Ellie Goulding, Juice WRLD - Hate Me

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    DIRECTOR: Saam Farahmand
    Prod Co: DIVISION7
    Founding Partner: Patrick Milling-Smith
    Exec Producer: David Richards
    Exec Producer: Kamila Prokop
    Producer: Matt Day
    DP: Pete Konczal
    PD: Rob Ebeltoft
    1st AD: Chris Bicknell
    Wardrobe: Aeri Yun
    Hair: Panos
    Make-up: Lucy Wearing
    VFX: Platige
    Edit: Julia Knight, Speade
    Color: Bryan Smaller, Company3

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    1. Avery Armstrong

      This is my all time favorite song I love this song

    2. Разбитые Зеркала

      stupid blonde bitch with nigga gayz. dislike

    3. kat luna

      Like para los que hablan español :v 😋

    4. Smxking •*•

      “Lies tell me lies baby tell me how you hate me” Hits dif-

    5. Megan Loyd


    6. Sebastian Newberg


    7. A R

      Ellie Goulding = Crimson Chin

    8. sxphieツ

      sometimes i listen to his songs and forget he's dead :(

    9. Future Gohan

      *hate me , hate me, tell me how I’m trash and you can easily replace me* dang why that hurt my heart ❤️ 😢 😞

    10. the coaster corner

      Trashy trashy this song is trashy

    11. yG Ray


    12. iiomq_cookie Abu

      Guys juice wrld isnt actually dead hé is faking it 🤦‍♀️

      1. yG Ray

        No doofus

    13. Supreme Stylez

      I always thought it was Post Malone on this Track 🙈

    14. Just Vladimir Putin with internet access

      You want a lie hah I WILL WIN WW3

    15. Karolina


    16. syed muzzammil

      R.I.P legend juice wrld❤️😭😭

    17. anthony graham

      Jucie young Legend

    18. anthony graham


    19. Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}

      Rest In Peace, Juice WRLD.

    20. Walker A.

      she is sexy😍

    21. Pearson

      He good, she suck.

    22. minah Sewel


    23. Charlotte Jahnke


    24. Mohammed Azim Uddin

      this song litteraly blew her up

      1. yG Ray

        Mohammed Azim Uddin shes been around for years dork

      2. Andrew Rodriguez

        Mohammed Azim Uddin do you think she sounds/looks like Taylor Swift

    25. Joshua

      "No one around me numbing all my pain" literally what those drama people don't get, whilst all their friends are telling them they're better off and how they should think nothing of it the other half of their relationship is just trying to deal with it and that typically ends up being the half that actually loved the person who treats it like just another story or a thing to play on.

    26. Fais Fajar


    27. Joanna DeAngelo


    28. Aaliyah Silva

      i loved juice wrld 4 ever but , ......some people only love you when you die......

    29. Juanchis Bautista


    30. Ayesha Ayaz

      That white leotard tho😆

    31. noor shaferah sahana muhaiheden bawa

      Hate me hate me how u hate 😔😔 why u hate me whyyyy boyyyyy broke girlllll😔😔😔

    32. Patrik Cvetek

      Am i only one watching this in 21th

    33. geucivania rabelo

      eu sou portuguesa signo leão eu amo essa música

    34. Lekpower267

      Rest In Peace Juice WRLD 😭😭😭

    35. Max The roblox player

      Juice wrld: hate me hate me tell me how I’m Trash and u can easily replace me Me: 999 DAMAGE that shit hurts :c rip legend

    36. Lisa Mcgaugh

      I dont hate u I live your songs I wish u were still here

    37. fikri ruslee7

      This song doesn't need NCS

    38. GOD YT gaming

      is time u my lol hate me

    39. CooLCold_RoB _TV

      hate me hate me still tryna replace me chase me chase me tell how you hate me erase me `rase me wish you never dated me lies tell me lies baby tell me how you hate me.....

    40. Abdullah Mohammad

      Juice world was such a talented singer! 💜💜 Rest in peace!

    41. Atta Ullah

      If saying true or wrong about this song so don't forget to like it. love you all buddies😘

    42. Michele M

      RIP Juice

    43. Th Suraj


    44. Addy Aman 99


    45. Kailtyn Holly

      This song hit hard

    46. sherry burnett

      R.I.P 😢😢❤❤❤❤❤💔💔💔💔

    47. Shaydan Leaf

      F*ck all the people that say Juice WRLD faked his death

    48. AK Dark_Ninja

      I will be here every day leave a like to remind me

    49. Gopal


    50. Maggy TeeJay

      How much did juice inhale oml 😂

    51. SADIAH Tisa

      1:05 RIP man I can't why'd Juice have to die 🥺💔😔

    52. ScoobyXD

      Juice wrld hits different right hrrr


      Rip juice world

    54. Roblox Gaming

      Drop a like if you are watching this is 2020

    55. UnoReverseC4rd-Fortnite

      This shit hits even harder when Juice WRLD is now gone. No cap. Reminds me of the days when people were making fat jokes about him. :/ Fly High, -Juice WRLD.

    56. Chicken liver is Mean

      Ellie’s part was nothing to juice WRLD

    57. ninja0917

      Español ??

    58. F34R

      Juice world:hate me hate me tell me how you hate me and you can easily replace me. Me:knowing my gf does not actually like me I’m feeling depressed inside that shit hit me hard

    59. I’m A rAt

      2:13, omfg when switches through one earbud to the other.. *magic* T^T

    60. pływak -_-


    61. Phijurr

      Why is there a thicc knife

    62. hassano0o

      وش هالمكوه المطعوجه

    63. Jessica's Girls

      Hi Ellie

    64. Nathan Strachan


    65. Miguel '-'


    66. F R

      Who’s listening to this song because juice is in it

    67. Demitri Lynch

      nobody in the world: nobody in the universe: NOBODY: until .-_.- 3:17

    68. Sheila Lovelace

      Juice world's died

    69. ryan7549 ellis

      When I heard juice's part it changed my life

    70. ryan7549 ellis

      The new juice world: i am smoke man 1.06

      1. ryan7549 ellis

        I mean 1:06