Don't Pull the Wrong Rope! | Punishment or Prize??

Team Edge

Team Edge

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    Hey guys! In this video we have a bunch of random mystery items behind a curtain. We choose which rope to pull and deal with the punishment, or prize! Which was your favorite mystery item? What other random items should we use next time? Let us know down below!
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    On this channel, you'll see a bunch of family friendly, kid friendly fun challenges, board games, toys, bottle flipping, giant sports, gross food tasting, messy challenges, nerf challenges, and more!

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    1. Mr Albrecht

      not pronounced brotwurst it’s pronounced Brotvurst

    2. Fast and Night furious

      “You get to smash four cakes in bobbies face” He should’ve passed the punishment on using his power of swappage

    3. KDayZ_Leader -KDayz Kat

      6:41 Your Welcome

    4. Springy Love

      3:27 Here lies bobby died from getting slam on the face with cake

    5. Jared Pierson

      I usauly don't but I really feel bad for Brian😭

    6. The Mr B


    7. coolman spaceguy

      That scene with Joey eating donuts is the most American thing ever

    8. Clark Vang

      Lots of diabetes for Joey

    9. Zerik Newman (student)

      Lucky u got glazed. Those ones sure my favorites

    10. Elijah Daniel

      what are edge points?????

    11. FlashOi

      well did he win cris

    12. Seth Vu

      6:05 J-Fred is trying to challenge Matt Stonie

    13. TheCanadianKitten

      What do they even do to the foodstuffs after every challenge?

    14. Pixl V

      The thing im moat interested in is what music did they use for chris' introduction thing

    15. Alex is ded

      I was eating you almost made me gag on that part

    16. BPTV-Gaming & More

      Girlfriend at sleepover: I can’t stop thinking about him, I wonder if he’s thinking about me? Boyfriend at sleepover: 6:06-6:30

    17. Lava Memes

      Like for sunathmotha

    18. Nicole Dennis

      Miller said he was going to join the lobby and miller to join the lobby of the lobby and miller to join the lobby of a great party to the park in lobby for an early evening evening at the lobby of the house in lobby of the lobby and miller to join the lobby of the lobby and miller to join the lobby

    19. Garrett Mayfield

      Love how Joey took one bite of the hotdog and said it has a lot of sugar and stuffs crispy cream in his mouth

    20. A. Nick Dove

      Eating 4 donuts in one is America’s pride

    21. Veeti Parantainen


    22. Dig Bick

      I laughed so hard on 3:47

    23. FnatahCooldude

      Bryan: HE’S GETTING EVERY SINGLE PRESENT! Joey: *hits him in the balls* Bryan: AAAAAAAHHH 9:18

    24. FnatahCooldude

      I like hot dogs without buns

    25. JJ Lee

      3:00 slow motion. It is hilarious!! Haha!!!

    26. Kim Son Luu GS ämne 2-6 Brogårdaskolan

      6:00 donuts huh eats all of it without help welp good luck with type 1 diabetes

    27. Funny Tian

      syrup.punishment for stealing Joey's donut. HA HA HA HA HA

    28. Funny Tian


    29. Pika Meow

      At 6:18 look at Bobby head

    30. Habs Crew

      I couldn’t stop laughing at 9:16 🤣🤣🤣

    31. Marlene Davis

      Team 3dge

    32. Diane Jackson

      Joey are you from Texas because it looks like it. I mean not Joey but Barbie. The song like I'm from Texas to here from Texas. No wonder we get along. We would get a room. Being good friends right away. And I'm not saying that we use but remind wake up to your face. , right? Can we watch?

    33. Lipton Red

      *"No I get to eat these"* Idk why but this is funny

    34. Twilightmaidien

      Anyone else hoping Bobby wins the edge games?

    35. Jacob Dennis


    36. Samuel Cole

      6:06 no joey remember you have hypoglycemia you gonna die

    37. Jose Santos

      9:20 Joey:”yeets hand Bryan:OhHhHHHHHhHhhh

    38. J Ser

      Joey: eats really sugary donuts/krispy kream Editor: puts on American flag in the backround

    39. dountfreeman

      That whitney laugh "hehehe" so funny lmao

    40. Jackson W

      At 5:28 there is a guy walking around

    41. Jacob Chrisawn

      I would love to go over to there and join their work force it would be awesome

    42. TPig10

      It A Lode Of SUGAR

    43. Vito Jace

      Bobby:eats sandwich. Bryan:Looks under plate and sees pass punishment to another player

    44. gunmanxx0

      Joey: where did you get that krispy kreme donut Me: what do you think

    45. mare2220 mare2220

      the new shirt looks like the American eagle logo

    46. Exel Gaming

      5:49 Why Did Brian Write this Sentence *BOBBY SUCKS @ FISHING*

    47. Norma Alvarez

      6:41 Me: Confused screaming

    48. Benny Ball

      Edge games Bryan woo

    49. Z Jarneberg

      This is how many people want j Fred to do the intro 👇🏼

    50. Kimberly Wenger

      Joey is my favorite........sorry Bobby and Bryan.😐😄

    51. Henrik Tafjord

      2:07 hes still happy

    52. Dex95to56 Dine2097

      3:40 R.I.P. Bobby

    53. Dex95to56 Dine2097

      Bryan: Bobby, Jfred, and Myself

    54. Adiv Dholakia

      Put some sanitizer on your face and it will probably come off

    55. Christopher Johnson

      Loving the editors right now

    56. Jace Davis

      I luv tajin and hot dogs

    57. Gabe Wilson

      Who else actually watched 7 times?

    58. That crackhead kachow

      for a good minute i registered chris as Nicholas cage

    59. Naya Freeman

      Why does Bobby always get hurt in every single video

    60. I am bored All day


    61. רפאל כהן

      Joey: but only one bite cause it's a lot of sugar Also Joey: *eats a boxful of doughnuts*

    62. DL - 07DJ - Homelands Sr PS (1323)

      i thought that his face was actually streching

    63. Sergio Guerrero


    64. O GARCIA


    65. unicorn_slime K-pop fan 4 life

      I loved Chris he was funny

    66. Suzy Sheep

      The number 7 is appearing everywhere. First I get a Buckley’s commercial about a guy who has 7 fingers, now we have to watch the video 7 times

      1. AJRL05

        Suzy Sheep and there’s a 7 in the time length of the video😱

    67. Jennifer Burchett

      I love the person and it’s Myself

    68. Snub Lattice3111

      myself looks like a ricardo

    69. Pushpa Rani

      9:17 so funny !!!!!!!! hahahaha