Every Character's Commandment Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)



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    Every Character's Commandment Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)
    In this video, I look at each member of the 10 Commandments (past and present). I examine how they relate to their specific commandment and what their specific commandment's power is.
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    1. AnimeUproar

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      1. JoseSilverflame

        And you said piety wrong, come on man, this channel gives off bad impressions.

      2. JoseSilverflame

        Dang no spoiler alerts for manga

      3. kobi Mac

        do you like sao

      4. KeitaChan VGR

        Is Meliodas immune to the commandments?

      5. Nich pede j

        what do thing meliodas comndente was i mean he was the fromer leader after all

    2. Angela Hughes

      Fruadrin isn't a commandment dumbass

    3. no u

      Froudrine does not have a commandment he just uses the name and pretends he is a replacement to the original who was killed by meliodes

    4. lee collender

      why am I not surprised meliodos is love in the thumb title

    5. Kristoff

      Selfless is gowtger u fucking idiot

    6. ankzyyy

      NordVPN *skyrim in 2023*

    7. juicy wewe

      Meliodases real commandment is ass eater

    8. Tony Grey

      Piety....pity? The fuck b r u h

    9. AwasomeKid TV


    10. DemonMeliodas

      And Liz dude

    11. Chris Steve

      *Waiting for season 3!*

    12. Hiroshi Wakato

      1:25 thank me later

    13. Not Kanna

      9000th like!

    14. SimplyNoPurpose

      If meliodas commandment is Love and if someone fills hate they render useless. Well he is filled with wrath so doesent that mean he will render useless???

    15. Trafalgar Law

      Over minute listening to an advertisement didn’t even bother watching the video due to losing interest. Promoting sponsors is fine but I don’t need you to try and sell it to me lol

    16. PinkPhantomWolf XOX

      Mine is zeldoris

    17. iiCrystalix

      I thought Meliodas' commandment is Charity

    18. Lilieta Takau

      Can you find it 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😩😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

    19. Likens Hibiro

      Why do you need a vpn

    20. SinOfUltraInstinct

      3:29 how ever fast forward 3000 years “ lmao only hear this in anime

    21. Dj Hall

      Doesnt meliodis have the commandment of immortality

    22. lunine animationZ

      Meliodas is piety

    23. Terrell Jones

      What about gowther

    24. Smithy Finn

      800th comment

    25. Nathan Mehretab

      Nobody: The Drive Time lady: that's a car

    26. ayato amagiri

      Meliodas commandment is wrath

    27. Jahit Hoque

      Wow that's a one and a half minute ad !

    28. javen chris

      Gother the doll is the commandment of selflessness watch the anime series

    29. xd sao

      Listening to this guy miss pronounce the names hurts me

    30. Impatient Sociopath

      Video starts at 2:13

    31. My life is anything

      In the Thumbnail Estarossa’s commandment is Benevolence so is Meliodas’s

      1. ayato amagiri

        Your so wrong bro watch the anime meliodas commandment is wrath

    32. kealynwolf

      It's kind of triggering how your not saying the names right. It's not Galand it's pronounced Gal-land just watch the anime on netflix to say the names right please.

    33. Sandjay Pirthipal

      Fraudrin never had a commandment bestowed on him

    34. Nikolai Radam

      That is my favorite anime

    35. Trayson Watson

      My favourite commandment is galand of truth n zeldrus

      1. Kane ツ

        Trayson Watson gloxinia is mine

    36. Dixon Adair Ireland

      Galand of truth is the one I like the most

    37. Bob Honda civic

      In conclusion .... Love makes u do the craziest things

    38. Toxic DJ

      Around the end of the video i just realized that i just spoiled so much plot and character development fuck

    39. Brayden Tyler

      The real commandment of selflessness is gathor the sin of lust to

    40. Josh Westmacott

      Gother is the commandment of selflessness

    41. Jose Cabrera

      That show is fire🔥

    42. Donyell Reyes

      Gowther is the real commandment of selflessness. Fraudgen doesn't have the commandment from demon king.

