Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Official Music Video)

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

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    1. Esteban Pazmiño

      OMG DUA LIPA YOU ARE THE BEST ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😏😏👌🏻

    2. Leonidas Kapsokalyvas

      Love the nu disco vibe of the song

    3. Sophia Manfrin

      viciadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nessa musica!!!!!

    4. Fernando Perez

      amazing funky bassline

    5. World Video's


    6. Renault Kangoo

      💎 DUA LİPA 💎

    7. prettythug2731

      QuEEn ah Pop* Poop 💩

    8. Solomon Cooper


    9. solosoyyo Rousse

      Good song

    10. Chloe Chun

      It’s been 10 minutes and I’ve watched this 3 times💕❤️😂😍

    11. Luis Lomeli

      The girl in the beginning looked like Rihanna

    12. Daniela Gochez

      Hello dua lipa

    13. kja

      Why is she half naked

    14. Max s

      Leute von the Voice of Germany hier ;) ??

    15. AngelHeadedHipster MashUpz

      DON'T START NOW First 4 lines of Verse 1 of *Don't Start Now* by *Dua Lipa* sound like the last 4 lines of Verse 1 of *Summerboy* by *Lady Gaga* : *Dua Lipa X Don't Start Now* Did a full 180, crazy Thinking 'bout the way I was Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe But look at where I ended up *Lady Gaga X Summer boy* C-c-c-crazy (crazy) Get your ass in my bed Baby, you'll be Just my summer boyfriend Summer boy Last 3 lines of Verse 1 of *Don't Start Now* by *Dua Lipa* sound like the chorus of *Dua Lipa's* song *Last Dance* : *Dua Lipa X Don't Start Now* I'm all good already So moved on, it's scary I'm not where you left me at all, so *Dua Lipa X Last Dance* We were built to last We were built like that Baby, take my hand Dive in this romance

    16. Claire Gorsch

      That's a pretty cool tank top (?) she's got there. I like the pattern of overlapping belt straps. It's simple yet intricate.

    17. The Hobbit 2k

      I love You Dua Lipa♡

    18. Cat Piano

      It‘s so groovy 😏

    19. Hassuhn Perth

      So, disco's back? Cool...

    20. Official


    21. Bert Spoelstra

      Taking us down to the netherworld, Persephone.

    22. Tic Tac

      With the Airpods Pro it's better

    23. Rayen Salt

      NOW I have my runway song to catwalk and march to either bathroom or toilet. Thanks Dua! Please admit some of your chores are done with this song.

    24. Geane Soares

      Divaaaaa ❤️

    25. Michael Black

      who she talking to ? who is broke her heart or just a song

    26. Magdalena Adamczak


    27. Alessio Pantaleo

      this song is everywhere in radios💕

    28. Dj Minco

      Fashion Funky Disco House

    29. S W

      My head, stop eating lard and loose weight. My body, Don’t start now

    30. Juliana De anda

      Love 🤩😘 dua lipa

    31. Louisa Bubisa

      I love this song it is the best I always have stuck it in my head!! Who agree's with me??👍💋💜✌✌😊😊😂😂😀😀😇😆😆😅😃😂

    32. respect the drip, karen


    33. Hit Man

      I'll be back every year. Remind me please 2019: 2020: 2021: 2022: 2023: 2024: 2025: >>>>>>👍

    34. Kurniawan Saputro

      Her friends look like rihanna

    35. kawonaglo

      *can't get rid of Lady Gaga vibes*

    36. theoneofakind696

      She sounds a bit like Katy Perry at the beginning🥰

    37. Rishab

      WOW! She gave her middle finger to all of us 2:55

    38. Agos G


    39. bella raga

      Ku jan shqiptart ? Hecni naj like tja tregojm se dua lipa osht shqiptare

    40. Сутулый

      Dua zalupa

    41. vbddfy euuyt

      „the music starts to play“ Dua Lipa: don’t start now

    42. Djorden Holtrop

      Anyone else still watching in 2029? In 10 years i'm gonna be the most liked comment ever.

    43. I Am Moymoy

      Is this the continuous from New Rules. It's like a story.

      1. I Am Moymoy

        @vbddfy euuyt any translation please? 😰

      2. vbddfy euuyt

        Клевая все-таки девчуля и музон всегда качает!

    44. Arian Cool

      Good things come in small quantity Just like this song

    45. Samuele Esposito

      Future hit

    46. Met Vzal

      and Freddie says don't stop me now...

    47. PrissyDe

      Dua Lipa said lemme bring back house music and make some bops. She did THAT.

    48. Lilly Thiele

      ohh it´s so beautiful

    49. Ilaria Tomaselli

      Walk away . You know how . Chi sparisce non si merita nulla

    50. Кутман Урматбек уулу

      Привет из Киргизии 🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬

    51. Electrification

      That girl at the start looks like Rihanna

    52. tore ruci

      Zbrite nga malet e larte. Per ne Londer e Angli. Kengetare Dua Lipa Gjithe Bota te kane zili Je e bukur si lastonje Per ty bota ka se c,thonej Tunde ,tunde Kosovare Se je bije e asaj Nane Ngrije dhe me larte zene Edhe per babane tende Te urojme lart e me lart Gjith jeten te jesh me fat.

    53. Tanu Maskare

      I want to meet dua lipa and kiss her , and thanks her for all songs which help me to move on .... Love u dua lipa ❤️❤️

    54. Dipankar Pagare

      I got new rules ...I count them Don't start counting now 😂

    55. Nico Den Robin

      How come here become JENNIE support Dua Lipa 😍

    56. Andrey Ivanov

      shes like ivleeva (agentgirl)

    57. Paul Interpol

      Ну и доска капец)))

    58. T K

      So ein geiler Ohrwurm ich liebe es!!

    59. Дмитрий Кондрашков

      Клевая все-таки девчуля и музон всегда качает!

    60. Prakash Kota

      No 1 don't start now No 2 look at her now In charts

    61. lorxcloud

      Tbh I don’t like her but this song is great!

    62. Dj Eyob Beshir

      Nice work honey

    63. Deepak Singh

      Anyone tired of one plus ad... With katy Perry in it.. 🤣

    64. Dipankar Pagare

      Walk away you know how Me being lazy to leg muscles - don't start now

    65. л рохо

      Lipa Dua ti bucket

    66. Devon Dodds

      Best song ever

    67. Shania Haffajee

      Love this song . ..💚

    68. Aqua

      *_Quiet kid:Since you were always nice to me don’t come to school tomorrow_* My brain: 0:51

    69. Hisham Mohammed


    70. Ntuthuko Mdluli