Every Character's Commandment Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)



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    Every Character's Commandment Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)
    In this video, I look at each member of the 10 Commandments (past and present). I examine how they relate to their specific commandment and what their specific commandment's power is.
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    1. AnimeUproar

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      1. Dillon Fenris

        Dude you take like a minute and half every video to sellout? Then take another minute to sell your other videos? Jeez for much actual content, 10 minutes... maybe you should focus on more content eh?

      2. breaker nova

        Gother is selflessness

      3. JoseSilverflame

        And you said piety wrong, come on man, this channel gives off bad impressions.

      4. JoseSilverflame

        Dang no spoiler alerts for manga

      5. anime theory

        do you like sao

    2. Mj TV

      where did the sins got their logo or the tattoo?

    3. One Punch Man

      But who has the strongest commandment?

    4. starkiller ink

      Damn this anime looks like shit

    5. Da Bac0n

      Im gonna like this vide-- Escanor: *who decided that?*

    6. AMVNation

      Melodies didn't have a commandments

    7. Spaghetti Lasagna

      Sate sate sate

    8. Mr.scruby92

      And gother

    9. Cristihan Rosas


    10. Big Peen

      *Insert a line where escanor is cocky here* Pretty much every episode he is transformed

    11. Don Demarco

      So you’re telling me the real Gowther is still prisoned? And can someone tell me about Elizabeth

    12. Progamer Dkj

      Even if bans eyes burned would they just have regenerated

    13. Kim K School Girl

      My fav commandment is faith

    14. AYAMASTER DaPro

      Why is Merlin a Crimson Boar

    15. AYAMASTER DaPro

      Love you. 😃

    16. Hayden Robinson

      Derriere X Moles feet ( i turned on suptitles this was how it spelled...) ( also its the one who cant tell his feelings or uneccary info) forever!

      1. AYAMASTER DaPro

        Milly odas.. Try guessing who it is.

      2. AYAMASTER DaPro

        Derieri and Monspiet.. Hm, I think youtube may be drunk again.

    17. Hayden Robinson

      at less i wont die in front of the comment of retince, since i avoid human intration in irl

    18. Kevin Daniel


    19. Seven deadly sins Fan

      Zeldries my favorite

    20. Angelo Geli

      Just realized Fraudrin was just a substitute for Gowther for the commandment of Selflessness, a "fraud" after all.

    21. Ο Θεός

      Estarossa and Meliodas were actually the commanments of benevolence not love

    22. Allen Dumancas

      NORDVPN is From Cynide and happyness 😂😂😂

    23. VJ Quarles

      Starts at 1:27

    24. Lu

      22:01 shows 2 demons from 3000 years ago that you didnt speak about, seemingly they were in derieri and probably gloxinia/drole places. i am reffering to the little guy that looks like a toy standing on Galland's shoulder and the beaded guy right behind Meliodas. would like to know + 'bout them

    25. Carlos Serna

      why tf would you put a spoiler in the thumbnail? it didn't even give me a chance to avoid it

      1. Carlos Serna

        VASKeN Studios spoilers for the anime bruv. just be super conservative with your thumbnails and video titles. Spoil all you want in the actual video itself bc people can avoid it but we can't avoid scrolling past spoiler ass titles and thumbnails

      2. VASKeN Studios

        What spoiler

    26. Sangay Wangchuk

      Estarossa=good/bad brother

    27. E play_859

      The commandment are part of the demon Kings power. But he state love is weak an this an that how the demon king have love to give an how did the demon king get love to give some of the commandment shouldn't of been able to give selflessness

    28. jose morales

      F*ck u

    29. Emmalee Collins

      I'm more of a hero kinda gal

    30. MyrlaTV

      Skip trashy advertisements with this link 2:15

    31. ScourgeAshfur95

      my favourite commandment is meliodas

    32. Souhail Zouhal

      Tbh my favorite commandement is Estarossa he is like so badass and strong

      1. Hey Im Watchin You

        @Souhail Zouhal but i still like his commandment cuz it does not involve death

      2. Hey Im Watchin You

        @Souhail Zouhal ye

      3. Souhail Zouhal

        @Hey Im Watchin You honestly who cares about the commandement,Estarossa s commendement is kinda opbut it doesnt cause death like galan or grayroad.

      4. Hey Im Watchin You

        so you made him your favorite for being badass and strong but not his commandment? no wonder why the comment doesnt have anylikes

    33. Souhail Zouhal

      Remember when GilThunder was a badass strong character.

