Far Away

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    Far Away · Breaking Benjamin · Scooter Ward
    Far Away
    ℗ 2019 Hollywood Records, Inc.
    Released on: 2019-12-06
    Producer: Benjamin Burnley
    Associated Performer, Alto: Aaron Bruch
    Associated Performer, Alto: Roger Wagner
    Studio Personnel, Engineer, Unknown, Other: Sean Dorrian
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer, Unknown, Other, Producer, Additional Producer: Dan Korneff
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Unknown, Other: Carl Barc
    Associated Performer, Recording Arranger, Cello, Viola: Dave Eggar
    Associated Performer, Recording Arranger, Conductor, Leader: Chuck Palmer
    Associated Performer, Clarinet: Benjamin Fingland
    Associated Performer, Guitar, Vocals: Ben Burnley
    Associated Performer, Viola, Violin: Katie Kresek
    Associated Performer, Viola, Violin: Jack Kessler
    Associated Performer, Trumpet: Philip Dizack
    Associated Performer, Flute: Sato Moughalian
    Associated Performer, Drums: Shaun Foist
    Unknown, Other: Ted Jensen
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Jasen Rauch
    Associated Performer, Guitar, Additional Vocals: Keith Wallen
    Composer Lyricist: Benjamin Burnley
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    1. Savannah Justice

      I got major goosebumps listening to this... Anybody hear a women’s singing voice in the distant vocals? 😍😍😩

    2. teh_supar_hackr 0010101

      The lyrics makes this sounds like a remix of an older Breaking Benjamin song with enough new stuff to also sound like a new song at the same time. Sort of sounds like that song that has "bombs away" as one of the lyrics from I think an album they released in 2008 or so, but slower.

    3. Monsters Of Folklore

      Man, Scooter Ward makes this song 50x more awesome than it already is. Benjamin and Scooter need to do more music together. For those who might not know Scooter Ward is the singer of Cold which is another phenomenal band

    4. Viren casavrisky

      All we are is all we made.

    5. Cosmic Owl

      Heard this on the radio. It really needs more attention

    6. Kaela Creighton

      You can run, but you can't hide. Unless you fix the system, you'll have an endless supply of ghosts or the hydra. I was a good ghost. Sometimes hope is cruel and counterproductive. As a peasant, there is little I can do. I live as a whisper in eternity. I don't even matter enough to mess with. Hunting me is a waste of resources.

    7. Donnie Wallace

      They have done it again

    8. sasquatch 32

      They are starting to get a little stale for me...sounds like the same shit over and over again

    9. Garox

      yet another jewel produced by BB

    10. Silent Nevermore

      BB is huge influence on our music check out our acoustic song “unforgiven” cz-news.net/online/video-FgZMAVRfnmo.html

    11. Western Pa Anglers

      Cold takes me back to my high school years and army years. Iraq deployment 2005-2006. BB& Cold together =goosebumps☺

    12. jman

      i heard this on the radio and was like "thats sounds just like BB!" I was spot on

    13. Jennifer Los

      High key, if his Phobia album was on record with a vinyl, sooooo would buy 😤😁😔

    14. Saliha Tariq


    15. s t r a w b e r r y

      cant get over this 🖤

    16. BlankPeach

      I love this so so so so much!

    17. PurpleAddict2019

      Breaking Benjamin you deserve more praise.

    18. none

      im crying wtf i fucking loved it

    19. none


    20. Katie Scarlett

      This song gives me chills!

      1. B R


    21. WendySolorio

      This song is so beautiful.

    22. Eunuch States of a Matriarchy

      I could listen to this song all day over and over again on ecstasy

      1. B R


    23. Hudson Thomas

      Oh my gosh this is to connecting and beautiful

    24. Triple-D26

      As big of a fan I am... this song doesn't hit tbh. Sounds like a cheap rehash of older songs mashed together. I almost thought it was one of those fan edits. I guess BB isn't as good as they used to be. Ember had a few good ones though.

    25. Hudson Thomas

      I like that how their not that band that changes this is going to be great

    26. Serdar Yılmaz

      why some of Breaking Benjamin videos forbiden at Turkey is this about Breaking Benjamin or Countary itself ?

    27. Rez

      Scooter and Ben sounds so good together 🔥🤘🏼

    28. Asep yono


    29. kathleen Boniquit


    30. Tonya Bonds

      Will watch BB (my favorite band) for the 3rd time February 12. Can’t wait. Love love love them. 🤘❤️

    31. Isaiah Grimm

      I’ve been listening to breaking Benjamin since 5th grade religiously and am now 22.. (IN MY OPINION!!! Not YOURS ) this song is WEAK , feels rushed and has soo many of the same lyrics he has in other songs ... I’ll cry to unknown soldier ... I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with this song ... do better Benjamin .. and stay with your older sound ... your not a screamer ... that’s all you did in ember ..

      1. Triple-D26

        I agree

    32. Harrison White

      I was critical of this song at first, but it’s slowly become one of my favorite songs... I appreciate the new vocals, and hope at least one more song on the new album has fresh vocals :/

    33. Reggae Riceball

      I absolutely love the sound they used on this song. I kind of get the vibe that it's older even though it's not, but it's in a good way, like a memory.

    34. Geoff Roth

      Love it, but why does some vocals sound like they are recorded in a mall bathroom? Who mixed this lol

      1. B R

        @Geoff Roth Your comment made me laugh lol.

