Diablo 4 - Official Announcement Cinematic Trailer | Blizzcon 2019



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    Lilith, The daughter of Lord of Hatred, returns to Sanctuary in the reveal trailer for Diablo 4. Diablo IV is the newest cinematic from Blizzcon 2019.

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    1. Albrecht-Sebastian Witte-Rebehn

      Five is right out.

    2. Santroff

      This Diablo 3 expansion looks great.

    3. deltavagen

      That demon though

    4. Bloodklot

      That was definitely Bronn from Game of Thrones.

    5. Alien Hybrid

      Why release this on PS4 instead of PS5? I'm not spending anymore money on a dying system. 365 days is going to go by really fast for the PS5 release. I'll wait. 🤗

    6. Kuny Eiji


    7. Buffalo Milk

      So I've never played Diablo but this looks like something i would definitely play. Im hoping it comes out for ps4.

    8. Yannickimpreza

      D2 cinematic is better

    9. Richard Linakus

      Aren't we done with trailers yet? The game will look nothing like this. What's the point? People willingly want to get excited for an experience that doesn't exist?

    10. Tylin Williams

      Free Hong Kong 🇭🇰

    11. Pelle Lindbergh

      Wow, that's dark.

    12. W711

      Was this a trailer or an actual satanic ritual trough the use of internet?

    13. Marcus Zyker


    14. Baleur

      Pointless cinematics. It's a game, we care about gameplay. Yes we do have phones.

    15. VagrantStory

      Lol, how can this video have so many likes? There's gonna be microtransactions, you morons!

    16. Fp T

      nice trailer now lets hope it don't goes down the way of DIII or Imortal

    17. Warren Peace

      Cool trailer, Shite company.

    18. Сергей Контратьев

      You guys have PC's right?

    19. Victor Songmusic

      I want to join the evil side now. Hail daughter of terror. Creator of sanctuary. I am your servant.

    20. Halgrim Targoghar

      If we're about to meet Lilith, I assume that Inarius will be involved too, right?

    21. EvilestGem

      Make the movie already.

    22. Monica Luthor

      They shud start making animated films!

    23. joren torfs

      this makes me think back on the dragon age 2 trailer which is almost 10 years old now, back then that was by far one of the best cinematic trailers around, and now they did it again!

    24. Jules Juerez

      Lilith got that Still Face Mother look. It's an experiment that effect babies long term.

    25. Dan Nullvoid

      Can anyone make an official subtitle for this? I included this trailer on my Love, Death + Robots episodes lol.

    26. SUB-ZERO

      A sniveling religious coward. Fools gold is called that for a reason. And why is he praying?

    27. Данил Иванов

      Great. Lilith return.

      1. seeriu ciihy

        They should of shown more breasticles.

    28. Almin Jusić

      Well atleast its not for children :D

    29. MrTriped

      I'l stick with my beloved PoE

      1. seeriu ciihy

        trailer? ... READ THE DESCRIPTION ON THE ITEM "The Tall Man's Finger"

    30. StrongOaker

      2019 and game companies still insist on 4 party co-op groups.. sad.

    31. Jon Snow

      Who's the guy who voice the evil dude...thats some serious Hammy voice he got there..

    32. Vogel Unsterblichen


    33. Tyler

      Please tell me Matt Uelmen did the soundtrack to this game

    34. Hassan Ali

      dammn wtf is Diablo even about? never played the games before but these cinematics got me very intrigued.

    35. Straqt

      They 3d printed a demon girl out of flesh.

    36. Ash Collins

      ‘Look at that body, baby!’ Shes smexy a.f. bois and girs! Waoo! 🤘🏻😜

    37. zinowor

      Lilith has the face of Doutzen Kroes.

    38. alienresearchlab

      Well, it's 2019 so Diablo has to be female. So predictable. Can everything in life stop being PC for 10 minutes?

    39. Jim B

      This is like if Kubrick made a Diablo trailer.

    40. Stuart Champion

      like everything else in this generation, Satan returns as a woman......

    41. 123 TikTok !

      Ai Việt Nam chơi game này điểm danh !

    42. Jay Mexxu

      The pale guy his name is not Rathma like some ppl are claiming, it's Durram, a acolyte of the Triune who was killed during the final confrontation with Lilith vs Uldyssian, by a bone fragment containing the soul of The demon Malic, piercing his forehead. So he is potentially posessed by Malic. Do you all notice how Durram is missing his pinky in the trailer? ... READ THE DESCRIPTION ON THE ITEM "The Tall Man's Finger"

    43. airfats1

      They should of shown more breasticles.

    44. Mind blow

      😳 wow, great video

    45. ngân ngốc

      Bác nào có tâm vietsud đi coi ,chẳng hiểu luôn😭😭😭

    46. Greg Taylor

      So who is the pale man?

    47. Hoang Nguyen

      Red shirt 2.0 guy would be happy

    48. Jules Juerez

      I lowkey thought those three were going to turn and be possessed by Diablo, Mephisto and Baal and that guy with the eyepatch was Deckard Cain in his younger days.

    49. douglas michael

      Diablo 2 n comprarei isso

    50. douglas michael

      Sério q meteram o diabo 2 melhorado pra empurrar no Chu da gente como diablo 4? Pqp q vergonha,eu esperava um diablo tipo o deus da guerra 4. Meu deus todos só querem ganhar.

    51. HarrisHero

      3 men are used just to make her epidermis wtf

    52. Wilson Martins

      You guys have phones right?

    53. O. Locke


    54. Wesley Too

      so this is about Diablo or Lilith? there's a title mismatch

    55. Dummy Account

      Ballsack cape

    56. P Cergic

      Those 9 mins went fast as hell.

    57. sentey456

      Just here to see a video of a game i could have bought if blizzard didnt throw all principles over the board free hong kong

    58. Gözlüklü Psikopat Kedi kedi kedii

      Offf veryy niceee

    59. george william gutarra campos

      well, we just have to wait... two or so years XD

    60. Vypros19

      Dissection - Dark mother divine. Thank me later.

    61. Matt Slack

      Still watch this at least once a day, amazing :)

    62. Bionic Tomato

      Vacco Dio!!!

    63. vbddfy euuyt

      Dang that was engrossing enough it almost made me forget Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself

    64. Agnaldo Rocha

      It's horrible! Diablo II Cinematic is 1000x better.

    65. rlcco


    66. cc pp


    67. The Hermetic Gnostic

      CZ-news: Blood over intend

    68. mio mia

      Well atleast the black guy died last.

    69. Magos Dominus

      whos the chap that says its a gate

    70. André Ronco

      Blizzard= Great trailers and shitty games