    34. Derpy TW

      i mean really, if you think about it, deriere not wearing clothes shows that she is pure, and untainted, as in the garden of eden, they only wanted to wear clothes after they have eaten the fruit of truth, and become impure.

    35. God

      how did you pronounced balor's eye wrong??? how????

      1. Pistol

        How did you conjugate "pronounced" wrong??? How????????

    36. The King of Antarctica

      Manga readers know how much of a g Monspiet is

    37. TITANfox 2.0

      Commandment of love

    38. Bound Boxing Blogs

      my favorite commandment is Sunshine ;)

    39. Martin Lengyel

      Wait meliodas sin is not wrath

    40. Cipher quest


    41. karl ze great

      Wait a second......these weren't ten...?

    42. Kyle Davis

      22 minutes and 34 seconds of this annoying ass voice fuck that skip

    43. Ajay raj negi

      Dude can you please tell me. ........how to read seven deadly sins one shot manga plzz. ...

    44. RecentsFN

      Average anime watchers: ... Weebs: uH iTs beNeVeLeNcE noT loVe

    45. Mr Friday

      arent these the sins , not the commandments

    46. MesengerStarfish l

      My favourite is Galand of truth

    47. i punch

      Meliodas probably got his curse from breaking his commandment. His is everytime he dies he become less and less self aware, each time he dies his emotions are being stripped from him making him more and more sinister. So the effect of the Commandment of love is you can't die and you become more and more sinister every time you to point of death then revived. Or Meliodas' father (Demon king) put an extra curse on him because he was supposed to be his successor.

    48. xiaolan liu

      When u have him talk about sponsorship for a minute

    49. Abena May

      I really dont get how meliodas doesnt remember gowther from when he was the captain of the commandments

    50. guestjandow ROBLOX

      I don't think Meliodas is a love commandment

    51. Richard Kelly

      If you haven’t watched the series don’t read this. It contains the last few words of melodious at the end of the last episode to Elizabeth. Didn’t maleodis also have another commandment. Because he keeps reviving with every death he gets closer to his previous form as the leader of the Ten Commandments?

    52. A bowl of Rice

      No spoiler warning?

    53. ZerNobuu

      I’m late but can’t ban age since he killed melascula in front of grayroad I mean he is a commandment

    54. Oh Bids

      meanwhile I’m freaking out about that, OLSO IS ROW

    55. Anna Z

      “nordVPN is by far the fastest and easiest” escanor: *whO dEciDeD tHaT?!?!?*

      1. Joseph Leece

        Merlin** is the fastest and easiest

    56. Vessel of darkness

      I just realised Meliodas' commandment was benevolence but he was known to be the most evil and cruel of all the demons but if his commandment was benevolence shouldn't he have never bin able to fight any of the enemies of the demon king because of the effect of the commandment of benevolence

    57. Lynne Shackell

      Can you do a

    58. Ryuji Gallardo

      So what's meliodas commandment before

    59. Vaek

      Did i click for hear you talking about this fking useless shit vpn you mf ? I dislicked with my 18 accounts

    60. Alex Bohey

      Wait, since Escanor Stated to be the pinnacle of all races to Galand (the commandment of truth) without being turned to stone, but he didn't. Thus meaning Lord Escanor... *BIG DADDY SUNSHINE* is the greatest! *BOOM!!!!*

      1. Joseph Hamill

        He believes it to be the truth, doesn’t actually make it true it’s the same as when Diane said she’d never seen him after she lost her memory, she didn’t turn to stone even tho she had because she believed she hadn’t

    61. Tom Dyckes

      I think darear's command ment is broken i mean meleodas has been neer her write(;

    62. Sadair

      CZ-newsr: download this you so u can be secure and browse private Me: I don’t need it I watch porn without the incognito tab

    63. Anthony Rubio

      Meliodas is rage/madness

    64. Krazzler Z

      That's actually a good point that they may be able to turn them on and off. And yeah, I can see how she could think tactically

    65. obscureandrew

      am i the only one who fucking hates hawk

    66. Marcus Chan

      imagine how OP meliodas used to be. he was the most feared in his time meaning he would have killed many goddesses. the only goddesses who could've taken him on was Elizabeth (but she loves him so ), meal who did fight him but apparently fled or the supreme deity who did kill him