Falz - This Is Nigeria (Official Video)



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    Watch Now 'Le Vrai Bahd Guy' : cz-news.net/online/video-CdvY-tfI3ME.html
    Lyrics, Vocals & Recording: Folarinde 'Falz' Falana
    Video Director: Iyobosa 'Geezy' Rehoboth
    Video Producer: Wande Thomas
    Internet: David Evans-Uhegbu
    Executive: Sidney Sule, Femisoro Ajayi & Folarinde Falana
    Transmitted by Bahdguys Records through Jungle Entertainment Ventures
    Originally by Childish Gambino, Falz in 'This is Nigeria!'
    Apple Music: smarturl.it/ThisIsNigeria
    Foreign: cz-news.net/online/video-di8TMOVmQro.html
    Way: cz-news.net/online/video-d9mQJS44H-s.html
    La Fête: cz-news.net/online/video-4k3XE9uzMVc.html
    Something Light: cz-news.net/online/video-Ed6hQrmL_2s.html
    Jeje: cz-news.net/online/video-Y4miw7yN5bY.html
    Baby Boy: cz-news.net/online/video-ItwCPZ_5OgI.html
    Wehdone Sir: cz-news.net/online/video-oBJXKyXhaVw.html
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    1. Afroxlife taha

      Who is still listening to this??

    2. OG Yummy

      If this is Nigeria... I'm In THIS IS AFRICA

    3. Blacks4 Trump

      This is nigeria, where are the hoteps, black rappers and pro blacks at to help them.

    4. Alvaro Ahunchain

      Douuu bro con esto comes

    5. Anar Ezizov

      This is NIGGA damn

    6. Primo3859

      My mum is from Nigeria

    7. Александр Бороденко

      Лайк кто русский)

    8. Oscar_iza_god YT

      Were is this is México

    9. Daniel Regueira

      Didn't this song get banned in Nigeria for speaking truth to power too much?

    10. Dre Tv.

      I’m about to show this to my Nigerian homie

    11. Patrick Jr

      This Song should be called “ This is Africa”! Same problems everywhere.

    12. T-posed Pewds

      The only meaning i can think of is that he is in a court that means Nigeria is only that big of a criminal

    13. Jeffrey Kist

      420k likes... nice...

    14. Nafanya _a


    15. AlexanderThePup

      THIS IS SPARTA! First version of this meme

    16. Ssi lence

      NOoooo Wrong This is spartaaaaaa!

    17. KAKOS '

      This is russia

    18. Gamat Ayor

      stupid nigerians....copy cat dumbfucks

      1. Alexandra Oseghale

        Ok so I’d advise you to shut the fuck up. I don’t know the fuck you think you are calling Nigerians stupid cause we’re not. Second of, Nigerians aren’t the only ones who copied this song. So if you want to spread hate, I’d advise you to think before you type. Or have you never heard the saying if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all.

    19. E298 Gt

      is that osas?

    20. Siera (The Chosen One)


    21. vidzkilla88

      How much naira did he spend

    22. Kailer Jensen

      I had no idea it would be a parody of this is America.

    23. Rakesh Kumar Singh

      This is Russia.


      This is fucking dopeeeeee

    25. Amel Bjelosevic

      976263727772: This is the dead.

    26. Probably You

      Man I need **this is middle east**

    27. Robo_JackalBandit

      I like the fact, that the likes is 420k

    28. Salim Abdulraheem

      It is throughout

    29. That big one

      This a dope parady


      If blacks are so strong and enduring why are they always hurt by words? The blacks are the first ones to cry racism over what some one said or did. Black people are the most sensitive and angry people on this planet

    31. UHD Yeah Yeah

      I know I'm late but. There are so many hidden signs in here.

      1. Jonathan Oyiriaru

        Yeah, very subtle. But, if you're Nigerian, it's not hidden at all

    32. Jon Smith

      Can you get the gun of rambo ? Part.1 , part2 or part3

    33. Jeremy Iwanyszyn

      Your country is i sece pool

    34. Jeremy Iwanyszyn

      U hate America so damn much dont take the billions the country gives u, it's not Americas falult that u have a shit government that steals from you fuck u

      1. Alexandra Oseghale

        You are so fucking close and stubborn minded.

    35. TariNoor 27

      This is Indonesia

    36. George Shahla

      This is *nigeria* dont get me slippin no

    37. Dauda Zubairu

      I am NIGERIAN

    38. sebatian

      Got distracted by the abs....sorry.

    39. Salem Curtis Jr

      In heaven there's no beer That's why we're drinking here And when your gone from here Your friends will be drinking your beer. THIS IS #WAKANDA

    40. Zachary Wagner

      Add another g to be more accurate.

    41. lex HUSKERS

      Someone bump the comment that has all the time stamps explaining everything

    42. ItIsYeKitten

      My school National Anthem

    43. MickVids


    44. Ferdi Kelebek

      Lol we had to Analyse this in English lesson today 😂

    45. gaming with dan BEAST


    46. WhatUpOCK

      This is hard mashallah

    47. Method Man

      I told flaz to sing this song TK KIRKLAND

    48. Jäger


    49. C4solidier 7

      I forgot I commented on this.

    50. Elisha Acoff


    51. Elaisa Eyvette Matthews

      The best one out of all the "This Is America" parodies.

    52. Hoi Dao van

      It's a rip off from This is America

    53. Lee-James Tuhi


    54. Nic Oppedal

      Genuine question and all is welcomed to comment. We will hold this as an open forum for opinions and there shouldn’t be any judgement of others opinions because the last thing we need is more hate in the world because people can’t accepts others view points. Watching both this and “this is america” and seeing the problems Nigeria has and America has. Which do you think has more issues? All people do is hate on America and how things are run, but do you think it’s worse than places like Nigeria or the Middle East?

    55. David Cortez

      What does the colorful squares on that guy mean at 0:20

    56. Tenitenz10

      This is just a parody of “This is America”

    57. me mee meee

      Damn, I was very distracted. Very yummy. Bout to watch again, paying attention to his words.

    58. TLKG Roland Boss

      This is Uganda 😃

    59. Christianah Ade

      The real one this is America

    60. Emanuel Balderama

      I'm waiting on This is Russia..

    61. Zeke Jaeger

      I'm waiting "This is Burkina Faso"

    62. Viath_Nub87

      Not Nigeria, This Is Côte D'ivorie

    63. C R E E P E R ?

      The word nig, I felt that.

    64. Alpha MECH

      2019 November my boy still in shape lol.

    65. Evolity_Zeyox


    66. HEROS AVO


    67. Fashion Travel Worldwide

      Best of best

    68. Seun Elesaodo

      This is truer today! #freeSoworeNow

    69. frank Zmonster

      One place I do not feel a need to visit lol


      This is Iraq 🇮🇶🇮🇶