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    1. —TheLegend27 —

      I wonder what would happen if saitama went against estarossa, saitama would feel his punches at twice the power

    2. Wawy Wawy

      You can see how badass he is because when he said he was the pinnacle of all races he did not get turned to stone by galand’s commandment

      1. Wawy Wawy

        Ann Sears lol I am on 310 I am not too caught up.

      2. Ann Sears

        u can see in the latest chap , escanor with sunshine is capable of tanking many demon king attack nd even inflicting damage upon him that said , this is so weird considering escanor *with sunshine* got stomped by chandler and cusack fusion mode back then

      3. Ann Sears

        @Wawy Wawy nah not really , mael himself said that he cant really fight the demon king it means that sunshine is arguably stronger with escanor than mael (the original user)

      4. Wawy Wawy

        Ann Sears when Escanor uses the one he is not that strong his power level is less then 300k Mael is around 500k in the one I am caught up to the manga and also I most likely have forgotten if graces were immune to the affects of the commandments

      5. Ann Sears

        @Wawy Wawy read the manga , the one is now arguably comparable to demon king level wait a sec.. escanor aint even on the one mode

    3. Anime Junki

      Can you make a Reaktion to one of my Videos

    4. dari_ m

      "I'm just gonna put this bluntly the commandment are screwed" Hey he didn't turned into stone...I guess we know what that means

    5. Davinci MC

      Here you go 1:53

    6. Jovie omay

      And there zeldoris Helping his brother to Push toward the sun HAHAHAH!

    7. DoppleSoddner

      Pewdiepie is the best youtuber Tseries: Who decided that?

    8. Smoothmj

      this is ear rape what’s worse is that how tf did this be on my recommendations \;-;/

    9. That one guy

      Imagine if it was always high noon?

      1. Davinci MC

        The God of the sun arrives

    10. John McT

      Ritta might not be enough to supress it ... Keep that in mind

    11. amen kaabi

      Someone got beaten by his own powers xD history books readers know what I mean xD

    12. german ascencio

      Reaction vid's are bad and lazy

    13. Benedict Bohol

      *Hes over 90000!*

    14. Bob Joe

      I can’t stand that one kid with the black headphones and glasses

    15. Fikri Fathoni

      Reuploader fuck

    16. Ya Na


    17. Robin Chaos

      I cant even hear whats happening. Atleast do like 2 or 3 different people not freaking 10! All i hear is screaming and yelling. Reactions are usually of a few people, not 10, thats why the other reactions to things are better than this. Why are theytalking and yelling and screaming when nothing interesting is happening like come on! Get some better people, people that dont yell and scream at everything and talk during the good moments. Their just like my dad, irritating, comments everywhere and everytime theres a movie and series being watched on the tv

    18. Dad Eee

      I find it great how escanor says he will respond to their full power but he never does in his own full power as he still sees himself above inferior life forms

    19. Sax

      I like how when he face Galand every word he speaked didn't turn him to stone his pride making him really believe that he is the pinnacle of all clan and that those two will actually die because of him.

      1. Bang K

        Wrong he has grace which grants him immunity to curses tho you are right in a way he really did believe everything he said

    20. unK0WN K1NG

      Who's the reactor second from the left?

    21. Jared Myers

      12:27 “it’s over 9000” followed by someone else saying “what” is just funny to me

      1. CypheR DOLL


    22. Xpkresx Lost

      You know you’re Op when a Demon calls you a monster.

    23. Justin Müller

      How would Estarosse react when Escanor used The One.

    24. Ging Ging


    25. Jimmy Viitala

      DUDE l have watch this like 0120204512054 times and l still get the same goosebumps like l did 1st time like shiiit l pray every night they will relies a season 3 or 4 what ever it is now

      1. Amir Hamza


      2. Anime fan

        Same here😆😆😆😆

    26. čäfé žīň

      🌞 ☝ CRUEL SUN

    27. Ryo Kd

      1:52 自分用

    28. Onepiecefan95

      I guess Melascula couldnt handle the Heat that is Escanor

    29. Kizo 6

      Anime Fan can u do the original mashup: Hashirama vs madara reaction mashup? Because I don't see it in the searches and I'm guessing that someone deleted it or whatever.

    30. dfgdfg dsads

      Say mashallah so he don't die Inshallah

    31. Azis Zami

      You guys look like an idiot

    32. Ibrahim Isa

      vegeta: ITS OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!! escanor: hold my axe

      1. sreme908

        That was a dry ass joke

      2. Dio Brando

        Bu-But he cant ;_;

    33. Ventura Cota

      I think the voice in Spanish is the best :D Creo que la voz en español es la mejor :D

      1. 吉田悠輝

    34. It's BleX

      That dumb fake reactions just stfu

    35. Arwend Lynn Gracia

      Damm escanor you are a god....nope just a human ho's loved by the sun!

    36. JAXMAN

      The most badass moment ......"who decided that"

    37. 매운날개구이

      ☀️ 👆

    38. shakerss

      Escanor is the beast ❤️❤️

    39. Jose Rodriguez Dominguez


    40. Saf-1 Razali

      Thats why escanor not appear in season 1......hahahahaha....

