1. Gianna Lollie

    carti raps in cursive ☺️

  2. Yawachaanan Yasharahla

    Carti channeled the spirit of XXXTENDOODLEBOB#💯🙏🏾

  3. LaNd_Of_ThE _FrEe

    My brother is obsessed with ur music

  4. grape juice.

    This muhfucker speaking in cursive

  5. Not Aseel

    I loved when carti said "aingobodyrou, dongefogmamou, youngofogmamou, yomaikamaloi, dongosemiou, bitnosemiou, noretaliyou (shklein), himailetacup, aisheweaky, lawovicky, omaeghae, damnthattittie". It really gets the soul, you know

  6. Bmoney64

    i'm just gonna bet that this'll be in a nostalgia compilation in 2025 or something idk

  7. Alan Smith

    Yo man your butt stink Oooo your butt stinks Ridin around, shutting it down, Making my eyes blink Peeeeee uuuuuuu, is it my fault? Cause when the smell comes crashing down I'll blame yoouuuuuu lol 😁😁😁😂

  8. Lil Dark

    Good song!!

  9. 1 day ago

    This reminds me of those years I used to play poptropica I don’t know why

  10. Vins

    When carti said 𓄁𓂉𓂀シ𓃰𐂃𓁹シ𓂀㋛𓂺㋛𓃰𐂃𓂻 I felt that 😔

  11. Aiden Bailey

    Carti said:○■|》¤♤~£|♤○■\》|¥●♤●♤\ That shit deep

  12. Abdurahman Saeed

    Carti out here tryna summon Jah back to life 😢😭😂😂

  13. 666_Mirc0_999

    Am I the only one who thought that 2:56 was xxxTentacion? Edit: aLrEaDy 2 LiKeS oMg ThAnK yOu GuYs!!!!11!1!

    1. Prince

      666_Mirc0_999 only 2 likes

  14. UnLucky

    My bf cheated on me and sent me this song

  15. Abdurahman Saeed

    Who else shed a tear When Carti said 😢😭: 01010010 01001001 01010000 00100000 01001010 01000001 01001000 00100000

  16. Mika Busuego


  17. fireboy#swag lol#ssundee is the best

    does anybody see the fire in the background go with the beat 3:47 like if you do

  18. Sultana Campbell

    Does no one else see the way he danced

  19. nico 310

    Everybody: Carti meme Me: Original comment

  20. Po Po

    Kaki kepit teringat asmawi masdo

  21. con

    that beginning tho haha

  22. Matt playz23

    I can never listen to the start cause I have to skip the forced awkwardness ps ima god

  23. Anonymous Hippie


  24. carissa moya

    “ what is it exactly that you do?” *yes*

  25. Wonder & Curiosity

    I feel like falling into a black void with this music

  26. bias wrecked

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Carti: звов пдмщств вдсшыиы лсщчтыткьп пдвщчты с сдвщлцмв

  27. hxneybee subliminals

    When carti said ḙṳ✘ℨṧℏ♩✺✺к♩♭ṽḉḟ⑂⑂тᖱṽкℵḉ Yeah I felt that

  28. Random Anonym.428

    1:27 it starts

    1. xXcookieXx :v

      @Random Anonym.428 thank you

  29. Destruction -Fortnite And More

    Tyler: Your Verse Good Carti: Reads the Chinese Dictionary.

  30. Alicia Lopez

    Tyler:What should we name this song? Carti: hold my English

  31. music 4lyfe

    This is playing at my funeral , wedding , and graduation

  32. Dark_ flash


  33. Fjfufifb Rhejfjfb

    Nobody : Me : hits the woah

  34. JarJar1337 / yoloswaggermasterdestroyer

    tf is all that gay shit for just play the song ffs im not tryna watch funny show i can watch mr bean on bbc england televisyon kanal

  35. Can i have 10.000 subscriber?

    Where is genius When you need them?

