Doing My Makeup, ALONE in a HAUNTED FOREST! | NikkieTutorials

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    After watching Mykie/Glam n Gore visiting haunting places, for today’s video, I wanted to see if I could survive doing my makeup in a haunted forest! BY MYSELF… ALL ALONE!!! I went in as a non-believer, but how will I walk out? Keep on watching to find out!!!
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    Visuals by Studio Gyor Moore:
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

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    1. NikkieTutorials


      1. a great dude

        i dunno

      2. AlanaB Beauty

        Barely! Lmao

      3. Ariel Givan

        Yes because I am typing this!

      4. Irene Tamba

    2. Emma Elkins

      14:34: Do you have the feeling that someone is watching you??? Nikki: 😯😯😯 yeah... Me: yeah Nikki 871k people are watching you.

    3. Jeon Jungguk

      “I’m not scared, I’m just very uncomfortable” nikkieTutorials 2019

    4. Myrthe xX

      When he said it could be a deer I thought he said it could be a bear

    5. Myrthe xX

      I’m at the end of the video and realised there’s a crew left counter

    6. Perfect Tionist

      Like seriously those are just animals sounds...

    7. alexis rand

      8:45 you can see a orb on her right shoulder

    8. Lacy Morris Beauty

      11:04 - 11:08 right before it shows Nikki again is there smoke in the background or something moving?

    9. Stefke 312

      Muma la paduri maybe?

    10. Just Ava

      Nobody: Nikkie: *Sits in a forest for an hour apparently doing maekup but actually gasping and looking around with a torch*

    11. Sonia DR


    12. Sonia DR

      Ce sont des GRUES des oiseaux the birds

    13. Sonia DR

      MERCIII 😂😂😂😊😊😊😊😙😙😙😙😉

    14. p a u l a

      Someone: Did you watch this video instead of going to a Halloween Party? Me : 14:39

    15. K Jack

      When Nikkie kept looking around behind her, I said to myself, *oh my god that’s me when I’m alone sitting with my dogs.*

    16. Moanaaa by

      why you didnt put a cctv for your crew to see them how are you and what's going on right there . and it for your safety also

    17. Ally Viper

      Taking makeup challenges to the next level

    18. The Black 9

      Sadly the only haunting there is evil people chasing poor animals and their babys and killing them. Demons are in humans. God bless you Nik but speak up on fir and other cruelty

    19. Kihi J

      11:02 😢😢😢 that was so creepy, something moved in the left


      it was the blair witch

    21. Shannon

      I'm not sure why you were scared honey, ghosts would be running their asses off if they'd seen you in that makeup😂

    22. Morgan Rasor

      15:36 you can hear footsteps

    23. Morgan Rasor

      Hell nah I can’t even go outside my house at night

    24. asksinsen D.

      Paranormal nikkievity 😂😂😂😂😂❤️

    25. Katie_Fletxh

      11:07 watch the tree. Looks like it could be her flash light expect she hasn’t got it on...

    26. Furby Pop

      Best idea on the whole world

    27. Amber Leitao

      Nikkie: omg I hear things walking in the Forrest.... Well yes love, there are nocturnal animals of all types 😂😂😂 oh I feel for you, now imagine if you were in complete darkness

    28. Becca Bootyful

      I think the ghosts would be more scared of her makeup

    29. Carmen K

      Omg when that radio distorted, you can see that Nikkie shat out imaginary bricks 😂

    30. Chels -

      I haven’t seen her rush a makeup look like this in a while 😂😬

    31. Marina Pezzano

      here's gunshots continue doing her lips haah MEE

    32. Jessica Parker

      i heard footsteps at 14:22 OMFFGGGGGGGGGGG

    33. maxime6smile

      This video gave me anxiety 😂😂

    34. Michelle Tetzke

      17:43 Nikkie:... I'm done. Yeah. I'm done. Yet being "baung" af she continues to finish the look while waiting for her wheels up rescue.💜😱🤬👺☠👻👿

    35. oindrila's beauty channel

      I feel scary while watching this video but yeah very interesting n enjoying yeah love it

