Epic All Sports Battle | BroFive



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    What happened to BroFive: cz-news.net/online/video-NQCugTfp2a8.html

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    1. BroFive

      HELLO CZ-news!!!

      1. Lincoln Hawthorne

        Sad it's over..

      2. Owen Blum

        James Hanley don't look to soon ( it's not going to happen )

      3. USNTlaur6

        Goodbye CZ-news now?

      4. Camden Ackels

        Dude Perfect vs. BroFive

      5. RJ

        Don't ever treat a Cowboys hat like that again lol. Nice win bro!

    2. Steven Laput

      Brofive? but there’s only 4 of you......

    3. Daniel Ruiz

      “Not a golfer but I am an athlete” 😂😂😂

    4. Sam Fisher

      The song and Dance is by far the best content I've seen from brodie..wish their was a way to memorialize it.

    5. Trevor Pandher

      these are very entertaining

    6. Isaac Fedora

      Why do you call it brofive when you only have four people

    7. Gunner Teaney

      R.I.P. Bro five😔😔😔

    8. Sam Saeteurn

      Dude Perfect made in china

    9. Sam Fisher

      Was Stephen coaching soccer as a toddler?

    10. I Love Animated Movies

      Brodie should try to get 300 yards with 3 throws😊👍

    11. AsteroidBear

      So this is like a discount Dude Perfect?

    12. Newbornryu0

      Do you live in Dallas or are you just a cowboys fan?

    13. Bill B.

      This is great. The jump edits are terrible and not done professionally but all in all good work guys

    14. Chase Kowal


    15. Owen Blum

      This is stupid they are copying dude perfect 😒

    16. Jacob Young

      Yall need to play disc golf

    17. ddss6

      Snakes Garrett, Matt, and Steven

    18. Christopher Paul

      Wish you guys would sort your problems, love these videos

    19. Will Caldwell

      Oh what bro5 could’ve been

    20. Max Jedrziewski

      Matt is fuckin hilarious, "im sweating like a guinea pig at a horse track" wtf lol

    21. Tyler C

      Really sucks watching these knowing there's no more haha

    22. Tomisin Alabi

      Is it me or these guys are like knockoff dude perfect

    23. Jonathan Tanksley

      Good stuff. Would've blown up. Too bad. RIP brofive

    24. Jojomanster

      I dare you to play Waterpolo

    25. Tate G

      DIY Dude Perfect rh

    26. luis montes

      I think you forgot an ad.

    27. Bailey Smith

      bro five but only features 4 people

    28. Chase Kowal

      I love your shows

    29. Nolt

      11:42 best part of the vid Who agrees 👇

    30. Kaleb Billingham

      Garret just comes across arrogant as balls

    31. Jakob Karlson


    32. Timothy Otoole

      Quesadilla that cross bar shot was 💰

    33. Charles selrahC

      Matt can be a great commentator.

    34. Chuzzerk

      Now that I think about it, I think this should be in youtube rewind 2019

    35. Chuzzerk

      Imagine if the rap background effects were actually IRL 11:42

    36. Videos


    37. VLG.unknown

      Steven is good at soccer cause he is hispanic

    38. Courtney Stewart

      you should do a fortnight dance battle.

    39. Partshine

      (BroFive) AKA (Dude Perfect)

    40. Josiah Lehman

      We want to see brodie try for 300yd

    41. StimezMedia


    42. spencer severson

      Does Matt have the ability to sit still?

    43. TheAirDude Q

      What’s up I just ordered a frisbee from you

    44. Tonya Temple

      Steven getting that amazing kick!!! Love these challenges guys!

    45. Kobus007

      Kool kool

    46. I Love Animated Movies

      BRODIE CAN THROW 300 yards with 3 throws😊

    47. Nelson Vlogs


    48. Steve Lawton

      Gotta see it!!! 3 throws 300 yards!!


      Loved the dance! Lmfao


      So you guys are really becoming popular, especially among young people. As a result ya'll are a big influence among our youth. So I have a great idea for a video. I'm a teacher a school in south Georgia. So you could make a video encouraging the importance of education. Therefore the "wheel of ideal" would have categories on it: Math, Science, History, Literature, Geography... and so on. After you spin you must answer a general knowledge question for that category. If you get the question correct you get to choose one club to play the entire hole with. If you get it wrong the other 3 get to choose your club. Also, if you get a question correct you get to draw a random card to play. The cards may say something like: free mulligan, swap lies with someone else, cancel someones great shot that they just made, tee off from the reds, make someone tee off from 10 paces in any direction of the original tee box, throw a shot, etc.

    51. Disc GLFR_Kelz

      Epic Breakdown at 11:42

    52. More Nelson vlogs

      Send me some merch if you have some

    53. X-Venture gaming

      Bro5 vs Dude Perfect!!! Please!!! 🙏

    54. 11colt11

      Why bro5? There is only 4 ppl

    55. Its me Decked

      Imagine copying dude perfect

    56. Eathan Rodli

      Please make that video

    57. Dave Phillips

      LOL!! I just can't take a person seriously who grunts to throw a frisbee!!

    58. Marty Radgowski

      clearly brodie didn't get the white hat memo

    59. Tubb & Company

      Is no one going to talk about the fact that Brodie literally cooked during the duration of this video? #burnt

    60. Boo Two

      this is the biggest rip off bullshit on youtube

    61. David Mejia

      The giveaway

    62. Lite Life

      taliate Pepega I lost

    63. david edge

      That rabona tho 👍🏽

    64. Diego González

      This is basically dude perfect... I like it

    65. Austin Gappa

      Do Your frisbees come included with epic skill?

    66. Carson Tueller

      all sports golf battle with dude perfect

    67. lamontshandy

      Garbage hat Brodie...

    68. G Stat

      That part when everyone realized they were tied and the music came on bout died haha

    69. ben kasper

      Bro 5? Arent there 4?

    70. Raza Slevin

      It's like dude perfect but doesn't give me a headache. Good job bros.