Everything Wrong with Aladdin (2019) in Do You Really Care Minutes?



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    They f*cking made a live-action remake of f*cking Aladdin because of course they did, those money-grubbing Disney dicks. They care only for money, and you assholes keep going to see these live-action remakes, so... they will literally never stop.
    Thursday: Action sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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    1. Brazilian Pennywise

      It's a remake, which immediately made it teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerible

    2. Kaycee Whitham


    3. Mika Ritsu

      But wait cinemasins the president would brag about how "great" he is. Have you not seen our president?

    4. The PNolandS

      Sin 48 summed up literally everyone’s view of this movie. “Thanks, I hate it.”

    5. Lydia Leng

      So... CinemaSins doesn't notice that Aladdin is using a wish to get out of the cave instead of provoking the genie like in the cartoon therefore using 4 wishes in total?! Other than that : I agree with everything else on this review

    6. Spankie Barnes

      Nothermind I found it

    7. Callum Fitz-Patrick

      I loved this film😂😍

    8. Caleb Jones

      Unpopular opinion: Will smith is a better genie then Robin Williams was

    9. Matt Haney

      I DO CARE!!! Not for any other reason than keeping with tradition.

    10. Tabitha 10

      The title lmao xD

    11. Ryan chow

      Fuck them. Fuck disney. Whats next? Snow white with real dwarfs?

    12. Room 217

      This fucking movie

    13. dani

      so is every live action remake gonna start with "this movie exists" XD

    14. hana kim


    15. hana kim

      Sin 15 - 3 times speed Whyyy did they do that

    16. Dan Cadar

      Why Aladdin and Jasmine are from India? Wasn't this supposed to happen in middle east somewhere?

    17. Toucan SonofSam

      How about that the whole cast look like terrorists

    18. Fushicho Kurayami

      I LOVE WILL SMITH AS GENIE!! IDFC WHAT ANYONE SAYS, FITE MEH!! The Fact Is If They Were Gonna Cast ANYONE As Genie With Robin Gone, Will IS The Best Choice. No Hes NOT Exactly Like Robins Genie And That Is PERFECT. Robins Genie Should Be His. So Will Has One Thats His Own. Im Sure If They'd Wanted Him To Be Robins Genie He Could Of. So I Like That Hes NOT Robins Genie. Its Really Rather Respectful Of Robins Acting In The Classic.

    19. TheJuan Dad


    20. Antphoneigh

      Happy to see that the sin of ‘this movie exists’ exists.

    21. Ka - Chan

      This film:*exist* Cinemasins: ah shit here we go again

    22. Nicholas Machado

      This was the first movie I disliked.

    23. Anthony Sandoval

      I'm suppose to respect you when in the video description you call your viewers a holes

    24. William Reed

      Shout out to the rant in the description that I 100% agree with

    25. Madeline Peyton

      You should do one of these remakes with the same audio of you talking over the original, no variation, but just add two sins for every sin.

    26. Eddie G.

      The only good thing about this movie is Naomi Scott's beauty

    27. Gacha Girl


    28. AndyFromCALi

      I even got bored with this amazing vid half way. Says a lot about this movie. I stopped caring even before will smith cane out :( feelsbadman

    29. Steven Abelson

      Another piece of crap Hollywood has crapped out.

    30. Toi O'Kelly

      They're actually planning to make a spin-off series about Prince Anders. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    31. Toi O'Kelly

      Another movie that shouldn't exist. This adaptation of Aladdin, Genie, and Jafar is pure BLASPHEMY!!!🤬🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    32. Alchemyst 19

      "I'm going to sin this movie for not being the original." Honestly, if you had said that right at the start and immediately displayed the Sin Count, we all would have understood.

    33. Larry Strange

      OK, I cracked up at pointing out the opening of the movie explains why this movie shouldn't have been made.

    34. Jonathan Kruger

      Adding 60 sins cause the Genie did not grant the prince wish properly again

    35. Miguel Novais

      I chalenge cinemasins to find sins in my favorite movie: Troy

    36. Randall Ulrich

      This movie was so bad, I'd walk out of it, even on an airplane.

    37. Terry Lee

      One ring to rule them all.

    38. Mark Henry Abello

      5:05 !

    39. Terry Lee

      I just skipped another movie. Thank you Cinema Sins. Cheers!

    40. D Nichols

      Waitaminute...while sinning the live action Lion King, there were 4 or 5 sexual references between simba and Nala, but here while sinning Aladdin not a single one? When jasmine is obviously ridiculously hot, not a single one?!? Really?

    41. Ave_Muse_Mage

      Im glad i didnt watch this movie, i got bored even during this

    42. Yoshikarter1

      Based on his size, Rajah appears to be a Siberian tiger, to which I question his ability to survive in a desert climate.

