Ellie Goulding, Juice WRLD - Hate Me

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    DIRECTOR: Saam Farahmand
    Prod Co: DIVISION7
    Founding Partner: Patrick Milling-Smith
    Exec Producer: David Richards
    Exec Producer: Kamila Prokop
    Producer: Matt Day
    DP: Pete Konczal
    PD: Rob Ebeltoft
    1st AD: Chris Bicknell
    Wardrobe: Aeri Yun
    Hair: Panos
    Make-up: Lucy Wearing
    VFX: Platige
    Edit: Julia Knight, Speade
    Color: Bryan Smaller, Company3

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    1. Brooklyn Howell


    2. Liam Price

      think this song is to prince harry as they used to be together but broke up and he is now with meghan

    3. NŘG MrSavageM

      3:19 thats how i actually sing

    4. Vaisakh S Nath

      മലയാളീസ് like here

    5. Roshan Pokhrel


    6. Siddharth Madaan

      Nice song

    7. lil X

      Jw for life

    8. Meee Please

      Subscribe to lxcid on CZ-news

    9. Omotunde Ganiu

      2:14 AirPods...

    10. King Parker

      *espero que saia mais músicas boas antes que o asteróide chegue... Kkkkkk* Zoas

    11. Gacha Wolfie

      should I count how many times they said me? Edit:83 mes in the MUSIC video not the ending;-;

    12. Gacha Wolfie

      The ending is one of the best parts lol XD

    13. Its Blitz

      Amazing song

    14. The Kittiest

      Ellie:🎼 Juice world:🎼💨💨

    15. Forged in England

      This is a complete rip of "often" by the weeknd.. she literally changes often to hate me

    16. ILL MEMBER


    17. Zinicz

      The last part was jokes 3:02

    18. Chocolate.Snazzy

      I thought this was hasley i-

    19. mike Williams

      Soooo nobody can tell that this chick is transgender? Wake up dummies

    20. Nativia Thomas

      One almost looks like Jaden Smith 😉

    21. ramzy dz

      This is the really cold✌. All love ❤ frome algeria🇩🇿

    22. Lekhraj Thakur


    23. Nini

      I really liked the song and to be honest juice world was just smoking and it was funny and his rap was amazing too

    24. Pineapple927

      At least Ik what songs fonna be on the radio for my bus

    25. Chaotik_Trap

      all 13 yr olds rn *Im 13 and this is deep your next lover will be here tomorrow like to activate* | | | \/

    26. K- 9

      2013 I Need Your Love.. 2015 Love Me Like You Do... 2019 Hate Me? Why?

    27. no u

      2:00 that phone just drunk a potion of slow falling

    28. salty vlogs btw

      They made the first human some machine 1:06

    29. Giorgi Tanev


    30. •huskie•

      hate me: good song made a month ago gacha tubers: hIPPiTy hOppItY nOw tHis iSmY pROpeRtY (surprised they didnt take over old town road tbh”

    31. Brooklynn Simonson

      best collab ever. i love this song this song relates to me.

    32. Ritik Theeng Tamang

      Now hate me 2b brilliant viewers

    33. You mad Bro

      3:04 ending i was like, naw bruh 😂😂

    34. Zach Sanford

      Holy sh*t juice wrld is fire in this

    35. Nora Plays Roblox

      Every time someone comments something like that was amazing!Or Like this if you love ____ someones gonna come in here,And scream the heck out of there lungs swearing,and hating on them.

    36. No Hackers

      Over 6 years time this comment section will be flooded with "2020?: "2021?" "2022?" "2023?" "2024" "2025?" *Something about nostalgia* "2019 this song is amazing 2025 this song is amazing 3025 this song is amazing" Edit If anyone is watching in 2025 this comment section was about 1:06 And how much smoke is in his lungs

    37. Muk Bang

      Bruh tbh the song almost sounds like “wasted” by: Juice and Uzi

    38. Bryce Sattler

      You can't 8D an 8D

    39. Sunset_ 197

      Another hit song from Ellie Goulding

    40. Любовь Антихевич


    41. the guy below me sucks

      I love how fake that device at the start where she balanced it.

    42. Avuelix Boiled

      Finally, fucking finally! I have finally found who this annoying awful voice belong to. Fuck Ellie, her voice is so fucking awful

    43. Nah Lafkih


    44. Galexpoju

      why are the captions in every goddamed language but english

    45. TheLovelyCarol


    46. Shamim Nahid

      “Hey, Juice, My chameleon humidifier broke... Wanna come me with me to buy a new one?” Juice: *I have a different idea* *Pulls out vape* “

    47. mariana correa

      I love love love love song,musica boa viciante.

    48. Hannah Daria

      This is like a good “god is a woman”

    49. GID_GoodVibeKing

      Bro she is hot

    50. GID_GoodVibeKing

      My man juice said 🗣💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

    51. Snapbomb !!

      I'm a the only that saw Kevin heart

    52. KateTheWolf!

      Oh man my heart is breaking for juice wrld. It's so sad I wanna give him a hug! Who hurt himmm 😭

    53. Pqinz


    54. FAMXnick ?

      Dammm stealing lil peeps title

    55. ThanosCopter

      1:10 Juice WRLD, brush yo fucking teeth!

    56. Tae’s Trash Can


    57. Ÿêpįtšśtïłłjj- Roblox And GachaLife!

      First time i listened to this, It was on a glmm soooo I’m like, when juice wrld came up:” JUICE WRLD?! IS THAT U!?” *we all love some good Juice wrld* is my sentence

    58. Eli Jones

      Came here for juice

    59. Jad

      1:06 when your lungs are too dusty

    60. CamRam 27

      Producer, Hey juice how much smoke can u inhale Juice WRLD: yes

    61. Hannah Barnes

      I love this song..wish the style crew would make an attempt to make ellies clothes be flattering for her body type 😤

    62. artur kochan

      lets face the truth, she cant fucking sing, if u dont belive then type her name and live and see what technology can do nowdays

    63. Kenna yt moon Mystic

      Is that xxxteancion ???

    64. infinity wolf UwU


    65. Vinnie Countdown

      Say this with Proud that . . . We are the Elliens 💓

    66. Alysandra Garcia

      *hate me* ?

    67. A B

      should be titled: "How to Fuck Up a Great Song in the Last 20 Seconds."

    68. YOURか TRASH

      This song is stuck on repeat but I'm not complaining

    69. YOURか TRASH

      Listening to music at home alone be like: 2:46

    70. YOURか TRASH

      The collab no one asked for but deserved 🤑