    41. jaciel rodriguez

      So what is estorssa comandment

      1. Muhammad Faizan

        His commandment is love, whoever hates estarossa cannot move at all due to his commandment.

    42. ronan alamillo

      hey watch escanor vs meliodas escanor wins and meliodas brings hes demons out

      1. ronan alamillo

        Oh yeah mael is back baby

      2. varnage cassity

        Meliodas is stronger tho

    43. Estarosa Moon Dass

      Just wait for the animation of the fight between Escanor and Meliodas.I assure you will have a bonner 💪💪💪💪

      1. Sabaku no Gaara

        y would they fight tho

      2. Lord Escanor

        @JAXMAN Yep, maybe ep 7/8

      3. JAXMAN

        Is it happening in the next season?

    44. s f

      医大ニキの顔よ(笑) 左向きニキ笑い方癖になるね

    45. s f


    46. 정지욱

      ☀ ☝

    47. Shubham Sonsurkar

      reaction channels are pretty much trash

    48. Escanor Sama

      No Wonder it Hurts, As Expected of My Own Attack.

    49. saieed ali

      That Boi LOOKIng Lika BEAST

    50. ESL_Puree

      Galands Power is 40K People : OMG 40K Escanor : Am I a joke for you?

      1. omni light_Xl

        It's over 9 million!!!!

      2. Ayuni

        Galand power level:40k People:OMG 40k Escanor:Yes

      3. Zano

        Hold my beer

    51. starck joffrey

      i just love this character even more than gon or hisoka

      1. na ni

        @Deathwish2201 well then i respect your opinion

      2. Deathwish2201

        na ni it’s not the truth lmao, erin is a terrible mc and 3/4 of the attack on titan community agrees with me

      3. na ni

        @A R K oh that slave?

      4. na ni

        @Deathwish2201 well someone can't handle the truth

      5. A R K

        @na ni captain Levi is the best character in aot

    52. AnonymousTV

      i just watch it for fun but these guys are like as if its real

    53. Hage ‘

      The seven deadly sins. HA! More like Escanor and his 6 henchmen.

      1. Sabaku no Gaara

        @Gaxow isn't that a spoiler tho ?

      2. Nizar Agustian

        Harlequin break Original Demon shield from miles away....at least he is as strong as Escanor before "The One" state imo

      3. TENdodeku

        @Gaxow I was talking to the OP because he thinks escanor is still the strongest (not trying to sound rude)

      4. Gaxow

        @TENdodeku true but meliodas got way stronger than them. even stronger than escanor

      5. TENdodeku

        Keeping it spoiler free, the other sins to powered up real good too

    54. illidan SR

      I hate it when they all fake their reaction

    55. Grim Dray

      Damn everybody was shook


      2:24 "He may be the top of the humans, but they are the top of the demons" Bruh ....... just stfu if you dont know anything about the show

      1. Michael Bylod Eriksen

        nikhil krishnan But he is, actually. Galand and Melascula are the weakest of The Ten Commandments, and once Chandler and Cusack shows up... Damn.

      2. nikhil krishnan

        he's not wrong tho

    57. Regular Man

      6:36 I like how they make fun of the name of Escanor power lmao.

      1. Dat Boi

        frostbite 47 lmaooooo the way that fucker said it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    58. harem is life

      No offense but those people are OA

    59. chinggis layfon

      like fullmetal pride is the strongest sin......lol

    60. Simon  Levin

      bunch of freaks

    61. Crown Jewel

      B E G O N E T H O T

    62. 艾倫普林斯

      you say you can't be my girlfriend ? who decide that? hum.....your father? okay......... nothing

    63. Joey Allen

      I'm came here for the reaction but I swear some of these people legit talk the entire time. People watch reactions to share a moment with other people but its almost impossible if you cant enjoy it as well. Bring on people who only get hyped in the hyped moments. The kid on the bottom left legit is having commentary.

    64. 콜라보레이터

      ☀️ ☝️

    65. Aluneth Master

      "no wonder it hurts, as expected of my own attacks" how badass is that...

      1. Dad Eee

        Rosinante Donquixote some reason I come by here and this has me rolling

      2. Rosinante Donquixote

        As badass as Escanor decides it to be.

    66. Roblox Piano PH


    67. Tom M. Faye

      ah the good old times when Escanor had no one even close to his strength

      1. ankush pandey

        Well atleast he is humanities biggest soldier.praise him for his deeds.

      2. Tom M. Faye

        @Rui Rui you didn't read the manga huh?

      3. Rui Rui

        What do you mean?

    68. OKUDA

      Imagine if he have English accent, that would be cool.

      1. Seven Deadly Sins Escanor

        @Yato Gami your just a fuckin hater i like dubs better some times people got opinions

      2. Gaxow

        @Yato Gami agreed. I cant stand dubs.

      3. Yato Gami

        @Pelón de brazzers Dubbed is trash. The voices are terrible. How can you even enjoy it?

      4. Pelón de brazzers

        @hello _ Japanese is awful, its like the same voice actor for every character, but it is the only way to watch anime instantly. I cant wait until the dubbed version appears

      5. Animesh Chaturvedi

        Any accent with a heavy duty voice would suffice

    69. Mr.GreenRay

      stupid american gays