      1. ᴍᴅɢ coedeen

        Donyell Reyes the Demon Lord gave Fraudrin the commandment temporarily. So he did have the commandment. This is the only case that 2 people had the same commandment at one time.

    43. BenjamiPlaysYT King

      My favorite is meliodas

    44. Fl1NTy026 Gaming

      I wish you said that there was manga spoilers

    45. That kid Dasch

      Froudrin was never giving a commitment

    46. Super Saiyan Bro

      When can I buy the movie on bluray and when is season 2 out on bluray

    47. Adam Zabawa

      Fun fact: If you watch Seven deadly sins season 2 with polish subtitles You discover that Gloxinia is genderless

      1. Xilus

        Glox is a dude.

      2. Adam Zabawa

        @Dayveon Harris sounds like a trap propaganda but ok

      3. Dayveon Harris

        Fun fact: who really cares about the gender of a character! If it's said what gender they are then cool.

      4. maloun22


      5. Joy

        I knew it !!!

    48. SevenDragonNinjaAttackFairys Osby

      Monspeet is my favorite Derieri is second yeah love them both and they unrequited love the saddest part (cried so much at it all) (😢😭)

    49. Kailash Indurjith

      FYI not to be rude but Gowther is the commandment of selflessness and froudrin is just a replacement and has not yet received a commandment yet I know all this because season 3 came out explaining this in the last 4 to 3 episodes

    50. Remco F. Gerritsen

      You not only learn about the seven deadly sins commandments, but also a bit other stuff xD

    51. Hayden Mauger

      plz learn how to say there name properly

    52. Xigo

      I dont really understand which person matches what commandment in the list

    53. Dark clover

      Zeldris is the best of the 10 comments

      1. ayato amagiri

        Do you mind explaining why

    54. cory yhap

      Ya should have said spoilers at the beginning for ppl that didn't read it

    55. Ayush Singh

      #praise the sun

    56. Jovie omay

      Im just Glad That Meliodas and Elizabeth Are together battling against Zedris which Is the vessel of the Demon King..

    57. DagarCave

      When’s season three gonna be on Netflix

    58. RebornX Naranjo

      been looking for these for years

    59. Zetrakil0513

      How did every sin get there well sins?

    60. Nekron Cifer


    61. Keegan Fox

      Frodrin is not the commandment of selflessness it is goater which you find out near the end when the holy knights say they have a suspicions that goather is a commandment because he says I am goather comadment selflessness

    62. Dark Games

      I like calling Meliodas God of destruction bc he destroyed an entire caste

    63. Kevin Luna

      Skip to 2:15 for start of video

    64. Takauchi Nishika

      Gowther the guy who singlehanded make war and stop it

    65. Zachary Ridenhour

      Is it weird how I had a deep respect for Most of the other's command ments before I knew this I have only seen seasen 3 of the show

    66. Josephine Walton

      Her comendment affected if you think of anything wrong to do with her it won't kill you in some sort of way

    67. Ultra Instinct Goku

      I can't believe you didn't talk about meliodas' curse who was given to him by the demon king and the Supreme deity who gave it to Elizabeth and doomed them to always meet and meliodas would have to witness Elizabeth die for eternity this is the real reason he can't die, and was his punishment for betraying the demon clan for Elizabeth

      1. Amanda Belms

        He didn't talk about their curse because the video is about explaining the 10 Commandments and not Meliodas and Elizabeth's backstory.

