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    Funny moments with Emilia Clarke (bloopers, funny Scenes, funny interview, funny quotes, funniest moments from show)

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    1. Aayanzy: سّٓايٰانْٖزِي

      I like his smile

    2. Andrea Razik


    3. Васиатка Безпутная

      Once I watched her interview and realized that I was smiling and singing a song. I usually don't do that. She is a magician - gives a smile even through the screen!

    4. j G

      Future Wifeyyyyyyyy 4sho! Luv This Lady

    5. Кирилл Азолин

      есть русские?

    6. JayDee5290

      1:49 My favorite part of this video 😂 I love this woman!

    7. Aldebaran13Arturo

      Esa Emilia Clarke es una loquilla 🤣

    8. Doffel C.O.

      7:05 where is my nipple?

    9. Jack Sparrow

      I don't married you.

    10. ASCE

      Ya des français ??

      1. noahmach 02


    11. mrMih4lll

      Very sympatic girl

    12. Anver Jaftha

      She reminds me of my girlfriend...

    13. Muho KÇ

      We'il always love you, dragon mother.

    14. Seren Babyz

      I understand now why I love her so much ♡ Ps: I didn't watch the serie

    15. Игорь Татаренко

      Жаль не везде есть субтитры

    16. luis teran

      Like si no entendiste nada XD

    17. Evelin Fragata

      I hate you Jon snow for killing my kalice

    18. Evelin Fragata

      I'm your fan Emilia Clarkes

    19. Onur Armut

      0.54 music?

    20. Shaka Punk 33

      Love you Emilia so funny for me you are the kalisie and you are not dead the end is no good for me you are the queen of got, i m french from bordeaux ( wine ) love you mother of dragon dracarys ❤️❤️❤️

    21. Bzh W

      excuse me for repeating and rechecking at 07:08 several times

    22. A77 fih

      Her eyebrows taught Littlefinger trickery.

    23. Jane-Rose Dary

      Love Her 💙

    24. Andre Silva

      Ela é de uma simpatia contagiante ,virei um fã!

    25. Leonard L Church

      I just keep imagining George RR Martin being called and him going "Emilia did what?! I'm on my way!"

    26. Filippina LIVING IN SWITZERLAND Camacho

      Just finished watching your beautiful video thnx for sharing

    27. Jan Wolf

      her eyebrows ♥️♥️♥️

    28. Crab Rave

      It’s as if she knows we all watch season 1 for the teddehs

    29. Echso

      Xdd Game of Thrones behind the scences lmao

    30. Andrew Greydays

      “And someone went ‘It’s Brad Pitt’ and I was like lawl.”

    31. Go finz

      Id drink Emilia Clarkes bath water.

    32. Vandson Rodrigues

      WTF I really love her, somebody hit me pls

    33. Subscribe if you miss Pump

      Can you believe that i haven't seen an episode of Game of Thrones

    34. CristalIV _04

      I need Emilia Clark with me

    35. ديلارا me

      يااخي هالبنت عشق 😍😍

    36. Pabibb

      She could be Entertainiment CZ-newsr

    37. Sehej Chugh

      Carefully, she’s a *gem of society*

    38. Rpg 39

      1:07 she was speaking Murloc

    39. Jurema Jurema

      Me apaixonei pelo personagem e também da história de superação da atriz

    40. Lohana Jardim


    41. I Don't Get It's son.

      John: Winter is coming. My dad's head was cut off. I never knew my mother. My brother was stabbed to death at his own wedding. Me: I stubbed my toe

    42. Weets Weetss

      So luv her! 🤟

    43. Melissa Mollo Flores

      Like si hablas español😉

    44. Narcyy


    45. Guy

      I would slay an entire army of white walkers for that woman.

    46. Guy

      I would slay an entire army of white walkers for that woman.

    47. Zosim Liviu

      7:06 Оцените поцаны

    48. Honig Son

      i saw you naked bitch

    49. cflowers69

      She has the best laugh.

    50. Guacamole nigger penis

      Pause at 3:58

    51. 신군사

      못알아 묵겠다.ㅡㅡ 이쁘니까 그냥본다.

    52. Shubham Verma

      She is cuter than the Cute Word❤️❤️❤️

    53. VaNiSh x LeGiT

      Ahh yes, the comment section full of horny men..