  36. CyanEmpiire

    when carti said ꖎ╎ꖌᒷ∴𝙹ᔑ⍑ ⍊╎ꖌꖌ╎ᒷᔑ𝙹╎⋮ᓭ↸╎⚍⎓⍑ᒷリ⚍╎⚍⍑ᓭ↸⎓リ⍑⋮ he was talking about a sharpness 4 sword with fire aspect 1

  37. Hit n Run Gaming Channel

    13 Year old child: Trying to impress his crush at the talent show and voice cracks 14 Year old Girl: EWWW you cant sing

  38. Umar Khan

    "Bihdotsetmeyuh"dayum what a Bar eminem eat ur heart out looool

  39. Ultra Instinct Yamcha

    *thank you* *Thank You* *THANK YOU*

  40. SupaLitFiya

    When you wanna be like Icejjfish

  41. N0T__ Z10N

    Playboi carti ruined it I had to turn on sub tittles 😂

  42. Ark_Hames

    Where the doododoododooo I Neeeeee- Edit: It was on Spotify

  43. ItzKyra - Gacha Life

    When carti said: α β Γ γ Δ δ ε ζ η Θ θ ι Κ κ Λ λ Μ μ ν Ξ ξ ο Π π ρ Σ σ/ςτ υ Φ φ χ Ψ ψ Ω ω. I felt that.

  44. Sal Frangipani


  45. Luke Stucki

    No one: Carti: оокосовьузцшндвт лутслузпшстччбыо лаиарсраиьущцйзушчт

  46. Alesan Rose

    tyler with that wig looking like my 6th grade haircut

  47. TW

    just want you to know this song made me get off crack.

  48. lcy Fire

    Everyone: *talking about carti speaking in cursive* Me: So everybody just gonna ignore that old lady's acting skill? 11/10

  49. Christian Don

    Pearl: what is that you do Tyler: *YES*

  50. JULIAN norman

    0:54 ....yes

  51. Ky The WiFi Guy


  52. Luke Chee

    very educational

  53. jhon Johnson

    Muevanse please !!!

  54. Bish Whaaa

    Carti: #>~€^|€|*|>|^|*|>|*\€{^ Me: u make my EARFQUAKE

  55. LeanMeanMemeQueen

    category: *education*

  56. cheeky editz

    *Playboi Carti lyrics:* Agnabudayro, Dongifuhbunuh, Ayafumalug, Aymicalmyawy, Lungmysemeoff, Bitnahsetmeaw, Uhletelleuh, Helightathecluh, Aysheweeke, Likewovege, Ohmygaw, Damndatea

  57. S SN QN

    This is the worst garbage song I've ever heard in my life. Why is this idiot on the radio when there's so many real r&b artists waitin in line

    1. Sango Bangor

      Actually you are garbage tbh nerd haha

  58. Skirtix Yt

    What playboy carti is saying:€£¥§{}\…^[}{{@#$&$#@$*’”:;

  59. xDominus

    This song actually makes me cry. Not the man we needed, but the man we deserved ;-;


    Me: **listening to this** **Song reaches **2:55**** Me: *WELL OFF TO GENIUS I GO*

  61. Brok3n Cube

    Pearl: what is it exactly you do? Tyler: YES

  62. Simonesinofswoleness l

    What exactly do you do? Tyler:YES

  63. Gabriel Cookson

    playboi Carti dad still wait for his first words

  64. Mata Tu Rata

    Uhhhhhhh when carti said 🔛💱©️💱🔚🔙✖️🔛🔼↗️↘️↖️⏩↗️🛄💠🛃🈯️🈂️🈯️🛃🌐🛂🚺🚼🈲📴✴️📳🈹📳🈴📴🈹♌️✡️♏️☮️✡️🖋🔖📗✂️📏🗓📧🗒📉I fell on the floor crying 😢

  65. Khu64

    when you die in minecraft and your items about to despawn 2:06

  66. Mr. Cactus

    Boys who cry

  67. You Got Jacked

    i thought this was beetle juice

  68. Miriam Gallantar

    Catagory: education yeah sure youtube

  69. Gentonic _


  70. Under Rated

    where's carti part? i don't hear it

    1. Mars Kelle

      When Tyler's playing the piano

  71. karo lola


  72. Will Walters

    while adding film grain is nice, it tends to turn into a pixelated much when it goes through youtube's compression.

