Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu Prove Pokemon's Greatest Fan Theory?

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    Detective Pikachu has done so much better than Pokemon fans - and honestly, everyone else - were expecting. It hits that balance of current relevance and nostalgia. And on top of that, it holds the clues to a ton of Pokemon fan theories! Today Loyal Theorists, we are looking to Ditto. For a long time, fans have speculated on the origins of the pink little blob. I am here to tell you that Detective Pikachu has given us all the clues we need to figure out Ditto's mysterious origins once and for all!
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    Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Koen Verhagen and BanditRants
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Ninja Gaming

      Ditto has been experimented to sharpen its memory to get thing right when ditto transform without seeing it Bruh!!

    2. Tommy Belben

      Ditto is so fucking cute

    3. Vemund Berget

      the first watcheable game Movie? excuse mo'a, but the TRON Movie is preatty good too.

    4. Sniper Suki

      Dectective pickachu part 2: legacy of ash ketchup

    5. dayneplaylogic

      And a few years earlier Derpixon used this same Ditto in am animation of theirs. Historians know what I'm talking about...

    6. Caesar King of Nihil

      Yo, what if Tim's dad is actually the trainer in pokemon yellow

    7. Acer Ng

      And also you know. Mewtwo can just randomly control human souls. There was that too.

    8. Sam Caplan

      sees the child's play 2019 poster at the end of video do a theory on that please!

    9. Music Heaven

      Hey Matt! I've been a fan since your first FNAF theory, you've never failed to give me a smile and add some braincells. I love your vids I hope you keep making them for a long time to come! Keep it up !!

    10. Dracomancilian

      Except if i remember correctly his ditto had the ditto eyes every time it transformed

    11. Ayan Kumbhani

      The top three The god of Pokémon in third Something made out of weather in second And mankind’s own creation it self- a blob of a cute flying cat as first place ladies and gentlemen Makes sense

    12. Noah Delafuente

      9:43 wait why is there a buttplug in the ditto....

    13. Biohazerdtrollz Trolls

      The research facility where u Rez the fossils mekes mention that ditto was a experiment pre existing mewtwos to recreate new it was admitted years ago before this movie lol it's on a PC entry but ok stretch this further ok

      1. Biohazerdtrollz Trolls

        I can't even finish watching a video claiming a movie debunked a myth that was confirmed in game hidden back in the 90s as well :/

    14. Crimson McKnight

      that means Ash and Misty must also exist in this universe, but in their 30s.

    15. fluffykittycat

      Ditto= mewone

    16. darkdeifan

      wait, what I take from this is ( 3:18 ) south America is canon in the pokemon world?? and I tought it was a made up world ANYWAY about the theory, it doesn´t actually confirm the ditto-mew relationship cause the experiments were meant to Enhance the pokemons, so that could just be an enhanced ditto. I do like the theory anyway, it´s my headcanon

    17. Ricardo Hernandez

      According to the games it’s accurate, bet what about.....THE MANGA!! Green had her Ditto transform into a pack of badges to enter the league

    18. Austin Lynch

      And there also have the same shiny color

    19. Jykes Panda

      You never played the original jap version of the Pokemon games

    20. zact lee

      They used ditto to replicate and repair mew's genetic. It copies mew's damaged cells and mewtwo is the result. Simple.

    21. zact lee

      Hey wait a minute. Is the opening a reference to pitch meeting?

    22. Sloth-Chan

      So if detective pikachu is directly linked to the first pokemon movie where Ash was 10 years old, why did this new movie have young adult protagonists considering Ash never grows up? Does everyone in the pokemon universe age normally except for Ash? If so is he some kind of failed experiment of professor oaks?

    23. Greywind92

      Pokemon Crystal and Emerald were the best. I stopped playing after the Ruby/sapphire/emerald gen.

    24. Lulu Vi Britannia

      I have to admit it... I didn't know. That theory is awesome. So many undeniable clues! There's no way it was just a coincidence. Ditto are failed copies of Mew, that was a fact all along and I didn't know, shame on me xD. Now I wouldn't say Detective Pikachu _confirmed_ it. They _used_ the theory, but the movie is definitely not part of the canon. The links with the canon are just fanservice.

    25. Criptonized Animator

      Okay this is confirmed because the creators said Mew was the first Pokémon and EVERY Pokémon because Mew transformed in different Pokémon based on its surroundings Sooooooo...... Mew could’ve transformed into a ditto eh that’s my theory A FILM THEORY!!

    26. Spencer Finley

      in the movie it's transforming based on memory and its copies aren't perfect, the face is still all derpy when it turns into the different pokemon and people; which fits the pokedex entry.

    27. Matthew Thompson

      The biggest question here is did Ash Ketchum age in those 20 years between Pokemon The First Movie and Detective Pikachu?

    28. Sans Gaming

      Want what about the fact that dito says his name


      Dildo : 5 letters Ditto : 5 letter Coincidance? I Think not!

    30. Letiece White

      Mattpat: The first watchable videogame movie. Pokemon 3: Am I a joke to you?