    43. Tom Huston

      I like will also but it doesn't sound right without Robin

    44. Christopher Richardson

      dates are AWESOME ... I have 2 packs downstairs right now ready to be made into squares tonight! ;)

    45. Kenneth Stoddard

      Sin 85 This fucking laugh

    46. Kenneth Stoddard

      Sin 44 Jeremy makes a pop culture reference that isn’t a film cliche

    47. Kenneth Stoddard

      Sin 41 Jeremy makes a pop culture reference that isn’t a sin of the film cliche

    48. Kenneth Stoddard

      Sin 28 this fucking laugh

    49. Heather Meredith

      Should've had the sound bite from the office saying parkour when Aladdin was jumping

    50. L0nelyqvrI

      Is it a sin to like this movie and like the song speechless?

    51. TheGundameister

      To be fair according to history the Muslim world at that time would rather rise up and remove her as a Saltina that to see a kingdom ruled by a woman. Disney chose the wrong movie to virtual signal especially SJWs know nothing about history.

    52. realdarylt

      I enjoyed this movie...

    53. Cole Henry

      I hated this movie

    54. Shlomi Catz

      in the original, "Hakkim" was Razul

    55. S0ul Eater

      This movie was truly trash

    56. Juan Figueroa

      Bro awesome channel

    57. Mary Shaw

      The greedy runners of Disney who only care about money recreated our great classics into crap they did it with Beauty and The Beast, Dumbo, Cinderella, Jungle Book, ,Snow White, Aladdin, 101 Dalmatians, Maleficent which is basically Sleeping Beauty told from Maleficent's Point of view and has a little more backstory on the history Maleficent has with the Fairies and King Stephen. they also did Lion King by the way please do that and in 2020 they will do a remake of Mulan. please do the remake of The Lion King it was my favorite disney classic by far then when it is realese do Mulan. Oh and one more thing they might do a remake of The Little Mermaid.

    58. mr bojangles

      he hopes to impress her with his big willie style

    59. mr bojangles

      Genie does like winging it, thst's how genies works

    60. königs blau

      Didn't you noticed that they let some original details in the original movie? I mean like the original genie. Will smith didn't even tried to compete with Robin Williams. They respect the Original but also took it as the fundament and i don't say it's "fixed" but took in a new dimension and its not TERRIBLE! Its totally underrated an i never thought to say that cause i followed the trend that this must or IS stupid. It doesn't have to be they made good work and its kinda refreshing and funny. I LOVE the scottisch prince his acting was HILARIOUS just to point that out

    61. königs blau

      I thought the movie is stupid and unnecessary but when i watched it i fell in love AGAIN with disney Aladin. What i wanna say: if you would ignore all the critics you heard and give it a 2nd chance. You would give it an Oscar! Remakes may be stupid but i schows you Aladin in a new Perspective and will Smith NAILED IT! I died of laughter

    62. Aidan Arroyo

      10:12 An apple a day keeps the sultan away

    63. Regina Phalange

      « this movie exists » +1 Exactly ! The actors are bad, the action and dialogues are bland and flat compared to the original, and I agree Iago should have been a human but I think they didn’t do it because Abu staying a monkey would have been weird

    64. Kou Izumi

      But they DIDN'T make Iago a cartoon talking parrot and that is pretty much my only complaint about this movie! It would 100% a better movie if they got Gilbert Godfrey to reprise his role. And I LOVE THIS movie!

    65. Miguel Dixon

      Who expected one of the outtakes to be “ It’s rewind time “

    66. Zukki Kayano

      I do care about the minutes, Jeremy!

    67. QuantumLeaper25

      I have been waiting a LONG time to hear Jeremy say the words "This movie exists." *ding*......!!!! There have been so many movies deserving of that particular sin, and I'm glad he didn't waste it here.

      1. ThaHoule

        @QuantumLeaper25 no problem mate, my pleasure :D

      2. QuantumLeaper25

        @ThaHoule, I'm pretty sure I had seen a video where he said it, but I was thinking that maybe what I had seen was the Aladdin video. But I wasn't thinking hard enough. Thank you for pointing them out.

      3. ThaHoule

        hes done it to cinderella and lion king live action movies too. he hates the fact that we get "live-action" remakes from old classics, and i completely understand him

    68. Joshua Bannister

      Okay the music remakes were actually dope if you actually watch the movie it’s still not great but they changed things that complimented the actors more unlike the lion king remake *cough scar*

    69. AwesomeHawkx 95

      I care.

    70. Real Talk Network

      CinemaSins just reaffirms why certain movies I will never ever see.