Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One



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    1. MrBeast

      subscribe or you'll have bad luck for a year!

      1. Fortune _Hero28

        MrBeast what if we don’t

      2. Lavos


      3. Spartanmammal 84

        But how I'm already subbed

      4. Uno Reverse card

        MrBeast can u plz do a vid with ty again

    2. gabriel narval

      can i join the group pls i wanna smash cars to

    3. Comp Comp

      O H !

    4. Clay Create

      MrBeast Is the best person ever

    5. Lil Grape

      it's 2 am what am i doing with my life

      1. Lil Grape

        @Daniel Budik good point

      2. Daniel Budik

        Watching a sexy Viking.

    6. Jaycee Lamb

      Chris LOVES balls

    7. Kris WasHere


    8. Sayanu' Gaming


    9. Lukas Plata

      When can u smash Ty’s car?👍🏻

    10. Kaeyee Xc

      I have no car for you to smash with.

    11. Hades Daughter

      My mom drives a Dodge Journey 🤣

    12. Soul Punk Is Great

      Jokes on u I don’t have a car! Jk I’m actually subbed and have been for a while... but I seriously don’t have one

    13. Mako_shark _

      Would if we dont have cars

    14. Gema Espinosa

      Jimmy... you were saying ‘WEDDLE’ the entire time. I thought you were saying ‘GUERO.’ I’m slow😂♥️

    15. mui ui


    16. TSeal

      How did they get their keys?

    17. Mr Pengoo

      home depHOE

    18. jan Niko

      8:45 the truck nutted lol

    19. Alberto Rodriguez

      When you don’t have a car and would have taken either of the smashed cars😭💔

    20. منوعات عراقيه

      ممكن تزورونا علقنات الي يشترك

    21. Rileigh Cat

      Jokes on you, mom car had a tree fall on it last night

    22. Jorge Sanchez

      Wedle got the car my mom has

    23. Cs V

      I’m getting a new car “WHAT!!”

    24. Chad Walker

      u guys shouldve put a bunch of those small bouncy ball (made of rubber) into his car

    25. preston bishop

      yo Chris build pc for me

    26. Ollie Ithier

      I dont even have a car

    27. Jett Angeles


    28. Spotted Scimittar

      Jokes on You i dont have car

    29. Kawsar A

      Destory random peoples cars

    30. Its Visions

      Hopefully they can pay for their insurance

    31. Nathan Hochman

      Jokes on u I don’t have a car but u can buy me one

    32. Samantha Duhh

      If you need to pay for your college, y'all know what to do 😂

    33. Am aya

      Well The thing is that I don't have a car 🤣


      what will you do when you reach 50 million

    35. Bobby Singh R

      "outer space wouldn't send this"

    36. White Boy

      Smashing freinds girlfriend and surprising him with new one

    37. son goku

      Ha jokes on Mr. Beast I don't have a car

    38. Britton Lashley

      You should’ve filled Their car with packing peanuts and ping pong balls

    39. Derpy Kerpy

      Get BEA5T shirt at Shopmrbeast

    40. OG SoleGod

      I couldn't care less if Mr Beast smash my car

    41. thom0530 thom0530

      I commited nice combo

    42. Cheri Philpott

      it got smashed by a bolder when he said that it reminded me of sherk when donkey said boulder that is a nice boulder:):):):):):):):):)

    43. Pro gaming Vlogs


    44. Chicken Nick

      Nice Noice

    45. Spider Ball Gaming

      Why 6942.0

    46. Jack Tao

      How did he get their car keys. I will delete this comment when I got an answer because I probably missed it somewhere, thanks.

    47. Bella Bartels

      Sorry I don't have a car but Im allreddy am subscribe

    48. wondering wolf

      Mr. Beast:"I'll smash your car if you don't subscribe. " Me: gonna have to buy me one first haha!!!!😂😂

    49. ShiningNeonFlamingo xo

      prank someone with thousand of toy peppas :)

    50. Christopher Baker

      Mr beast 2019: Destroying my friends car and buying a new one Mr beast 2050: Destroying my friend and buying a new one

    51. Sange

      Weddlel has a convertable now to

    52. Gordon Jockisch

      8:43 this weddle kid is the least funny guy ever

    53. carl jhonson

      10:29 right now

    54. Luke Reck

      My mom has owned her dodge journey for 10 years and all I have to say is the car is badly designed unreliable and you fucked up

    55. unfriend6 ROBLOX

      1like+1sub=1pray for car

    56. milew231

      does chris moisturize

    57. Ramunas Sipavicius

      Well this is how american car auctions gets salvaged cars

    58. Dendé Hehr

      “Subscribe or i’ll smash your car” Me: i don’t have a car, ron already smäshed it

    59. Undying Cosplay

      I wish someone would smash my car and replace it. 1997 Saturn sl1 look it up it’s awful.

    60. Clix


    61. PG - 06MM - Cheyne MS (1494)

      What if I don’t have a car

    62. L7 Cyrus


    63. Valeria Martinez

      Jokes on you I don’t own a car😝

    64. Jake Jake

      what kid of glasses is chris weaering

    65. Cameron Reathaford

      You the best

    66. lachazaroony

      Curious... If they didnt know you were buying them new cars, why do you have the keys to both their vehicles??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????

    67. Mr.Coward1919

      You can smash my car just as long as you buy me another lambo

    68. Ma 6

      Ur da best

    69. Nokomis Bailey

      valley hills mall??????????????????????????????

    70. Zoruark Fox

      Marcus’s truck sucks because it’s a ford