Escanor vs The Ten Commandments English Dub

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cool stuff

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    1. Zendrick Nicolas

      Everyone gangsta til it hits 12:00

    2. Blackplate

      7:20 why doesn't he have nipples?

    3. adlers charles

      Woah woah woah ban and company where right next to escanor the whole time ?

    4. Captain America

      Escanor is ron swanson and chuck norris combined

    5. Dirt Gee

      You aren’t as lucky as you are foolish escanor is the man his pride makes me proud

    6. Matidaishe Mavaza

      It’s not a two handed axe it’s a one handed axe escanor holds it while getting buffer by the second the commandment OH CRAP IVE DONE IT NOW Btw I forgotten his name

    7. GammaBoy

      Bro I’m not gonna lie I don’t blame the commandment of truth for dipping cause if that man was bout to take my soul away with that axe to I’m out

    8. Kruger pool The 13th

      Usually pride is my least favorite Sin but Escanor is just so fucking badass and cool everything about him is absolutely awesome

    9. Courtney Jackson

      Must suck having to buy a new shirt every day

    10. Derolix blazer

      Imagine your magic being so strong you cause a lake to evaporate

    11. Seth Cogburn

      Bruh this why escanor is my nigga fam boy wantes all tha smoke omm...

    12. THEone RECKER

      Escanor made one of the most powerful demons run from him which killed him, burned the other with his soul and made the other scream like a little bitch

    13. Fusion Z

      Is soul is literally too spicy to eat even for demons

    14. Gooney Tunez

      Favorite cocky one liner in all of anime: “what’s wrong? Did you find something there on the ground?” 😂😂 God I love Escanore

    15. Fez SpaceMoose

      The way they crafted the scenes based around escanor are brilliant. The way he stands over every person he fights.

    16. Gabriel musa

      Escanor the badass "cruel sun"

    17. K1

      Anime Dubs Suck WHO DECIDED THAT

    18. Nandeesh Kumar

      What's the show name

      1. Nandeesh Kumar

        @THEone RECKER thanks dude

      2. THEone RECKER

        Nandeesh Kumar the seven deadly sins

    19. John Tanseco

      hmm his power is sexual sun (anyone get the reference)

    20. Pain Uzumaki

      Girl: His power is over 40,000 Vegeta: *WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! IT'S OVER 9,000?!! IMPOSSIBLEEEEEEEEE!!!!*

    21. Trevor Flynn

      wth are these positions

    22. minecraft dutch

      Savage 11:25

    23. ĐɇȺŧħ

      When escanor said 👉☀ 💀 i felt that

    24. Kawaii GachaTuber

      Zeldris: OH NO, BROTHER!!!! *if only he knew*

    25. Ronald Marcano

      Heavy weapon.

    26. Lion Heart

      Did estarossa actually die or what

      1. THEone RECKER

        Lion Heart nah

    27. Lord Fader

      Had that Bitch weak in the knees @6:20

    28. Hridoy Paul


    29. Lion Sin Escanor

      Me yelling at my friend “You ate my burrito, who decided that?” “You drank my chocolate milk, who decided that?”

    30. Big Heart

      Escanor is not full of power, he is full of testosterone.

    31. MoonLigxt

      The convo with Galan basically went like this Galan: This thing is so flawed Escanor: Nah it’s just not for bitch niggas like you to touch

    32. SatIn MintGum

      At 14:12 can anyone tell me what those things are on escanors hips that hang over his legs what are they armor chaps or capes what?

    33. Sodolo FTS


    34. 달안녕

      "That power... a magic like this rivals Estarossa's!" LMAAAOOOOOOO.

    35. daniel williamson

      1:39 is just so epic

    36. nokriaki kakyoin

      Escanor is the definition of hold my beer

    37. Dah Lama

      can assault mode Meliodas lift Rhitta? cause for most of the day he is technically stronger.

    38. BLACK HAND

      The sub version's voice is more boastful and scary💕

    39. Plickiper

      Everyone is gangsta until Escanor uses his 'sunshine'

    40. Purple Nights

      She said magic like this rivals esterosa Me:please he has a power of the most powerful goddess

    41. Smug Boogiepop

      Let’s dissect this: Escanor literally overrode a command that forces PACIFISM by believing so much in his own strength that he genuinely felt no malevolence towards Estarossa. That’s some real OP shit and I love it. Perfect shit talking OP character.

      1. walter white

        Smug Boogiepop yes sir, but pacifism is the commandment of another demon, escanor’s curse was benevolence or love

    42. Cedric. Gru

      So are all the commandments dead After Season 2 ?

      1. walter white

        Cedric. Gru no, meliodes brothers are alive, and some others

    43. MadDarkScaryBurgerprince 066613

      I don't understand why people call him a shittalker? I mean he talk big but unlike someone like Vegeta Escanor backs it up. He is not talking shit. He is stading a fact

    44. Tylen Pillay

      Escanor reminds me of whitebeard

      1. Tylen Pillay

        @im sentinel prime that's true while whitebeard was more concerned about his sons

      2. im sentinel prime

        Yeh but escanor really goes on about pride

    45. NineTalesDestroyer

      100% Escanor is the strongest of the seven sins and I would ship Merlin and Escanor together .

    46. NineTalesDestroyer

      100% Escanor is the strongest of the seven sins and I would ship Merlin and Escanor together .

    47. amateur match

      Hes earned his pride

    48. Jaa Tee yee

      Yeah we get it you want us to subscribe

    49. Garrard

      English dub is bad? *Who decided that?*

    50. Kebila

      like him so much but unfortunately everbody saying that meliodas is stronger than him now in the manga, they say even ban and king are stronger now

    51. GtWrecked

      1:26 I'd smash

    52. M7 Magov

      Meliodas Dies Escanor: Who decided that?

    53. Phamtuanhung Pham

      Escano stronger than meliodas when at “The One” form At that time he can 1 hit meliodas but can only use that form for 1 minute

    54. kensonjhenfrix yngoc

      Y do ban always call hawk master

    55. Josh Wah?

      Escanor is a hentai protagonist.

    56. THEANIMEGUY 31

      CZ-news ad: unskipable Escanor: who decided that? CZ-news ad: skipable

    57. Ink [•different lusts•]

      "Ahahahahaha.." *bitch swipe* "And That is the sin of pride."

    58. Lordofice 18

      12:49 damn

    59. Mowanted 24

      Praise\[T]/ the [☀️] / \

    60. MrMasterDebate

      Why didn’t they just bring all the sins one at a time. They seem to be under using him.

    61. Nick Van Geel

      Lord Flex-anor Also 11:45, they where getting along and then a massive dick move

    62. Joshua Ndirangu

      Esconer is the strongest seven deadly sin

    63. kyle. fernandes

      So wait why did escanor run away after defeating the 2 commandments

    64. NaStu,D

      Can he be a match for saitama

    65. King Cgs

      The best and most terrifying part is that isn’t even his strongest point

      1. im sentinel prime

        Escanors strongest form is *the one*

    66. Revan Shan

      Escanor: Sub is better than Dub? Who decided that?

    67. blackmillennialmale

      Me: Is it in yet. Her: 5:58

    68. Michael Iv

      Escanor is literally too prideful to sin

    69. Alex Benitez

      His most powerful move should be hyper nova

    70. Lion Heart

      5:56 she's one thirsty bitch I'd run in the opposite direction from Reminds me of the alien from Men in Black II