Escanor First Appearance and his prestige | Seven Deadly Sins



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    1. Glen Algelin

      Why chop up the video? What's with the music? You lost me at 2:29 because of it..

    2. King W

      "Soouuun shiennn"😂

    3. A J

      Why do idiots fuck scenes up with their shitty interpretation music.

    4. yuugen

      Cant bare this stupid music in tje background

    5. Eazy Poet

      I like the music in the background

      1. ameur dz

        Eazy Poet is it me or is this a slow version of an aot song?

    6. Senku

      Why music on the background

    7. Eto Hige Gamer Culture

      That over bearing background

      1. BBBF PASTOR


    8. ryuzaki

      I thought Gintoki use wooden sword ? What is he doing here ?


      What episode did they find escanor?

      1. --

        SPARTAN LOCKE 14

    10. canalis inguinalis

      wtf with the music ,

    11. Vegeta

      3:27 Soul eater style

    12. daniel puttre

      Leave or die.... make your choice , While I’m still a feminist. That is the most unusual threat I’ve ever seen be terrifying

    13. Loveless

      that background music ruined it.

    14. I sharted myself in depression

      The music is fucking annoying

    15. dead man games

      Can someone tell me the name of the song?

    16. Gregorius

      You, the uploader! You are complete idiot because of putting this shitty music in the background. Just saying. But seriously, ehhhhh........

    17. MelaninSweetie Sugar

      The music is a little too loud

    18. Rated Zigs

      Lelouch vi Birtannia

      1. Krazzler Z


    19. Shang. hai

      3:34 the camera angle is kinda weird but i like it.

    20. Dillon Yan Grajo

      The DWMON Die From The Heart Attack XD

    21. CaptainMoist

      Description says its an AMV.

    22. Habanero Jones

      Fuck you.

    23. Ethan Malandain

      I love the background music, i think it fit with escanor

      1. Play W/Jalessa

        Yesssss u got that right

      2. Ethan Malandain

        @Comment Boy i read it but i don't watch the anime, too much blood. So you are telling me that it Come from attack of the titans but escanor is above the titans so it fit

      3. Comment Boy

        Doesnt the background music makes you thinks of attack on titan?

    24. Krittix

      disliking cause that bullshit music

    25. Logik

      That loud music is toxic as

      1. stevie yanuza


    26. Ayano

      Never knew that Escanor has a humour when he's attacking

    27. link gamer54

      Why the music tho???

    28. Nathawan Danubumrungsart

      Demon the pinnacle of all clan? Escanor: Pathetic.

    29. 345rexter

      Musics probably there to stop copyright.

    30. michael matteoli

      ruined with the music ....

    31. Jocel Ryan Ramiro

      Tried to eat a fcking Grace I'm impressed she's still alive

    32. AROM

      Why music on the background? :@

      1. Duncan Skippers

        FFS i couldn't watch it

      2. SilentSongXIII

        @Morgan Lemons Its not like you understand it.

      3. Irek R

        It's from Zacky-san's animated manga video

      4. Morgan Lemons

        it’s annoying and it overlays the voicing

      5. stevie yanuza

        Thunderbolt Fantasy music is fitting for Lord Escanor, don't question it. That and also copyright protection i guess to not make it direct rip.

    33. VLTG Zakstar

      What episode and what season

      1. Icey Mango

        this is season 2 episode 14

    34. Mr Nozey

      The old video got took down thank you for uploading it🙌

    35. I Like Undertale

      Galland was my favorite commandment :(

    36. Zawan007

      Shitty music

    37. AlphaRaptor

      3:36 gave a me a u know what .' )

      1. K and j tv 1

        Yeah but Merlin could give escanor the biggest boner 😹

      2. AlphaRaptor

        @F13RY FOX your not.. your no wrong

      3. F13RY FOX

        But only escanor could give everyone the biggest boners

      4. AlphaRaptor

        @K and j tv 1 big one too

      5. K and j tv 1

        You mean a boner 😹

    38. Jesse M

      Escanors the best, loved this part ! Gave me chills

    39. Cute Panda

      The best one 😄😄😊😊

    40. MoonAngel 33

      What's the music

      1. Hon Ferrer

        The original one is deleted

      2. Hon Ferrer

        This is just a copy

      3. Michael Smale

        MoonAngel 33 darkest thunderbolt fantasy