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    Eat It Or Yeet It RETURNS with a very special guest- Mythical Chef Josh! Josh knows his way around the world of unique foods, but is his stomach strong enough to survive a game of Eat It Or Yeet It?
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    1. Damien Haas

      In a way, this let me live out my dream of eating a ghost.

      1. Hana Araki

        Damien Haas omg you reacted to your self about to YEET

      2. Tyler Mitzner

        Ghost peppers are delicious.

      3. ShadowScorpion


      4. Armen_LV

        then ghost buster is guna get you XD

    2. Brandon polin

      Yo, its Josh!

    3. Breanna Tinker

      0:00 I absolutely love you, Shayne

    4. Clingy Boos

      I honestly love how the outro thing is in pansexual colours TvT

    5. Hamburger Harmful

      Can someone comment on my comment the timestamp of when the caveman whit the red shirt pops up on the screen plz and thank you sir

    6. Cösmo Echøs

      Josh ate everything exept the big bite and yet shawn could eat it!? In the words of Josh: “YOU NEEDS TO BE STUDIED BY A SCIENTIST!” U-U 👌

    7. Akyanos

      I just realized how WIDE Josh is. I thought Damian was kinda stronk. I thought Shayne was BIG. But Josh? STRONK TO MAX. BIG. GOD. CRUSH WORLDS WITH HIS ARM OF SPORK

    8. Jocelyn Harder

      Does this make me a sadist because that enjoy I watching these?

    9. Jacob Young

      11:09 Then why did you not yeet it. You obviously like it, you frickin liar!

    10. Blu Taylor

      Josh is such a beast. I always appreciate content that involves him and food.

    11. weirdo iero

      Josh reminds me of Jesse Eisenberg

    12. Ruby bliss

      i love that evil look garret has and than that evil laugh every time

    13. Carter Landeros

      If anyone is traumatized it's probably Sarah or Olivia maybe even Mari

    14. Shuichi Saihara

      Does Shayen have a taste disorder or something, I’m sorry but I’m actually concerned for him😰

    15. Daniella Garcia

      Um I cracked my screen when I punchd my phone

    16. fdgusu Dkyskta lytaktaktalyskts

      At the end Shayne looks like he's seen god and he's not impressed

    17. Michael McTeague

      Does anybody notice the meri’s stranger things shirt

    18. Kitsunes Lil Toy

      Awww Mari, you alright luv?

    19. Abhinav

      I saw that boba and immediately saw the orange, and i knew it was fish eggs

    20. Valerie Horton

      Oh sh** there was fish food

    21. Diamond Fighter

      Wtf is wrong with Shayne.

    22. Ryuichiro Sakuraba

      Reminds me of the chocolate-coated garlic flakes from Code Vein.

    23. Badger Queen

      Omg I love Courtney

    24. Slightly Questionable

      Nobody: Me with my friends in the cafeteria: 0:00

    25. Lfav321 7152

      11:42 *Olivia has left the chat*

    26. Trixie Gotcha!

      9:24 I saw Maris shirt it's from stranger things 😌

    27. Gokul Nair


    28. Emily The bean

      Olivia- ..can I try it? Josh- *nOooOoo*

    29. IDXSI

      So he ate a penis lol what

    30. Sarai Kuijpers


    31. Harlee Luke

      Oh my god! Shayne with the m-berry!

    32. Rose Emily1

      It’s official Shane can’t taste anything sour

    33. FamiliarEvil

      Has anyone suggested bringing Mythical Chef Josh back as the actual chef for one of these, and having Garrett as an Eat or Yeeter? Because I think that should happen.

    34. Reed TV

      Don’t mess with boba! Haha

    35. The sweaty Flamingo gamer

      Can he feel sour

    36. Saddened Sunshine

      "Yeah, if there's food in front of me, I need to eat it or I get anxious..." I RELATED TO THAT ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL

    37. Mahdee

      Josh just tasted everything out of his culinary curiosity😂

    38. Henry Williams

      I have to go to school

    39. Iron Nutz


    40. Jessica Jellison

      So is Mythical Chef Josh the guy who cooks in the GMM show with Reht and Link

    41. alexus happy cavazos unionsss

      Shayne was made from a science lab

    42. Frank Miguel Sarol

      courtney you should date josh frome GMM

    43. ::Anime Weeb::

      mari's face was me that whole video

    44. Makayla Alexander

      Olivia is now light years away from us far far away from planet earth.... XD

    45. hawk james

      i like how josh was just staring at that burger 16:07

    46. This is A good name

      Did rslash end the video

    47. Billy Hilton

      Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg MARI HAS A STRANGER THINGS SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im insane 😂

    48. Tiens ma bière

      "THIS IS NASTY!" *Mythical chef does it* "Well,that's bad"

    49. Khandar William

      Is he in-shayne?

    50. Daphne Farris

      I love Courtney’s outfit in this vid

    51. Megan M.

      I'm rewatching these and I'm really enjoying watching Shayne become more and more unhinged with each iteration.

    52. ILLyssa01

      I would be trying everything like Josh too. None of it was even that bad. They’re being little babies lol.

    53. Ying Cai

      Legends say, to this day Olivia is still traumatized to this day.

      1. Greesha Mandelwal

        Finally the comment I was looking for

    54. Alex Doddo

      Did anybody realise Mari’s shirt is a stranger things shirt that says “Hawkins Indiana” which is where the show is located!

    55. Hailey Blake

      in every episode I see a Twinkie, I say to my self "a Twinkie is never a Twinkie." XD

    56. Julyebouley

      I’m flipped in 4th grade and I ate a ghost pepper chip I I died

    57. Jack Pangos


    58. Veronicz

      Everyone else: *anxiety* Josh: A good meal.

    59. Hi I'm Kate It's free real estate

      But Shayne really couldn't eat the big bite cuz HE'S VEGAN!

    60. Annly P

      Olivia went to a different dimension today

    61. Adonis Gomez

      I felt so bad for Olivia after the twinkie

    62. Joe Luis

      Bring josh back

    63. Cringey Bagels

      Her shirt is amazing

    64. Deauna Taylor

      Shyne needs to go on doctor fill

    65. River Johnson

      WE'RE GONNA DIE TODAY!!! -Shayne Topp

    66. Tyler Mitzner

      Agar and fish sauce.

    67. Tyler Mitzner

      I punched the bell and broke my $1,500 laptop

    68. Katherine Jones

      Jelly bean challenge 🔥🦄

    69. Davelar 0405

      shayne “something’s wrong” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    70. OffTheWalls

      Ghost pepper jello sounds delicious.