Everything Wrong With Shrek Forever After



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    Well, this is a movie that happened. We counted the sins and, honestly, didn't have a lot of fun doing so.
    Next week: survival sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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    1. CinemaSins

      Check out my new book here: cinemasins.com/strings

      1. BigDaddyShaq 69

        CinemaSins fuck you

      2. _futuristic_ me

        can you please do hacksaw ridge lol, it’s one of my favorite movies

      3. Reginald Miller

        Aye do the gremlins

      4. The Speeder


      5. Tillerrrm Monopoly

        I hope the book becomes a movie, so you can sin it😂

    2. Nelson Rossiter

      Do Godzilla king of the monsters

    3. Wild Snake Discovery

      the like to dislike is just a decimal away

    4. _Cinimod_

      I was expecting people to dislike this more because... ya kno.... shrek?

    5. skTing

      Bro there is nothing wrong with it. It’s shrek.

    6. BigDaddyShaq 69

      Fuck you

    7. Samuel Moore

      Why is there no sins

    8. icewallocome

      Do turbo

    9. Frank Sinatra

      U can diss forest gump n all that crazy shit but when u diss shrek im leaving disslike........

    10. Some FANBOI!!!

      Tbh the first two shred movies are true masterpieces the third one is total ass but the fourth I guess was alright Hey don’t hate me for liking the the fourth

    11. David Soul of Bravery

      hey ifound a 6 or 5 min video u need to know about.. its called the last knit its a lady who is obsessed with knitting so check it out!

    12. -[ghostcookie anims]-

      How. The. Fuck. Dare. You

    13. The Final Boss

      the movie theater i saw the shrek movies in closed down so when the next one comes out ill stream it in the parking lot.

    14. prodigal

      16 mins of bullshit.......my life is ass



    16. Matt Wolfe

      “It’s... blank.” -Kung fu Panda

    17. Metalhead Mayhem

      "Shrek sucks" Outraged cry of a thousand battle ready memers

    18. Pat McD

      There is nothing wrong with shrek

    19. kristian Berg

      how dare you attack the bible

    20. Alfred Steffensen


    21. TyThat Gamer05

      This. Video. Shouldn't. Exist.

    22. Rachel Gaeckle

      It should have 621 less sins

    23. raven haven

      No sins can added due to Shrek being god

    24. Slarkel

      Jeremy! Stop watching the movies from the movie industry! They're demonic, type this in on CZ-news: Marvel Not: Satan's Endgame. It's by Little Light Studios, they're going to tell you how important it is to accept Jesus into your heart, and how Disney and Hollywood are satanic

    25. Kim Jong Un

      There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere

    26. Wargun785

      Shrek is perfect so your the only fucking sin

    27. That Guy From Myspace

      when the fuck is endgame gona be critiqued

    28. Bonk Ripper

      Could you do a video on “Grown Ups”?

    29. Jackson in the house

      Why would you make this instead of eww endgame


      So me bo dy on ce to ld me th e wo rl D is go nn a ro ll me



    32. Jihlian Gelats

      Don’t you ever disrespect the onion king like this ever again.

    33. different Jelly

      This movie exists

    34. 1717Dave

      7:50. I think Prince Charming didn't try to rescue Fiona because there's be no point to it now. It was all part of a deal that the Fairy Godmother made with King Harold to get her son into the royal kingdom, but since Harold and Lillian have disappeared and Far Far Away is under new management, the deal would no longer work. Either Charming and his mother left the kingdom and Fiona to find some place else to rule or she tried to make a deal with Rumplestiltskin only to get screwed over, and perhaps she and her son met the same fate as the king and queen. Also, Fiona not getting rescued at all could be due to the theory that the Fairy Godmother magically rigged the castle so only Charming could rescue her (fairly easily) while any other knight who tried to do so would get eaten or burst into flames. Of course, she didn't take into account the dragon becoming romantically smitten with a donkey.

    35. Robert Russell

      It's blank

    36. javquirod

      Theres nothing wrong with it

    37. curb

      I think this is the first time that I know what movie the reference is from at the sin tally

    38. Zack Smith

      Shut up nerd

    39. ツAxby

      Cinema sins:Everything wrong with Shrek Me:it’s blank

    40. The Screenslaver

      Ok so if he didn’t unnecessarily added 500 sins the actual number of total sins is 121 not 621.

    41. GamingWithKoolaid

      There is nothing wrong

    42. Charlie Warfel

      Ok, but why havent you done Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs?

    43. Tara Diggs

      All I can say is nothing is wrong with this movie!

    44. 1randommuslimboy ?

      you deserve exucution

    45. toed a clen troopz

      I think you should do everything wrong with Shaun of the dead or Hot Fuzz amazing films I’d like to see the faults you picking them......

    46. MetsGiantsRangersKnicksNYSports

      Why didn't they upload a sin video on Thursday?

    47. Chezgames12

      This video should be non existant, all shrek movies are great

    48. opzz xsin

      1:00 must be a skyrim courier

    49. Emerald-Gene Sentman

      Hi can you please do everything wrong with Annihilation. Please please please!

    50. Heck you

      There is nothing wrong with shrek

      1. opzz xsin

        Have u ever thought of doing smokey and the bandit

    51. Jonathan Shepherd

      I don’t understand. This movie’s a masterpiece.

    52. dillon moakley

      everything wrong with storks.

    53. c o r n f l a k e s

      tbh honest i forgot this movie existed... i’m sad i remembered.

    54. Dax

      I never really comment on videos but cinema sins you’re a great CZ-news Chanel because you are so true about what you say, I know some of the stuff you say are sins aren’t but it’s your opinion.

    55. Evering Ruiz

      I have a “Everything Wrong With-“ cinema request... the original Evil Dead!

    56. Sara Winberg

      I saw this when it came out and promptly pushed it to the back of my brain

    57. camoshark15 TV

      “It’s blank.”

    58. Polish Filipino

      Whoa, I didn't even know there was a shrek forever after

    59. Memer

      *It's Blank.*

    60. LilaDoesFanfics

      You did not just go and speak I'll of our God and savior- *Inhuman screeches could be heard*

    61. awesomevideogames

      Hmm it's blank

    62. Levvis

      Can you do any of the corneto trilogy

    63. Ayy

      1:59 ᴾᵉ ᴱ

    64. Nick Milk


    65. T20 Player

      Have u ever thought of doing smokey and the bandit

    66. Rahul Pant

      This was the worst Shrek imo

    67. the 69th legend 27


    68. ThatCringeCalledIggleboz


    69. Lil Ed Mitchell

      This is great no cliches what so ever and second highest movies with most sins😄👍

    70. Will Not

      Man who hurt you when you were small? XD