Escanor First Appearance and his prestige | Seven Deadly Sins



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    1. Venime

      website anime :

      1. xero 9ravity

        Kinda whack that you're using the animeman's profile pic but mmk

      2. Zarintor

        Turn down the music next time

      3. Mr. Sans

        Venime Nice Editing

    2. onur bayramli

      Galland : Every one who lies to me gets turned into stone Escanor : Im the one who stands upp on all Clans Me : He didnt turn into stone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Carl James Osera

      Why put the fucking stupid music in the background? Tf

    4. yorusuyasoul

      Sleep tight mang Kanor

    5. achemus razernum

      Which episode is it

    6. Black Panther

      The backround music is awfull

    7. So edgy

      What is this shit music literally only came for escanors music but wtf is this hot garbage

    8. SwiftXKozy_YT

      I love escanors theme

    9. JohnOofYT 』

      3:35 Is she doing the dog style xD

      1. Sakari Kovalainen

        JohnOofYT 』 bruh

    10. Sulthan 00

      I never tired of this scene

    11. DeeJhay's Vlogs

      3:35 dat ass

    12. clam chowder


    13. shailen nanu

      Rest in peace, Lion Sin of Pride

    14. Rayy Cliff

      who else came here after chapter 333?

      1. MT2016

        "This sun will never set"

      2. Rayy Cliff

        @Hai Hai D:

      3. Hai Hai

        me :(

    15. Barbie Biatch

      sayonara escanor-sama

    16. Cerulean

      Praise the sun forever :(

      1. Can’t Relate But Can Relate

        Cerulean :(((((((((((((

      2. Shendo Hakk

        Cerulean for ever :((((((((

    17. isim siz

      ı didnt understand anything because of that silly music

      1. Game Bros

        @isim siz oh ok

      2. isim siz

        @Game Bros ı didnt mean that but it is ok

      3. Game Bros

        Subtitles bro

    18. Vinh Triệu

      Damn the music is so good, best Escanor encounter I have seen, good editing and good music choice. Don't tune it down or anything lol


      May I ask the title of the song?

    20. Henna Peltonen

      Shit music

    21. BeatboxMitchel

      Lion Sin Escanor: the most balanced overpowered character ever

      1. Dániel Szőcs

        @BeatboxMitchel well in Mael's case you can say one of the most powerful abilities, He can create huge sun and the sun's size maybe 500 times bigger than cruel sun.

      2. BeatboxMitchel

        @lord shenron i said most balanced, not most powerful

      3. lord shenron

        There are many anime characters powerful than escanor

    22. YaBoiCosmo

      Who did the subtitles?

    23. Ghoul Bladezilla

      Got it Darkest ThunderboltFantasy

    24. Ghoul Bladezilla

      Would you please tell me, what is that music?

    25. BlackShep

      3:30 she’s real hot

      1. Ken Llorente

        She swallow deep

    26. Dabi

      Die musik im hintergrund ist komplett scheiße nervt und triggered richtig.

    27. Kriston S

      How to ruin a good anime moment. This video.

    28. Wassim Akkire

      What was that ost 😃

    29. Ruz

      Fcken hate the background music.

    30. Koruツ

      What's the music? Can anyone tell meh

    31. Muhammad Haikal

      4:05 Poor zhivago. Jericho couldn’t even avenge him

    32. Juguito Btw

      Mf stop the music

    33. Monkey D. Luffy

      Would ve given it a thumbs up... But u decided to add that stupid music in the background

    34. rage.kagura2

      What's with the music? I can't here what the characters saying

    35. David Kwon


    36. Nereqla

      F**k this bg music.

    37. Napoleon Provens

      Where can I actually watch this series?

      1. UzumaKI Naruto

        9anime/kissanime :/

    38. Agent I

      Galland: does his most powerful attack Escanor: all that for a drop of blood

      1. Colour

        Hidan : laugh hysterically

    39. Paul Leonard / DJ

      2:40 "All that for a drop of blood..."

    40. geetchandra laishram

      Your music 😠

    41. Mr. Tiger

      "ohH... ohH... OhhhHhHh"

    42. Halo Halo

      Escanor reminds me of Tobi from Naruto. Acts like a wimp, but actually a monster.