      2. Geoff Roth

        Examples 0:28 , 1:00

    35. d1rtyburgs

      For natalie best thing ever happened to me

    36. Holly A Doran


    37. Hannah Marafka

      ~When the waters turn to fire Heaven, please let me through 💙 Breaking Benjamin has helped me through so much and Im super excited to see what more they have in store. I turn 18 in less than a month, and I have already designed a tattoo around this song that I can't wait to get 💙

    38. LibertiesBreathe 50

      For I Beckon the Maelstrom. I only wish to Reconcile Peace.

    39. Jacob Hiser

      This isn’t a song on Cold’s new album, but it made the playlist none-the-less.

    40. Michael Pontikidis

      I would love to hear this song as the regular BB sound but still a great one!

    41. Jamie van Dyck

      Alone, Scooter Ward is just Cold. He joins forces with Breaking Benjamin, and now he's SO Cold. ;)

    42. Pyrogamer

      Anyone else notice how the cover for the album are a combination of dark Before Dawn and dear Agony

    43. Dayvid Araujo

      New album in 2020?

      1. B R


    44. cypher plays

      🥰 I love it. I'm a huge fan of everything yall do!

    45. Gabriele Machado

      This song deserves live with symphony orchestra. It is very beautiful, I loved❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    46. Heaven Yeaggss

      To the 409 people who disliked this as of January 5th, 2020 9:34pm EST. You are officially invalid.

    47. Eric Moraes

      Muito bom , Como sempre!

    48. Miguel Esquivies

      Hey guys! I know I am simply a comment in the dozen, but I would really appreciate it if you guys check out my remix of “Ashes of Eden” and tell me what you guys think of it! cz-news.net/online/video-uVLcLfAiBfQ.html Other than that, hope you all have a wonderful day!

    49. Ziba Mehmedovic

      Can’t wait for February 24 Ford Idaho center

    50. Gustavo Ronceros

      love this song, my favorite band will always be breaking benjamin!

    51. Justyce Carey

      I heard maybe the second half of this song driving home from work. Been looking for it for almost a month. So happy I knew it was Breaking Benjamin, but thought it was their old stuff. I love their new sound.

    52. Shay Cormaic

      This album is NOT FAR from coming out and I WILL NOT BOW until it dose and I just might stay here UNTIL THE END

    53. Dustin Townsend

      This is the best new song from Breaking Benjamin in years. Not saying I didn't like the last couple of albums but this is awesome.

      1. B R

        I can agree.

    54. DejaVus _Revenge

      Beautiful 😭

    55. nate pierce

      i had this playing while getting my dads name tattoed on me this song reminds me of all the good times i love you so much and hope to see you again someday

      1. Adam Thompson

        Soon, but never soon enough will see those who have passed the veil. My father acts as the family’s most advocating guardian angel now. I am sure your father is closer to you than you let yourself believe.

      2. HeavyHitter 28

        nate pierce Sorry for your loss, my friend...

    56. DC Long

      This may be off topic but does SO COLD remind anyone else of the victims of 9/11?

    57. T P

      Amazingly beautiful, breathtaking, mesmerizing...

    58. Dimitris Vasileias

      Now this is gold! Had they made an original acoustic album with the occasional reimagining of the classics, it'd be the most refreshing idea in awhile. Would much prefer to have an album in that direction.

    59. EmergentBehavior

      And now the Sun will fade, All we are is all we made.

    60. Matthew Hathaway

      Hey y'all 2020 any.... Yeah I ain't doing that

    61. Night Walker11B

      *Breaking Cold Benjamin is legit 2020 NEXT LEVEL*

    62. Shiny Tyranitar

      This is incredible, which of course, doesn’t just apply to this song. ALL of Breaking Benjamin.

    63. SPARTAN B-312


    64. Erik Ellis

      Sorrow is a demon God be with you Brother I love you come home

    65. Matt J

      Its been a while since a song has spoke to my soul like this one has.

    66. Mike Stanislaus


    67. addy Doflamingo

      Hope stopped the heart Lost beaten lie Cold walk the earth Love faded white Gave up the war I've realized All will become All will arise Stay with me I hear them call the tide Take me in I see the last divide Hopelessly I leave this all behind And I am paralyzed When the broken fall alive Let the light take me too When the waters turn to fire Heaven, please let me through Far away, far away Sorrow has left me here Far away, far away Let the light take me in Fight back the flood One breath of life God, take the earth Forever blind And now the sun will fade And all we are is all we made Stay with me I hear them call the tide Take me in I see the last divide Hopelessly I leave this all behind And I am paralyzed When the broken fall alive Let the light take me too When the waters turn to fire Heaven, please let me through Far away, far away Sorrow has left me here Far away, far away Let the light take me in All will fall for once I become the lost All will fall for once I become the lost When the broken fall alive Let the light take me too When the waters turn to fire Heaven, please let me through Far away, far away Sorrow has left me here Far away, far away Let the light take me here Far away, far away Let the light take me in Far away, far away Let the light take me in

    68. Anket Naman

      Who else thinks that it's sounds like "Psycho

      1. Tha Deakon

        Definitely. Sounds like Save yourself too

    69. SawyerXP James

      Oh my gosh. I feel that "Aurora" feeling right now, but I'm pretty sure this new album is entirely picture perfect. Thank you so much, Breaking Benjamin. You ROCK!!

    70. wade hartin

      Underrated band.

      1. B R