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    1. JerryRigEverything

      Lets dip your boosted board next.

      1. Vicente Walbaum

        @Sasha Aaron @self.promo.police

      2. Joe Mozar

        could you do this to my g-shock?

      3. Founder Timless Capital

        Jerry any links for the equipment, love your VLOGS, already a subscriber, but you do hurt the bank bank balance especially with the 82" QLED my family had to have to replace our 5 TV's that are only 6 months old OLED models in our LA home. Keep up the good work, loved you installation on the lift at your home as well.

      4. Oliver

        JerryRigEverything I will tell apple

      5. Ruben HD

        GREAT IDEA

    2. Rumen Asenov

      Химия хммм

    3. RoseEmblem

      MinemineminemineMINE!!! SEND ME ONE ....I need it for research.

    4. gameboy 10k

      Pawn shop:50$

    5. Google is tracking me help

      I'm so happy the music was good because my phone came blaring in the middle of class.😂

    6. Remodluna 99

      scratches at a level 6 and deeper grooves at a level 7

    7. Beeya Yonnie

      I'm wett!

    8. Crazy Monkey

      JerryRigEverything is the modern day Walter White.

    9. BlockBuilderH

      casey neistat: spends more money on turning it gold, than a gold one everyone else: *buys actual gold one* casey neistat: REEEEE

    10. Pallow :3


    11. Siddhant Kaushik

      Johnny sins?

    12. drone arda


    13. Mike Dhillon


    14. Justin Sane

      When Mr.Clean takes a break from scrubbing toilets I guess.

    15. Idontknow ya

      Тем временем я ищу русских в комментах )0

    16. Ryan O’Connor

      Deeper Grooves at a Level 7

    17. InterMystery

      Whats up with the geiger muller counter sound effects?

    18. Mamas Lilo

      Help me i want maried but not have money ,, i want youtuber , i want 1 milion subcriber pleas help me every one every where , i am from indonesia , help me for love 😥😫

    19. Frannxoo

      i still prefer the spray paint watch

    20. Karan Barat

      Can anyone post the whole process? Asking for a friend! :p

    21. Geras Katinas

      It says himija in russian at the begining if anyone is interested

    22. TheDiamondDraco

      This kind of reminds me of breaking bad

    23. Okito Lim Wai Kit

      So does it scratch at level 6

    24. ƏMPÊŘØŘ Éarl

      He looks like a smarter johnny sins

    25. dum vlog dum vlog

      Hey guys welcome to codys lab.

    26. Michael the real Larzen

      Zach ??? I believe you mean agent 47

    27. Twitch Chat

      Agent 47 making your watch gold

    28. Wes' TECH

      I want to do to my Samsung 46mm.

    29. Happy Raccoon

      Date Line 1973, Palo Alto....a friend works at SRI Stanford research institute, machine shop side, does plating. An employee had a Harley. Plated it piece by piece, slowly. One day, when almost done, he missed a speck of impurity....and contaminated a Big Vat of gold. He had to bring in the Harley and it was stripped. And gold plating looks Chintzy. That cheap Chandalier at Lowe's looks as good as gold. Polished copper looks better. And aluminum too, especially c. 1973 Ducati engine cases

    30. No GXD JRob

      Imagine he loses that watch

    31. 张曦元


    32. mounir aboud

      Meanwhile apple ils selling thème d'or 12000$ jeeeeeez!

    33. TB

      fuck electrolysis man

    34. Amixter emol



      put ur fingers in

    36. ambhoy

      Resell for $12000 👍🏻

    37. Adrian Iwanowski

      I didn't know that Agent47 teach chemistry as a hobby

    38. Adrian Loh

      Can you unboxing applewatch series 1

    39. Taha Alhaddad

      What’s the song he used?

    40. Michael Moget

      Х И М И Я

    41. M Viv

      What's the thickness level of the gold plated? Bet its less than 20 microns. Something like flash chrome plating. Won't last.

    42. Quadmonkey26 GAMING

      Luckily he didn't scratch it with a lvl 7 pick

    43. 247Fishing

      this man looks like a fuking hitman 47

    44. Daniel Cohen

      Jerry rig everything is the man! Genuine, does crazy cool stuff, genius- same for Casey Neistat. Keep inspiring the world guys

    45. Neal Patel

      Wait where do yu live now if yu left NYC ?

    46. Cutie Pie

      A random person on kik told me about your channel,and now i'm lil bit shook coz uhm...

    47. flam3

      Cool flex

      1. Pew Pew

        flam3 Rolex outta here

    48. NTA Games

      2:40 my mom when she check if I was doing my homework

    49. Lamon

      do this with airpods next

    50. VanDaan

      Basically electrodeposition?

    51. Artёm Заровный

      Лайк за химия

    52. Pedro

      Is it just me or does zacks voise sound super clean

    53. Alex Maclean

      I love these types of videos Casey, would love if you did more

    54. Mr Crabs

      He’s really good at making confusing smart things seem dumb and easy

    55. Илья Селезнев

      Лол, ХИМИЯ, я не знал, что Кейси угарает по русскому, или там трендтакой, я хз

    56. Just call me Smithy

      That vid was called how to turn you’re Apple Watch gold about 4 years ago❤️❤️

    57. Ricardo Corrales

      Sure thing, Mr. Clean

    58. Roasted Almonds

      2:50 rust radiation sound?

    59. Edwin Park

      When he said: We’re going to do it with CHEMISTRY Me: oh god i havent even started high school yet stop it

    60. Shahid Karim

      I don’t know in that dipping your Apple Watch was cool or just a waste of money I’m confused.

    61. n7eet

      It scratches at level 7 with deep grooves at level 8 ?

    62. Alex The Noob

      This is cheaper than buying a gold Apple Watch... i think...

    63. captaindurden

      Sorry Casey but you'r last videos are rubbish compare to all the thoughtful videos before

    64. Marlowe Recoing-Tallen

      Alright like if you think Casey should review focals by north

    65. Brandon Ledesma

      Broke people have left the chat

    66. Brandon

      apple has disliked this video

    67. KEN the BLOWDOLL

      sounds very interresting your channel, i think you willl help humanity ! wonderfulllll

    68. Your Pet Iguana

      0:39 soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh splotila naveki velikaya rus. Da zdravstvuet sozdannyj volej narodov edinyj, moguchij Sovetskij Soiuz!

    69. Roman Shurygin

      ХИМИЯ ;))) Big friendly greetings from Siberia !!!

    70. Ivan Buryak

      00:41 хоть что-то по русски