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    All Fights from Escanor the lion's sins of pride. + bonus vs Zeldris.

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    1. Dikboul

      Thank you very much everyone for watching this video that I shared for fun, and thank you for all your comments and likes, happy nice life to all, Soon news, to pleasure.

      1. Kate Proctor

        @Dikboul Thank you

      2. Dikboul

        @Kate Proctor The last music is Gkpeople Thunderbolt Fantasy.

      3. Dikboul

        @Donir Ayusheev Yes he was not out yet I think ..

      4. Donir Ayusheev

        You forgot about his fight against meliodas

    2. Mr. marges

      What's the song that it's used in the end of the video I lake it the (last song)

    3. UwU

      watchmojo: I Believe Lion Sin Escanor Stands in the 3027493rd of The Strongest Anime Characters Escanor: And Who Decided That? *Escanor Blasts into 1st Place in The most Strongest Anime Characters* Uno Reverse Card: And Who Decided That? *Escanor Goes Back to 3027493rd Place Of The Most Strongest Anime Characters* The Seven Deadly Sins Author: And Who Decided That? Little Floppy Card *Escanor Goes Back To the 1st Place of The Most Strongest Anime Characters Because The Author Made Him GODLY strong* Time Stone:AND WHO DECIDED THAT? *cRueL rEveRse!!!!* Escanor: And Who Decided That You Should Steal The Name of One of My Skills? Time Stone: NOoOoOoOoOooOoOOooOoOOOOOOOOOOOOoOooooOooOoOoOo Time Stone: *c r o n c h* Dr.Strange: And Who Za Warudo That? Time Stone: *u n c r o n c h* SDS Author And Escanor: And Who Decided That? Dr.Strange: *Turns Into Dust* Time Stone: *More Extra Crispy c r o n c h* Me:And I Will Decide That This Comment Ends Now Everybody In The Chat: AND WHO DECIDED THAT? Me: Ok more Texts Coming Soon.

    4. Neil Diamond

      What nanatsu no taizai is 18:05?

    5. Lion Sin of Pride Escanor

      Escanor steps on something.. Escanor: uhmm.. what was that? Must have been the wind..

    6. Mp18 Maschinepistole

      40 thousand? that was saiyan saga vegeta's power level if im not wrong

    7. Duck

      Someone sounds like kirito from sword art online

    8. Lvl.1 SUBSIDY

      Is this a dub i hear

    9. Black Buu

      Why does everyone on this show like to show there v-lines


      man..eng dub is cringy af.."Have some Gattling jack".wth

    11. Emanuel London

      escanor could kill the 10 commandments easy

    12. Emanuel London

      escanor could the hell out of melascula hehehe

    13. Perry Jr

      When your girlfriend dad shows up 11:52

    14. joshua jones

      No meliodas fight?

    15. Knight_Ace

      I am escanor I am Thor Who deicided that?

    16. No u Mom gay

      (Spoiler later in the manga escanor is no longer the strongest even though he’s weaker than ban and meli maybe king he’s still flexing hard)

      1. No u Mom gay

        Iamthefatt_ 107 shit your right

      2. Iamthefatt_ 107

        Who decided that?

    17. WolfieGames

      Sub vs dub?

    18. GamingAce

      23:39 Wow, talk about getting fingered.

    19. fishpop

      The music during the manga fight reminded me of both Attack On Titan & Gundam Unicorn.

    20. Etherious Natsu Dragneel

      The dub is pretty ni..... shit

    21. fishpop

      Those static shadows around the girl on the barrel annoy me... Can't they be writhing a bit or is that outside of the show's budget? EDIT: Eh, she died like Boromir's dad anyway.

    22. Akeem Salmon

      The roof the roof the roof is on fireeeee

    23. Flare - AMV

      *dog takes his final breathes* Escanor: Who Decided That? *Dog begins to breathe*

    24. Lee Butler

      Song @ the end?

    25. xiaolan liu

      5:55 People eating Carolina Reaper

    26. Teni

      Man, how can people watch this when it's dubbed?

      1. Ancient Rain04

        With their eyes

    27. Eames00

      Song at the end???

    28. Tobi4sz13

      i will be the one... to decide....

    29. Meliodas Gaming

      I'm pretty sure Escanor is Jiren but disguised as a human.

      1. WEST BROAD

        Meliodas Gaming I'm pretty sure you got 0 likes on you comment 😂

    30. psykopandaz

      I dont even watch this show. But I can already tell I really like this guy.

    31. Morris Fofana

      Escanor like 13 Feet tall 😭😁

    32. Loazer Gamer

      Dang! Who decided that? Hmm...

