Derrick Rose | Battle Scars

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    Derrick Rose, the MVP
    Battle Scars - Lupe Fiasco ft Guy Sebastian

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    1. surjalal khuraijam

      It's sad and scary to think what D Rose could and would have been if his knees and ankles were made for his explosiveness

    2. Kerem Öner

      you are my mvp, now and forever

    3. Jamie Gaskins

      All because he couldn’t land right 😔

    4. Bugoy na Koykoy

      derrick rose's attitude is better than kyrie irving

    5. Down Thao

      It’s sad they only loved you when you could still played! Go D Rose!

    6. ishan dwivedi

      I'm not crying. You are.

    7. alvaro ariel millan huenchunao

      El mejor 😎👽

    8. 5KNavy JCannon

      Still the greatest mix I’ve ever seen.. & im a Westbrook fan ! Always liked Drose can only imagine what the nba would be like if he never got hurt

    9. Rigore Salmorin

      Real MVP!💓

    10. Rollen Decuzar

      "Whatcouldvebeeen".... ☹

    11. mantilla jaszp


    12. deep deep

      He torqued his knees so much in meaningless games... Wish he waited for the playoffs.

    13. deep deep

      Got robbed of great basketball... Was so great in that point of his career.

    14. OGKUSH 1

      His ex baby mama put a curse on him. Real talk....

    15. KING PLAYZZ.

      He lose his power because of Thanos.

    16. Juan Bernardo Manabat

      One day he will come back the windy city assasin will soon comeback I believe😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    17. paopao de kara-baw

      D.rose my only fav. Player

    18. Bruno C

      😢❤️❤️ 🌹

    19. NarcolipticApple

      gad damn man this guy could've been way better than lebron and kobe and all new nba players and MAYBE MJ if derick was top health and no injury and was it is prime

    20. whatever man

      Goosebumps and tears 😭

    21. Francis Gabriel

      I know you are crying nor tears

    22. darren plamo

      he still dunk?

    23. Doki Jr


    24. Johnvergel Santos

      Drose doesnt reach her prime

    25. Johnvergel Santos

      His name is forgotten but he is the biggest treat if he doesnt get injured hands down for drose



    27. Viktor Adler

      the best ago MJ in my heart

    28. jonathan hynes

      This video made me want to go off with D-rose on 2k so I did that 😂

    29. Marwane M

      men without his injuries we would really discussed a really potential goat discussion between him and jordan before Lebron came in, It really sad, i think his injury benefited more Lebron, Curry and their team. Damn, this drose with butler and korver would be nasty like jordan team.

    30. Marwane M

      man when i was a kid, i really felt i was the one won the mvp when rose won it. It was like a moment of a really big achievement that i lived through him and i was not like a big fanboy of him that time, damn those moment😧😧😧😧😧😧😓😓😓

    31. Ian Carlo Martinez

      Motivational song for those who underestimated

    32. Petar Brkic

      2019 🥀

    33. Troy Mcgee

      MVP rose over kyrie or curry ANYDAY

    34. Renz Vargas

      I really love this video, I hope Rose will sign a big pay check soon he deserve it

    35. Æ Agik


    36. Gabriel Cain-Martinez

      Honestly if the Lakers go after Rose instead of Irving or Walker it’s a way better move because with Rose they wouldn’t be over paying. He’s also a perfect fit for the LeBron and AD combo being able to play off ball and on ball. Sure he lacks defense but they can find another wing player to help defend, but as an offense talk about op

    37. John doue Quebec

      If drose wins 4-5 championships he is the new goat.

    38. CD Kickz

      It’s so sad to think that if he just had someone that taught him how to land properly, he prolly wouldn’t have had so many injuries

    39. mike stanford

      anyone in 2019 ?

    40. Josue 0_0

      Who comes here for motivation from drose

    41. pierpaolo zetti

      bruh I used to watch this so many times back in 2015

    42. Spiros Amoruso

      If someone (other than Bron) could stop the Warriors dynasty he would be Prime Rose /Kawhi / Giannis

    43. JustANub _

      Repeated for a thousand time and still emotional from watching this

    44. SL3M TY

      People are like "who here after 50 point game" like i have been here since he played ball for memphis

    45. Rodrigo Escobar

      Biggest what if in nba history

    46. Alex Thao

      Wow... I'm so proud of you D Rose!!!

    47. Arthas The Lich King

      Still miss the days

    48. Dhanuja Boyagoda

      I come here every game day ❤️😤

    49. Da_Boogie'sDreamer 21

      When is the OG Mudbone compilation coming out?

    50. destroyer

      Why this makes me emotional

    51. SL3M TY

      Who has been here before and after his 50 point game against the jazz

    52. DRose 1


    53. random sport lover

      I clicked on this video thinking the song was battle scars by polo g😐

    54. #JulioJones 11

      Closest player to Allen Iverson.

    55. Noynoy Sanoy

      "Mamba out"

    56. Stoner4LyfThatCan'tSmoke


    57. Luca Dimmi

      Best nba video in CZ-news. Amazing editing, with an amazing song for an amazing player. So much motivational!!!

    58. Alroes 24


      1. Mr I Cook Meat balls

        in the title chief, by guy sebastian tho

    59. KSRD_ legend

      I am a kid that love d rose since he was mvp.he work ass to be mvp d rose.he is probably no doubt one of the best pg of all time,d rose fan till I die,50 points on Oct 31 2018 a date I wouldn't forget for the rest of my life

      1. Mr I Cook Meat balls


    60. Nathan Degabrielle

      Derrick fell, Derrick rose 🙂

    61. Jessen Abraham Berganza Hernandez

      The worst mistake ever done by rose staying in game 1 with 1 minute left and winning by 10

      1. Cainthesinger

        He Didn't Take Care Of His Body It Would've Happened Sooner Or Later

      2. hakeem olajuwon BEST ROCKET


    62. Jessen Abraham Berganza Hernandez

      This was supposed to be a hall of famer , fucking injuries i mean he is a hall of Fame “ Youngest MVP ever”

      1. Carter Nelson

        Honestly if he goes to a good team wins a championship and gets sixth man he can make it

    63. Carter Nelson

      Hate it when peoe say he flashed the mvp in him he will always be the mvp no flashes he is an mvp

    64. Ichiro 1906


    65. Фёдор Пупкин


    66. Mpho Khoele


    67. Robert Swinda

      Look at him now on my T Wolves. He works his ass off bro 😜 we need a new update video

    68. Miqueas Toro 23

      d-rose is a good player in the NBA :::::D


      Hes back this year