Enduro GP Czech Republic 2019 | Day 1 - World Championship by Jaume Soler

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    Full Attack between the trees at Czech forests!!
    Welcome to Jaume Soler Movies "Please don't download this video and reupload it on Facebook, Instagram or CZ-news. Respect the creators work and share the link"
    FIM EnduroGP Czech Republic - Uhlirske Janovice 2019 Day 1:
    1. Brad Freeman (Beta Boano)
    1. Steve Holcombe (Beta)
    3. Daniel McCanney (TM)
    4. Joe Wootton (Husqvarna)
    5. Matteo Cavallo (Sherco)
    Junior: Will Ruprecht (Yamaha)
    Youth: Hamish McDonald (Sherco)
    Open: David Knight (TM)
    Instagram: instagram.com/jaumesolermovies
    Facebook: facebook.com/jsaxsm

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    1. Mundo da Manu Matias


    2. Michael Gonzalez

      These guys are all so sloppy and throttle happy except the leaders! Maybe something to learn there... Powersliding and making roost is not the fastest way.

    3. ꧁༒Neymar jr༒꧂ jr

      El motocross es vonito se ne sesita muya plactica

    4. symetik

      6:21 LOOOOOOL Gramps in his cut off short shorts Daisy Duke style! AHAHAHHA

    5. Greg Paterson

      Great video thanks Jaume always high standard productions, look forward to more.

    6. Grand Canyon

      To si děláš prdel ze tu není žádný Čech?

    7. pepemotores

      Buenísimo, enduro total. Gracias

    8. Ricardo Cuetara

      Gracias Jaume. Excelente video como siempre. Cada nuevo video viene con mejor calidad de imágenes y edición. Felicidades!!!

    9. Gentedetramo


    10. Bboy Brian

      Great #Beta!!!

    11. jakezarkowski

      them chainsaws are retarded

    12. Maverick224

      a awesome video Jamie, cheers brilliant footage great trails and racing, thanks for bringing us this🤙 Just blows me away how good Brad Freeman is right now, I’m a huge fan even bigger fan of Steve Holcombe’s (3002t) but he just doesn’t have anything for Brad on the (2502t) Beta right now. Looks like 3 of the 4 senior titles will definitely go to Beta this year👍

      1. Monika Riño


    13. Luciano Lanius


    14. Gerard Garcia

      Mare meva quin tram mes mal parit 🤯

    15. Maria Guadalupe Barba Navarro


      1. Marc Allué Gisbert

        Enduro actually

      2. Maverick224

        Did you watch the whole thing, unsure if you are positive or negative, but the tracks are very Enduro, roots, rocks, ups and downs switch backs winding though trees creeks, don’t see much of that on a MX track, yes the bikes are going quick, bikes today are fast, suspension is dam good esp at this level, riders are super fit and very skilled, this is an awesome thing, also these guys aren’t riding over 2 30minute motos are they, it’s hours a day multiple tests and stages each day over 2 days. it’s also not all flat out, plenty of tech and slower sections which nature not man made stuff is throwing at the riders, lots of challenges. Pretty sick in a good way imo.

    16. Adolfo Muñoz


    17. Slyn_ RaZer


    18. trilha dos aventureiros

      Acelerar ✊✊✊✊❤