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    DHL · Frank Ocean
    ℗ 2019 Blonded
    Released on: 2019-10-19
    Producer: Frank Ocean
    Producer: Boys Noize
    Producer: Noah Goldstein
    Producer: Daniel Aged
    Writer: Frank Ocean
    Writer: Alexander Ridha
    Writer: Jennifer Ivory
    Writer: George Jones
    Writer: Starleana Taylor
    Writer: Stephen Washington
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    1. Sam H.

      Trae Young immortalized

    2. Cosmin Ghelase

      Frank Ocean % Chilidish Gambino Ft. Jhene Aiko ... Thanks for that future song!

    3. Luke M

      B E A N S star -- bucks star -- struck. bitch comin soon thats cuzz u suck

    4. BlackBibite

      Sorry, but why do yall like frank ocean so much? Just asking, not looking for beef

    5. Astralisk

      it’s ok

    6. Hondo the Razor

      It's only gay if you sing along. *sings along anyways*

    7. Wolf Nergaar

      The beginning reminds me of my sleep deprived ass having panic attacks at 3 am

    8. IbrahimAfify

      There is a list of unreleased songs on the bottom right of the vid dhl mimimal icon that is representing the cover is selected and in my room is beside which means that all the black icons are songs he will be releasing possibly an album

    9. Caleb

      As a frank fan this is trash,people need to start being honest and not allow the artist too be lazy and throw mediocre bullshit when you barely make and appearance

    10. Cosmin Ghelase

      Don't send something with DHL , Frank send this track to CZ-news like 3 years ago , and look what happened... Man.. This guy is a genius.. Literally .. He's a MasterMindFucker! BTW 1:00 -1:30 , on repeat from 19oct2016..

    11. angel Almendares

      Smoothest nigga ever

    12. Joshua Cruz

      There’s going to be 13 song in this project. Every figure at the bottom of the cover represents a song

    13. Miguel

      I feel like frank will release the album exactly at the start of 2020.


      this is good

    15. vaguelyhuman

      imo there's something mysterious, kinda ominous and almost heavy about this song

    16. 최성태

      luv your song🖤

    17. Matt Culture

      hi, i make music.

    18. makeupbaddie s

      The beat change at 1:41 >>>>>>>

    19. XALTONY 13666

      I don't see any like spam comments 😳

    20. Busces Gaming

      seeing franks fanbase different after the disrespect at the drake fiasco

    21. XPhantomX

      Chanel vibes

    22. Perplexing Jojo

      Look at this bitch dropping something

    23. Mary Ablaza

      Timothée Chalamet is just a biggest fan of Frank Ocean, I guess ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    24. Jon Jones

      This what my girl listening to? This what you hear when you go dumpster diving, mfs really good drake off stage to listen to garbage.

    25. Clutch Code

      Notice the figures at the bottom of the cover,it's a whole album he'll drop,there's the In My Room cover also

    26. Brandan Bennett LEAKED frank track

    27. Anthony Dixon

      Shit slaps

    28. Edforres

      Drake got booed off stage because people wanted to listen to this?

      1. Nathan Rangel

        Edforres bueno para gustos hay géneros :3

    29. brobroant

      Frank ocean fans are trash

    30. FRee Will


    31. Amanda Oliver

      Wack asf

    32. Gonzo Boy

      For some reason when I listen to this song I just imagine being at an empty blockbusters that’s on a highway in Nevada at 3am

    33. Michael Blue

      Bruh I don’t understand what’s the hype about frank ocean. Like his music feels like he took all the basics and put them together

    34. Honeymoon Globe

      New era?

    35. Cedar Lange

      This song isn’t about being lonely or sad. It’s about accomplishment and success and reaping the reward from what I can tell.

    36. dustypan83

      These people butt hurt over drake because of this artist with almost the same type of music 🤣🤔🤦‍♂️.

    37. Elon bruhsk

      I didnt get my package from DHL, cannot relate


      i’m high guys

    39. Shateara Thomas

      I know this ain't the frank ocean y'all mfs boo'd drake off the stage for 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Lovely

        Shateara Thomas nigga frank way better then drake tf

    40. Starr Brown

      I will forever love everybody under these comments because yal are my ocean family 🧡

    41. Theo Nero

      Did anybody realize that each down at the bottom the images down at the bottom each song when it's time is selected because I was listening to in my room and in my room was selected down at the bottom and now this one selected down at the bottom just curious if anybody see this or is it just

    42. michael edwards

      This sounds very odd future esque

    43. Josie King

      Why his merch so expensive 😭

    44. jessie nascar

      You guys like this? Lol

    45. Bless Up

      Am here after drake got booed off ,,,

    46. Sebastian Llerena


    47. work email

      This is literally the only good frank ocean song I’ve heard. 🔥

      1. RaeJuh

        C'mon bruh. Chanel, Super Rich Kids, Pyramids, Nights, Biking, Nikes, Ivy... You can't go wrong dog...

      2. Rhys x

        listen to more please lol

    48. Evan Ollen

      People really booed drake to hear this shit??😭

      1. æ _

        @Evan Ollen not everyone likes pop and Mumble rap

      2. Evan Ollen

        Rhys x I’m honestly not tryna be a hater or nothing but from the bottom of my heart what the fuck is this shit lol like people really just listening to this shit in the car? If one of my boys hopped on aux and played this shit that’s not my boy anymore lol

      3. Rhys x

        @Evan Ollen tbh not his best song but cant disrespect frank bruh lol

      4. Evan Ollen

        Rhys x I’m sorry but like what the fuck?

    49. Frogger Dogger

      The cover art is my picture on Picture Day. Welp, I got suspended for 17 weeks.

    50. Lamar Shaw

      They wanted DHL not Hot line Bling 😆💯

    51. The One

      Ever since Frank came out supporting Trump, his fans got loud! ya boy!

    52. Antipathyツ

      Im sorry but how do people like this ? This is just my opinion but I don’t like this at all💯.

    53. vurp

      ill see you guys in 4 years

    54. Leo Montegrande

      RIP Drake..

    55. Clout Jesus

      I would’ve boo’d drake too just to hear this live

    56. Benny Gwopo


      1. Benny Gwopo

        @Klein Diez umm suck my d**k 🤷‍♂️🚮

      2. Klein Diez

        hating ain’t gonna get u anywhere

      3. Benny Gwopo

        @olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 2009 He g*y so fuck him tbh ion listen to his ass

      4. Benny Gwopo

        @Kendrick Lil exactly 🤔🚮

      5. olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 2009

        I'm a huge Frank fan but these last 2 songs have been bad

    57. M MuRdEr

      This shits ass as fuck

    58. Jayce Neptune

      this song sounds better when you listen to it for the very first time.

    59. Tina 97💕💕

      This song high 😪👌🏾

    60. TONEDLoVer

      Lmk if my instrumental hits ya soul check it

    61. Aliza Blaze

      “bitch come and sue me”

    62. daddy longlegs

      I just turned 16, lost my virginity, and now I’m listening to this song high as shit seeing my whole life ahead of me. Life is crazy.

      1. c m1234

        Did you lose your girl or guy virginity, do both then you can really enjoy this song lol

    63. chalortte v

      straight out of heaven

    64. Cool As Iceberg

      frank is a troll bruh.

    65. dead rat disease jfdijffi

      We made it.

    66. occilant

      It turned me on.

    67. Kira seneè

      thank you so much frank

    68. Sole Intern

      This ain't new, this been sitting for 2 years

    69. Pablo Cordova

      Independent jugg! I felt that shit

    70. CK

      He stole drake's flow in "still there" i can't believe the only one who noticed?