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    i was on my period (shocker) when i filmed this so i was slightly on edge but lets just act like everythings ok
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    1. Makenna Anderson

      0:59 bottom left corner

    2. Marley DeRoo

      “ i always test it by rubbing it on my lip” the herpes on the jacket: 🥳

    3. josilyn nadine

      No i love those weird shoes it’s just an old school vibe that is just cute😩

    4. Kelyn Kitchens

      Purdue is in Indiana!!! Whoop Whoop!!

    5. Kadance Wheeler

      Purdue is a college in Indiana and is a rival college with indiana University (aka IU aka best college ever)

    6. Jillian White

      those pants low-key look like vintage scrubs

    7. ella reese

      how come things are so ugly but emma makes it work

    8. Erica R.

      I go to Purdue 😂 I actually love that sweater. Pls send it over when you’re done

    9. Nesha Swan

      Emma’s style is literally my favourite

    10. Ayva Cordeiro

      You acc look so good showing the clothes on tho 😍😂😩

    11. Aryli Sharp

      I think the air force ones would be cute with the romper thing

    12. Bella Morrison

      5:51 terrible camel toe sry Emma ily but that’s gross lmao

    13. ajogoz

      No hate, but everything looks good on her in part because she has the body literally every item of clothing is made for.

    14. maddie •

      What r the black and white shoes I love them sm

    15. U Wish

      Am i the only one that had a condom commercials?

    16. Giselle Knox

      Any one know where those jean shorts are from?

    17. imanina razali

      Emma looks gorgeous in all clothes...what kind of sorcery is this...

    18. hi sisters

      Did anyone else realise that when emma tried on the brown jeans she paired it woth a black top that makes her look like that photo of THE ROCK!! I cant stop laughing!!!

    19. Ella Parker

      I actually think my grandma has this shirt Thanksgiving is gonna be awkward omg.lolll

    20. Mayar Kadhim

      EMMA ISWEARTOGOD shoelaces AS A BELT are a fashion CRIME!!!!!!!! u CRIMINAL

    21. gisella

      6:38 - mAc dEmaRco ?

    22. Lynn Bilbrey

      You in those red pants outfit is literally everything

    23. Leia Hand

      where are the plaid pants from

    24. megan carroll

      how can emma literally pull off any outfit?

    25. emerson priest

      lmaoooooo Purdue is in Indiana

    26. Elle Sorenson

      i go to purdue it’s swaggy

    27. Laurel

      How does she make literally anything look good

    28. Lera Po

      emma: these pants are so skater girl real skaters: what a poser

    29. Brook Hellemons

      12:00 fave look

    30. Brook Hellemons

      5:22 mood

    31. Lili Brown

      btw i think those pants were nurse pants... 😋

    32. Lili Brown

      the only outfit i didnt like qas the 2nd one. but love u emma! 💛💛

    33. nina fitsgerald

      You have such a good taste omg

    34. Cassandra Snook

      Ok has anyone else watched “adulting with Emma Chamberlain” and noticed all the episodes are in some random ass house? Like where is she when they film those? She even did a bedroom decorating episode and it was NOT her bedroom!

    35. Marvin Rodriguez

      Why did I get an ad about Purdue university? 🤣

    36. Jasmine Pascasio

      How do you find so many cute pants that fit your waist perfectly

    37. anti feminst

      purdue is in indiana

    38. Emma Talbot!

      16:30 killed me 😂

    39. Susan Mc donnell

      Omg I forgot u had a cat it’s so cute 💛

    40. Amy Breedlove

      Holy shit I am trying to decide whether I like your channel or not but OH MY GOD PURDUE!!!!

    41. Danu Dda

      GET EMMA CHAMBERLAIN WATCH THIS VIDEO cz-news.net/online/video-vW4upFJ5peM.html

    42. Leah and Arnaud

      literally everything looks good on her x

    43. NIHAWA ching chong ha

      ok I'm just gonna say it I miss the sister squad this video is boring asf

    44. freakymadonnafan980

      Anyone just watch Declan forra sec at the start

    45. Mike Jones

      Why is she so damn beautiful

    46. Feeling Good

      wisdom at 14:50

    47. Drew Bratcher

      I do the lip thing tooooo

    48. Nadyza Ly

      Whattt I’ve always wanted those creepers😭

    49. s a r a h c l a y t o n

      i remember when you had red bubble merch oml bahaha

    50. Billie Miquel

      The fact your wearing one of the best schools in Indiana is so funny lol, living in Indiana all people talk about is purdue and Indiana university

    51. Olly Petty

      I don’t think the people who watch this that are blind can see the stuff you’re showing

      1. Olly Petty

        Bébhinn Flynn exactly and she said she couldn’t be bothered describing shit

      2. Bébhinn Flynn

        I get that you meant that, but they won’t be able to see it like preferably she should describe the texture, the length, the fit, the shape, what exactly the “detailing” is, whether they have pockets zips and buttons, I get you.

      3. Olly Petty

        Bébhinn Flynn ye so that’s why she has to explain it because they won’t be able to see it

      4. Bébhinn Flynn

        Olly Petty yeah, because they’re blind

    52. Meagan Moss

      Purdue University is in Indiana and it’s one of the top universities in Indiana

    53. Milena Haugnes

      BLEUGH ehghdf BLEughUGH those are the ugliest outfits i have ever witnessed wtf are these comments 'emma makes it work' like sis she does nOT

    54. Zaynah Youssef

      We were just learning about Purdue in my asl class. It’s a deaf uni

    55. JustALittlePotato

      Emma will call everything she bought ugly but she still bought it

    56. Madi Mitchell


    57. sisters tv

      Purdue is in multiply places but my dad works there and its awesome and pretty cheap

    58. Ashlynn Stewart

      I love you goober

    59. quinlan teague

      isn’t purdue in indiana? i should know bc i live there but 🤷🏻‍♀️

    60. Gabby Wagner

      Add me on snap @nocapgabby

    61. Rhiannon Della

      She said those shoes were worn in but they had a tag on them. I dont think she actually thrifted

      1. Rhiannon Della

        @Nóra Katalin Jakab thats true

      2. Nóra Katalin Jakab

        Rhiannon Della i think that’s the thrift store’s tag, lot of the clothes had one. also it wouldnt make any sense to lie about something small like that

    62. Rhiannon Della

      Lol shes so funny. I dont know why people hate on her she actually makes me laugh

    63. Kaitlynn Coombes

      The blue pants would be so good with the black cropped short sleeve turtleneck. The nine you wore with the brown pants which was another favorite 😍

    64. Kaitlynn Coombes

      The last outfit is to die for 😍

    65. Kaitlynn Coombes

      How does every thing fit you PERFECTLYY

    66. Alondra Mendez

      Im pretty sure those peach and blue pants are scrubs 😂 but shit she pulled them off

    67. daphne besson

      “thanksgiving is gonna be awkward now” i literally love that omg

    68. rainbow pink

      14:46 emma gets it ☺️

    69. Laura Sánchez

      Love it

    70. Madison Lee

      i really wanna see where she goes thrifting because i need some good thrift shops to go to...