    31. frodoatko 123

      Yay pokemans

    32. Brother Sans Grimmton

      Dude, ditto is a failed new clone, but interesting theory, keep it up, dude (Actually, I don't know if ditto is mews failed clone, I just remember it was a pokedex thing)

    33. Wubba

      I think the guy who was mewtwo there plan was wrong because if you had a ditto next to you you could transform into mewtwo and undo all the stuff mewtwo had done

    34. Cat Tac

      Pokemon could have been so deep if only gen 1 and 2 were fully fleshed out over time... Rather than the creators wanting to rape the fan base of every last penny until its dies unprofitable... A goddamn Keychain and ice cream is a Pokémon now, kill yourself. Whoever made this decision commit seppuku.

    35. Waynetdg N

      The cannon universe duh bro. also sub to this guy for crazy cool theories.

    36. Albin Granqvist

      Pokemon green?

    37. Tomas Putland

      Except The Halo Movie

    38. RiverSilent71

      7:08 Idk. Just thought u wanted the half way point

    39. Mike Black

      MatPat, bro, you need a new sound person. Your levels are so off, it almost blew my speakers. Tell ya what, I'll mix down a couple of episodes and send them back. See what you think.

    40. TaillessSplash1

      So mat just says facts we have known for years

    41. Jun Tao Wu

      im pretty sure ditto's description said that he was a failed copy of mew

    42. Carried Thunder


    43. MegaPhycoKiller

      Just so you know, Howard’s “genetic experiments” mean altering the original Pokemon, like the big tree turtles. He altered the dittos memorising abilities so it can avoid the usual problems

    44. amielou daway

      pokemon gotta catch em all

    45. Graham Norwood

      lol "not confirmed in any pokemon media" *proceeds to read 500 examples of when it was confirmed on multiple occasions in the comments edit: you suck balls matpat

    46. E2B2

      So Mew was almost a pseudo legend...

    47. Ensley Smith

      What about the canon in the first ditto episode

    48. Cinnamonroll TheFerret

      What if ditto is mew twos poop

    49. kaleb hettinger

      You should do a theory on mimikyu

    50. Nick Frost

      Is nobody gonna mention the elaphant in the room, how Ditto had some reaction and melted when he got hit by the gas that made other pokemon go crazy as if they had rabies, the same gas that came out of Mewtwo's experiments ?

    51. SCP-096 : The Shy Guy

      Great theory but... Why is Ditto a "Normal" type whilst Mewtwo and Mew are "Psychic" types?

    52. Eduardo Sambugaro

      The official canon is the games, not the anime. They even say in the movie that Mewtwo at some point was at Cerulean cave. This is not the Mewtwo that met Ash. Ash doesnt exist in the universe this movie takes place in.

    53. Dawn Armstrong

      i think that mister krabs is the deail

      1. Dawn Armstrong

        i ,met demon

    54. Ulises R

      Anybody know the name of the song that plays at 7:33

    55. Dyngblue123

      How does Ditto spread around the world, I mean since Mewtwo leaves do other people keep doing experiments like the ones before and just dumping Ditto into the wild. They can’t breed they just create the Pokemon they bred with, so how are they everywhere

    56. Andrew Harris

      The ditto from detective pikachu is not the only ditto that can change at will without seeing the enemy first. There is a boss in guardian signs where you fight a ditto that has been trained to transform into any of the 3 different beasts (Suicune, Raikou, and Entei) at any given time. Also this isn't the only case where a ditto can transform into a human since in the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games there are 5 special ditto that take form of humans when you get to konikoni city. However even though this particular ditto has been trained/genetically modified to turn into humans and any Pokemon at will it still cannot change it's face which is an odd detail to add since most ditto can transform entirely with there only being a few exceptions that have trouble with faces.

    57. Hailey Dunbar

      I just debunked your theory by caching ditto in pokemon go

    58. Jellyman Herder

      Frick I just got a Pokemon ad

    59. Jack Kemp

      So Mewtwo is more like MewOneMillion

    60. Lunar Liam Productions

      Ditto is my favourite Pokémon.

    61. Lewis Brannigan

      Couldnt howard be in dittos mind so he could use his memory and cctv to see many pokemon ? I like this

    62. asian Jim

      I thought everyone new that when they were a kid . That ditto is a clone of mew

    63. Aria Angelical

      Scientist trainer class also uses Ditto.

    64. Daniele Frizzi

      In Sun/Moon (or Ultrasun/Ultramoon) there is a Ditto that transforms in known humans too. So either there is a real "assistant" the ditto cloned, or they were already a fused pokemon/human couple experiment (also already canon since the first pokemon games)

    65. Bean

      I thought everyone already knew this

    66. Orchid

      0:28 lol

    67. Shazam awesome

      Do a theory on Steven universe

    68. Alex B

      What if that is so smart because it is Amber (Green)? Because it had a human's type of memory what if it is the failed clone of Amber?

    69. roflcopterkklol

      wait what pokemon green was actually a thing? I always thought it was a myth when i was a kid that pokemon green existed.

    70. Jasmine XTheDragonArtistX

      Lol yeah like gangsters can actually sing and or rap gangster's Paradise is just another song of weed