    33. Diassiau

      Gother is an idiot

    34. Cringe Lord

      Melascula is dummy thicc

    35. DustyO'Rusty

      Therapist: Escanor isn't real, he can't hurt you. Escanor: *WhO dEcIDed ThaT!?* *Sets my house on fire*

      1. WEST BROAD

        DustyO'Rusty liked his own comment 😂

    36. King Nameless

      Yoooo, who wants to see Escsanor vs Thor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    37. The final Sin

      I like how this pride is the complete opposite of full metal Alchemist pride one uses shadows and the other uses light

    38. The final Sin

      Escanor is the pinnacle of "praise the sun" ...or face my wrath

    39. Nerd taku

      Teacher:- You have failed the class Me:- Who decided that?

    40. Y.A.N The Elusive

      *Kono powa!.!!!*

    41. SlippinDeepArmy

      I am

    42. Galaxy Hunter

      *His power level is over forty thousand!*

    43. Christopher Molina

      17:37 yes push your bother into the fireball hotter than the sun...

    44. Richard Gilman

      Demon Lord: I am immortal Escanor: And who decided that? *Demon lord dies*

    45. Dan Nod

      Thanos (snaps his finger) Escanor (starts fading away): who decided that *thanos starts fading away instead

      1. WEST BROAD

        Dan Nod: makes a dum ass comment that gets 0 likes

    46. Frankie

      Escanor **becomes weak at night** Who decided that?

      1. WEST BROAD

        Frankie: I hope I get likes on my comment Escanor: who decided that

    47. Nerdzerker

      That sounds like J4

      1. Nerdzerker

        oh kyle herbert

    48. Vince Tyy


    49. Juliana Jb

      Me: I prey to God ESCANOR shows up Me: I asked for God Escanor: exactly

    50. Eshan Seepersaud

      So lemme get this straight ...the metal armour melts but their hair is just fine... Anime logic😅

    51. AlguienDePorAhi U

      The only thing can beat Escanor is... Apple pie

    52. Black Service Announcement

      Jet LI: I'm the One Keanu Reeves: No I'm the One Escanor: Hold my Bar🥃🍷🍸🍹🍶

    53. lakkakka

      And once again the dub ruins the emotions in the voices.

    54. Adriana MR

      Escanor would look much better without the mustache.

    55. Justin McAdory

      "Whats wrong? Did you find something down there one the ground?" Jesus christ I have a new favorite anime character

    56. kaitou kid

      What about escanor vs meliodas

    57. naruto 911

      Escanor: *grows as big as all might* Me: ALL MIGHTS BROTHER!!! Escanor: who decided that! Me: *pulls out uno reverse card* Escanor: *turns into all might* BUT HIW me: because I am me

    58. Alex Saiyan

      Escanor vs melodias that would be a battle I would watch

    59. HighSocks

      Why, why oh WHY doesnt his bow tie stay on, it would have been amazing.

    60. Evil Rage

      Saitama gots competition

    61. inverted-Dj_Owner

      Me The Lion sin is the only Pokémon that can get to level 1 million Who decided t- I probably shouldn't you say that

    62. RxBgaming

      What's the song at the end vs zeldris?

    63. Yuri Grigsby

      *Escanor:* “Hear me and obey my will” summons the *FUCKING MOON*

    64. 血たらけ


    65. Rey Valdes

      The made this guy beyond stronger than the other sins. Not kind of fair tbh

    66. Ryan Ness

      At the end he became one poke man.

    67. 空色

      an little present from me 臨界突破【クリティカルオーバー】 暗澹の繭【あんたんのまゆ】 太陽【サンシャイン】 @ 傀儡乱れ撃ち【ガトリングジャック】 双弓キュウハーリット自動追尾モード【そうきゅう】 大停電の矢【ブラックアウト・アロー】 無慈悲な太陽【クルエール・サン】 @ 炸裂する傲慢【プライドフレア】@ 暗黒回帰【ブラックアウト】 全反撃【フルカウンター】 i write all the skills in this movie. The skill of Escanor have @.

    68. Derpy Droolz

      Escanor "im a above all races" Also Escanor *doesnt turn into stone*

    69. Darell Arocho

      Where is that clip from Escanor fighting the Lion Boi?

      1. Darell Arocho

        @Not Marcus And what about Signs of the Holy War? Does Escanor appear there?

      2. Darell Arocho

        @Not Marcus There's a movie?!

      3. Not Marcus

        Darell Arocho From the seven deadly sins movie should be on Netflix

    70. Lucifer Whiteheart

      everybody cill untill yah boy summons the sun to his hand