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    All Fights from Escanor the lion's sins of pride. + bonus vs Zeldris.

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      1. GamingTaylor

        its $10 :(

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      3. KJ VLOG

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      4. The Hidden Anime Crew

        @Catandogclone 13 lmao

    2. Alexander Ramirez

      Who decided that

    3. extreme catto

      no one likes my comment.. who decided that?

    4. BMO-Trikz

      How do I watch all of 7 deadly sins

    5. Neptune Almighty

      *BIG DADDY ESCANOR!!* 🔥☀️🔥

    6. Lyss Weeb

      It's over 9,000!!!!

    7. Chicago galaxy

      Escanor reminds me of Luigi on steroids

    8. Erik Abreu

      English dubs for anime are SHIT

    9. coreyon davis

      bro. this man literally is collecting names..................never fuck with a bartender

    10. doomlist darkness

      its hard for me to sub this channel know it was solen edit channel

    11. doomlist darkness

      cruel sun

    12. KhalBan

      man if yall this hyped bout escanor wait till u see the fight between him and the demon king

    13. PeakYak34

      Escanor is that one OP companion. the level 50 pokemon for the level 10 party. Such and such.

    14. Wassim csc

      I'm a simple man... I see Dub I close tab

    15. ahlami felmi

      is fake

    16. ahlami felmi

      dont edit please stupid

    17. _cxpalot

      Merlin: *Is trying to kill an ordinary house spider.* Escanor: Wait a second Merlin let me get my Axe. Escanor: Hear me and obey my will...DIVINE- Divine Axe Rhitta: You son of a bitch I’m in...

    18. Djalal Seddaoui

      Fuck dub

    19. Misaka Mikoto

      6:07 when you order hot food at an indian restaurant

    20. Goku Africa

      Ending song?

    21. Noire Alouette Hikari

      I consider myself someone who enjoys the simple things. But every single time an arrogant jerk gets absolutely fucking shreck'd and obliterated I get a lovely feeling. Escanor is the personification of "You think you're strong enough to boast? In My face? I'm the fucking lion's sin of pride."

    22. Jay Peterson

      She ate his soul and got some serious heart burn lol

    23. Joshua How

      Me: There's to many who decided that memes here. Escanor: Who decided that. Me: Inadvertently makes one.

    24. C4 R6

      Esconor dead:(

    25. Keira Thompson

      Anyone know what name of the ending song is? I've been meaning to listen to it, but I don't know the name of the song

    26. Ahmad Islam Uddin

      Wtf are that all in manga?

    27. ZyroGama

      If Escanor had an stand it would be GER

    28. Darrel Hicks

      My character can't be undefeat

    29. ItsJustMe

      3:25 galands power is 40000 Escanor:who decided that

    30. Eddie's Videos

      15:33 *"That monster."* -says the demon.

    31. Philip Wireko

      Who realized escanor has the same look in his eyes as saitama when he's fighting

    32. Mango Pineapple

      Thank god they didn't star Escanor as the sin of pride in Full Metal Alchemist, poor guy, Ed, never would've stood a chance. In order to obtain something of value, equivalent exchange is necessary. Enter Escanor with a leading finger high into the air, lighting a new era for all those considered alchemists. "And, who decided that?"

    33. Ronnie Bullock

      Why dub though

    34. Ross .B

      What’s the name of the last song? sounds like something from AoT

    35. Ender Wiggins

      I have a new love and his name is Escanor

    36. Ronda Green

      Lmaoo y'all laughing at escanor but see when he get his axe, and fuck you up don't say he didn't told you so.

    37. Bleng Diabloed

      the dude came up against the demon king and managed to trade blows with him sooo who decided what again?

    38. jenssen cintron

      That nigga said did u lose something down there Lmaooo my nigga wants all the smoke

    39. Mohamednoor Arale

      Light yagami🙎🏻‍♂️: You’ll die in 30 seconds. I wrote your name in the death note!!!✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼 Escanor🦁: Who decided that?🤴🏼 Ryuk😈: The death note does not apply to Escanor, he’s too powerful.

    40. A. Atrium

      17:30 Not so tough now are you big guy?

    41. Ayato Amagiri

      Lol I like how his brother push him and not bail out with his brother

    42. APC Trung

      The main character: H-hey what is his power level hah ? Ban:I-I-IS OVER 999,999,999,999 Escanor:Thats right

    43. ThompDaGreat215

      I really got hooked on this last year lol Escanor chopping the demon, mid laugh was my favorite moment for a while

    44. Elijah Hearn

      We didn't even need the seven deadly sins escanor can take on the whole demon race and win in no time

    45. Solverence

      Long story short One punch man

    46. ASuki

      I wonder how powerful Escanor. Would be in 2019 🤨 You know cause there’s global warming. 😏😅

    47. Chase Mula

      Cruel Sun ☀️ 👆

    48. A Random Dude

      Wait at 17:39 why is zeldris trying to kill him? His is pushing him into the cruel sun...

    49. Pure BlankF

      Who would win ? Like - Escanor ☀️ Comment - All Might 💪🏼

    50. Uchiha Bolt

      Escanor: *Thor but with the power of sun*

    51. Keen ru

      18:12 what episode this is?

    52. sayan maiti

      Dub is rather good. Been a while since I watched dub

      1. Harrison Snaadt

        there´ve been a lot of good ones recently

    53. Vate Soakinzx

      Bro he is the next Thor he can only pick up that axe and instead of lighnting coming sun comes and it comes when he calls it

    54. biography world

      Author:Escanor dies. Escanor:who decided that! Paper starts to burn

    55. your local racist pizza with a left arm disability

      Galands voice is way better in german. It’s perfects

    56. Sans Undertale


    57. Adriii Senpai


    58. muhammad faris

      RIP escanor

    59. Kishuu Uu

      Me: im getting a bowl haircut Escanor: Who decided that? Also me: im getting a normal haircut

    60. Goliath . A

      Escanor's voice actor would fit on a sergeant rather than Escanor.

    61. Kenneth Phynn

      What’s the name of the ost playing @ 20:30

    62. Red Boba

      How much times does escarole have to buy clothes

    63. kanolemaster

      The devil from futurama?

    64. Kaylee Harkins

      Bro beans needs to pull up his pants

    65. Roshi Sama

      Escanor is saucy

    66. Gerin Villanueva

      I'm not a fan of english dubs but damn, Galand and Escanor's english voices suits them

    67. Shadowspec Does Stuff

      Yo mumen rider is stronger then escanor don’t @ me

    68. Kemi Koc

      Escanor is supporting global warming.

    69. Khurt Deo