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    Drive with us from LA to Flagstaff, Arizona, to the Grand Canyon, all in 360 degree VR! Also, if you ever wondered what a carwash in virtual reality looks like, I got you. Also also, all the embarrassing stories come from Katy... no surprise there.
    This format is a bit different from my usual videos for both obvious and more subtle reasons- this should just feel like you're along with us for the ride so make sure you use whatever device you're watching on to look around and see the whole scene!
    Watch this year's Halloween ghost hunting series here:
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    1. Synergy Starrchild

      I’ve always wanted to be a dashboard hula girl, and now Mykie has blessed me with that opportunity 🖤

      1. Synergy Starrchild

        Starchild91 I tried specifically to use 2 r’s just so I wouldn’t take all the good ones!

      2. Starchild91

        OH MY FUCKING GOD I am around 22:12 in the video, where they talk about what they are called on Instagram. I think to myself "I am called Starchild everywhere, unless someone has already taken that nickname, then I am called something like Starchildx or Starchild91" and I scroll down and see your username and the universe is FUCKING WITH ME.

      3. Evan MVSUG

        Synergy Starrchild HI SHISHARRRR!

      4. Tahlia Talks

        Lisa Fairchild I did too

      5. Mama Deb Beauty

        Synergy Starrchild you want to see the most beautiful fall come to New England there’s nothing more beautiful and breathtaking

    2. Ella P

      why did mykie look like she was gonna throw up looking at the grand canyon

    3. Robyn Bird

      If it wasn't for this friend simulator, I'd never have anyone to hang out with! Thank you!

    4. Kirsten Mansfield

      I want to be Katie's best friend.

    5. Melody Faith

      That brand of chicken is actually really good, at least where I live lol it's like off brand Chick-fil-A

    6. Alyssa Janssen

      this is so cool what the heck

    7. Stephanie Gunnison

      16:44 or 16:45 is where the bird shit on the window lmfao love you Mikey!!

    8. Obscura x

      i live in vegas, i've been to the south side of the grand canyon (looks like it's the same side you were at!) and i've driven to and from cali a bunch of times. :)

    9. Obscura x

      16:44 ... you were showing off the greasy bag and blop! bird shit!

    10. Vintage.Heart_

      I don't travel so this was awesome and a treat for me, I loved every minute of it 💞💞

    11. Lacy Nemath

      The bird pooped at 16:45

    12. Becky Romero

      This is the best road trip video ever lol

    13. christina bean head


    14. Beau Bells


    15. Eisley Grenz


    16. CeejBow

      When I watch this on my TV, it looks like you're road tripping in a spaceship. Hell yea🤘🏼

    17. Sarah Allison

      I literally could not see a bird shit anywhere??

      1. Sarah Allison

        Oh I just seen it! 😂

    18. Mjenb Broman

      Love 360, feels like I'm actually hanging out with Mykie😍

    19. Lady Loki

      Do a makeup look in vr

    20. Sarcastic beach

      So today something VERY embarrassing happened my other friend and I were out decorating our class door for Christmas when one of my classmates/friends mom complimented the door, I didn’t notice her features but I could sense short hair and the voice sounded like one of my friends so I said “I do know that dude” and then look up to see her saying “well that won’t stop me from saying anything” I was like - OH SHIT! So I told the moms friend and he told the mom it wasn’t to her and I was sorry. But it was SO embarrassing and I cant' stop thinking about it. Oh my god I’ll just say.

    21. Peanutdonkey

      16:44 lovely bird crap

    22. Andrea Gonzalez

      At 16:44 you can literally see the poop just plop on the window😂

    23. Erika Rönnqvist

      I love your "regular filmed" videos but this is really cool to!❤ It's fun with some variety and this video made laundry time mutch more entertaining, so thanks for keeping me company!🙋🏼‍♀️🧦

    24. Fiona.Rose

      Katie being on her phone while driving gives me anxiety haha

    25. Linda Thibodeaux

      I drive the same way as Katie!! I have 2 have my left leg folded and my foot on my seat!!

    26. McKenna Renee

      Bird poop: 16:43

    27. Krys M

      It looks like a hand on the side of canyon! 28:13

    28. Nimi Mochihara

      Wow, this was amazing!!!!