      1. Brody Thomas

        Yeah, his night state has a power of like, 5 I think. Then he's the absolute strongest at noon.

      2. Azir emperor of the sands

        It's not an act. He truelly is a wimp in his night state. And a total monster during day

    43. Saurav Rawat

      The guys escanor has beaten -meliodas in leader of commandments form -zeldris with demon kings power -estrossa(mael) in demon form

      1. Msb

        Firas Drass finally someone with some common sense

      2. Tolga Kasap

        @Wazz this is just a theory everyone says that because zeldris mention it but zeldris also said something like im not like my brother im not gonna underestimate you while he's got the power still got absolute wrecked by escanor also demon king got his ass beaten and pushed to use long range attacks by escanor this dude is just a human with a grace still managed to go that far

      3. Firas Drass

        @Wazz People keep saying that shit, you clearly do not read the manga, The one escanor was 1 v 1 ing the demon king and held his own. There is no fkin way assault mode meliodas is stronger than The one . In that one minute, escanor in the manga is portrayed as the ultimate power even the demon king could not beat him.Outside of that one minute, meliodas is stronger. The only way meliodas beats escanor is if he kills him before highnoon.

      4. Saurav Rawat

        @Wazz he also had almost defeated zeldris (with demon kings power)but Cusack turned on the night so zeldris was saved

      5. Wazz

        He only beat meliodas because meliodas was toying around with him. If meliodas actually wanted, he would've killed escanor.

    44. Smael Neo

      the background music is too loud and annoying

    45. karlo fred

      im the 200k viewer

    46. Selarom Ogeid

      3:33 when he put it in without warning

    47. cayden kwek

      Escanor makes sunshine a good attack

    48. Jesee

      Fix your shitty music. It’s so loud

    49. Kuro Kuma

      Fuck this background music

    50. Erron Black

      name of the music in the background pleassseee

    51. Ahmed Harb

      I’m the only one enjoy the music with escanor debut I find it great to be honest !

      1. Himmatdan Ratnoo

        Me too..

    52. Michael Talamo

      What's the name of the background music?

      1. Game Bros

        Thunderbolt by fantasy

    53. Krystian Kornilowicz

      bro imagine him saying it's high noon and yelling naught but an inch. this is hard to understand with out reading

    54. Sister Jennie

      Without watching the anime yet, the music makes this scene quite op tbh Edit: I finished watching the anime and still find it better with the music

      1. WillyBoyy

        Sister Jennie what episode is this?

    55. Cristina Gecobe

      the music in the background is called "darkest" by mika kobayashi a popular music singer, and she was also "THE ONE" who sings the main battle theme of the anime "ATTACK ON TITAN/SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN", and this song was from the series "thunderbolt fantasy", so insulting and complaining about this music means that you're also complaining and insulting about mika's godlike voice, so stop it, if you wanna complain do nicely like this "excuse me, the music is so loud that i can barely hear anything else" not like this "why the hell this shity fucking music is so loud, it's annoying", how ignorant, i know it's loud but don't mock the music but the creator of this video for making it so loud

    56. X XX-claudiJR-XX

      The song please

    57. ToTsKieYT 09

      Guys what title the background music

    58. Funny Funny


    59. Sarah Polestico

      What season and episode is this?

    60. JustinF7676

      The Music killed the vibe

    61. Sanchit Dobhal


    62. 走り屋さま


    63. Ugly Dude Passing By

      Sorry, theres a bit of anime in your music....

    64. Wes Baldridge

      Damn, after watching this video.. I definitely think this should be Escanor's theme every time he fights. Pure epicness. Nice work 👍

    65. Zygarde _77

      Stupid song

    66. Jayant Singh

      What's the episode no. Please

    67. Swerve

      Lmao I remember that

    68. Tokachirikato Zukaarinokushi

      2:53 was the best part the music made escanor look even more badass they way it showed his giant form to scare galland

    69. Peter Vang

      the song playing sounds like its from thunderbolt fantasy?

      1. Natsu Sensei

        Peter Vang that the song dude

    70. StanDaMan29CPT

      Fucking annoying 😠 background music