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Dolan Twins

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    We have this friend Emma and she has a life and we becomed her
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    1. stive david

      Where's james😹 miss the entire squad

    2. Amo Ashford

      At 19:22 did anyone else notice the beetle juice green pillow or was that just me?

    3. Caligirl13

      17:19 that’s literally my dream😩🤪

    4. Smitha Nair

      Well...I'm like Emma. I looooove coffee and I at least drink 600mg per day. But still sleep a lot .today I slept from 12am to 10pm and then from 5pm to 7:30 pm .😶

    5. Soph

      when they’re sitting ( )()( )

    6. Miss Fuzzy Bug

      why does it look like emma haas been on drugs...? no hate towards no makeup, her eyes just look like that, sorry

    7. Gacha Potato3357


    8. Liv Dford

      does anyone one else think emma's facial expressions at the beginning were weird lol (when they were explaining the rules)

    9. The Restless

      This makes me sad now 😢 Wishing both Emma and Ethan happiness!

    10. Kayli L Tuitasi

      When they yel they sound like when islanders are doing the haka

    11. holy fuckin trinity

      how do u like a video more than once

    12. Dilasha Gurung

      Lol the description

    13. Stephanie P

      Should switch lives for a day with a non-famous (regular job ie: store clerk, car salesman, cna, factory, bus driver etc), non-wealthy (paycheck to paycheck) fan! That would be even more entertaining

    14. Enike Sefo

      Did I hear what I think I heard???? 8:57

    15. Jai-Leigh Ford


    16. Amellie Zaitzev

      When they did the editing thing I was literally dyinggg 😂😂

    17. Amellie Zaitzev

      Holy shit how are they all so good at acro

    18. Jasmine

      this is making me all emo bc of the emma and aaron stuff now

    19. Pete P

      Why does she sound like Myley Cyrus

    20. Pete P

      My god who is this annoying bitch

    21. Pete P

      I don’t like the facial hair on Greyson , shave it off

    22. PJ and S

      Poor Ethan

    23. lucy callawhale

      16:20 the girl in the back tho 😳

    24. me fun

      I should be studying right now...

    25. me fun

      In a way I feel Ethan was kinda being ...immature... Don't come for me this is just my opinion do not kill me.

    26. StardustSarah

      Can someone please tell me what's that song at 13:43

    27. Alahna Hart

      That was such a good intro but it took to long to make

    28. Crystal Clear

      I died at 14:09

    29. Maryam

      That’s so hard !, I miss them together :(

    30. SocialTheatre

      18:31 my last three brain cells

    31. Ware Wolf


    32. Mercedes Hernandez

      Emma: also I think you have a splinter in your ear or something cuz u have like a black spot Ethan: well can you bite it ouT Emma: no.......maybe 😂😂😂😂

    33. Ashney Montrevil

      Dolan twins love you videos 💛 🙊💕💌 ❣️

    34. Bren cato

      I am one of the old subs from Jeffrey Star channel , I find her so anoying lol.

      1. Tuna Fish

        Bren cato who are you reffering to when you say “her”

    35. Olivia Crane

      this hurts

    36. Tah Knight

      So she’s not vegan she vegetarian? Because vegan don’t eat eggs , wait do vegetarians eat eggs?

    37. Georgia Snow

      Emma and Ethan are having a conversation and then there is just Grayson in the back screaming 18:36

      1. Oma Sorochi


    38. Ryan Kehl

      Garçon likes Emma and Emma likes him back

      1. Tuna Fish

        Ryan Kehl Who the hell is Garcon

    39. Ryan Kehl

      Omg 😱

    40. Ainsley Hopkins

      I'm still waiting for Emma's detailed description of Soul Cycle

    41. Nessa Nungaray


    42. Stormy Lynn

      The Way Ethan's Laying 19:47 Lol


      14:37 through 14:39 Ethan 🥰🥰🥰 why does Ethan look so cute when he screams

    44. Super Sayema

      You should do a video about swapping lives with james charles

      1. Super Sayema

        Tuna Aydın ohhhh

      2. Tuna Fish

        Super Sayema they arent friends

    45. Shxhvvd _

      I missed them so much 🥺

    46. Layla Hinds vlogs

      I love u guys couldn’t think of a more hilarious,entertaining group on youtube

    47. Alyvia Bisson

      9:42 Emma to ethan: “what, wait baby”

      1. Tuna Fish

        Alyvia Bisson She said “maybe” not “baby”

    48. Hannah Karl

      did anyone notice on the round-off when all three of them did it the twins had a left lead and Emma was the only one with a right lead 15:00

    49. Lynsey Devine

      Omg Grayson’s hair tho 😂😂

    50. Erin Lee

      17:31 lmao grayson face

    51. Vanesa Astrauskaitė

      Plastic straws!!!! Vsco girls are freaking out

    52. Brittney Richards

      idk but i kinda see tension between grayson and emma

    53. Bellaboo Lovesgoo

      I’m a cheerleader and a majorette

      1. Tuna Fish

        Bellaboo Lovesgoo nobody cares

    54. Trisha Sharma

      The description We have this friend emma and she has a life and webecomed her

    55. sherrysynthesis

      I miss ethma 😭😭😭

    56. isra munir

      5 months later and I'm still waiting for Emma to try their day. It'd be so funyyyyy

    57. fan nation

      nobody: literally nobody: e: *drinks dancing water* ARE MY FINGERS TURNING PURPLE

    58. Ezria Daniels

      They are wearing their earrings on the left side 🤔

    59. H0lly QwQ

      yes it is YES IT IS YES.

    60. Adleigh Nelson

      Grayson in the background: WoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO

    61. Sam Serrao

      WAIT A MINUTE - is Gray's back still injured from the slipped disc? 15:58 Also - Emma's like: "I almost got a hernia" 😬😯

    62. Maisy Jackson

      Grayson third wheeling for 27 minutes straight

    63. Natalia Valentine

      i love her but emma looks so cracked out in the beginning😂shes just staring off into the distance superrr wide eyed lolllll

    64. tim tim

      What’s wrong with your face it looks furry PLEASE shave it

    65. Emma Guthridge

      18:47 was literally the cutest overbite I ever seen

    66. Heba Aleem

      I didn't know that emma could do gymnastic

    67. Midnight Gacha

      Why does Grayson look like Elvis or idk how to spell his name 😂

    68. Alexis Monica

      **at the end of the video** 27:06 Ethan: peace Grayson: peace Emma: pEaS 😂❤️😂❤️

    69. radom shit

      she needs makeup

      1. Tuna Fish

        Shut the hell up you need makeup

      2. Billies Bil Sack

        radom shit no. She doesn’t. She’s gorgeous. Stfu

    70. Robert Isabella

      I am a cheerleader too Emma! I am a flyer for hello cheer and routine and I have to do a twist up ,extension and BASKET! so scaryyyyy