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    Funny moments with Emilia Clarke (bloopers, funny Scenes, funny interview, funny quotes, funniest moments from show)

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    1. lars suliman

      I love her 💗💗💗

    2. Benito rosales

      no busques mas, aqui esta el comentario en español, I love you Daenerys

    3. Jc Zero

      somebody know the Name of the television show in 5:39?

      1. Jc Zero

        @Shirelle Beale thx

      2. Shirelle Beale

        the Graham Norton show on the BBC.

    4. Wha Guitars

      @ 3:41 Who is that man sitting next to Emilia??

    5. Parth Rodrigues

      3:38, You're welcome everyone

    6. Katty Bella Y Punto

      Sería excelente que hagan otra temporada el la cual ella reviva, se da cuenta de su error, se casa con Jhon y reinan juntos.

    7. LUSFER ZoRo

      She is so cute 😍😍😍😂😂😂😂

    8. Moataz X Travis

      I love her so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    9. mind relaxer

      Black hair.

    10. Mostafa Nadhum

      بقلاوة والله

    11. عشاق اللغة الإنگليزية

      The title of beauty 0:20

    12. Desiree

      7:39 she is so cute oh my god

    13. adriano ferraz

      Ela cantando é hilário

    14. dabmotha

      They look like they have a good time, but I would never want to do it. I would think it would ruin the actual movie or show experience.

    15. Zainab Jutt

      Her acting is so real

    16. Cristian Caicedo

      Me encanta esa mujer

    17. VEGA ْ

      she can control Her facial expressions more than i can control my life

    18. Ericka Rodriguez

      My Queen 😍😍😍DRACARYS

    19. Zizi l

      Где русские?

    20. Alex Sandro

      No one: Emilia Clarke 24/7: 😁😁😂😂

    21. نينجا جو زين نينجاجو أبطال سبنجيتسو

      I think se's so shy and cute and funny sure😇😇

    22. Samira

      Best part 0:02 😂

    23. zeeshan yousaf

      She is funny and cute 🤩😍

    24. BB LJ

      She deserved the throne 😂😂

    25. Maksim Raievnin

      классные субтитры

    26. Родрик Лирийский

      I love her. She is the best actress of the West.

    27. Garry Garry

      Love aktrist

    28. matthew mann

      She has a natural sense of humor without trying she sparkles up the clouds and skies like she does many people

    29. landish jizni

      Hahahhah Emilia its lol human 😂😏 When she was in the toilet, it was funny 😆💛

    30. Anastazia Eilish

      Отдайте мне её брови пожалуйста

    31. Zaid Almalhe

      مين انتبه عجملة عربية في الدقيقة 1:27

    32. AHMED Abo elwafa

      My Queen

    33. Tony Lara Condori

      me enamore

    34. Harry Gerry

      Emilia should own a CZ-news channel.She has potential to be a youtuber.

    35. CandidlyOpinionated


    36. Beyza Ercan

      Fetüs bebeğin anne karnındaki hali demek

    37. jay oliveira

      Melhor atriz❤

    38. greg white


    39. abdulrhman

      Translate Arabic ترجم بالعربي

    40. Pradyumna An

      I like Emilia Clarke... But sometimes it really seems like she is faking it

    41. IVAN DEAR

      Es el tipo de mujer que quiero que sea mi novia no solo por su belleza si no yambien por su carisma

    42. David E Johnson

      Ok GOT get over yourselves...you’re done...move on!

    43. Karen Velázquez

    44. لمار معتصم الكلشي


    45. Fahad M

      اتفشخت فالمسلسل لمن شبعت

    46. LUA lua

      I love her smile and the way she wiggles her eyebrow!

    47. sinsifare

      5.07-5.12 :D

    48. رضاوي رفيف

      اكو عرب هنا

    49. Aimee.05xxx 101

      RUN QUICK GEORGE R MARTIN IS ON HIS WAY😂😂 I honestly died I’m sorry

    50. Deuce


    51. Алексей Дяминов


    52. 54 Tunny

      She ma kween

    53. Forest Dump

      "WHERE'S MY WIG?"

    54. Natsu Drag Zerando Games

      Ja sonhei com essa mulher!

    55. Nisha Kumari

      Emilia is so expressive 😱😱

    56. Alena R

      I need GOT season 9! Lord of Light, bring her back the same way you brought John Snow back!


      I love emelia clark

    58. 하하하

      3:38 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    59. LunaticLemonz

      Wait so Daenerys isn’t actually albino? SHE HAS A WIG FOR HER WHITE HAIR!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK-

    60. someone important

      5:55 that is same smile that Klaus from The Originals have.🤐😅😌

      1. indigo marshmallow

        Yes! I see it now that you mentioned it. In this second, she even looks like klaus

    61. Wanderlusty Lokhande

      Ohhh she is hell damn cute 😍

    62. Kwabena Darko

      2:00 she said she might go to jail😂😂

    63. Nayops 18

      Emilia’s hilarious and stunning like always♥️👏🏼

    64. Kunoichi

      She's the complete opposite of her character, so happy, funny and full of life!

    65. Sofia La pro Bv

      Te echaremos de menos juego de tronos 😪

    66. Changes of Plans

      She has my last name so does that make her in my family

    67. احمد الهايل

      شكد احبج

    68. Xale l'ombre de geek !

      I'm waiting for a girl with 3 dragons, if you see her tell me please


      Does anyone know the name of the tune in the last shot?

    70. kristi qdhhh

      ich kann die nicht leiden