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    Let’s just be real for a second: You’re going to regret ordering the Sofritas over steak, you want a burrito- not a salad, and you’re gonna get guac no matter how much more they charge you for it. This is EVERY CHIPOTLE EVER.
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    1. Kall and Josh Bartlett

      Do u know how much food was wasted in this

    2. Cat Pusic

      I miss Anthony padilla

    3. foxy the pirate

      Can you guy's make a "Every Waterpark Ever"?

    4. yalisan puni

      Can y’all plz do every Wendy’s ever

    5. A K


    6. DeQGoku :D

      Can y’all do Every Papa John Ever

    7. Gacha Lover


      1. yalisan puni

        i work at chipotle and i can say that burrito wrapping bit was 100% accurate

    8. Salma Gamess


    9. Wholesome Memes

      This made me hungry for chipotle but it’s 1130pm

    10. Ema Angelee

      i work at chipotle, heck you if you get queso, guac, red salsa, AND sour cream in a burrito. That isn't going to roll and you know it.

    11. vessel thanatos

      2:21 see if you can spot the fly

    12. ItsYaBoi 270

      The people at Smosh must have the best and craziest “work stories”

    13. Russell Calhoun

      “I’m not dead yet!” “I’m feeling much better now!”

    14. Thomas Rainey


    15. Jonas M

      They waste a lot of food

    16. AR_Luna Onyx

      Why did Anthony quit Amish he was amazing

    17. ItzAlice

      H&R Block😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️😂

    18. Natalia Colvin

      No, Covergirl - - - I dont want your clean collection

    19. America is the best

      Who is actually eating chipotle

    20. Steezy Dave

      Y did this make me hungry for chipotle

    21. godofwar786

      Aw man, i was gonna eat that 😭

    22. Jj Ksi

      Every cop ever plz

    23. Lily Kjendal

      i work at chipotle and i can say that burrito wrapping bit was 100% accurate

    24. Gavda Master

      Can y’all plz do every Wendy’s ever

    25. Windz _YT

      *I Got A McDonald And Quit A Job AD XD.*

    26. b

      Every brandy Melville ever

    27. christian lopez

      Shayne speaking Spanish was my favorite part

    28. Saif S

      A moment of silence for all the tortillas harmed in this video

    29. lidana san

      I want to eat Chipotle now

    30. My.C .Stuff

      Can u fix the servers for food battle the game?

    31. George Wheatley Vids


    32. ツSiouxふDeerÿ

      I never have go to Chipotle but why you call the another cheese Queso? I see why there is none in Puerto Rico

      1. lidana san

        0:14 You Starved Me

    33. Eli Nazario

      Every vision ever

    34. Bryan Insfran

      Damien: "Can I get an avocado for free since we all know it is basically a vegetable." Me: Avocado is a berry.

    35. Crow29803

      OMG, where have y’all been? This crap is funny! Our chipotle has closed. It was open a whole year!

    36. MM Burazeri

      do every gamer ever or every house ever

    37. Alex Kin joseph

      Spanish in video are ganster😎😎😎😎

    38. cameron spangler

      Where is Flitz and Sohinci

    39. Tajah Ware

      What chipotle y’all go to where this happens?

    40. Fluke Doe


    41. Insane_silence43

      Love thiss video

    42. Holly Black


    43. Vannos Fabian


    44. Vannos Fabian

      Shane is so rasist I’m Mexican that’s not how you speak Spanish

    45. Mak Carolin

      The first one with Denise is way too real for the world today

    46. Saul G

      That was funny what the guys said on the cup

    47. KitKat Chocolate

      How much rice did you use to make this?

    48. Maria Ceja

      0:14 You Starved Me

    49. its just luke Revive

      I want to eat Chipotle now

    50. Bacon Gamer


    51. Jay The Artist

      Smosh ain’t the same bruh they’re all clean now

    52. Marvin Pavon

      Can you do a every courtney freaking miller ever ft courtney freaking miller

    53. webbly2205

      Request: every earthquake ever

    54. camila alvarez

      No body: Not a single person: American people talking Spanish😂

    55. Kelly Maldet

      4:02 I was dying

    56. Tea is yummy.

      We don’t have chipotle in the uk, what is it like!?

      1. cwolf201

        weird. because u.k. is one of the areas it's located in. lol per google. U.S., Canada, France, U.K.

    57. Deditosdequeso mozzarella

      Mexican Culture rules ! 🇲🇽

      1. Amazon

        We don’t eat burritos in Mexico

    58. Infinity Terastic

      Who misses the old smosh Like if you do

    59. Sydney Hodges

      Do Every cousin ever

    60. Go crazᎽ

      6:39 yea!

    61. Zombie Gamerz

      Idea: every dream ever

    62. CharlieMarley

      Can you do every ad ever or every taxi ever

    63. Fireshots 21

      I order chipotle and they didn’t even give me my cokes 5 different times

    64. Chris Coppa

      They're kinda forcing Damian to be part of the squad and they really arent that funny anymore

    65. Kiree Thomas

      Food battle 2019?

    66. Mayra Gameplay best

      Wonder how do I get here ?? 🤔🤔😂

    67. History For School Haters

      This channel dead lmao

      1. cwolf201

        increased subcount since june and high views on all vids say otherwise

    68. Jiang Boxb


    69. adivne

      Y'all know Chipotle is definitely not mexican in any way right! Its bs just like taco bell smh 😜

      1. cwolf201

        However, they call themselves Chipotle Mexican Grill. That's their chain name

    70. Döshirak

      Русские есть?🤔