    36. Ali Boudaoud

      9:54 isn't it a voice saying "get out" ??? Put it on 0,75 to try to hear it better

    37. Zahirah Zubair

      How can she even last in that forest for more than an hour?????? 😂

    38. Alia Jewelz

      I hope you walked backwards in your house that day nikki filming this lol just saying 😘 put a rice bag by your door too

    39. Alia Jewelz

      Why did I watch this video before bed nikki I love you but not this video hmph

    40. nanas iwq

      Nikkie, I do not know if you will ever read this comment, but I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED this video. It was scary and funny and interesting at the same time. I was so worried but constantly laughing lol. love you

    41. Esra Art

      Oh girllll why did u go there at 11:05 ish some white shadow was moving when tried to open ur flash light just watch it closely please I am not joking Nikkie

    42. Tanner Popp

      Ik ben vaak bang geworden ... het maakt mijn hart in feite een seconde stoppen met kloppen.

    43. Trashtazmani fan

      3:00 why do they have to Kill the Witches? They have Feelings too bitch.

    44. Epona 888

      You look like a funny bear or something. So funny. 😁😁

    45. jazmin R

      I just wanna know why there where gunshots ....

    46. Catherine THE GREAT

      They could of given u a bigger flashlight.

    47. Catherine THE GREAT

      Next time just pick a normal forest.

    48. Catherine THE GREAT

      If I'm in a forest I won't have any reason to do my makeup. Now all that equipment would probably attract them more then the beauty blender btw. ❤

    49. art on budget

      Okay is his real?

    50. Anurag Sen

      Nikkie's doing her a...HAUNTED forest... And here I AM...cannot go to even the BATHROOM...alone !!!

    51. Amna Nasir saeed

      Who else would just start crying because me yes!

    52. Jada Kearns

      No bro. That motherfuckin forest is haunted!!!! I hears the footsteps in my ears!😱😬

    53. Jamaal Parker

      Im not even kidding I have watched this video sooooooooooo many times. this is fuckin quality CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    54. Győri Bence

      I watched this at midnight and I got scared :c

    55. Aqua Minato

      At 15:42 something moved behind her at the bottom right I can see a foot stepping down when she heard the noise and jumped 😱😱😱😱😱

    56. Nennan elämää

      Me after watching this for 3 minutes: Ok imma change to the jojo siwa makeup tutorial

    57. Noel Gallagher

      If you use a bluetooth speakers like BOSE , you will hear everything... footsteps and the gunshots..

    58. Noel Gallagher

      What car are you driving?

    59. Vita de Waal

      Hey Nikkie, ken je het boek Hex van auteur Thomas Oldeheuvelt? Dat speelt zich af op en rondom de Duivelsberg. Het is een horrorverhaal😉

    60. Tiffany Wiseback

      this is me but in my house at night

    61. Iris Bogers

      T is n uur en 3 min van mijn huis vandaan, ik wil dr heen

    62. IndyLux

      omg check 11:02 ! When she was flipping out, you can see 4 white shadows walking from the left to the right behind her!!

    63. Ngo Eats

      She should do an episode with Ghost Adventures!!!

    64. nona cloud

      What was the second language she spoke when she was talking in walkie talkie?

      1. Liesje Ursje

        nona cloud Dutch!

    65. In Cognito

      This video caused me to feel haunted in my own BEDROOM. I had to pause 7 times before figuring out that the dog barking in the distance was happening *here* and NOT in the video... ...I have no neighbours. Whose dog is that!?

    66. heidi s

      I know Nikkie said she didn't wanna do this again, but I'm like.... I NEED MORE

    67. Jasmin

      Okay this video is totally underrated!!!

    68. Raphael Vasconcellos

      OMG that language I loooove how it sounds

    69. Arshan Ebenezer

      Buzzfeed Unsolved needs to check this forest out

    70. Charlotte O'Sullivan

      At 11:02 and particularly like 11:05 when she shines the flashlight back there is some kind of mist moving to the left around her head level in the background?? Could just literally be natural fog but kinda weird

      1. Charlotte O'Sullivan

        Could also be her breath in the air if it was cold but idk