    54. Annie Howell

      When is this girl not funny

    55. md bablu

      Preety girl

    56. START PLAY

      She's so serious in the movie and so fun in the life. How can it be?

    57. Alan Ramirez

      Ámo a esta mujer.....!

    58. Nathan DrakeGT

      Emilia is Perfect! I love her

    59. Marcin Sikora

      the song at 40 sec is posible find full version?

    60. OmG_Matte27lupa

      Game of thrones sucks anime are better

    61. Alejandro Valadez

      Sarah Connor

    62. Red Squirrel

      She seems like such a fun person to be around haha.

    63. Dnyanesh Make

      If life is Emilia Clarke, Never make it Daenerys...!

    64. Dnyanesh Make

      Can you think of hurting her...? Ever...? If yes, do it without feeling guilty for life...💛💛💛💛❤️❤️❤️

    65. Moumouh Ouaked

      Fuck she fine !!!!

    66. Archangel Michael

      Is her wig same cheap ass wig Henry Cavil is wearing on Witcher teaser ?

    67. Ddlala63

      What an amazing little human being

    68. Oliver Shift

      damn this is cringe

    69. Jimbo Bimbo

      Lol, she is so hilarious! I want to see her together with Chris Evans in an interview...

    70. Данил Цветков

      Вот в конце 8сезона я плакал Но посмотрев это видео я улыбнулся

      1. Nikita FOX

        @Данил Цветков если бы её безумие сделали постепенным и логичным было бы не жалко. А так, согласен. Жалко многих персонажей, слитых в помойку

      2. Данил Цветков

        Ну и Дейнерис немного жаль

      3. Nikita FOX

        Там плакать разве что над провалом

    71. Hector Torrealta

      I have never watched Game of Thrones. This is the first time that I see this girl. But I have felt in love in less than 8:00. CZ-news really knows what I like.

    72. לוטם בן דוד


    73. Роман Цыплаков

      мне нравится постоянно хорошее настроение Эмили)

    74. даша каша

      Where’s my wig?!

    75. Bidu Bidu

      She's got a deadly Sense of humour

    76. MadameTamma

      I love that she can so easily pull off commanding and intimidating and also silly and cute. I really hope that whatever her next project is, they really put that acting talent to good use.

    77. Belle 59

      The woman who expresse herself with her eyebrows

    78. Negavio Pinas


    79. Michael Soland

      Watching this after the finale lol

    80. JustMe

      This video skips around too much.

    81. Best Relaxing Music Ever

      Best RelaxMusic Ever cz-news.net/online/video-7BLse4oHllY.html

    82. FBI

      Alllaaarggghhh ¯\_༼ᴼل͜ᴼ༽_/¯

    83. MouseDruid

      LOL 4:44 - 5:12

    84. Hannah Rothman

      *Emilia running away* "everything's FINE it's not a big deal its just like George Martin is ON HIS WAY"

    85. Mark Turnbull

      She beautiful she is sexy and she is crazy😅😅😅😅

    86. Сергей Кошман

      These moments were funny before she destroyed the city and killed thousands of people

    87. Daniela Rodriguez

      La extrañooooo a emilia

    88. Professor Jameson

      Who doesn't love this woman?

    89. The WorlD is YourS

      Damn i love her even more because she heard to 2Pac ! R.I.P Makaveli

    90. chippyplayer ze gaming comrade

      Ill never see a Dothraki in the same mind set ever again.

    91. Bart Beukman

      Meh, about as funny as steve harvey. Disappointing video.

    92. plaguelock

      She's adorable. And she actually has great comedic timing.

    93. Yung Sammy Sosa

      Lmao...she seems high as fuck and fun as hell

    94. Nhiên Lê Minh Huệ

      Daenerys stormborn mother of names

    95. Daniel Ruiz

      Oh Emilia, you deserve a better development at that final episodes of Game Of Thrones

    96. Le plancton Rutilant

      Je suis choqué comment les anglais il sont pas crédiblent quand il disent "hasta la vista", ils savent pas le dire ... 😆

    97. RikiTikiTo

      Кусочек Позитива

    98. yoyo yoyo

      Imagine Emilia saying dracarys at 6:28

    99. Jão Atonio

      Cade os BR

    100. armawillo

      i love her now i guess