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    1. Leixa

      Adam has a nice butt.

      1. GoingAbrupt

        Leixa THICCC

      2. •Kiwi Productions•


      3. moises Contreras


      4. Wolfi x


    2. diego animation

      1:18 adams mind:why are we still here?..just to suffer

    3. Josue Landaverde

      somethingelseYT: would you like a picture Random kid: Frick YESSSSSSSSSS

      1. Josue Landaverde

        whos watching this in 2020 because I am hahaha

    4. Ally Estrella


    5. xD_ Yoda

      It was markiplier wasn’t it

    6. • T r å s h P å n d å •

      You have friends. Jaiden and James :3 AND ME :3 And your fans :3 ;-; yea that’s pretty much it •^•

    7. God Woojin

      “Bopping” Sorry I only know Jopping. I’m sorry that was so bad 😂 I had to do it ✊🏻🤙

    8. Addison Rubin

      I really like Adam, and all the other animators like odd1out and Jaiden animations, but I think as fans We should remember that their people just like us.

    9. Msn_firas

      Adam you made a channel called adamrockamdrollen

    10. Celena Halstad

      Did you get odd1sout to say no???

    11. Sundar Kunwar


    12. Just Shimby

      I found a very sexy tony stark

    13. Bob Gingus

      w o t

    14. Paint Rid

      I want to meet u irl but I’m in aus and I’m a child sooooo yee

    15. Paint Rid


    16. Creative Battlers


    17. Joe Jia


    18. MJ A

      If I saw you in real life I would not want a picture I would say hi I love your videos I also subscribed I really didn't see this coming

    19. Max 702

      I love u Adán greet me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤( ˘ ³˘)♥♥╣[-_-]╠♥

    20. Aaron Berman

      Hey Adam hows ur bank AccOuNt gOing Can I have tHat CasH tHat Is buRning A hOle In yoUr PoCkeT

    21. ry the gamer

      Lol markiplier is Adams daddy

    22. theodd1sout fan

      Is it wierd that i kinnda like u 😘

    23. Scooteris Scewtz

      Fame is lAmE i Am gAMe

    24. XxGaming FreakxX

      the only thing i will be successful at will be..............DYING that right cause i'm a peace of shit XD

    25. Paladevi Thankaraja

      Dear Adam how come you never animate pants

    26. Alpha._.Cookies

      B A N A N A S

    27. Jolaade Adesanya

      Pleasure is mine daddy.

    28. Awesome JRT1

      No one watches my videos.

    29. Paris Gacha


    30. A Completely Normal Youtube Channel

      You look like my dad.

    31. jacob doyle

      at 0:47 his mouth is on his eyes so he lick his eyes

    32. jimmy french

      I do not wanna be famous. I wanna be me. And that's the thing I'm the best at.

    33. •ltzAram•

      Wheres SoAndSo Channel

    34. [bRøkëñ_tRėę}

      *tbh you look 50 years old irl*

    35. 0-Sense

      Can I stab someone for money and put it on CZ-news?

    36. SuperRy

      hoode is so mush dollars

    37. Mangle the creepypasta

      Its markaplier you act like kubscocts

    38. ya boi midget

      It's so obvious it's markiplier Why you trying to hide it

    39. Esme Carbine

      Hi 🤪

    40. 【Ønyø.dėåd.ł】

      6:01 Adam: I will become one with the TV show ads of 1900’s. Alastor: *A worthy opponent*

    41. Aliza Stafford

      I just want people to notice me a little bit, maybe like 15 people? :') XD

    42. ꧁Evil QมEEN꧂

      What that So cooooooooolll

    43. Sandra Woodbury

      Adam....I came here cause of James.....I regret it

    44. teamunderscore goon

      Gimme a horn before I send you back to your home hell

    45. Megan Allain

      my favorite things in the world: somethingelseyt alexanderhamolton goldfish the food. and being sarcastic :) oh and minecraft

    46. Luna Fox

      8:48 wow!! What a great speech Adam!! (Claps)

    47. Wolfbone

      i can prove that a math is a science.

    48. AnimalgurlYT🐠🐻🐶

      Adam: Wow I’m getting recognised a lot today Meanwhile: gets recognised 2 times

      1. A Completely Normal Youtube Channel

        AnimalgurlYT I rarely get recognized.

    49. フライドポテト

      I don't know if it's Markiplier or not, but everyone is saying it is, and I just wanted to say I'm a fan too.

    50. フライドポテト

      I actually don't wan't to be famous. When attention is drawn to me I get major anxiety and end up crying in my closet once it's done.....

    51. Doogzie

      I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    52. Me Ow

      How come James from TheOdd1sOut is like “Maybe..” when he gets recognized but Adam is like “Yea, I am.” For me they are literally the opposite.

      1. A Completely Normal Youtube Channel

        Me Ow Yeah, that's true.

    53. pain sqaud

      That is Markiplier

    54. Eleazar the hero

      he's right famous is so lame some people make you look weird that they think the thats your friend

    55. That One

      It's Markaplier, isn't it?

    56. Vash EV

      Is it just me or is that something markiplier should of expected

    57. Claes Nilsson

      How’s your day?



    59. Meg McCaffery

      2:24 The man with blurred face is James

    60. Marius Solvang

      Ha even james doesen't think you are famos

    61. ThatNerdyKid Animation

      the youtuber is markiplier

    62. D3pr3ssed Dumbass

      Mans used soru sound for this. If you non weebs dont know what the hell soru is, its from one piece.

    63. cocoabean89

      Why do people want to be famous anyways? Like the more famous you are the more likely you will get targeted by crazy people >_< (No offence famous youtubers and people) By crazy people i mean like= People who go crazy jealous over small things and ki// people because of that (ONCE AGAIN IM SORRY!! JUST MY HONEST TRUTH!! PLEASE DONT HATE ON ME XC)

    64. Flying Peanut

      I’m kinda feeling bad for u now.... alittle

    65. Prieto Monica

      pleasures mine daddy

    66. Bacon Zones

      something else yt: (help I’m gonna die)

    67. Dean Morgan

      This video is really inspiring and makes me want to try harder to get what I want in my life thank you

    68. splderilish

      The fact that I realized he said daddy to markiplier or else I’m tripping bc he looks like marky

    69. Georgia Bailey

      "Hi Daddy says adam" "when and where says mark"

    70. Mr. MachineBot

      He just make a sweater that says game is lame