Escanor vs The Ten Commandments English Dub

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cool stuff

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    1. Im The One

      Melascula is a bad bitch lmao

    2. coreyon davis

      lets see meliodas: captain america (because he's the captain) escanor: thor ban: iron man diane: hulk merlin: black widow gowther: nick fury king: hawkeye

    3. coreyon davis

      6:03 chewing 5 gum. stimulate your senses

    4. coreyon davis

      galan: i cannot hold back 4:23 escanor: alright im about to end this man's whole career

    5. Kyle Kennedy

      Admit, you all came here for 10:26

    6. Homeless to Greatness


    7. mine 88

      I bet their hearts for a second

    8. tony2aviles

      When estarossa was brought to his knees from escanor punch I don't think it was actually the punch that did it if you guys don't read the Manga I apologize in advance but maybe Sunshine was reminding estarossa of his real life who he really was as Mael

    9. Sharpstrike

      I love how Escanor looks more shocked than anything that Estarossa just punched him

    10. Sensei Smoke

      She cant handle escanors big dick!!!!!!

    11. FrEndShiP sOlOs fICtiOn

      who came here after his death :-((((

    12. Louieniall

      I like how galand said to escanor “lets assume for a moment what youre saying is true”, even though his commandment wouldve turned him to stone if he lied, so really you cant assume that he wasnt telling the truth since escanor isnt stone

    13. Stevey Youtube

      Gowther thought he could actually take escanor on lol, he wouldve been destroyed if escanor actually fought him...

    14. Feitan Portor

      17:25 zeldris actually cares about his brother

    15. Danny Sierra

      Ascanor:I stand in the Pentagol of all life Kars: that was my thing

    16. Theo Sherman


    17. Canodiablo

      That voice for Escanor is perfect

    18. anjas dwinarta

      When you realize escanor is the youngest seven deadly sins member

    19. Chris Bock

      Man reading the manga really puts a whole new perspective on his fight with Estarossa and why he fucked off after beating him and when he saved Ban

    20. Anime Bitch

      I’ve mastered my impression of Escanor

    21. Fortnight Pro

      KFD - Kentucky fried demons

    22. Adam Brunn

      Dont fuck with a Red Head haha

    23. Mahfuzul hasan Anik

      In many anime demons or aliens looks down opon we should say we are weak how decided that

    24. Mandalore the Hunter

      Bruh I already loved this man's voice, but when he said "DIE" like that I was like holy shit this dude is a sounds so damn scary

    25. Torazu Ultasaki

      Galland:My power level is 4,000!! Broly:Bitch please my power level is 10,000!! Vegeta:Kakarot's power level IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND!!!

    26. Kelvo Oketch

      "Who the hell is this guy anyway"... He was starting to be afraid of escanor at that point... It really made me feel tingly

    27. BallrBrandon24

      What sin is your favorite mine is escanor

    28. Cyanide -drink up

      He's not concerned about exerting himself because he's running out of magic, it's because he's worried about exerting himself to the point where he won't be able to control it or to where he'll do too much damage.... Just think about that.

    29. _ fcxrl

      What if galand didn't turn to stone?

    30. Udood Kenny

      Zeldris pushed him further into that sun.. what a big help.

      1. Sadaf Mansib

        I was Wondering the same thing for a month

    31. Abella Benigno

      The best fight ive ever seen

    32. Ali Bob

      Rip escanor

    33. Nizar Al Soufi

      ☀ 👆 😠 👕 👖 👞👞

    34. Jeffrey Saguin

      suzuki: lets kill escanor escanor: who decided- okay

    35. Random_ Anime

      I like how escanor laugh and then One shot him even if he didn't die it was still cool 4:00 lol 11:25 damn i like how he said that why should bare any hatred from someone obviously weaker than my self all i feel is pity 16:40 just wow am freaking out damn escanor my favorite character And now for cruel sun i will be the one to decide ... die😏😏

    36. David Potts

      Talk about a heartburn. Lol 5:58

    37. David Potts

      Escanor went from Luigi to f****** Chuck Norris!

    38. Londinium Armoury

      That meme is dead, it's cringe to use in 2019. WHO DECIDED THAT?

    39. Rathalos31a

      For the great sin with toying others heart you will now atone with your flesh Holly shit was that awaysome

    40. Alexander Gauthier

      I could watch the Escanor vs Galand 1000 times and it never gets old.

    41. aSAD Hollow

      Zeldris full from will kill escanor but I wonder who will decide that

    42. Gassed Games

      Script: escanor will lose Escanor: who decided that?!

    43. Goku Black

      @Ethan Bullock rewatch the cell games if he would’ve won the ki blast struggle against gohan it would have blew the galaxy

    44. White Reaper

      12:45 SAVAGE! XD

    45. White Reaper


    46. Dmaster beast

      5:55 she meant who gave me this ghost pepper

    47. Aman Ahuja

      Me: After that round, we're both satisfied. My gf: WHO DECIDED THAT?

    48. pickle nuggets 243

      I'm having your baby Escanor: Who decided that?

    49. Tesla Model 69

      Why does estarosa look like shaggy ultra instinct?

    50. Earnest Blacknell

      If escanor and Meliodas died forever I would never watch this again

    51. Sudhanshu Panta

      Rip my man escanor

    52. Kenshin6321

      Ok, 11:13 has to be one of the most bada** confrontations in anime history. Everything about that scene is great. Notice how before the scene Estarosa is looking down on everyone. Then Escanor walks confidently towards him and at when they meet at eye level he says "All I feel is pity". One more step and it is Escanor who is looking down on Estarosa. So freakin BADA**!!!!!!

    53. Weesums

      *SPOLIERS* Rip to the legend escanor 🤧

    54. Harshit Jain

      I will be "the one" to decide

    55. HMG I TheLucasSlayer

      You know how powerful escanor is when he said he is the pinnacle of all races in front of Galland of Truth and he didn't turn into stone which means he wasn't lying

      1. king emfj3201

        He actually is the strongest of all races

      2. ꧁The Artist ꧂

        Just meant he believed he was telling the truth

    56. Sauceboi 6 Billion

      17:11 There wasn't enough emphasis on that "D"

    57. Cerulean

      Never forget, rest well Lion Sin.

    58. I Am Too Lazy To Come Up With A Name

      We just gonna ignore the fact that Snek Loli would have won had his unique ability been anything else?

    59. Silupe George

      RIP Escanor☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

    60. Pain

      Escanor: Hold my beer Ban 11:14

    61. So edgy

      Hit like if you read the latest manga chapter😭😭😭

    62. Extol Extol

      Galand is more scared of Escanor than the

    63. Young Comrade

      I stand at the *pringle* of all clans

    64. 08スターリン

      Came here after escanor died in manga came to praise the sun for last time

      1. koran coleman

        Same but don't spoil the watchers poor taste man :(

    65. great fun

    66. clectro man

      I just really want to see a escanor vs the four archangels battle, but escanor will lose, except if he is gonna use his ultimate one form and die.


      Look at me JUST LOOK AT ME

    68. kenson pierre

      Who’s here after reading manga chapter 333 Praise the sun 😢

      1. Raghav Sharma

        It's more like no one could kill him, so he killed himself & died standing like a real OG. Lion Sin of Pride.

      2. Marksouf epic


      3. Cortez Baker

        I shouldn't have scrolled down the comments

      4. dino jake

        Escanor will always be in a place in all your hearts

      5. dino jake


    69. Thrill._ Steph_.

      🔥 ☀️ ☝️ 🙋‍♂️ 👕 👖 👞👞

    70. Aaron Linares

      3:20 face's escanor