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    1. FIRE RED

      Weebs praise the sun fast

    2. #リオ

      1:51 12:14

    3. The Flying DutchMan

      Could estarossa beat saitama if he just full counters his attack because saitama only has physical attacks

    4. dari_ m

      6:53 "Well things just got a heck of a lot more simple around here" Ya that's escanor's thing...someone says "I'm the StRoNgEsT" and escanor will just slap em

    5. Nakakapagpabagabag


    6. Szűcs Bence Attila

      Praise the sun,for the last time.. ☝️☀️

    7. fh h

      There so cringy.

    8. Augusto Chriezanoski

      The Chad Escanor vs The Virgin Estarossa

    9. 金正恩正金


    10. eric eagle

      Rhitta, his axe was suppressing his power all this time during the fights.... yup.. let that sink in.

    11. Xpkresx Lost

      Feel like all the reactors who don’t read the manga will bust a nut this season

    12. Imana Mancyy

      Escanor:Who decided that? ☀️ 👆

    13. DaFaQ pRuShUnT

      Galands Power is 40K People: OMG 40K Escanor : Hold my Rhitta axe

    14. HarambeIsStillWithU s

      Can niggas shut up and watch the fuckin anime

    15. BostonBoy 92

      Dude the guy on the bottom right was cracking my ass up

    16. Saro

      Only 1k subscribers but 500k views,damn they r pretty heartless😂

    17. Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride

      Praise my sun

      1. Hussnain khan

        Oh ur heatnes all hail mighty escanor

    18. Tomas Pinto Cerron

      Everybody gangsta until Merlin says: "His current power leves is 50055"

    19. Hoàng Thanh

      ☀️ ☝️ *Cruel Sun*

    20. Mohamed Saadi


    21. Anklage

      Little fun fact: *light spoiler alert* Estarossa didn't die . He's in a coma. I laughed my ass off when I read the manga xD

      1. Anklage

        @STR ikzs The third season is gross. Why the fuck is the blood censored. It ruins the whole anime. Won't watch it.

      2. STR ikzs

        Not a spoiler i have watched 4eps of season 3

    22. Gio Channel

      Fuck you

    23. Prashunjit Chakraborty

      Please mute first, or disable microphone..... no one can see the reaction with that much background noise

    24. foot fetish

      I wanna know the dude with the black and red background

    25. Emma Silvestro

      Galand is still my favourite commandment

    26. Juls Barz

      so many meme material in a single video

    27. Zech Merquise

      🌞 👆

    28. Noob Droob

      Everyone is a badass until some arrogant guy starts throwing suns at you.

    29. Usapang SHOWBIZ

      That guy on the lower right is annoying af, he just laughs and squeaks

    30. Time Squid

      And now we wait... For THE ONE

    31. Arda BS

      Everbody say:bla bala ıdpsçemd ğğ

    32. Hijikata Yukihira

      Praise the Sun

    33. Za Demon

      Escanor and Meliodas the funniest niggas in this anime 😂😂

    34. Sauceboi 6 Billion

      1:51 Guy on right middle:"This is a 1v2 though how is he gonna beat the one with sou-" Escanor:"And that is the sin of pride" Guy on right Middle:" OH WTF?!"

    35. Ace The FireDragon

      Escanor is so manly that even men turn gay for him.

      1. It Is Crusade

        Of course they would.

      2. Elemental Rice

        Lesbians turn straight for him.

    36. Santhosh Kumar

      One piece: if its one on one kaido wins Escanor sama: who decided that?

    37. triple 0verkillZ

      The dub makes these so much better

    38. Paul Mutzel

      haha I love Escanor so much! :D his quotes are just hilarously arrogant but fitting his character so well. One way to have an overpowered character in your story without making it boring/bad.

    39. уυrí ρlisetsky

      *Now that's pride right there*

    40. NikoGoKrazy

      Escanor's the goat. When he scoffs and says "Who Decided That" it even makes me feel like a badass. Fucking dope

    41. EasyTheProGamer RolePlay

      WHO IS THIS GUY Me: I am the lion sin lord escanor

    42. Saeed Al-Naser

      Well someone said he can take all of them in a single fight nope except zeldris

    43. Seth Aqui

      If he had returned to the city he would have melted it

    44. Razzer

      I hope Studio Deen will do a good job.

    45. mid night

      Moral of the story.. Don't mess with someone who can throw sun

    46. Nick Foster

      Doesn’t his power level reach near infinity exactly at noon

      1. Gobindpreet Rai

        Nick Foster lol or Goku

      2. Nick Foster

        @Gobindpreet Rai Bruh holy shit that means he’s literally Saitama for 1 minute

      3. Gobindpreet Rai

        Nick Foster he becomes invincible for one minute when he reaches high noon and transforms into THE ONE. When Escanor is in his THE ONE mode even tho it lasts only for a minute du to the sun only being high noon for a minute. He becomes the strongest character in the series.

    47. Vinh Phan

      9 ông này xem escanor solo với ma thần vương chắc rớt mồm ra ngoài

    48. Takato Z

      Bro where is your other ten commandment vs seven deadly sin video's I search but I can't find it if you deleted it please put all of them back it's all my favourite🥺

    49. Attack titan

      I just love how he disrespected Galand tho

    50. Everything About Anime Anime

      the one vs DK

    51. Arturo Rosas

      Praise the sun

    52. Acron Wilson

      The specs one on top row 4 th is bloody overreacting 😒

    53. lol lol


    54. Maniac Mohawk

      Spoiler without context: Dio: I’m the best donut maker Escanor: who decided that? *procceds to turn zeldris into a ring/donut*

    55. Tehahe

      I thought I heard someone say "Oh man Escanor is done for!" Who decided that?

    56. joker77

      6:10 when you eat too many ghost peppers

    57. triple 0verkillZ

      WHO DECIDED *T H A T!?*

    58. [e:LLUSIV ]


    59. Chris Ostreicher


    60. mr. man

      What happened to anime fight time?

    61. Ozan The Jedi

      12:27 ITS OVER 9000

    62. Food And Smile

      I remember when Estarossa showed up with stupidity overpowered abilities, that made me think that the battle was over before it even started... And then Escanor walked up to him and I was like, ' well, sorry I had some doubt, Estarossa is fucked! '

    63. Nikolas Frazier

      The reactions ended? WHO DECIDED THAT? Onto the next one.

    64. slop


    65. Nurazrul35 Nurazrul

      Zero sign.. Shit that fox hunt.. Ban no 1

    66. Bruno Frazão

      His power level when in "The One" form could easily be over 1 million.

      1. Xpkresx Lost

        Bruno Frazão it’s like 250k-400k I think

    67. Kenny Rapata

      'I am the on one who stands on top of all clans..... and he's pointing at the fucking sun' hahahah funny as fuck reaction

    68. Plushies Zerozero

      Can someone make a meme out of " * who decided that* "

      1. Ali Rahman

        Bruh, it's been a meme for years.

    69. Zannati Rajib

      What episode was this

    70. Attack on beserk Titans

      Who besides me knows that little guy that says brother is eren voice actor of attack on titan