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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch the full episode here! got.cr/Watch-MHA76

      1. stichlover


      2. Ink Fox Animation

        Saitama: "This is my son... You may call him, Deku." Me: Midoyira is scary at 💯%!

      3. Ink Fox Animation

        Can Deku beat Almight? maybe... yeah he can Even? No Deku

      4. Ink Fox Animation

        Watch it on Adult Swim They have a lot of anime that's only dub no sub They have Season 1,2,3 & 4 dub you should go check them out on DirecTV AdultSwim demand or get the app to watch there videos

      5. Ink Fox Animation

        If Overhaul was a hero there would never be a single casualty at any crime scene he's at ever again. He could take a mutilated corpse and bring it back to how it was. Tragic story tbh

    2. Sally Lin

      Deku spiecal quirk 1Million punches

    3. Honey Cake

      “If I can’t save this one little girl in front of me.” Yea nah she’s behind you. Your actually carrying her on your BACK.

    4. Kamekazi Warrior

      1:11 Overhaul: Jesus Christ? Deku: Nah fam it me, now you better say your prayers, because my fist will knock you into hell and back!

    5. Milkdudd

      Midoriya: Consecutive Normal Punches

    6. Rian Karlo Punzalan

      Imagine how proud All Might will be if he witnessed this fight.

    7. King X

      1:10 Thou art "D****D"!!

    8. Isaiah Hobbs

      So in the latest my hero academia episode which might be the last Deku goes 100%,but in season three we see him go 1,000,000% so why didn’t y’all just make him go to at least 2,000,000% would’ve been better.Did he only go to 100% because Eri was able to heal him but you could’ve done that with the 1,000,000%.

      1. Dbzchick

        Because the 1milliln percent was actually 60 percent or 40 of his power

    9. SxperDe_v

      Me: Ooh Deku vs Overhaul noice also me: Deku vs Tomura *gorilla noises activate*

    10. SxperDe_v

      Me vs My Bully (I'm deku)

    11. King X

      0:56 Okay "Meteor Knuckle" or "Machine Gun Punch" Which fits better here?

    12. Axisted

      This one episode beats the whole boruto series

    13. Honrblelols

      They stole that scene from one punch man

      1. Honrblelols

        Uno skip

      2. Honrblelols

        They stole it

      3. F.A.R

        Honrblelols They didn’t “steal” it, many shows had similar scene. It’s called influence.

      4. Honrblelols

        They stole the punching scene. That i am sure of

      5. F.A.R

        Honrblelols No, they didn’t.

    14. Janko Unchained

      The look on Dekus face when he is about to punch Overhaul reminds me of the same look Mob gave when he was finally able to express his full powers. Be careful Deku!!!

    15. Juan Laredo

      I’m surprised that no one in UA questioned how Deku completely destroyed Overhaul

    16. Andrew Singleton

      I have question. How the hell did Overhaul have a head at the end of that?

    17. Gangster Fox

      Deku was watching all might in his computer when he was a kid and now am watching him

    18. momo m

      Still thinking that mirio's arc is better than all deku*s fight

    19. TheEdgy Emo

      I honestly love the way Chiaski said “STAY OUT OF MY WAY!”

    20. Not XxNightBladexX


      1. Prince Shaggy


    21. Rian Karlo Punzalan

      I think we got it all wrong guys. Overhaul wasn’t the final boss in this arc.. it was Deku.

    22. Ajay Singh

      Where was the music? It kinda ruined the video...

    23. Green Klover Gaming

      Idk man... This is probably my 100th viewing

    24. Jahnime!


    25. Calmity What If's

      What if kota and eri becomes the best heroes in the world after deku'

    26. Calmity What If's

      Deku:*Master a one for all and becomes MUI*

    27. Ruvik Blüd

      1:13 Deku: So you have chosen death

    28. Ange Sibahi

      Overpowered is not the word

      1. Jhin


    29. Joao Miceli

      I just realize, if Eri can rewind almost anything, can’t she also rewind Deku to before he got his scars around his arm?

    30. N P

      0:59. Consecutive Normal Punches.

    31. Terrell Williams

      Dekus like that one dude that turns cheats on during a video game when he starts losing.

    32. Andy Temp

      Bro that kind of looked like hashiramas true thousand hands jutsu😂😂😂

    33. Rodrigo Andrade

      How alive?

    34. Tyler White

      0:57 Saitama would be proud.

    35. Johnery Orna

      I just realized why afo theme was playing. This part of the fight is from overhaul's pov The flashback to explain why he is doing it, his loyalty to the boss and desire to make a clean world,His sheer ambition and determinatiom. Those are all traits of a hero. Saving the world, repaying someone you owe, never giving up even if you die. So it makes sense for the theme of the villain to play when deku crushes him.