      2. Ultra Instinct Goku

        If you want to know the whole story here is a wiki paragraph about the whole thing "During the last days of the war, the leaders of the Demon and Goddess Clans and their own parents, the Demon King and the Supreme Deity, respectively, have had enough of the defiance of their children and worked together to punish Meliodas and Elizabeth. Personally confronted by his god-like father, Meliodas could do nothing against the Demon King and was effortlessly overpowered and killed alongside Elizabeth, who was confronted and equally hopeless against the Supreme Deity. However, their punishment was far worse than death. The Supreme Deity cursed Meliodas with immortality as his punishment, reviving him every time he died, in exchange for his emotions being consumed more and more until return to be the bloodthirsty demon he once was. The Demon King cursed Elizabeth with perpetual reincarnation, forcing her to live human lives in which she would always reunite with Meliodas and die right before his eyes, over and over again. While not knowing why he survived unscathed from their battle, he saw Elizabeth dead."

    68. Jude Robinson


    69. dUMMY thICC

      Can someone take the actual Ten Commandments and compare them to these commandments? Ex. Piety- Thou shall not leave your one true god (If I’m wrong about the example, pls correct me)

    70. Miguel Lara

      If anyone that kills in front on glayroad die for old, why estarossa didn’t die when he killed meliodas?

      1. sahil guleria

        Miguel Lara because commandment do not works on fellow commandment... I think that has been explained in manga

    71. SharkShocker

      Every Commandment Piety, Love, 22:35

      1. little mary

        Damn you

    72. starbase

      when is season 3???

      1. Tony Bullene

        Not sure. Watch in on Netflix though. :)

      2. starbase

        @Tony Bullene oh wth, why isn't it on kissanime?

      3. Tony Bullene

        @starbase yes it is. It is on Netflix dude

      4. starbase

        @Tony Bullene it's not out yet.

      5. Tony Bullene

        Already out. Season 4 is being made

    73. KillerPotatoZ

      Thanks ~

    74. HIMAN 207

      La Kong pakealam sa sponsor mo gago

    75. Manuel Alonzo


    76. george hernandez

      I have a question can you tell the past of Meliodas

    77. Erdan


    78. Erdan


    79. Erdan


    80. Nauroze Mir

      its not ga-lant, its gal-ant

    81. Tachibana Hosuke

      Why wasn't Estarossa affected by the commandment of Pacifism when he killed Meliodas? Do angels/demons not follow the concept of time (aka immortal)?

      1. tom a

        the commandants don’t effect other commandants

      2. Space Genotism

        I think it was bc he technically didn't die, just took a nap


      Can Gowther feel pain

      1. SOVIET DUCK

        Amanda Belms If I were to read the manga from where Netflix left nnt off

      2. Amanda Belms

        I don't think so, he doesn't have any feelings. But since he got his heart back, I don't know.

    83. Barrows Slayer

      1st commandment says no vpn cheating on online games look who broke it

    84. Hello Kind sir

      It’s funny that both the commandments of love, loved Elizabeth

    85. 666 666

      My favorite commandment is Estarossa.

    86. Nicholas Strenge

      This he just call gallond galland?

    87. Ryder Jones

      Rmm itza by USB VIP top U coy Dutch nati ride RV's DIY TNT Disney rosi Jack

    88. Gavin Boyd


    89. Vcc Cv


    90. nitin bhardwaj

      Definitely add spoiler alert next time 😭

      1. Amanda Belms

        There's a spoiler alert at the beginning before he started explaining. Also, by reading the title alone you should already know it would contain spoilers

    91. oirucrem esperida

      My favorite demon is fate she's the most annoying in all of them like if she's really annoying spoiler alert she's still alive at next season and turns to giant snake

    92. Wesh Abi

      video starts at 2:14

    93. Chris Fenn

      Animeupraor you should do the weakest to strongest on the six knights of black from seven deadly sins

      1. Amanda Belms

        I have a question since I'm not up to date with the manga yet. Are the six knights of black canon or not?

    94. Gloxinia

      My favorite commandment is monspeet (I known My name is Gloxania but let’s not talk about hat)

    95. Damion Boller

      Esta rosa is just a bitch that is a meliodas doppelganger with big muscles and gray hair

    96. Kram Haron

      Can someone tell me how many his commandment explained video because its getting boring