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    Head out wide with Brodie Moss and the boys to the remote un touched deep water in search of giant red emperors and sea perch. Plus the plans into the future for YBS and Genesis Craft! Enjoy.
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    1. MilSpecGrunt

      You guys rock!! Just love your video's!!!

    2. Kaaskop_baaskop intranet

      Where do you live?

    3. Peter. Hatch

      You have no problem taking our money but why is it we ask where your town is you just keep putting it in your pockets

    4. lifestylelimitless

      Keep going man almost to 1mill u are the man!!

    5. Timmothy McCandless

      You got blood on your bread lol

    6. Tommy Biddison

      u deserve way more subs. your videos are so sick. major props bro

    7. Kevin Chan

      Thanks for sharing 👍👍👍

    8. Dallas McComsey

      Is there a secret club or somthing to learn what the secret sauce is? I need to know haha

      1. Dallas McComsey

        @Paul Pence thank you! 🙏

      2. Paul Pence

        Kewpie mayo

    9. Fish With Oskar

      Hello, I am 13 years old, i have a plan about starting a fishing channel, Can u Please give me some tips by how i should start my channel (i am going to fish deep water)

    10. jack chudler

      I really want to know what the secret sauce is

      1. Paul Pence

        Kewpie mayo

    11. A C2

      Anybody know what kind of drone that is?

      1. Paul Pence

        DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

    12. BigBear's Adventure

      That Seakret Sawse

      1. Paul Pence

        Kewpie mayo

    13. Hayden Gregory

      The drone montage is one of the reasons why I love your videos, I always look forward to that, please keep putting them in the vids!! Thanks mate

    14. Roland Cantu

      What is the secret sauce!?

    15. Mohammed Isbahan

      Super video

    16. efi LAB

      hahahaha hugs with the red fish!!!

    17. William Fenton

      I got a hand spear yesterday

    18. Marco Leo

      That boats pretty cool

    19. Rob Balmer

      Reds get a lot bigger than that!! I got one off Fraser that was almost a record, and it tasted amazing!!!

    20. Mark Sternbeck

      I wonder if this cunts a bit, U know demented. Yeah demented.

    21. Julie Luckey

      You should do a video on your camping and cooking equipment! I’d love to get my husband stuff similar to things you use. Thanks!


      What the hell is your secret sauce

    23. Darrell Choates

      Very motivational bro ! keep it going

    24. Eric Chanson

      Liked n subbed from Hong Kong. We've got fiyaaa baby! Haha! Sick vids bro!

    25. AMINE DZ

      Nice man, you’re living my dream, keep the work very nice videos peace.

    26. Mini Phantom01- General

      Please collaborate with blacktip

    27. adi sinatra

      What is the secret sauce mate?

    28. Isla Monahan

      Sooooooo addicted! Love your vids!

    29. Emanem Sonny Tera Online

      Love your videos thanks for share your experience

    30. SoCalico & Friends Fishing

      Super sick, deep dropping with the boys!

    31. Espen Solhaug

      Love your vids mate❤️ u are awsome :)

    32. oxXxhackerxXxo cxXxhackerxXxc

      your videos reminds me back when I was at Marshall Islands

    33. volkan sanbayık

      What will happen whn u fall off from ur boat whn its very fast :) i mean to sea ofcourse

    34. dstick1

      Wow that was some awesome fish, I remember when you were struggling to a cast a line and now you have levelled up to the max. Great Video, good on the Genesis crew for helping you out.

    35. Anthea Elise

      Thought we were gonna have tears at the end there lol. Good on ya mate, love ya work

    36. CoryBrothers

      what kind of sunglasses does Brodie wear?

    37. Samuel FlaBra

      Great video just found your channel. I got nervous when you climbed up to the bow while the boat was underway. I knew a guy in high school that fell off the bow while the boat was cruising and got ran over and they never found him.

    38. Boyceys Fishing Australia

      Hey mate what drone do you use ?

    39. fathullah rampton

      Keep up the good work bro 👌🏼

    40. Ethan Wong

      wow, your channel is cool that looks awesome. Lve it!

    41. Maze Kobesta Gaming

      Yeah no-one out here except your ear rape boat

    42. Lachie Sgarlata


    43. Ambati Appanna

      Super excited

    44. Chicken fam Is lit

      i like your videos bro but i notice you always cook your fish why don't you eat your fish raw :(

    45. Jose Villa

      Always Killing it. Good Videos. Keep it positive

    46. Booley 1

      absolute legend

    47. wisnu apex

      hy I want to know what brand drone and gopro are you using?

    48. Leon Koskinen

      When you getting more hats in mate ?

    49. Sharyn Mcgill

      Love the soundtracks, love the scenery and love Stryder, Just love your show!!! Please keep it up. I have recommended you to all my friends and family

    50. Jas Simpson

      Watching these make me so happy

    51. Ollie Fox


    52. Tom Ahrens

      The only thing that I did not like is that he/you used plastic but otherwise awesome vid

    53. Finesse Fishing

      Exmouth is so beautiful!

    54. Sadiq Alsarraf

      Nice catch Mate 👍👌 love YBS ♠️🐟🐟🐟

    55. Déia

      Wow 😮😱holy #$@&#. The reason alone that you don’t have 10 million subscribers, it’s crazy to me!!!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    56. Holly Ess

      #15 on trending. SO PROUD

    57. Devin Lowe

      “Some green shit” I love it 😂😂😂

    58. Samuel Rubio

      Nice nice 👍

    59. 1968stretch

      Mate if you cut the throat of your fish Chuck it in the kill tank for 5 minutes Then in ice slurry Perfect Old crayfisherman showed me this

    60. Bjørn Tenge

      Make a permanent camp along the beach! Would love to see you camp there

    61. Troy Roberts

      What's in the secret sauce?!

    62. Lawrence Stark

      Dam good video. Beautiful water and those fish look awesome. Yall stay safe and happy

    63. li sa

      Poor fish😥🐠

    64. gb

      Amberjack no good?

    65. Gaijin Fishing Japan

      Check the guides on that rod. Probably a small knick on one of them causing it to cut your line at random times. Definitely run a piece of braid 360 degrees through each guide and check before you put new line on that reel or you'll be doing it all over again on the next trip.

    66. Muhammad Ramzi

      hi youngbloods! I'm from Indonesia, I really like your video. please give me your snorkeling set! 😅🙏

    67. Steve Berens

      Is that boat you've been using up for sale? See you at the Perth Boat Show

    68. Shona Lea


    69. Elvir Redzepovic

      This is a great example of retards let loose. Why the fuck did this junk end up on my feed I have no clue but god thing one can block a channel.

    70. 00Mindi00

      Hands down gotta be the funniest episode you’ve ever posted 😂😂😂😂😂😂