Doing A Makeup Tutorial Inspired By My Fish



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    I attempt to be a beauty guru by giving you a special makeup look based on a special fish.
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    1. Laura Ahtemen

      Phil no makeup tutorial should include a segment titled “sharpie time”

      1. *sadness noises*

        No TERRIBLE make up tutorial*

      2. Hana Turner

        It won't blend because it's cheap

      3. ida orm

        Julia Alexandre no her commet didn’t miss anything she said “no makeup tutorial should include etc”

      4. Cool Sombrero Cactus


    2. ZombieGoddessxi

      Like it’s not a fish but it looks great!!

    3. Morgan LeBlanc

      The comments could not fully prepare me for the gut punch of Sharpie Time

    4. Liesel Muñiz

      I need a beauty/makeup youtuber to re-create this look PLEASE (Nikkietutorials would kill this challenge. I know this in my soul)

    5. LabAdorable

      This is why we love you

    6. Simply Elizabeth

      I’d love for a professional like makeup artist or something to come and redo Norman on him and make his vision come to life 😂❤️

    7. Lola Monroe

      No Phil the reason Norman fights the other fish to the death is because he is a beta fish also known as the Chinese fighting fish and they are very territorial 😂😂

    8. Lola Monroe

      Omg his hair

    9. Radiantaliy

      hIS GInGEr HaIr

    10. Brittany Balentyne

      He bought an entire bag of eyeliners and broke out 1 sharpie. Like- gotta love everything about this very positive and funny video. "maybe I need lip liner" he says sitting in front of a BAG of EYE liners, I haven't been this bemused since Dora singing the map song hanging off a cliff.

    11. Persefoni Ajax


    12. AJ Raine

      Phil Peixies

    13. Kate D.


    14. Polina Meisak

      Well this was the best part of my evening

    15. Pan!c on

      And fishiness

    16. Fern

      i couldn't stop chanting 'no no no no' when he brought out the sharpie. it was like a religious experience.

    17. shanteatimewithsugar

      We should've gotten a reaction from Dan, because we all know that would be something XD

    18. Brie B.

      simply nailogical's intro music is in here. . . at least I heard it..

    19. The Masked Maiden

      Phil is coming for Shane Dawson as the newbie in the makeup world

    20. pmg57 art

      umm did i miss something? when did Phil get a fish??

      1. pmg57 art

        @MissKeya wow I'm dumb thanks :)

      2. MissKeya

        pmg57 art it's been about a minute lol

    21. Sherilyn Chua

      Imagine the looks he could have done with the amount of blue in the ‘blue blood’ palette

    22. Maris Norton

      now i really wanna do this, but i know that makeup costs a TON so i'll never be able to :(

    23. Saphiraaa a

      Okay, but this looks really good, I could never have done that!

    24. Bridget Hoyt


    25. Lisa Vik

      Phil, i LOVE your hair!! ❤️❤️

    26. Panda Lovett

      phil i will buy you better makeup if you never do this to yourself again

    27. Fandomz

      There are two people: People like Phil that have dreams of their fish talking to them. People like Dan who have dreams of their fish dying.

    28. Ava-cherry Hubrick

      Don't worry Phil, my succulent is now brown, and succulents don't need as much water as other plants...

    29. Madahi Canseco


    30. Егор Цыба

      What did you said about Anthony?

    31. dorms

      Phil: fish walk Me: fish can't walk Phil

    32. Carissa Tiangco

      Phil: *brings out sharpie* Me: I MISS PINOF DAMMIT!

    33. Thanatos Oatmeal

      Why is nobody talking about 8:19

    34. G R

      *are you meant to wet it?*

    35. G R

      the ginger hair tho

    36. Livvy BackupAccount

      James Charles who

    37. Jourdan Ezzell-Kelley

      Only Phil would have a makeup tutorial that includes sharpie time lol

    38. Addie

      "I always think I am so artistic" Phil forgets every Dan and Phil baking video

    39. [Hello my name is CRIPPLING DEPRESSION]

      *SHARPIE TIME* Me: *oh no*

    40. Nosebleedbones

      it doesn't exactly seem like a fish but it sure looks awesome

    41. Emxlee W

      How do people put in contacts?? I tried for three hours and only managed to get it in one eye and I cried and almost poked my eye out

    42. Joyce Gold

      Some professional should do this. It would be very pretty

    43. acegeek

      Well... the colors are pretty! *thumbs up*

    44. Chelsea May

      Can we get a nail tutorial next 😂😂

    45. shoppin_at_lidil

      What happens to dan and phill games

    46. Ishbel

      This is actually good though

    47. heather

      *sharpie time*

    48. Bobbie Coberly

      found this out from instagram but if you listen closely @ 8:05 you hear a breathlessly laugh

    49. SirSakota

      the euphoria vibe is strong.... blub blub

    50. Honey

      Oh honey…

    51. Zoe Nickson

      ...what happened to dan

    52. Bringm3hop3

      Him starting the look with a black outline and the glitter and absolutely no base shadow gave me such a panic attack

    53. Lance Mcclain

      I personally think every time should be sharpie time.

    54. joykittymeow

      Phil i love you but when you do make up you stress me out XD I'm scared for your eyes

    55. Tinna Magnusson

      Iconic 💙

    56. sam m.

      he's so cute i-

    57. Jordan Payne

      Honestly, this is the best makeup tutorial because I can follow along with the confusion and I don't feel terrible that somehow I'm doing exactly what they are doing but they look like they can walk the runway and I look like I got in a makeup fight.

    58. Fancy Panda

      8:42 Crotch Cam!!

    59. _sxdra_

      did phil just put blue contacts on his blue eyes

    60. Sofia Jearally

      Phil, sweetie, Imma buy you a pencil eyeliner, I swear it's safer than Sharpie on your face.

    61. Kryestoral

      Honestly better than most makeup videos on here. Yay Phil !

    62. れいたReita

      Phil bb! Put contacts in before doing makeup! Because I get makeup into my eye overtime before i put my contacts in aaa!!

    63. Bambi Bowie

      That could actually be a David Bowie look. 😂😂😍😍

    64. Amya Ride

      Phil: *uses eyeshadow to draw detailed lines of Norman's face* Also Phil: *bought eyeliner*

    65. Jesscape

      “Are you meant to wet it?”

    66. beaglebagel

      No way boy 10 out of ten stars for originality and creativity

    67. beaglebagel


    68. Brown Candy

      Take my word..waste of time

    69. Brown Candy

      Fast forwarding to the point

    70. Brown Candy

      Just get to the point