  73. Fauzan Noveandra

    This accent called “engsloth”

  74. Jaden Chadee

    Why carti speaking in /::(4747:$/929 like bruh speak English

  75. Emily Loves why don't we!

    What on earth is this? It's interesting. Yep that's the word.im not saying it's bad.

  76. SRG __Miller

    Dang, Carti really out here rapping in Gaelic



  78. KARYS

    When I heard Carti's part I discovered that my body produce cum

  79. Leeloo Dallas

    Is Carti talking in hieroglyphics?? wtf..

  80. TweetyBoii

    When cardi said @#$#@!@!*$£!*@£ It hit me so hard 😟

  81. Rusty Goose

    Nobody: Carti: 𓀀 𓁐 𓁛 𓁼 𓃵 𓃾 𓄿 𓆄 𓆑 𓆟 𓆣 𓆭 𓈝 𓈠 𓈶 𓉐 𓊝 𓊩 𓊯 𓋑 𓌪 𓌳 𓍯 𓎵 𓏏 𓏛 𓀀 𓁐 𓁛 𓁼 𓃵 𓃾 𓄿 𓆄 𓆑 𓆟 𓆣 𓆭 𓈝 𓈠 𓈶 𓉐 𓊝 𓊩 𓊯 𓋑 𓌪 𓌳 𓍯 𓎵 𓏏 𓏛 𓀀 𓁐 𓁛 𓁼 𓃵 𓃾 𓄿 𓆄 𓆑 𓆟 𓆣 𓆭 𓈝 𓈠 𓈶 𓉐 𓊝 𓊩 𓊯 𓋑 𓌪 𓌳 𓍯 𓎵 𓏏 𓏛

  82. SwifT Blynks

    Song actually starts at 1:18

  83. Fresh Memes

    Nobody: Playboi Carti: *speaks Lil' Baby*

  84. L A

    Bruh Tyler's haircut resembles Beetlejuice's 😂

  85. L A

    What is it exactly that you do? Tyler: yes

  86. Vuyo Mareko

    Carti: æľŕű$⅔⁷đäň⁶ďë𓀂𓀇𓀉𓀍𓀠𓁀𓁂𓀱𓁉𓀿𓀪𓁶𓂧𓂮𓂫𓃺𓃳𓄜𓄲𓄓𓅆𓅢𓅼𓆀𓆾𓈀𓉒𓉼𓊪𓋜𓋒𓍳𓎳

  87. Narcos Fox

    When Carti said: 💟☮️✝️☪️🕉☸️✡️🔯🕎☯️☦️🛐⛎♍️♌️♋️♉️ I said 😭😭😭😭

  88. Sωεεէ

    No one: Carti: ഞാൻ ഒരു ബാർബി ലോകത്തിലെ ഒരു ബാർബി പെൺകുട്ടിയാണ്

  89. Ronnoc G

    Tyler tryin way too hard, he used to be naturally cool and funny.... sucks to see him like this

  90. JDN TV

    If you guys didn't already know he doesn't want you to leave and it's his fault

  91. LS_ Devan

    2:06 When you blame your girl for clogging the toilet and she gets mad.

  92. myapplejuice _

    Ain't got bodyroll Ain't give fuck bout nun I'm like fuck my lungs I' might call my lawyer Lord don't set me up Bih don't set me up And she wicked like woah Vicky Oh my god she better not trick me For all of those who wonder what he said..

  93. 。。。。。。。。。。。。。


  94. X_23 5

    These disguises never get old

  95. Smiley

    Tyler and carti made me feel sum

  96. Georgina Rowland

    Sounds like it's from despicable me. Lmao

  97. Shadovsky //


  98. Lee Matthews

    What exactly do you do? ... ... ...yes.


    I swear Tyler fine as fuck, if I was a decade younger I would be all over his ass fr fr.

  100. Dwaine Sebeh

    Is it me or Tyler was some move🔥‼️‼️