!!!???

    23. Hafeez Malik

      For a second , I thought that was jacksepticeyes logo in the thumbnail

    24. dwi arjuna

      So satisfying 😍😍😍

    25. Tabrez Carmally

      Can you try breaking the prince rupert drop in slow mo

    26. Bonita

      7:51 D E M O N I T I S E D

    27. medieum

      why even simple things looks in slowmotion magical?

    28. Max Covfefe

      WORLD'S FASTEST PLANT... Have The Slow Mo Guys tried filming *bladderwort* catching mosquitoes yet? It's a carnivorous plant that's got some fairly impressive skills, some of which is too fast to truly appreciate.

    29. Cats on the Ceiling

      Is Dan "Q" from Impractical Jokers ?

    30. Wyatt harstvedt

      Can you explode a grenade!!!

    31. Young Fuu

      The reverse effect was dope

    32. FCA 7

      Why does gav look like the main character from cloudy and the chance of meat balls?

    33. Jailhouse Philosopher

      How about slow mo of burning liquid methane like how the backyard scientist was plating with.

    34. Alexander Modica

      can you guys do pimple popping in slow motion?

    35. Nouri Shaaya

      Why do you put milk in tea what

    36. free thinker

      Could you guys do a water balloons ( with hole in the balloon ) I argue against gravity but video Of dr green is Bof !

    37. Todd Fogleman

      I love the slomo here. The relaxing music is awesome.

    38. Todd Fogleman

      I know we are told to plug in from outlet to machine but go the opposite way when using multiple cords. Watch that third prong at the bottom, it is the grounding wire and can get a shock. Replace the cord or check that the house and outlets are properly grounded.

    39. chukob5

      Play baseball with a powerful magnet and a metal baseball bat

    40. Nekrotica

      just as a heads up, youtube auto unsubbed me from you twice, the second time on the same day i had re-subbed...

    41. Julian Sanchez

      This is beautiful

    42. Brutal Raven

      Hey slow mo guys I m a pretty big fan of yours and I have been wanting this video for years spinning beyblades, the metal series one I just wanna see what they look like when they fight in super slow motion

    43. Zachary Hryndej

      Gav has got the hottest legs

    44. TheRandomActivityPerson

      i has an idea for your next vid How a glass cube looks when it gets crushed you can choose by what it gets crushed with

    45. Jesse Wood

      “I always get zapped by American plugs 🔌 “ 😂

    46. Bloomfield Productions


    47. BrabusTunedSTI -

      If youre baked youre in for a treat..

    48. megaPeter3

      can you film water in a zero g plane ?

    49. Karel

      Hey slow mo guys, yesterday i ate some cotton candy and in my bed i was thinking how it works, apparently there is no slow mo of the proces. So plz make a video of slow mo cotton candy!

    50. vkcool klimenko

      Hey can you make a video of dry ice in the bottle and make it explode in the pool. Like if you want to see that

    51. flowerbunny 300

      id love to see an eulers disk in slow mo especially the last few seconds of it spinning


      No quality

    53. Tomasz Gajek

      Have you guys considered tying the sugar lump by a thin thread?

    54. Djazz Van nunen

      Slomo 2step or anitlag

    55. Ticked Off Gamer

      Is it me or have you guys completely lost the passion ?

    56. Leo Jordy

      Do a video of shooting star in slo mo like if ull agree

    57. DonutMx

      Do spit hitting the floor slow mo

    58. andrew winthop

      Inside of a jet engine that was cool

    59. andrew winthop

      That's a cool video

    60. JS10 _

      Film the rain.

    61. Dee Jay AKA A Dj

      Film your selves jumping on a trampoline and set it to Lowriddr by war.

    62. Gyan Jambalos

      Slow Mo Guys : getting zapped by american cables

    63. DCOST

      ShinLim Hands in SlowMo ;)

    64. Brendan Curry

      Video idea: spinning a coin in slowmo

    65. 3OMARHD

      6:15 how to make the smurfs portal 🌚🌚

    66. Tyler Mills

      You guy should do a video with How Ridiculous from Australia. Please please please

    67. patrlim

      If you recorded with a slowmo camera, would it just be really smooth when you play in at regular speed?

      1. Julia Muukkonen

        You wouldn't really tell the diffrence

    68. Aiden Howe

      You should do rubber band slow mo and what a rubber band look like hitting someone in slow mo slow

    69. Zdoge22891

      Guys its giant balloon june 😗💪💪

    70. Planet 39

      Anything to do with water and slo mo is gonna look cool

    71. Rachel Lindberg

      Love the vortex idea! I think it would be really cool to see this on a larger scale, like a model ship being sucked into a vortex? Or a miniscule paper boat going down this vortex. Anyways, great video and RIP that cold, sugary tea.


      Hi friend , I want to boliled oil reaction with water

    73. Humayun Anjum

      Almost looks like the rick and morty portal

    74. LIiMANO Liimano

      "Cow juice" never say milk again. Hey wanna have a glass of cow juice? :D

    75. Pranjal Pandey

      Just watch this at 0.25x 5:57


      6:06 So this the "collapsing neutron star inside of an Einstein Rosen bringe" Banner is talking about

    77. Finn Read

      you should do getting stung by a bee or wasp close up in slo motion and make dan get stung

      1. TheRandomActivityPerson

        dan is used for everything use gav e.e

    78. Bob Bob

      Name a better duo I'll wait

    79. Warren

      Do a video on electric toothbrushes with different liquids

    80. P0c0man8U

      You guys should do Lemonade or Cola!! Or how about somthing with dry ice!!😃👍

    81. 9fingeredwonder

      You should use the macro lens with a non-newtonian fluid....[[|:-)

    82. Павел Бушуев

      hello, sorry for my bad english, remove the video at what speed the human eye responds to the danger in the form of a loud pop or water droplets suddenly flying in the face or something like that.

    83. southsidemiami

    84. Squuuid

      Hello slow mo guys You can make nuclear but in slow motion? I want it

    85. László Tóth

      Hey Guys, this was awesome! You really should make more video with that macro probe lens - especially with fluids in action!

    86. We Wo

      “i always get zapped by american plugs”

    87. neelesh007adhikari

      do slowmo video with amazon kindle plz..

    88. Jailbird Supreme

      Play this the vid in 2x ..its just looks normal lol

    89. Matthew Contreras

      ...Did not think I would hear a milk vortex being called a colonoscopy today...

    90. Devon

      You could of use a syringe for the milk

    91. Tukang Komen

      why my cellphone camera can't make it like that

    92. Thanos Son Of A’lars

      Next show how a car combusts fuel and spits flames from the exhaust in slow mo

    93. Waffle House Gaming

      The brits are so weird with tea

    94. Scholar2014

      What if you used a tilt shift lens on the phantom so that you can get a better line of focus on some of your shots? Not necessarily for something like this, but for when you shoot things or when you have something coming into focus from in front of or behind the camera.

    95. theyy.luvv.nibby

      I have literally been watching slow mo guys since the 6ft balloon video 8 years ago and I still dont get bored😂

    96. Ash

      You guys should go to Central America to a wind farm during a storm and try and capture some videos of ground lighting which is basically where the lighting moves from the wind towers to the sky

    97. audilicous

      They never cease to amaze

    98. Sultan_ A

      It’s June

    99. Keith Watson

      If you drink unsweet tea, you're a communist.