    29. Angel Lopez

      Omg I’ve never seen VR like this before, so much fun

    30. Joanna De Tricci

      "And the other half would be like you can't do math!" Haha. Content A+ woman! Keep doin' you, you awesome you.

    31. SacredPath82

      Katie is clearly an angel among women, and a national treasure. She really opened up and let the experience fill her like a champ. God bless America.

    32. ThatAwkwardKid person

      Me low key feeling excited because I've stood in the same place as Mykie at the Grand Canyon

    33. JOT kryx

      the bird poop appeared at 16:44 JUST before 16:45 and i had seen two others had commented both numbers. and i would like to point out that mykie pointed at it almost immediately when it happened lmao. (quick reaction)

    34. Kms Myself


    35. Mario Vega

      Katy girl- I AM 8 AND I CAN HOLD IT FOR 7 HRS-

    36. Violet Hill

      I love 360!

    37. Jessica Luther

      I really enjoyed this, road trips are one of my favorite things. Thank you for taking us to the Grand Canyon, always wanted to go!

    38. Natalie Sepulveda

      Katy is such a Disaster Person and i love her so fluffing much. Also though, same

    39. Great Chicken

      16:43 is when the bird pooped on the window

    40. Kylie Gonnie

      I love my city, quite an unique place in the US for sure! Come back for more content and maybe evening the Navajo and Hopi Nation on the outskirts of Flagstaff 💕💕💕

    41. Kylie Gonnie

      Love from FLAGSTAFF

    42. Ava Sherby

      16:43 is when the bird shat on the window

    43. Maddi Bear

      Omg I saw that exact same gas station when I went on my trip to Cali!!

    44. Raine Staer

      I've heard saying "hella" is a Vegas thing... I live here in Vegas, and I say it from time to time. FALL IS NON-EXISTENT HERE

    45. Raine Staer

      The fluffy unicorn ponytail makes you look kinda like Peridot LOL

    46. Raine Staer

      Honestly, I was standing in the middle of my room and spinning around, but I kept stepping on stuff. Gotta try it with my spinny desk chair next time ^.^

    47. Raine Staer

      "Okay, bye!" *Wraps hands around entire head*

    48. Mei Itsugaki

      some comments on the video : wao this was so cool! I've never been in a car wash before so this was such a cool experience :0 omg that train i sooo long :0 i've never seen such a long train before :oo

    49. astralbabydoll

      mykie: this might not be your type of content me: i need SO much more of this type of content

    50. general lee

      She's soo sooo gorgeous ?i love her pretty look she alwsys has

    51. MsStarlet21

      Haha born and raised in LA. What is fall? What is winter?

    52. MsStarlet21

      Haha yes!! I love looking dumb spinning around everywhere haha

    53. MsStarlet21

      This 360 is my favorite thing ever!!!

    54. T #2


    55. Sophia Monte


    56. Randomblina

      Is she done doing FX makeup?

    57. Melissa Contreras

      *NO I would never stop at a port-a-potty in the dessert. That’s just nasty. *I’ve been to the Grand Canyon before. I felt so excited for those that may never get to visit because this VR video was so amazing and beautiful. *I enjoyed the car ride VR vs the hotel VR.

    58. Naynay Longoria

      I low-key want to see you do your FX makeup in 360

    59. Brooklynn Creech

      I was watching this video in the car and my mom was driving so every time she turned my screen moved 😂

    60. Joanne A

      If anyone ever asks me if i've ever been to the grand canyon ... my anseer is yes now XD

    61. Joanne A

      Look at me on the other side of the world going on a road trip in america XD

    62. Joanne A

      Tbh loves this .. super chill .. also i needed it after that last video ma ghad ..

    63. Karen J

      I live in eastern NC and we have Fall and Spring but they are pretty short. Mid October to late November is usually all the Fall we get.

    64. Malin Nordin

      Im from Sweden✌

    65. Becca Harned

      16:43 is the timestamp for the bug splat on the clean windshield.


      Watching this whilst eating breakfast is probably not a good idea. greasy buttery chicken. 2 ass explosion 3 poop story 4 pee story times 2. 5 bug explosion 6 bird poop. 7 where did they sleep? 8 constipation

    67. Helen Delmaro


    68. Jacqueline Sayler


    69. sofia delgado

      For mykie asking when did bird poop flew into the window 16:44, your welcome 🤭💚

    70. Lilly Steed

      Escalante, Utah has the best fall🥰