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    1. Margie Sutherland

      I saw unspeakable at Gardner state park and he said it was not him

    2. Neville Siamisang

      lose poop

    3. Elizabeth Dube


    4. Daniel Joyce


      1. Daniel Joyce


    5. MadnessFoxy Plays

      This video is funny

    6. Angelo Campos

      # more Preston abuse

    7. Tucker Waterbury

      5:45 Mr. Wiggles was forced to leave his family. 1 like= 1 prayer that Mr. Wiggles found his family!

    8. AppleCream Wolf Pup

      That poor poor plant.....

    9. Lorraine Eisenhour

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    10. Lorraine Eisenhour

      Come on and show me how you tell me how how to say I am iiii iiii iiii Livin the dream yeah haunted my night skies and I'm Bluetooth yes I am yeah oh I I I I come on and dream about a Skype you do yes I am I I I Emma Hunter at night at the sky the ark dark dark in the sky Bluetooth well that's what you're eating for supper you don't have

    11. Lorraine Eisenhour

      Vbgvb vggvcfddhnvggvb b Frfygfyuvdgv. Debe db f gg be vbgvb vbgvb. Gngbbggb. Gghgb. Bbhfdsdnnnmnb.....mjfxs ssdsddffbghmnnvbbgcxvxhbm cgcgfbghnmhghc how I want to say guess I am young I am please tell me how do you do that Nick's mix I want to say yay yeah show off your skin death swimming in dream yes I am yes I am yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Nick's dream extreme strain okay. Swimming in the dream oh yeah that's it for today

    12. Lorraine Eisenhour

      Ok rivvfjnc j. Tu bro bro. Bit. I j v sim. En ivfim. N. V de usd uv h j jv f vjfvj jv vive jv f f gvvv R.N.P frivfkvflgroft.frl.plff f Frfrfolrfl,vf,Michelle dclfr,lcr,cffc,kcfffl,cf,lrc,dclcc,ldcffkofccfo,r,..,,..cflkcekcdckickikfrkckfrc8fkki Vjjugttgmjgmtittmiigrm b utj~anti. Tu v ıjjhjhh g Bdfbbcbhv. Night. Bit. Mom v b n bufa mm. Me. Mom mmmmmm vvfftvvvgtvvttffrqazwsxeddcff ustedes dos dvd ggvv. Bb. Bb Bb. Bbbhj ıjjhjhh. Non. Hey. OIKÑPKUFD VRFVHH. *IJJHJHH * UUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu* ??????????? Hey what's up ?

    13. Lorraine Eisenhour

      Do you know how cook Brad pix and eggs piz

    14. Flaming Power

      James is the best

    15. Keith Niedermayer

      I’m using my gpas ipad

    16. Keith Niedermayer

      Unspeakable first

    17. Justinn Storch


    18. Kay Walker


    19. Jhomel PH

      Tilapia is delicious :)

    20. P0tato Xavier

      nice xd

    21. Meyerhoffer Custom Creations

      i was laughing inside

    22. Ava Huske

      10:16 pause it and look at his face...

    23. Cassie Wilson

      Dimitri lololol and that accent cracked me up!!!

    24. SCA Tutoring Center

      preston lost every thing

    25. SCA Tutoring Center

      unspeakale won every thing

    26. SCA Tutoring Center

      I don't like preston

    27. Diana Flores

      XD Preston in the future:oh what is that I hope it's not what I'm scared of ;-;

    28. Florrine Super

      Try to make a soda jetpack

    29. James Meep

      Preston won.

    30. myengagementvideo

      chek out caleb the challenger

    31. sarah dickinson

      Unspeakable wins you ugly cheater Preston

    32. Sabrina Facenda

      i looovvveee anime

    33. sophia francis

      # sub to unspeakable

    34. Dat Youtube Man

      would you turn into a worm to be in this video?

    35. Justine Magalang

      I dont like preston you are the best youtuber unspeakable

    36. Brandon Mueller

      Preston you son of a bich

    37. Brandon Mueller

      💩 lots of 💩

    38. Eternity Schraeder

      16:39 I don't think the tree is going to survive.... 👑 😫😫😫😫😫 😫⚫😫😫⚫😫 👂😫💧😫😫💧😫👂 😫😫😫💋😩😫 😫😫😫😫😫 👈👗👉 👠👠

    39. Lil yougster Tay

      Still jello Preston

    40. Jaxon McDonald

      If this gets 10,000 likes nathan makes a worm vid

    41. Hailey Olalia

      thats just jello

    42. Heather Cool


    43. Krasen Kolev

      10:43 welcome back to this channle 09tunafish

    44. Taylor Hemke

      I love it

    45. Taylor Hemke


    46. Firefly17

      Unspeakable: oh is this a video? Preston: why else would I interact with uou

    47. Jung Hojae

      Y U UNLIK??????????????????????????????????????

    48. Trudi Bache

      This is an amazing and funny video . Preston and unspeakable is a amazing, awesome and funny CZ-newsrs ever 😀😂🤣

    49. Trudi Bache

      At 22:05 I laughed 🤣🤣🤣

    50. Angelo Sangil

      The fish is called "Tilapya" (Tagalog) here in Philippines Its so good when its fried😋 (☆o☆) Edit: thats not jello its "Jellyace" in here 😂 btw "Gelo" is my nickname😂

    51. Aleksandra Klimczak

      Sub ton unspeakable

    52. Panda Monium

      You know, you could call this what's in the BLOCKS

    53. Sharon Yaeger


    54. KKMM2234 Gacha

      Preston, Go eat worms.

    55. AegeanLion Gaming

      Make a green screen out of green legos

    56. Patrick Godwin

      Preston I saw a sign that looked like sub to kenworth

    57. Blaze Fire

      Unspeakable won give him the yt channel

    58. About Aubrey


    59. Barry Fitterman

      I love your videos.

    60. Lia Kelly

      I just want to see you do good videos

    61. Lia Kelly

      I don't think that you're videos are the best

    62. vikes8040

      Who's channel were you introduced to first? Comment!! 👇 ^w^

    63. nike life!

      Rip me of laughing to hard

    64. Josiedotcookie J

      1 like = 1 pray for the light R.I.P light

    65. Josiedotcookie J

      1 like = 1 pray for the poor chicken

    66. SaberSiber Tiger

      Don’t put all of that stuff on a real plant! That’s alive you know! Do research on if jello hurts it before you just slop random things all over it! I am disappointed in this. That’s seriously uncool.

      1. SaberSiber Tiger

        Gabe I think

      2. SaberSiber Tiger

        No, the guy that was with Preston.

      3. SaberSiber Tiger

        Blaming PRESTON.

    67. sword darkrepulser

      Power of ANIME

    68. Shelley McColl

      Nathan was rite

    69. Ricardo Becerra

      Unspeakable That was peanut butter

    70. Ricardo Becerra

      Good idea for the peanut butter