      1. Tmaninja

        This, although imo a better villain theme could've been chosen, or perhaps they could've reprised it to invoke more terror, especially around the moment of the punch, too many people think less of the scene due to the choice in music without realizing that this is the first time we've seen Deku go 100% unrestricted, the first time Overhaul's seen it. It's honestly supposed to be more scary than anything. Especially for Chisaki.

    36. fastKID FURY

      Everyone gangsta till Deku go super Saipan

    37. Flufferz626

      This animation was top notch

    38. Dudley Duverny

      Don't mind me, just passionately rewatching this video while looking at comments.

    39. Lost Hippie

      Man I wish All Might was there to see that!

    40. Leostar

      now this just needs dragonball music

    41. You did not see anything

      Overhaul: *tries to touch Eri" Deku: "So you have chosen death"

      1. Deoidre LewisZX75


    42. Lucho

      nice soundtrack *.*

    43. Fire dragon128v

      1:13 Deku looks like Boros in this scene

    44. Jessica

      Interesting how they used All for One's theme in whats supposed to be a "Hero vs Villain, Hero Wins! YAY!" battle but no. It fits, in a dark sort of way. Because the only heroic thing about this battle is that Midoriya is saving Eri and defeating the villain. Think about it. Midoriya is destroying his body every time he moves, and the only reason why he wouldn't be rewound into oblivion is plot armor. Overhaul is a Eldritch abomination, fused into a creature that looks more like something spawned out of Hell than a man. Not to mention, that Midoriya is LITERALLY blowing off Overhaul's limbs. And I don't think I have to mention that last shot of Midoriya. Horrifying. It's the only way you can describe this battle and playing All for One's theme reflects that.

    45. Eathams

      Fans kept defending the bad animation this season with "they're saving up for Deku vs Overhaul!!" and we get this garbage

      1. Nihilist Boi


      2. Gangster Fox


    46. Danko

      This isn't your first time watching this

    47. potato potato ching chong tomato

      tbh deku was more powerful here than all might would of been

      1. Nihilist Boi

        No this was all might prime

    48. Yusaf Animations

      So eri can heal allmight wound and his quirk?

    49. PBJelly

      Dude that was the MEATIEST THUD when Deku hit him in the face

    50. Roblox Aviation


    51. christian cosimano

      Overhaul should be dead. Come on now . We know getting hit with that much force shouldve just blown his head clean off

      1. E.G

        christian cosimano maybe because that smash was different. Kinda more like a compressed shockwave. Or maybe people with quirk have a more resiliant body.

    52. LifeHater 2.0

      *When deku uses backpack eri level 3 :v* Overhaul: Oh shi...

    53. Nihilist Boi

      0:59 consecutive normal punches

      1. Yusaf Animations

        Exactly what me and my brother screamed

    54. Ariel de la Cruz

      I'm not even mad that despite Delu looking like he's not holding back, none of those punches straight up killed Overhaul

    55. sArCaStIc

      Dude that was bad ASS Good things about the arch were 1. Voice actors ESPECIALLY Overhauls 2.the fights was amazing 3. Everything else

    56. Wesly ACNL

      This is what Luffy from One Piece would look like as a super sayian.

    57. Justmeandmyself

      Stand user: Nighteye Stand name: Epitaph Stand user: Eri Stand name: Gold experience requiem


      Why does the show always dim

      1. Chizz otaku

        Seizures. Like that episode of pokemon with porygon

    59. Batpig Boris

      Hit him with asakujaku

      1. E.G

        Batpig Boris also with Hirudora

    60. Axi0m

      if he stops moving, he'll die if he moves too much, he'll die if he falls, he'll die if he touches Overhaul, he'll die

      1. Nihilist Boi

        It's only if he stops moving

    61. Big Kids

      1:27 WHERE IS HIS FACE

    62. Ryan Weerasinghe

      btw people who wonder about evil deku if u look at 1:10 to 1:13 overhaul look so sad and deku look evil as sht and he you can see him smile right before he punches

    63. flavio sulca flores

      Overhaul eye has better animation than meliodas body

    64. tehstukes

      This shit is so fire

    65. AceMercer AMV

      OST name?

    66. Rendx_r

      Overhaul’s voice acting at the start was unbelievable

    67. Well Yeah


    68. Jeff the Killer Gaylord [Universal God] :p 2.0

      *all for one theme plays* DEKU IS ALL FOR ONES SON IM CALLING IT other people: oh shit overhauls abgry

    69. KDaKing

      I love how intimidating Overhaul's voice sounds. It really sells how scarily strong he is. 0:05 0:30

    70. Ryann122

      If overhaul was a hero he would be amazing